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Treating multiple sclerosis simultaneously with allopathy & homeo

My husband is attacked with MS since May2002 ( 1st detected) and is being administered with chemo Theraphy( Mitoxantrone). he has been suffering from weakness and stiffness of the limbs. Gait. lessions have formed in the white matter cof the brain. MBP test & Igg also confirm MS. Kindly help whether I can have homeopathy treatment simultaneously with Allopathy.
  tumrio on 2004-06-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have never treated anyone with ms so maybe it's not a competent reply...
(I mean: other opinions are welcome)

It is NOT possible to treat someone allo-and homeo-pathically. The reason is in the opposite nature of these 2 medical systems.
Allopathic drugs complicate TOO MUCH a disease picture and weaken body defenses (vital force) even more-and homeopathy is based on the body's own healing responses.
Astra2012 last decade
I see nobody joined me... so I'm writing again.

Actually some patients, like those with epilepsy or diabetes etc have to continue taking allopathic medicines while starting homeopathhic treatment. BUT the picture of their diseased state doesn't change during the treatment.
It is harder to treat homeopathically such people (than those who are not "on drugs") but it is not impossible. If however someone is under allopathic "care" which means that new and new drugs are being introduced into the body
the effect of the drug changes the disease picture=the basis for homeopathic treatment.
Astra2012 last decade
what new symptoms have occured since chemo-therepy (Mitoxantrone).?
John Stanton last decade
Dear John Stanton,
This is for your information, that my husband was advised to chemo therapy 1 iv every three months and a cycle of six injections. His 3rd dose is due on 11th august 04. At present,only from the past week the patient finds improving.He could not write or even hold the pen Properly.But now he is able to write about 1/4 of a A4 size paper at a time.So when I heard about homeo treatment I found a faint light of hope to save the patient from the deadly clutches of MS.If any suggestion do reply.
tumrio last decade
what were the symptoms that husband was experiencing (besides the ones you have already mentioned)that lead to MS diagnosis? please explain?

micro flora ned to be replenished --this can be done by supplementation..

what are stool characteristics at this time?

what level of awareness compared to before?
John Stanton last decade
Dear John,
First it was detected thru MRI. Multiple lesions or plaques sugested of demaleation.
2nd ly the IGg index was Noticed raised.(CSF test)of myelo basic protien test also sugested of MS.At Present Stool is normal.Urine is normal.
About micro flora ned, I have no idea.As I am a literature student such terms are quite unfamiliar to me. I do not know whether these tests are available in India. Whatever the doctors have suggested we have taken the tests accordingly. It is the neuro medicine doctors who concluded the poatient to be suffering from Primary Progressive MS.This is all I can supply to meet your Queries. Thanking you,
tumrio last decade
Dear John,
First it was detected thru MRI. Multiple lesions or plaques sugested of demaleation.
2nd ly the IGg index was Noticed raised.(CSF test)of myelo basic protien test also sugested of MS.At Present Stool is normal.Urine is normal.
About micro flora ned, I have no idea.As I am a literature student such terms are quite unfamiliar to me. I do not know whether these tests are available in India. Whatever the doctors have suggested we have taken the tests accordingly. It is the neuro medicine doctors who concluded the poatient to be suffering from Primary Progressive MS.This is all I can supply to meet your Queries. Thanking you,
tumrio last decade
I do not completely agree that it is no use to use homeopathics and allopathics at the same time. But in case of chemotherapy or other suppressant therapies, then yes, it will be really difficult. But what you at least could do, is take the road of supplements. I do know that MS patients need a good diet, and especially enough omega-6 adn omega-9 fatty acids. Together with chemo it would be very wise to provide him with ample anti-oxidants to "catch" away as much radicals as you can. There are special supplements for protecting the nerves, so that the damage is so much limited as possible. Is this of any use to you?
HannahFroukje last decade
FROM reversedms.blogstream.com

________________________________________________ ____________________
The contents of this site is for informational purposes only, is derived from my own personal and unsupervised research, and is not to be construed to provide the reader medical advice. I am not a medical doctor. You should consult with a medical doctor before making any personal or family health-care changes.

__________________________________________________ ________________
A summary of changes:
1.Trusting in God and leaning and trusting and seeing Him as Savior ...and NOBODY ELSE/EVEN MYSELF!!
2. Taking the probiotic with soil organisms (I took massive amounts for several weeks gradually working up to--around 20 tabs a day) --backed down over the course of roughly 4-6 months until it looked like even a half would be too much to handle, due to the excessive detox symptoms, and it seemed like I was detoxing heavily without it, and improving still.
3. Eliminating the following from my rigimin:
antibiotics, steroids, chlorinated water, vegetarianism, photophobia (being afraid of the sun), refined carbohyrdates, sugar, anything with added corn syrup or sugar or sweetners.

thoughts that I eliminated: addictive thoughts/behaviors, such as antibiotics, comfort foods like refined wheat pasta, white rice, muffins, sugary foods, vegetarianism, and thoughts that i need a woman
4. Things I included: organic, grass fed finished red meat, sprouted with 100% whole grains (especially when I began the process), and sourdough with 100% whole grain, otherwise 100% whole grains--but even the sprouted and/or sourdough, I think is even better-especially with regards to wheat, because of the removal of phytic acid in wheat(which is a nutritional robber), more raw vegetables,my love for and my deepening faith in God, getting more sunlight without sunscreen, organic whole milk, lots of sardines during late fall through winter due to lack of vitamin D from sunlight, drinking lots of dechlorinated water which I make by adding vitamin c to tap water (about 100mg-125mg per 2.2 liters).
5. Running daily (with typically a day off per week for rest)
6. Listening to the body, with regards to sleep and running not too hard when detoxing seems to sap my energy
7. Engaging in stewardship by helping others that are less fortunate
8. Really focusing on faith to harness a close relationship with God, because I believe ultimately physically we should not be so focused/obsessed on, but living in and through the Spirit.

