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Help for Eczema

Respected Forum members,I am writing this post for my uncle who is suffering from itching all over limbs and trunk.
He had already undergone allopathic treatment for this itching...but with dose of 10 mg CETRIZINE,it stops the itching for 2 days and again on third day he gets severe uncontrolable itching.

Itching is verymuch uncontrolable and intense. he gets red broad linear marks or patches,with slight elevation and itching increases futhere with scratching.
So takes the cetrizine finally,at end of day as he can control it,and can not sleep due to itching.

I provide bit of information of my uncle

Age - 43 yrs male
Work - government servent,works at parking zone as supervisor.He needs to walk a lot at workplace.

Chief complaint - Itching over body skin
starts from limbs,speacially arms and then to trunk and abdominal region,glueteal region,thighs,calfs,neck

Time - after taking cetrizine 10 mg,OD,in evening,two days no itching,on third day from morning it starts slowly but bearable and can manage,and patches will be small or no patches on skin,but from evening itching starts,slowly and in night time its at peak and very much unbearable,affects almost full body,but not full limb will be affected,but scattered patches will come on skin of limbs,trunk,abdomen,with distance between patches.If he doesnt take antihistamine,that time,nothing can stop itching.

Colour - patches of skin initially without any clour chnge to slight red due to scratching over it.

Skin condition- dry skin

Related skin problem - Apart from this itching problem which is started on this year only,he gets drying and pilling of skin only on palms and fingers(palmar and dorsal area)upto wrist only and over soles,dorsum of foot,including toes upto ankle only on every winter season,and at end of winter this all sking problem vanishes automatically,without any treatment.

Also he gets lots of sweating at palms and soles,throughout year everyday,but increases in summer.If fan is not ON or if its hot sweating increases.But strange and peculiar symptom is,In the AC room,also he gets lots of sweating,like literally water is secreting from palms...only when sitting under fan wind,hyperhydrosis is reduced,but doesnt stop completely.

Other health issue-
He has history of recurrent piles,but can be managed with avoiding non-veg and spice.He had piles surgery before 15 years.Recently in last year also he was having piles problem,but now its not there.But otherwise he do NOT have complaint of constipation or loose stool,or no complaint of passing motion,no flatulence.

His digestive system is not very much strong.When he eats out of time,or outside food many times get acidity.Before 4/5 years he was having lots of complaint of acidity,but now its not that severe and frequent,almost not there.Only if food timing is changed greatly,then only he gets acidity,or upset.
He has got average apetite ,not very much less also.His weight is 55 kg,which is less.Before marriage use to go GYM,but not now.

Marriage- almost 14 years complete,and have daughter going school at std 6th.

Personality- he is not very much extrovert.Do not like to discus his family problems or personal problems with others,not even with elder sisters.Before marriage he was quite free and open to talk,but now become much conservative.He is adjusting with whatever he has,not at all demanding,agressive,or possesive for his wife.He has not much good relation with his wife.His wife always keeps shouting on him,as per her my uncle is very much slow in doing daily work,gives slow response,do not like to enjoy life much,do not like to go out and wander.So she always insults him,infront of others also.But he never gives back any back answer and bears everything.He rarely gets angry.I think he is supressing his emotions,anger and not expressing it,because before few years he had some issues in his sexual life,and from then onwards,he keeps listening to my aunty's words due to fear of not getting exposed by her to all family members.Its sure that he is hiding his fear and supressing it.after a girl child,they were trying for boy child,but they didnt get till now.My uncle lives with family,with wife.He has no financial problem,as he is govt servant.

He has no other health issues,like diabetus,allergy,thyroid imbalance,asthma,hypertension,no cough,no fever,no cold.No heart issues,no tendency gain weight,stable weight.

only he gets muscular pain at low back,but not much.Its managable with local massage and heat application.

He is not much social,keeps friends only upto need,speaks average upto need,but with his close friends and also with me,he speaks very openly,speacially when we are discussing his favourite topics.He has much affection to pets,he has got a dog,very much attached to dog.Do also got lots of itching problem,but its not infective,same like eczema,do not respond to allopathy medication much.

My uncle yet never recieved steroid for his itching.only antihistamine till now.

Homeopathy- One of his friend recommended him to take Sulpher CM pills 3 times day,he took it for period of 2 weeks,but he has got no benefits,niether any increase in exsisting problem,so he discontinued.No other treatment yet recieved.

He drinks average water,no tobaco,cigaret,no alcohol,very less nonvegaterian food.Eats all vegetables,no aversion or affection to sweet or spice,eats all.
He drinks tea two times day,but not addicted to tea. No coffee at all.

Please any forum member,please consider this case and please advice any homeopathic remedy,for stop his itching.Please help as early as possible,I will be very much thank full.
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  dranandpt on 2014-01-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Have read your post...will come back with some probing questions is required.
rishimba 6 years ago
Try MERC SOL 30C every 4 hours only for a single day.

Note the changes in the next 4 or 5 days. If there's a change in the symptoms, a sustained dosage may be required for cure in the long run.
rishimba 6 years ago
Thanks sir for your reply.

I have added few more points,in symptoms of my uncle to my earlier post.please see to that also,and advice me that,should I start with MERC SOL 30C or any change in remedy.
Please give something that will stop or reduce itching..thats main problem at present.

Thanks sir.
dranandpt 6 years ago
Merc Sol is the similimmum. No other remedy will work better than Merc sol in this case.

Just the right potency has to be found out by trial.

Start with 30C and gradually go higher if required.

Seems your uncle's friend is not a homeopath and he suggested an extremely high potency for skin troubles which could have flared up the symptoms had he been a sulphur patient.

