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Enlarged Adenoids - toddler

Hello Doctor,

My toddler, 3 years & 10 months of age, was diagnosed with enlarged adenoids. She has had trouble breathing for some time and I thought it was allergies, however her ENT checked her adenoids and prescribed a topical steroid spray for 4-6 weeks. He also suggested surgery if the treatment does not work, which set off a panic in me. Please advise. Thank you in advance!!! - Yelena
  zelena555 on 2014-02-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If you are looking for a practitioner to make a prescription for you, you will need to present your daughter's entire case here. This is a chronic case and the adenoids cannot be targeted by specific remedies.

Note I have copied this questionnaire and it uses the male pronoun. As it is a long list of questions, only answer those to which there is an answer, leaving out any question to which the answer is just a negative.


1] What is the effect of main complaint and associated complaints on him/her?

2] What are the thoughts/feeling/reactions associated with it? Describe in detail.

3] Any unusual sensation in their body. (Describe the sensation they experience during all stressful situations like nightmares, fears, before exam, with the incident, which had a deep impact on him/her.)

4] What are his/her fears (existing and/or imaginary)? What are the feelings/thoughts and the reaction associated with it?

5] Any incident which had a deep impact on him/her? Describe in detail. What are the thoughts/feelings/sensations associated with it? At that moment of time what were his/her feelings/thoughts, sensations and reactions associated with it?

6] What are the stories/fairytales that he/she likes to read / listen? What character attracts him/her the most and why? Describe about HIS/HER understanding of the stories. What are the feelings/thoughts associated with it?

7] What are his/her imaginations/fantasies? Describe in detail.

8] What are the dreams that he/she gets? What are the feeling/thoughts and reaction associated with it?

9] What are the nightmares that he/she gets? What are the feeling/thoughts and reaction associated with it?

10] What are his/her interests and hobbies?

11] Describe about the specific toys, games/specific TV serials, cartoon characters, movies he/she likes. What are the thoughts, feelings associated with it? What kind of questions does he/she asks related to that?

12] How is he/she at sports and other activities?

13] Describe about the drawing he/she likes to do/sing. What are the thoughts/feelings associated with it?

14] Any other activities does he/she like to do? What are they? What are the thoughts/feelings associated with it?

15] Describe all the qualities of your child, which makes him/her different from other children, which is unique to him/her.
16] What does he/she wants to become when he is grown up and why? What are his/her ambitions?
17] Whom does he/she idealizes and why? What about him that he/she admires the most?

18] How is his/her relationship/behavior with parents, teachers, friends, relatives? What are the qualities he/she admires in them? How is his behavior in school?

19] What kind of questions does he/she asks to his/her parents, relatives, teachers?

20] What are his/her views about the world?

21] What makes the child cry or laugh?

22] What makes your child very angry and irritable?

23] What does the child do when he/she is alone?

24] Is there any particular reaction does he / she throw about a particular person?

25] Have you observed any change in his/her behavior on starting a particular T.V./radio program? If so, what is it? How does he/she react?


1] Describe the posture in sleep. (On the back, side, abdomen etc.) Any particular position in which he sleeps? In which position he can’t sleep?

2] During sleep does he /she:
a) Snore?
b) grind teeth?
c) Dribble saliva?
d) Sweat?
e) Keep eyes or mouth open?
f) Walk? Talk?
g) Moan? Weep?
h) Become restless? Wake up with a jerk?

3] Describe if anything else is unusual about his / her sleep: (sleepy, sleeplessness, etc. if so, when?) ________________________________________


1] How is his appetite?
2] When is he hungry?
3] What happens if he has to remain hungry for long?
4] How fast do does he eat?
5] How does your child feel before / during / after meals?
5] How much thirst does he has?
6] Any particular time when he is especially thirsty?
7] Does he feel any change in the taste and feeling in his mouth?

1] Does he have any problem regarding stools?
2] When and how many times a day does he pass stools?
3] When is it urgent?
4] Does he /she have any problem about bowel movements?
5] Does he/she have to strain for stool? Even if soft?
6] Does he/she have belching or passing of gas? Describe its character.
7] How does he/she feels after passing gas up or down?


Urine and urination
1] Any problem about urine?
2] Any strong smell? Like what?
3] Does he / she has any trouble before, during and after passing urine?
4] Any difficulty about the flow? Slow to start, interrupted, feeble dribbling etc.?
5] Any involuntary urination? When?

1] How much does he/she sweat?
2] Where and on what part does he/she sweats the most?
3] Does he/she perspire on the palms or soles?
4] Is the sweat warm, cold, clammy, sticky, musty, greasy, stiffens the linen etc.?
5] What is the smell like? E.g. foul, pungent, sour, and urinous.
6] What color does it stain the clothing?
7] Is the stain easy to wash off or difficult?
8] Any symptoms after sweating?

9] How does he react to hot/cold weather and monsoon?
10] When does he get fever or chill?
11] What brings it on?
12] Does he /she experiences any sense of heat or cold in any part of his/her body at any particular time?

1] Does he/she catch cold often? If so, how often?
2] Describe the symptoms, nature of discharge etc.
3] Is there any trouble in his/her CHEST or HEART?
4] Is there any trouble with his/her voice or speech?
5] Is there any difficulty in breathing?
6] Does he /she has cough?
7] Is it more at any particular time?


Mother’s History During Pregnancy
(To be filled by mother only)

1] How was your state during the pregnancy?

2] Tell what all changes you noticed in your nature and behavior during pregnancy that you think were not a part of your routine nature and that occurred with the pregnancy?

3] What were the stresses during pregnancy? Describe the feelings and fears associated with it.

4] Any incident during pregnancy had a deep impact on you? Describe your feelings, thoughts or any sensation associated with it?

5] What were your dreams during pregnancy? Did you have any unusual, recurrent dream that had a deep impact upon you? Describe the feelings, thoughts, sensations associated with it.

6] What were the thoughts, fantasies and imaginations about the child and pregnancy during this period? Describe the feeling and the fears associated with it.

7] Did you have any unusual thoughts during that period? Describe in detail. What was your reaction to that?

8] Did you have any unusual feelings during that period? Describe in detail. What was your reaction to it?

9] Did you experience any unusual bodily sensation/movement during this period? Describe the whole experience. What was your reaction to it?

10] Did you have any fear or nightmare during this period? Describe in detail. What was your feeling/thought/sensation associated with it? What was your reaction to it?

11] Was there any change in your interests and hobbies during pregnancy? If so, what was the feeling/thought/sensation associated with it? (E.g. desires to watch any particular program/movie or read a particular topic that usually you do not read/watch.)

12] Did you observe any change in your relationship with people during this period? What was it? What was the feelings/thought/sensation associated with it?

13] What were your thoughts about your child? What and how could he be?

14] Was there any change in the craving or aversion for a particular food item?

15] Was there any change in the thermal modality during this period? [Did you felt more heat / cold during that time?]

16] Was there any change in your water intake (thirst) from routine?

17] Was there any change in the perspiration pattern from routine?

18] Was there any change in your sleep pattern from routine?

19] Was there any change in your bowel movements during this period?

20] Was there any change in your urine habit during this period?

21] Was there any unusual change in your sexual desire during this period?

22] During the conception period, how was your state of mind?

23] During the period when you were planning for the child, have you noticed any change in your state of mind?

24] During the time of conception did you get any unusual dream? What was the feelings/thoughts/sensations associated with it? What was your reaction to it?

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Evocationer 6 years ago
I wish to receive advise for enlarged adenoids too for my toddler.can i fill up the questionnaire and send it across?
lamisleandra 6 years ago

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