__________________________________________________ _________________

My Hypothesis Summarized:

1. Antibiotics, stress, corticosteroids, chlorinated water, pesticides, radiation, sugar, poor nutritional intake (perhaps, especially from vitamin D), and loss of other micronutrients from vegetarianism, refined carbs, caffeine, carbonation, pesiticide residue, and other western meds(especially birth contol, antidepressants, hormone therapies) leads to...
2. Intestinal microflora imbalance leading to....
3. Candida proliferation leading to....
4. Malabsorption syndrome and toxic byproducts (which there are like 70) of candida that adversely affect the thyroid/parathyroid leading to......
5. Abnormal thyroid/parathyroid function, specifically T4 to T3 ratios leading to.....
6. Decreased cellular detoxification, and increased oxidative stress
7. Demylinating-Axonal diseases, and other chronic diseases

What has
beatms last decade
I think your hypothesis is very good. Maybe some other points can be added like heavy metal poisoning from amalgam fillings. They also lead to candida proliferation and malabsorption plus many other fysical and mental problems. The sugar and poor nutritional is also a big part I guess. And allergies which can arise from cow-milk and glutencontaining foods. Very good summary!! Would like to see every doctor and neurologist read that and keep it in mind.
But allopathy has no clue what is causing MS (at least they say so....?) I started a foundations to help fellow sufferers understand the disease, which is not easy!
Green Tara last decade
I have had MS since 2004. I tried Rebif an interferon injection and used that for one year. My liver enzymes increased so much that I had to go off it. I started taking Low Dose Naltrexone and have taken that since 2005. Since taking LDN my lesions have decreased in size and I have started to feel better. www.lowdosenaltrexone.org is the website to look at if you are interested. Where most thoughts on MS are to suppress the immune system. The theory with LDN or Low Dose Naltrexone is to increase the immune system and it will correct itself. This medication is inexpensive and I have no side effects. I will happily stay on it until something else comes along. Mentally I have felt better on it as well. I am currently asking for help on this site and am working with Dr. Sameer. I still have heat intolerence and fatigue. I am hoping homeopathy can help with these symptoms. I hope this may help.
travelgirl last decade
It is great to hear that there may be a break through in treatment for this difficult condition.

However, I fail to see where the homoeopathy is? Engystol is a mixture of potentized medicines given without any care for the individual symptoms. This is not homoeopathy, but allopathy/antipathy using potentized substances.

Again you can see modern medicine trying to steal a little bit of what we do, without any understanding of what we do. It is a shameful perversion of the richness and the spirit of homoeopathic philosophy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
HI my wife suffering from MS.

she had a double vision last year and diagnosed MS.

Now she is having severe pain

is it possible to cure using LDN ?
is it available in india ?

how can

balaji4win last decade
Hi- yes LDN is available in India. RevaV a usa homeopath
from India, wrote about this and said that see a friendly
doctor in India who will do this treatment for you.

I suppose you have seen the site Ldners.org ???
simone717 last decade
In India, you can get LDN with out prescription. Look at LDN.org
and google---- Has anyone used low dose naltrexone for Crohns or
multiple Sclerosis? It is answer by Yahoo answers and very good from
person who has MS.

Other thing you may try- is Sun Pharmaceuticals in India makes LDN- they
might call it something else ( nodict?) but they would have a list of drs.
in India who buy LDN and those drs are obviously using LDN.Sun Pharma is in
Mumbai and 022 2821 1961 is their fax- but I would find out the phone number
and keep asking till someone gives you the info for where you are located.

Most drs do not know about it bc it is so cheap and Pharma companies
do not make money from it.
simone717 last decade
Thanks simone717
For MS , they have suggested to use 3mg -4.5 mg .But tables avaialble are 50mg. is there any 3mg dose available directly ?
and i consulted neuro doctor .. he is not recommended as to use LDN For ms treatment

balaji4win last decade
Hi- I suggest you send an email to revav6 at gmail dot com
- she is from India, homeopath now in USA. I first learned
about this from a post of hers-I just got the book about it.

It seems like you have to go to what she called,
'a friendly doctor' who would agree to administer the treatment.
I saw on some of the LDN sites they even have a fax they
can send to the doctor to educate them on what it is and
how to do this.

Since I am not from India, I don't know the culture of how
you would approach like a regular MD internist etc or
GP etc to do this. I was googling India drs who have done
the treatment and nothing came up. Which is why I got the
name of the Pharma company bc I thought they would know-
bc they are selling the drug to doctors.

Ask Reva how she would approach it and tell her where you are.
simone717 last decade
ok- found a couple threads for you-when you read first one- join
one of the ldn health groups-

Person from sweden asking what you are asking- you get the 50mg tab
put it in 50ml. of distilled water in a 'brown' jar with cover and let
it dissolve ( people are from scandinavia so maybe they have a lot of
brown jars with covers there)

Anyway-keep jar in fridge shake it and take 3ml or 4.5ml and put it in
mineral water and drink at 22.00hours-


You will see links to groups under the questions bc this was Swedish person
trying to get the 50mg tab from India and how to use it.

also look up dr. Bernard Bihari md who started use of Ldn in 1985

http://www.digitalnaturopath.com/treat/T74481.html - clear explanation of
why and how it works in many diseases.
[message edited by simone717 on Thu, 06 Sep 2012 05:46:19 BST]
simone717 last decade
Thanks Simone717 ..
i will contact reva .
balaji4win last decade

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