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Silent reflux - 3 month old baby

My son suffers from silent reflux at the age of 3 weeks. He is 3 month old now n he is formula fed with Effamil AR. We tried before that to feed him with soy to see if he will fell better but its looks like he had spit up more. He feel much better from this food bcs with the others he was spit up in the middle of the nigh n could t sleep
He is sleeping well at the night (10-11h - 6.30). He wants to drink something all the time. The pacifier doesn’t help. I give him sometimes camomile tea between the feeds but that maybe help him only to fall asleep in the day. Only that make him to feel better is to drink something but I am trying to don’t overfeed him so won’t get worse. He is screaming and is very fussy when I am taking the bottle for burp or after feeding. He is eating all the time his hand n looks never satisfied from his food, never mind how much I give him. In the day is very hard to put him to fall asleep and when he falls he doesn’t sleep more than 30min -1h
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  Sandrolinna on 2014-02-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Does the baby sweat a lot on his head or other parts?

What is the stool like- color, how often, describe.

What position does he sleep in?

Does he want the bottle at a certain temperature- hot, medium warm
or cooler?

Is he teething yet?

He wants to keep drinking and has a big appetite-

what else makes it better ? What else makes it worse?

Describe the appearance of the child and skin color- pale,
red cheeks, chubby etc.


simone717 7 years ago
Thx for the fast response
The baby doesn’t sweat but before it was happened only in the nights while he is sleeping. So I put him to sleep little under 70 F without much clothes n he feels fine. His head was sweating when he was sleeping with me but I guess it was bcs I was keeping him warm.

His stool is yellow-green n is going from the soy like 5times now like 3 times per day.

He is sleeping on his side n I elevate his bed so his head is up. He feels very good in his bath n adores it. I know is not good to have pressure on his belly for that I made his chair form his bath like a bed so he can stay on it in the day. It very helps so I don’t need to hold him up after feeding. I have swing n bouncer but prefer to don’t use it bcs they make pressure on his tummy.

He doesn’t care what temperature will be the bottle n what u will put in tea or formula he just drink it like he is never full. He is acting like that form 2 months. I was trying to give him more food but it looks the same even worse

He is not teething yet.

That makes him better is only when he drinks, is in the bath or me hold him on my shoulder (I hold only his head n hands so he doesn’t have pressure). He hates to burp n feel bad after feeding. It’s very hard to put him to asleep in the day I swaddle him very hard put his binky n use a white noise. He can’t fall asleep alone.

He is white – his father is American n me ( his mother) from east Europe. I know I was acting like that when I was a baby but I just grow it. N helps me a lot the Bulgarian yogurt that we have in mu country so I won’t spit up the milk n that yogurt has a very healthy bacteria inside that helps for digestion. I am scared to give him a Bulgarian yogurt on this age n I don’t have here in US

His skin its looks fine no red not to much white.
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Sandrolinna 7 years ago

Try Calcarea Carbonica 30c potency. Dissolve 3 pills in a
tablespoon of water and that is one dose.

Wait and see how he does for 4 to 5 hours after this.
If there is improvement then do not give more unless
he goes backwards again.

If no improvement, then give another dose after 5 hours and
again wait to see if he is doing better. If so , you must wait
again for the child to go backwards before another dose.

You can try this one more time, if no improvement. If nothing
happens another remedy needs to be chosen.

You can report back after 24 hours .


simone717 7 years ago
Simone, good to see that you have let go of Joe's Nat-P!
fitness 7 years ago

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simone717 7 years ago

I had the medicine delivered yesterday so i make my report now.

I start feed him 6oz on every 3 hours just bcs the doc recommendation didn't work (5oz for 4 hours). He looks more satisfied. Also i stop burb him (so he wont be fussy)n he is doing it by himself.

I cant tell there is much differences when i gave him the pill bcs he everyday is little different. Maybe he slept better in the day n didn't spit-up. I have him the medicine 3 times. He passed a lot of gas too but doesn't look it bothers him but . He is still fussy n still eat his hand :(
Sandrolinna 7 years ago
If he slept better and did not spit up that is a
good sign.

See how he is doing tomorrow after a day-
don't give him anymore- lets see if he is still
having any things go better.
simone717 7 years ago
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago

My son is again go backwards. He is so fussy all day. But still sleep good in the night. All that he make him good is to eats constantly. He spit up a little sometimes when he burbs sometimes more. His spit up looks like rotten milk. I am so confused i don't know what to do to help him. I am trying to talk him to hold him or distract him but its only a temporarily. I am trying to feed him but i guess that make him belly hurts and its like circle. I give him little milk and that helps him to fall asleep for a while. But when he wake up its start again be fussy. He is so angry when i am trying to put him on his back or when i take his bottle.

I always can call his pediatrician n want a medicine but i know they r very strong n doesn't help a lot.
Sandrolinna 7 years ago
1. Is his pain better from pressure on
the stomach and from warmth?

Or does baby get irritated if you
rub his stomach?

We need to try another remedy.
simone717 7 years ago
I was giving him gas drops with simethicone or ginger chamomile but I don’t see deferens. I am trying to put my hand on his tummy to see if he has gas but he doesn’t look like he has. He passes gas sometimes but that doesn’t look to bother him. Or maybe that make him feels better.
He doesn’t get irritated if I rub his stomach and yes he likes warm on his stomach.
I forgot to say he had inguinal hernia and he had operation more than 1 month ago. He was so fussy that we thought he will feel better after that but the operation didn’t change his fussiness. The doctors didn’t say what is the reason it’s just is something very common in boy babies. But before that he wasn’t so fussy, he was grunting a lot while he sleeping n like he was pushing gas. He doesn’t make it anymore. For that my doctor change in this time the formula for fussiness n gas but again I didn’t find a difference. Only that food makes his spit up more in the night.

I put him now a warm pillow on his stomach n rock him in his car seat so he fall asleep 
Sandrolinna 7 years ago

I want you to try Magnesia Phos. 30 c potency.

It is for gas, and spitting up milk. Give him 3 pills dissolved
in the water like before.

You can give it and then watch again- if he is a lot better
do not give it- wait till it gets worse again.

Let me know in a day how this works,


simone717 7 years ago
Thx a lot :) i may need some day to perches it again but i let you know when i give it to him
Sandrolinna 7 years ago

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