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Determining correct constitutional

I had worked with a local homeopath for well over a year on both myself and my oldest child. In the time that we worked with her I asked multiple times about determining the correct constitutional remedy for each of us, but I do not know if she was either moving in that direction but could never figure it out or if she just wasn't a classical homeopath and focused more on symptom management than a constitutional remedy (she complemented her homeopathy work with a lot of flower essences as well).

She has since relocated and it is not an option to continue our work with her. The only other homeopath I know of locally is cost prohibitive given our current financial circumstances and I'm not even sure that he is accepting new clients right now.

I am very motivated to determine the correct constitutional remedy for myself and for my daughter as I feel like we could very much benefit from this, but I don't know where to begin. Any suggestions for how I can attempt to make these determinations? If it helps, I think that I can try to dig up the notes that I have about the remedies/flower essences that the homeopath had us use in the past and our responses to them.

Thank you!
  homeopathy23 on 2014-03-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I an attempt to work with you if you like. Obviously there is a significant handicap in using a forum for consultations when compared to face-to-face situations.

Use the intake form I have posted on this forum. This is the link:

Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you. That is very kind of you to offer. I will start with me and add as I can (I don't think that I can complete this all in one sitting). I will go into the details about my daughter later so as not to confuse matters:


LOCATION: Please give the exact location of sensation, pain or eruption. Also describe where the pain or sensation spreads.

**Not sure that I have a discrete, specific complaint although I will say that I have had menstrual irregularities since my cycle returned 3 years ago after my last pregnancy. It comes more frequently (approx. every 3 weeks) and lingers for a long time (approx. 5-7 days then abates for a couple days then spotting for another couple days). On occasion, it will 'skip' a cycle and come every 6 weeks or so. Prior to this I was more regularly every 28-32 days and it would last approx. 5 days.

Also of note I have a history of a large malignant tumor in my left thigh. It was removed surgically 3 years ago.

I have had chronic stress for 10+ years and increasing sleep disturbances and associated physical and emotional fatigue, and feelings of hopelessness-I put forth a great deal of effort to improve my circumstances, but others in my environment/general life circumstances continue to pull the rug out from under me and undermine my efforts. It is exhausting.

For the last 3-4 weeks, I have also been experiencing sharp pain/sensitivity on the top of my right foot. My doctor thought it might possibly be a stress fracture.

Other complaints outlined below.

SENSATION: Express the type of sensation or the pain that you get in your own words however simple or funny it may seem. You may have a sensation that a mouse is crawling or the heart was grasped by an iron hand or you may have a pain that is cutting, burning jerking, pressing. Express the sensation or pain as it feels to you. Try to explain the whole sensation in the exact way it is happening and not just the word. We need to understand the whole process of the sensation as it is happening to you.

***Recently experienced chest pains. May have been a muscle strain. One day felt sharp intense pain across entire upper chest. A couple days later awoke during night with sharp pains below and extending upward and around left breast. Was evaluated in hospital and declared fine by all assessments.

Will sometimes be overwhelmed by irritability and impatience and will lash out at family members aggressively.

WHAT MAKES YOU WORSE OR BETTER: Many factors are likely to influence your complaint. Some factors may intensify it and some factors may relieve the trouble. A detailed list of the factors is given at the end. Please refer it while describing each of your troubles and indicate which factors make the complaint better or worse.

***Time away from my family seems to lower my experience of stress. I am most irritable when I don't get much sleep.

DISCHARGES: You may have a discharge from nose, ears, mouth, eyes, ulcers, fistula, eruptions on skin, private parts, etc. Please describe your discharge under the following aspects.

• The quantity and the time or condition under which the quantity varies i.e. when is it better or worse, when does it increase or decrease?
• The consistency: Is it thin or thick, stringy or clotted?
• Is it like jelly, white of an egg, like water, sticky forming a scab etc.?
• The odour, what does it remind you of?
• Does it make the parts sore, and in what way?

**History of excessive bleeding. As a child had frequent nosebleeds. These stopped following surgery on nose at age 16 (had not responded to earlier cauterization of blood vessels in nose). As an adolescent had intense pain with menstrual cycles (Although bleeding wasn't especially heavy). Had multiple hemorrhages and passed many very large blood clots for days following birth of first child (retained placental fragments from double lobed placenta) required multiple blood transfusions and surgery to resolve. Had subchorionic hemorrhages and ongoing bleeding during third pregnancy.

1] Your Complaint:
(Use your own words as far as possible, but if you have recognized or diagnosed the condition, give this information also.) By answering as many of these questions as fully as possible, you are helping me to understand what your body and unconscious mind is conveying. This can help me find a remedy for you.)