Lucky for him that he is a Merc Sol patient..:)
rishimba 6 years ago
Thanks for reply Rishimba,
Yes,my uncle's friend nither homeopath nor in field of medicine,he told on experience of his friend,becuz that friend seem to have problem of itching and got better with sulpher.

But I am being physiotherapist and having some introdoctory information about working of homeopathy,I was sure that no one should start with CM potency of any remedy,unless until prescribed by homeopath.

Moreover,he was not getting any result,so only I posted here for genuine help.

Thanks very much again.

I have brought the remedy,and report u change in symptoms tomarow.
dranandpt 6 years ago
Miracle of the remedy
Thanks a lot
my uncle is feeling is very much comfortable now,his itching is stopped almost 90% within one day ,yesterday night he could sleep in peace.

Rishimba please guide further ,how to continue therapy,and is any change in potency is required?
dranandpt 6 years ago
There's no miracle...just the right remedy has been given..:)

You will not give him any further doses as long as he is feeling fine. No change in the potency is required right now because the potency has produced results.

Let the curing process run for as long as possible. Once the itch returns, give him one dose of Merc Sol 30C early one morning on a single day.

Continue this method of treatment for some weeks and see if his vital forces are picking up.

Contact me after a month.
rishimba 6 years ago
ok thanks a lot Sir/Ma'm.
But If next time itching starts again and,do not stop by a one dose of 30 C Merc Sol,then I should repeat the dose every four hours or should I increase potency or frequency of same potency drug for that day(thats evry 2 hours or like that...)

And surely I will give u feedback inbetween period also.

I am actually surprised by ur prompt selection of right remedy.My uncle is very much thankful to you !!
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dranandpt 6 years ago
If the itch doesn't stop with one dose, you may give some more doses every 4 hours...but for not more than 24 hours.

If the itch doesn't stop even in the next two days, go for one dose of 200C potency.
rishimba 6 years ago
Respected Rishimba,can you please please go through my following thread
'chronic IBS/Digestion problem'
and guide me for treatment,Zady advised me one remedy ,namely,Ars alb. 30 C,I followed said regime but there is no positive or negative effect,I am waiting for reply but I am not getting any reply.

Can you please go through my case,to help me out,please ask any further more questions you required for my case .

I hope,you will help me out of trouble,as you did for my uncle.
dranandpt 6 years ago
I am taking Arnica 30c wet dose for the last 3 weeks as per the suggestion of Dr. Joe De Livera. I started taking this for skin allergy related symptoms. I read somewhere that Arnica 6C should be taken as wet dose for such symptoms. I have following specific questions:

(1) Should I continue with Arnica 30c or switch to Arnica 6c? If yes, then how to switch?

(2) I am also taking regularly allopathic medicines for blood pressure and other ailments. Is there any reaction between homeopathic and allopathic medicines?
isingh 6 years ago

I don't think Dr. Joe will visit this thread to answer your questions. It will be better for you to ask these in the same thread he had suggested Arnica.
rishimba 6 years ago
isingh ,I request you to create your own NEW post.I dont want any interfere in my posts,this is made for my own health issues.
I hope you take it positively.
dranandpt 6 years ago
Respected rishimba,
as per your advice I have given dose upto 50 M of Merc sol. to my uncle for his problem of itching over trunk and limbs.
response- he feels better and no itching for about 4/5 days,but then on the 5th day night about 10 pm onwards he gets severe itching and horizontal eruptions/elevated bands about 1 inch long and 0.5 cm broad.After itching those bands become redish and itching do not stop by scratching.Skin will show white scratch lines on and nearby that body area,as one can see on dry skin in winter if you scratch skin.
So on 5th day night he has to take TAB CETRIZINE(ANTIHISTAMINE) which relieves itching within an hour. Again he will same attack of itching on after next 5 days ,only in night specifically.Inbetween 4/5 days will go without any itching symptoms.

So an IMPROVEMENT is the interval (gap)of non-itching
period is increased from 3 days to 5 days .Initially my used to get such itching attack every 3rd day NIGHT,and
will get relieved only after taking antihistamine tablet.

As per now,On the 5th day,the itching will be there throught day but it would be less severe and my uncle could manage it by just scratching but in NIGHT TIME ABOUT 10 PM ONWARDS IT WILL GET SEVERE.

As per your suggestion I had started with 30 C potency and when he showed again the old symptoms of itching I repeated dose with same potency again for times(not more than 2 times a day,with gap of 3/4 days inbetween).But when he showed no positive LONGLASTING response,as per your advice,I had been gradually increasing potency of Merc. sol till 50 M,(single dose in liquid form,10 drops in 10 ml water,early in morning,empty stomach,once a day,with gap of 4/5 days)but still my uncle do not show any longlasting relief from symptoms.He continue to get itching after every 5 days.
But as Mercsol had increased the gap period from 2/3 days to 5 days(no symptom period),I still have faith that Merc. sol can help my uncle.

Please suggest me further for his treatment.What next I should do,is change in remedy or dose frequency is needed?

He had got NO aggravations due to Merc Sol. by taking it till 50 M potency.
Please guide me,if I am doing any mistake.
dranandpt 6 years ago
Yes, you are not doing the right thing. Its not required to raise potency so much for such skin related problems. Also, we have to wait for each dose to show response. Finally, the patient becomes insensitive to lower potencies if you give so high potency so frequently.

Sorry to say you have spoilt the case. I don't think lower potencies will work so soon on him now.
rishimba 6 years ago
Extremely sorry,Sir !
I would wait now for a period of month.
dranandpt 6 years ago

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