• What is your complaint?
**Primary complaint is intense stress and associated anxiety and irritability, sleep disturbances, feelings of hopelessness, etc.

• When did the complaint begin? ***Approx. 18 years ago.

• Where is it located? ***In my head :)

• What sort of sensations (and emotions) do you associate with it? ***Stress, frustration, hopelessness, irritability, anger, etc.

The following are examples of what you may experience:

o Pain (if so what sort of pain, e.g. burning, stabbing)
o Heat or cold
o Trembling
o Pins and needles
o Numbness
o Fear or anger

***I often feel quite cold, I tend to get overwhelmingly tired by the time that my children go to bed, often falling asleep in my clothes not long after settling them into bed, although sometimes I will then wake up 3-4 hours later when jarred by light or noise and will be unable to fall back to sleep for the rest of the night.

• Does anything make it better or worse?
***Time away from my family

• How does it bother you? How is it coming in way of your day-to-day life?
***I neglect self-care. I feel stressed and overwhelmed

• How does it feel like to have this/these problem/s? ***Unfair, frustrating, hopeless

• What is the effect of this/these problem/s on you? ***Anxiety, depression, etc.

• Did any event happen which caused the complaint? Describe the emotion associated with it.
***My oldest child is high needs and intense and managing her needs/behaviors as well as 'keeping the peace' amongst family members is draining.

• What are the other symptoms started with it, esp. mental and physical symptoms, which are not directly related to the main complaint.
What are your reactions with it?

1] What are the issues which are bothering you the most? How does it feel to have these issues? What about these issues bothering you the most and why?

**I hope this was covered above. If more details are needed, please let me know.

2] What are the emotions that you are going through? What are the factors to which you are sensitive? What about these factors bother you the most? How does it feel to have these factors and how you react during such time?

**I hope this was covered above. If more details are needed, please let me know.

3] Any incident which had a deep impact on you? Describe in detail. What are the thoughts/feelings/sensations associated with it? At that moment of time what were your feelings/thoughts, sensations and reactions associated with it? ***Repeated experiences in relationships/attempted achievements in which I didn't attain the desired result/fair treatment despite working hard and doing everything 'right.' Felt disappointed, despondent, betrayed, hopeless, etc. Reactions were to try harder, aim lower.

(Note: Incidents might have happened long ago and now it has no impact on you but at that moment of time if it had any impact on you, describe.)
4] What are your anxieties/fears/phobias real or imaginary? Describe them in detail. What about them is bothering you the most? What are the feelings associated with it? What could be the worst form of fear/phobia/anxiety according to you?
***Death; living an unhappy life; harm coming to myself; harm coming to my family; loss of my parents and no longer having anyone who will 'take care of me.' Worst fear is that I won't survive my life circumstances and experience peace/ease/fulfillment in life.

5] What are your interests and hobbies?
What about it you like the most and why? ***I like to cook, garden, write, various forms of creative expression, etc. I like that they bring beauty/personal expression into the world and make something better/leave a mark on the world.

6] What are the thoughts which are coming in your mind again and again? What about them bothers you the most?
***Worries about my oldest child. Worries that I'll never be able to get what I need to done in order to move. Worries that I'll not survive to live a better life. I am bothered most that I'm a good person and I work hard despite ongoing challenges and I can't seem to get a break.

7] Any unusual sensation/vibration or movements have you experienced? If yes, describe them in detail. Describe the whole process of that sensation without adding or subtracting a word from it.
***I occasionally feel uneasy in my home. The energies within the home seem negative/spooky at times. I get chills.

8] What is/are the bodily sensation/s you experience with all your fears/ feelings and thoughts. Please describe the complete picture of it. ***Cold, tired, headaches, chills, overwhelming exhaustion, desire to flee/withdraw.

9] Please close your eyes and bring that incident, feelings, fears, thoughts which had/having a deep impact on you/bothering you the most and see what is happening deep within your body right now. If you perceive any bodily sensation, vibration or movements please feel it completely and then right the whole experience as it is without adding or subtracting a word from it.

10] What according to you will be best moment of your life? How does it feel to be in that moment? What will be opposite feeling of this moment or feeling?
Not sure that I have a completely clear vision. In my heart I am very family-focused and drawn to nurture, but at the moment visions of happiness include friends or being alone, exploring independent interests, traveling, etc. There is freedom associated with the feeling. The opposite would be the lack of control/freedom that I currently feel.

11] How do/did you react in situations which have/had a deep impact on you? What is your first reaction when you face your worst fear/situations? Describe your reaction as it is? How do you react when you are faced with stressful situations?
***I work harder, settle for less, rely on myself not others, power through. When faced with stressful situations, I tend to remain very calm and congenial. When pushed endlessly by my children and unappreciated for my endless efforts, I can 'snap' and act out with aggression.

12] What you feel/feel like doing when you are alone and free of all your work?
***Read, connect with friends, I would love to take a bath if I had one, have a massage, be nurtured, etc.

13] How is your relation with your near and dear ones, at your work place?
Anything in the relationship that is bothering you the most? If yes, describe that in detail? How does that feel like? How do you experience that?
***I think that my children take me for granted, my spouse is worried that I will reach my breaking point and fly the coop, and I think that my friends/extended family are concerned about me but avoid calling me because they don't know what to do and hearing about the circumstances of my life is depressing.

14] Describe five negative and positive points in you? Which out of it you would put first and why? How does it feel to have that?
***I am not sure that I understand this question

homeopathy23 8 years ago
That's fine, take your time. I can analyse each part as you post it to save time.

In regards to question 14, the idea is just to get an idea of 5 aspects of yourself you see as negative (flaws) and 5 you see as positive (strengths).

It is always a good idea to expand on them rather than just give short or one-word answers.

I understand this is a lot of work for you, but my initial consultations last 2 hours and this is the kind of information typically gathered. It doesn't seem so difficult when it is done as a conversation or interview of course - it is much more laborious when done as an essay lol.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Okay, jumping back in with more:

14] Describe five negative and positive points in you? Which out of it you would put first and why? How does it feel to have that? _______________________

1. I have very high standards/am critical
2. I do not like to try things that I may not do well (aversion to failure/looking substandard)
3. I do not know how to strike a healthy balance in my life
4. I am a terrible housekeeper
5. When I lose my patience, I can be mean towards others.

1. I am very nurturing
2. I am creative
3. I am very intelligent
4. I am funny/witty
5. I am very competent/resourceful

I would say that as negatives go, #3 and #5 plague me the most at present. They leave me feeling helpless/hopeless and shameful/out of control respectively.

As positives go, I think #1 is what I am most connected to when I am at my best. I feel most complete when I am helping something else grow/become greater.
Please answer the following:

1] Tell about the dreams that had a deep impact on you.

I awaken most disturbed by dreams involving harm coming to my children.

2] Tell about the dreams that are repetitive, strange and weird that are not related to you at all.
I had recurring dreams about smoking when I was a child. I have never smoked nor have any of my family members.I also had a recurring dream about my teeth crumbling/falling out.

3] Any dreams from childhood till today that you remember the most? See above. Also another dream about Native Americans battling in the hallway between my room and my parents' room. I would be scared and want to run to my parents for comfort, but feared that if I opened the door to get to them, I'd be injured/killed by the flying arrows.

4] Any dream from childhood till today that had a deep impact on you? Teeth falling out. I hate that one.

5] Any dreams, just before your problem started? Not that I recall.

6] Any particular part of your life where you had some recurrent dreams? If yes, describe in detail. During pregnancy I thin, but I can't remember what they were about.

7] Describe all the dreams you got during the pregnancy? Ha! See above. Don't really recall. Fears about the babies I think.

If you have any dreams from above mentioned category, then describe the whole dream/s without adding or subtracting a word from it. We need to understand the whole dream rather than just part of it.

A] Which part of this/these dream/s is most important according to you? Describe that part in detail?

For the teeth dream I remember that I would bite down for some reason and my teeth would just start to crumble/disintegrate. I would be spitting out chunks of teeth and had no idea what to do.

For the battling Native Americans, I remember the shrill, urgent call of their war cries and being so afraid but unable to seek comfort without thrusting myself into the line of fire.

For the smoking one, I remember using a public toilet and there was an ashtray in the stall with a still-lit cigarette in it and I took it and started taking a drag. I remember feeling a strong craving and desire to smoke in my dreams.

B] What was your thought/fear/feeling/perception associated with it? Describe it in detail.

Teeth-fear and panic. Loss of self/wholeness

Natve Americans-feeling scared/in danger and nobody would come help me/I couldn't get help.

I was doing something wrong and if caught, I would get in trouble/look 'bad'

C] Did you perceive any movement/vibration/sensation inside your body while seeing or after waking up from the sleep? If yes, then describe it in detail.

Not that I recall

(Note: If you don’t remember the whole dream then you can mention the fragment of a dream that you remember? Tell us what was the most important part in that dream.)

More to come...
homeopathy23 8 years ago
1] Any incidents from your childhood which had a deep impact on you, which touched you the most. Describe in detail about that incident/s and the feelings/thoughts/perception and sensations associated with it. What was your reaction to these incidents?

I recall my parents going through marital struggles from the time I was around 10 until I was around 20. I remember losing respect for my father and thinking that he was not treating my mother or their marriage with respect. I felt angry and somewhat jaded; losing trust in the concept of marriage and fidelity or the idea of people coupling for life.

2] Describe your fears during childhood in detail.

I remember being afraid of bugs, arid of my parents dying, and of a loss of finances/security.

3] Any imagination/fantasies/imaginary fears which you remember the most?

I remember holding out hope that we would win the Lottery. I recall that as a child, when I was angry I would stare down the person with whom I was upset, giving them the “evil eye” and I thought that in time, my gaze might burst into flames and incinerate the offender (this never happened ;0)

4] What you wanted to become as a child and why?

I wanted to be a mother. It was my wish and plan from a very early age (I recall having a “crush” on a boy at age three and imagining us getting married and having babies). Around age 10 we needed to do a school project declaring what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said “happy” and my teacher told me that was not an adequate response. Then I put “a mom” and I was again told that didn’t correctly answer the question, so then I put “psychologist”

5] During acute conditions like fever/diarrhoea/cough/vomiting etc., did you use to have nightmares/dreams during or just before the acute illnesses? If yes, describe them in detail about it.

Not that I can recall.


1] Describe your posture in sleep. (On the back, side, abdomen etc.) Are you able to sleep in any position? In which position you can’t sleep?

Before having children/pregnancies, I used to sleep on my abdomen with my arms folded under my pillow/head. After having babies I co-slept with them and nursed throughout the night so I slept on my side with my arms raised above my head or crossed tightly over my chest (depending on my desire to be feeding or not). I now sleep on my side, with my legs bent and a pillow between my legs, or on my abdomen with one leg bent to the side.

2] During sleep do you:
a) Snore?
b) grind teeth?
c) Dribble saliva?
d) Sweat?
e) Keep eyes or mouth open?
f) Walk? Talk?
g) Moan? Weep?
h) Become restless? Wake up with a jerk?

I don’t think that I do any of the above except sometimes wake up with a jerk from a dream.

3] Describe if anything else is unusual about your sleep: (sleepy, sleeplessness, etc. if so when?) I have been having problems sleeping as of late. I go through cycles of exhaustion when I am falling asleep as soon as I get the (younger) children settled into bed for the night (around 8pm) Sometimes I will sleep through until morning, other times I will wake up around 4 hours later when my husband comes into the room to get ready for bed (a noise/light will wake me) and I have trouble getting back to sleep and may be awake for the rest of the next day. I also go through cycles where I will stay up very last at night (1-2 am) because I prefer to have “along time” when I am awake rather than go to sleep knowing that in the morning I will be a slave to the children and the whims of my life again.



1] How is your appetite?

It varies. Generally it is fine, but there are days when I am so busy meeting the needs of the kids that I don’t have time to feed myself much of anything until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Other days I prepare dinner for the children and get them to bed and then have no energy to make food for myself so I just go to sleep without eating.

2] When are you hungry?

No specific time.

3] What happens if you have to remain hungry for long?

Sometimes I get grumpy when really hungry. Other times I just fall asleep.

4] How fast do you eat?

I have always tended to eat slowly, but there were times when the babies were especially demanding when I would have to shovel food in quickly to feed myself before responding to a child’s needs.

5] How much thirst do you have?

I am fairly thirsty. I don’t drink as much water as I should (and water is all that I drink by and large)

6] Any particular time are you especially thirsty?

Mid-day if I haven’t had much/anything to drink in the morning. Nighttime if I haven’t had much to drink throughout the day.

7] Do you feel any change in your taste and feeling in your mouth?

My mouth feels dry if I haven’t been drinking adequately.

Food/Drink likes and dislikes, and how strongly

I really only like to drink water (prefer ice water) and on occasion non-caffeinated tea. I also like kombucha a lot. I do not like milk, or juice and I never have, although I have done “green juice” cleanses and been fine. I do not like alcohol. No strong aversion, I just don’t especially desire it and have never been one to have a drink. I have never had any beer or any desire to drink beer. I like the taste of coffee overall, but never drink it (Haven’t had any in about 10 years, and even then it was very rare). Again, no particular craving.

I like sweet foods and salty foods. I tend to “snack” on chocolate when I am hungry or have a food craving. I dislike blue cheese terribly. I don’t especially care for sweet peppers. As a general rule I avoid gluten, dairy, food dyes, and highly processed foods.

1] Do you have any problem regarding your stools?

Not especially.

2] When and how many times a day do you pass stools?

1-2 times most days

3] When is it urgent?

I tend to get gastrointestinal upset with seriously inadequate sleep, when I’ve eaten foods that do not agree with me in excess (gluten, dairy, rich foods), or when I’m ill.

4] Do you have any problem about bowel movements?

Not outside of what has been described.

5] Do you have to strain for stool? Even if soft?

Occasional strain, but not when soft. History of hemorrhoids following my second pregnancy/birth. They flare us on occasion.

6] Do you have belching or passing gas? Describe its character.

Very rarely.

7] How do you feel after passing gas up or down?

Relief of pressure.

1] Any problem about urine?

2] Any strong smell? Like what?

3] Do you have any trouble before, during and after passing urine?
Sometimes if I have been holding it for a long time and need to go very basle (like after a long night of sleep in which I probably should have woken up and gone somewhere along the way). I will have trouble fully emptying my bladder. I can go some, but then I may have to wait 10 or so minutes and then go again to empty the rest.

4] Any difficulty about the flow? Slow to start, interrupted, feeble dribbling etc.?

5] Any involuntary urination? When?
No. Only ever happened for short periods of time after childbirth.

1] How much do you sweat?

2] Where and on what part do you sweat the most?

3] Do you perspire on the palms or soles?

4] Is the sweat warm, cold, clammy, sticky, musty, greasy, stiffens the linen etc.?

5] What is the smell like? E.g. foul, pungent, sour, and urinous.
Acidic (vinegary) at times.

6] What color does it stain the clothing?
It doesn’t generally stain the clothes but frequently worn white clothing may have a bit of yellowing beneath underarms with wear.

7] Is the stain easy to wash off or difficult?
Not difficult

8] Any symptoms after sweating?
Feel hot.

9] When do you get fever or chill?
I am often chilled. I rarely get fevers and these come with illness.

10] What brings it on?
See above re. fevers. Chills seem to be fairly pervasive although I tend to be colder as the day wears on then I feel in the morning upon waking.

11] Do you experience any sense of heat or cold in any part of your body at any particular time?
My hands/feet are almost always cold. Sometimes I feel intensely cold “down to my bones” and have a very difficult time regaining warmth.

Will continue later.
homeopathy23 8 years ago
1] Do you catch cold often? If so, how often?
Not terribly often, although it has been more frequent the last few years (I think because I am so run down). I get a pretty bad cod that lasts several days to a week 2-3 times/year.

2] Describe the symptoms, nature of discharge etc.
Tend to have head/chest symptoms, sinus pressure/pain, cough, sneezing. Headaches frequently co-occur. Sometimes chills/nausea. I never vomit (and haven’t in 20+ years)

3] Is there any trouble with your CHEST or HEART?
A couple weeks ago I had pain in my chest/around heart. It was sharp and shooting but it didn’t last long. May have been due to a muscle pull from yoga class.

4] Is there any trouble with your voice or speech?
Sometimes (rarely) I will get a hoarse/scratchy voice. Also, sometimes my voice drops off at the end of speaking.

5] Is there any difficulty in breathing?

6] Do you have cough?
On occasion. I have a bit of one right now.

7] Is it more at any particular time? Right now it’s when I talk for a while (lack breath control it seems so I run out of breath and cough).

1] Any excessive indulgence in sex in past and present ? Any effect on your health?

2] How do you feel after sexual intercourse?
Tired :o)

3] Any particular feeling or symptoms appear before, during and after sexual intercourse?

4] Do you suffer from any sexual disturbance?
(Homosexual inclination etc.?)
No. Had some difficulty/pain for a while during recovery period following treatment/surgery.

5] Any habit like (masturbation etc.) in past as well as present? How often?

6] Did you suffer from any venereal disease?
Syphilis? Gonorrhoea?

7] Do you have increased desire or decreased desire for sex?
Decreased-general ambivalence.

8] What is the method you use for family planning?

1] Menses: How are the periods; regular or irregular?
At the moment (since recently starting thyroid medication) they are regular and approx. every 30 days. Prior to starting thyroid med. they were more like every 24 days and somewhat irregular (sometimes would go 3 weeks, sometimes 6 weeks).

2] At what age did it start?
11 yrs, 10 mos.

3] Was there any trouble then?
Not that I recall. By adolescence I was having a lot of pain/cramping with periods and would often get sick (sinus/ear infections, flu, etc. a week or so after my period-later thought to be related to an allergy to tampons).

4] Mention number of days of flow.
Typically around 5

5] Menstrual flow: Is there any change in quantity, color, smell or consistency?
Tends to start moderate, heavy 2nd day then tapering off.

6] Are the stains difficult to wash?

7] Have you noticed any variation in quality and quantity of flow during menses?
Yes, see above. Has also varied over the years, and changed following each pregnancy.

8] How and when?
In the months prior to my first pregnancy (age 28) my flow was light and only 2-3 days. Following my 3rd pregnancy (age 35) became more frequent, longer lasting, spotting popped up again for a couple days after it “stopped”

9] Do you suffer in any way before, during or after menses? If so, describe.
See above. Really more of an issue by history than at present. Do still have occasional increased exhaustion the day prior/first day, increased irritability and clumsiness. Sometimes painful cramping the first day, but that is not common anymore.

10] What symptoms did you suffer during menopause?
See above.

11] Do you feel the internal parts coming down?

12] Is there any white discharge?

13] If so, mention the nature, color, consistency and smell of discharge.

14] When and under what circumstances is it more or less?

15] Has the discharge any relation to menses?

16] What is the effect of this discharge on your general feeling? Or any of your symptoms?

17] Any itching, excoriation etc. due to discharge?

18] Do you pass any gas from vagina?

19] Any trouble with breasts?

Aggravated or Ameliorated by various Factors
*Not sure what the following questions are in reference to

Affected by the Environment in any way, and how does it affect you?

Affected by position in any way?

Affected by some physical activity?

Affected by some mental activity?

Anything else you are sensitive to?

I hope that answers everything. Please let me know if more detail is needed. I look forward to your suggestions.
homeopathy23 8 years ago
Alright I will have a look over this today.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Actually this doesn't look like a difficult case to understand. It looks very much like you need Sepia.

However I should check first to see if you had already been given that remedy. It does seem so obvious that I would be surprised if it wasn't tried. If so, what potency (or potencies).

You should probably also tell me what other remedies you have been given.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you.

I was given sepia for a while about 2 yrs. ago. Here's a record of what I was given as far as I have notes between November 2011 and August 2012 (I have not seen my homeopath since that time)

I was given homeopathic chocolate (and water violet flower essence at the same time), then calc sulph 6x twice/day for 2 weeks along with centaury and larch flower essences, then silicea (cell salt) 6x 4 times/day for a couple weeks I think along with tall yellow top flower essence, then sepia 30c once/week for 4 weeks, then kali phos (not sure of dose) dissolved in water once every 3 days for a total of 12 days (4 doses) along with hornbeam flower essence

I will be looking forward to your reply and then will attempt to avail myself of your thoughts for my daughter. We are at our wit's end with her and are getting desperate.
homeopathy23 8 years ago
Those are all very low potencies.

I would get hold of Sepia 200c, either in liquid form so you can use it directly, or if you get it in pellet/pillule form also get a small bottle with a dropper and some alcohol so you can make a liquid dose.

I use brandy, but you can use any kind of spirit that does not have something else mixed in with it (like milk, cream, chocolate etc). I often use vodka, pure ethanol, or on occasions rum.

Dissolve 3 of the pillules into a mixture of water and alcohol in the small bottle, at a ratio of 5:1. This will be your dosing bottle.

For any dose, hit the bottle 3 times firmly against the palm of your hand. Place 3 drops into a small amount of water - around 100mls to begin with. Stir thoroughly and take 2 teaspoons into the mouth. Throw the rest of this water out.

I will only be asking you to take one dose to begin with and we will see what reaction you have to that before proceeding.
Evocationer 8 years ago
I wanted to check in to say thank you for your recommendation. I have been having a rather difficult time getting ahold of sepia 200c and am still awaiting my order. I will check back once I have received it and taken a dose.

Thank you again.
homeopathy23 8 years ago
Let me know when you take that dose, and then report in about a week later so I can see what kind of reaction you have had.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Were you able to obtain the remedy, and have you taken it yet?
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you for checking in on me. I did obtain and take the remedy. Things are just really very difficult at home (my children are so out of control and the feeling is thus mutual). I continue to feel very off balance (not physically but 'energetically' if you will) and hopeless. For all of the energy I put out into the world trying to make things better, it seems that the universe just pulls the rug out from under me once again.
homeopathy23 8 years ago
Alright we need to do a proper assessment so I can work out what happened, and where we go from here.

Please look at this list of symptoms and feelings you gave, and next to each one write Same, Better or Worse. If better or worse, please write a % to estimate how much you feel it has changed.

Menses occurring every 3 weeks

Menses lasts for 5-7 days

Spotting after menses

Disturbed sleep

Physical fatigue

Emotional fatigue

Hopeless feelings

Sharp pain on top of right foot

Chest pains

Lash out at family members aggressively

Feelings of being quite cold

Falling asleep while still clothed

Waking 3-4 hours after falling asleep and unable to get back to sleep

Feeling of being drained by keeping the peace

Worrying over your eldest child

Feeling you cannot get a break

Feeling uneasy at home due to a feeling of spookiness, chills


Desire to flee/withdraw

Feeling of lack of control

Feeling a lack of freedom

Grumpy when really hungry

Thirsty but not drinking as much water as you should

Gastric upset associated with lack of sleep

Tiredness after sexual intercourse
Evocationer 8 years ago
Menses occurring every 3 weeks This improved for 2 cycles but then went back to 24 days this cycle. I also had changes in my thyroid medication which I also coincided (and I suspect contributed to) overall symptom improvement and subsequent backsliding-I went from 1 grain/day to 2 grains back to 1 despite preferring and feeling better on two.

Menses lasts for 5-7 days 15% improved.

Spotting after menses Resolved. Have not experienced this in several cycles. 100% improvement.

Disturbed sleep 75% improved. Still having occasional episodes of insomnia or of waking during the night and being unable to fall back to sleep.

Physical fatigue 50% improved

Emotional fatigue same if not worse.

Hopeless feelings same if not worse.

Sharp pain on top of right foot resolved 100%

Chest pains resolved 100%

Lash out at family members aggressively same if not worse.

Feelings of being quite cold 70% improved. Still having transient episodes, but far less often (it has also warmed up outside considerably which may be a factor, but may be irrelevant)

Falling asleep while still clothed 80% improved. Can generally anticipate/prepare for falling asleep.

Waking 3-4 hours after falling asleep and unable to get back to sleep-80% improved. Occasional instances, but rare.

Feeling of being drained by keeping the peace-Same if not worse.

Worrying over your eldest child-25% worse. I just don’t know what to do with/for her anymore and she is relentless, which is damaging us all and it spills over to hr siblings and their behavior. It’s getting hard to distinguish what behaviors of theirs represent their own pathology or are just an outgrowth of the stress/tension/example that she provides in the home.

Feeling you cannot get a break 50% worse. I feel like I am always running in quicksand and for every inch I get ahead I slide several back.

Feeling uneasy at home due to a feeling of spookiness, chills 20% better but still occurs. Often get a “sense” of seeing things out of the corner of my eye or get erie feelings. I think the energies in/around the house contribute to a lot of the discord we have experienced while here, and I am beginning to think that it is creating extreme tension in my attempts to prepare the house to sell it so that we can finally get away from this house.

Headaches-75% improved. Infrequent at this point.

Desire to flee/withdraw 50% worse. I want desperately to hit the “reset” button and escape the life that is my daily existence.

Feeling of lack of control 50% worse. I put out so much energy to make things better and I am thrown new challenges left and right every day

Feeling a lack of freedom 50% worse.

Grumpy when really hungry same, but I am often hungry because I lack the time/motivation to feed myself. I am always either too busy or so depleted that I would rather withdraw than engage in self-care like eating.

Thirsty but not drinking as much water as you should-Same

Gastric upset associated with lack of sleep Same, although I have been sleeping better overall so this doesn’t happen as much, but when I don’t sleep well I have issues.

Tiredness after sexual intercourse-I don’t actually recall reporting this symptom. I think it’s more generally that exhaustion (emotional and physical) contributes toward apathy relative to intercourse. I have no real desire for much of anything other than to be left alone as much as possible most of the time.

Thank you again for your follow through and concern. It is of comfort to feel supported in journeying toward better emotional and physical health.
homeopathy23 8 years ago
Those symptoms that have become worse, did they become worse very soon after the remedy, or did they become worse after a period of time, or worse after getting better?
Evocationer 8 years ago
I think that the majority of the worsening symptoms are related to the frustration with my children not responding to any attempts to improve them/their behavior and the consequent impact on me/my life/my loss of freedom (e.g. my son was 'dismissed' from his preschool due to his behavior thus I have no break from my children ever; my oldest's behavior at school/school refusal is getting worse which means more calls home to me, more power struggles with her, etc. in addition to her increasing lying/stealing/acting out behaviors which are extremely stressful for me (I'm 'on watch' for what she might be doing all of the time day and night-she'll even sneak into my room and take things while I'm sleeping). I think they are worsening due to the depletion of my resources to deal with them. I didn't notice them improve and then get worse or get significantly worse following taking the remedy.
homeopathy23 8 years ago
Alright so they have resisted the action of the remedy then. This can happen in the beginning.

There are quite a lot of positive reactions though, so I don't feel the remedy is the wrong one. It may be that you will need several doses, or that the potency or dosage needs to be changed.

The first thing I will get you to do is repeat the remedy exactly as before. Then we can assess whether the potency needs to be changed, or if in fact the remedy needs to be changed.

Try not to despair yet, these things take time. You can see that many of your symptoms have in fact improved, some quite markedly. You could be right in saying that your children are actually causing this aggravation, but I believe we can reduce your sensitivity to their behaviour (or perhaps treat them as well to reduce your overall stress).
Evocationer 8 years ago
I will repeat the dose this evening. I would love to be less sensitive to the stressors in my environment and I would likewise love to see the children be less oppositional/challenging. Given that 2 of my 3 kids have been or have come extremely close to being kicked out of school I suspect that there is room for improvement on their end and it's not just my sensitivities ;)

Thank you again for your support and care.
homeopathy23 8 years ago
I can take their cases as well if you like. It may be helpful to your treatment :)
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you. Tell me what you need to know and I will do my best to provide the information through their lenses. It might take me a week or two, we are putting our house on the market in a week and I am rather caught up in preparing for that transition.
homeopathy23 8 years ago
That's fine. Make a different post for each child, if you want them all treated. I will post my questionnaire for children here and you can copy it across to each post.

Describe each complaint/associated set of symptoms in detail. Please include the following when doing this:

1. Appearance
2. Sensation or pain
3. Situations/events/triggers for making it worse
4. Situations/events/triggers for making it better
5. Event that seemed to start the complaint
6. Other sensory features – smell, sound, taste, tactile etc

Make sure each complaint is done separately. Do not group them together.


1. When the physical complaint is active, what is his/her emotional state like? What does he/she do? What does she/he want you to do?

2. Does he/she describe any unusual sensation or pain in the body, especially when they are complaining of something?

3. What fears does he/she have? How does she/he react?

4. Was there any incident in the past that had a great impact? What happened at the time? Is there any ongoing reaction to this event? How does he/she talk about it?

5. Is there any story (book, fairytale, cartoon, movie etc) that seems to really resonate with her/him? What does he/she say about it?

6. What kind of fantasies does she/he describe to you? How does this translate down into play, games, toys? Does he/she tend to draw particular things over and over? If so what are they? If you point to these images, what does she/he say about them?

7. Does he/she describe any dreams or nightmares to you, and what are they? How does she/he react on waking from them?

8. How is he/she when interacting with other children? What about sports or games? How about obeying rules or social conventions?

9. How is she/he when interacting with older people? Is there any difference between family or friends and strangers in terms of reactions and behavior?

10. What kind of activities does he/she enjoy doing? Which of these do she/he spend the most time at?

11. What qualities seem to make your child different from other children?

12. How does your child cope with school, school work, study, deadlines, speaking in front of others, following directions etc?

13. What kind of questions does he/she tend to ask you or other adults?

14. What makes her/him laugh? What makes him/her cry?

15. What makes him/her angry or irritable?

16. What does your child do when alone?

17. Is there a particular person or type of person that he/she reacts to, and what kind of reaction?


1. What position does he/she sleep in?
2. Is there any position he/she seems unable to sleep in?
3. Any unusual behavior during sleep?
4. Any problems with sleep?
5. What foods are craved (cravings are strong desires) What foods are hated?
6. What drinks are craved? What drinks are hated?
7. How does he/she react when hungry, or hunger is prolonged?
8. How does the weather affect?
9. How does the temperature affect?
10. Are there any other environmental influences negative or positive (season, noise, music, moon, light, dark, day, night, time, smells etc.)
11. Problems with stool or bowel habit?
Problems with urine or bladder habit?
12. Where does he/she sweat most? Does it stain or smell unusual?
Evocationer 8 years ago
So I took the dose again yesterday but then wasn't thinking and ate something around 10 minutes later. Did I ruin it? Should I take it again?
homeopathy23 8 years ago
It is impossible to affect the action of the remedy by eating food. Please do not take another dose, you could easily create a stronger aggravation.
Evocationer 8 years ago

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