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White patches on skin

My 9 year old daughter has been getting white patches on her face (under her eye, to the right side of her nose and near her right ear and near her lips) and these have been spreading over the last three months. She is prone to dry skin, in particular eczema at the back of her neck and itchy scalp with dandruff. These white patches on her face are smooth to touch and are sometimes itchy especially after a bath. She has pale nails and is possibly anemic.

I would greatly appreciate any inputs on her condition and how she can be cured with homeopathy. Many thanks.
  Faith on 2004-06-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what occur prior to this? ..illness,accident,,trauma...etc anything at all?
John Stanton last decade
We have been relocating between three countries in the last 2 years! Other than that, she picked up a minor digestion problem after our recent holiday which is OK now.
Faith last decade
what treatments/medicines have been used? dates?
John Stanton last decade
For the white patches, a non-steroid ointment named Zarin(containing Miconazole Nitrate)which has had no effect whatsoever. She used it for about a month, three months back. For eczema, I stopped steroid creams several years ago, and occasionally use olive/coconut oil. For the itchy scalp, a medicated cradle cap shampoo and tea tree oil. I'm sceptical of allopathic prescriptions, and am hoping for a homeopathic remedy.

Many thanks for replying.
Faith last decade
ok--start treatment 1 dose "only" phosphorous 30c

MUST AVOID all acidic foods and drinks--coffee,tea,fruits and juices,vinegar...etc---also all carbonated soft drinks---reduce sodium intake

no other treatments / medicines / skin cremes ...etc--unless life supportive

keep posting updates here on board--may need change potency or remedy
John Stanton last decade
Thanks for the suggestions. Will try them out. Can't she have any fruits whatsoever? Are there some less acidic than others?
Faith last decade
--with phosphorous not only acidity of fruit but the mineral content is a concern--in same way all carbonated soft drinks need be avoided--this is definite precaution --so no unnecessary aggravation occur...you can experment;;but i give the guidline
John Stanton last decade
My son, will be 6 years of age in Nov., developed white circular spot near one side of lips. Is it something similar what Faith reported here. Is there any treatment for him also. Please respond.
sbagga41 last decade
Your children may have vitilgo... pretty much there is a disorder with melanocytes (they help produce color to skin).

Majority of people with vitiligo have an autoimmune disorder, please have them checked with an MD for the appropriate tests.

Hope the info on what possibly your children have helps you a bit.
commen sense last decade
Thanks for the response. This white-pink colored circle/spot appeared just 1 month ago. Subsequently, we consulted our doctor and he advised to apply Elidel and that its not a vitilgo. After reading your response I will be meeting our doctor again on Monday next week. Thanks so much!
sbagga41 last decade
Dear sbagga41,

Just incase it may not be vitiligo; although the presentation seems to be the smae you may want to check for fungal infection as well however, like I mentioned it seems to be vitiligo.

Have a great weekend :-)
commen sense last decade
I used to send out vitamin B12 info because I have brain damage due to extended low B12...

someone wrote back that white patches are related to low B12... he has extremely low B12, and has massive white patches... and I have them...

B12 is likely to be low if you are over 34... and is likely to be major low if you are in your 50s or 60s...

Unless you get shots, you need to get sublingual B12, because ordinarily there's a digestion problem that causes the B12 from eggs and liver not to get absorbed...

I better go look up my problem now....
Consider-This last decade
Low B12 can result in white patches among other conditions; true.

However, please be adviced that children who have low B12 should be treated at the route casue of what is the problem; digestion.

Excessive amounts of B12 in pediatrics (children) can cause increased hardship in their pancreas, B12 is commonly believed not to have any major negative influences however, when it comes to the pediatric population everyone should remember there body is developing in a fast rate and every load that is overloaded can cause long term problems.

Thank for the info Consider This :-)
commen sense last decade
My 6 year old daughter has this same white patches as described by the original poster(Faith). Its grown gradually in 1 month and is now an oval shaped patch under the eye.
I would appreciate any kind of help regarding this ...this is really scaring me. Please help
midili last decade
I want to mention B12 again. It seems as if there has been a lot of stress for the child in the original post, due to all the moving -- from country to country.
In my experience, stress uses up enormous amounts of B12.
There is a relationship between the appearance of fingernails, and B12.
So it would be good if you looked at your children's fingernails and looked at my site where there's a lot of medical research about low B12.
If your children have lines on their fingernails or the moons on their fingernails are faint or have disappeared, they may be low on B12.

I don't think that everyone needs B12, but for those who do, the vitamin can ward off major misery.

In terms of its relationship to digestion: yes, certainly there is a relationship. Some research seems to have identified h.pylori (or something similar to that) as being involved in impaired B12 absorption.

I only wrote this here because my medical doctors disregarded B12, and as a result I ended up with permanent nerve damage. So, I know it's important.

It's not a cure all, though, so I'm not saying it is.

The thing is, it's well worth looking into.


Karen Kline
Consider-This last decade
I am hoping the original poster(Faith) would post and share her thoughts/remedies . Its been 3 mos since her post and hopefully an update might help me
Worried mom
midili last decade
Dear Sona,
I doubt it is from chilli and hot,spicy foods.

I worry that perhaps you should see an M.D. to be sure it isn't a cancer of some sort.

I don't think it is, but I do think you should get some assurance from a medical professional.

In terms of the itching and burning, I have some peripheral neuropathy, and that's how that feels. Peripheral neuropathy is just one outcome of low B12. Since it is nerves, which cause it, perhaps your problem is in the nerves by your mouth.

If you have lines on your fingernails, or have lost the moons on your fingernails, you may want to get some sublingual B12. Walgreen's has it for not very much.

Good luck : )
Consider-This last decade
Hi ,
Thanks for the quick reply and your concern. After 2 days i am going to see a doctor, but what i am concerned about is the spreading white spot on the lip and discoloring of lip.
Because of this i am affraid of Vitiligo. But, as before discoloring starts lips feel burning and itches, i am not sure of vitiligo. from last month, some parts of my face like chin, side of eyes also feels burning sensation.

So can u please tell me what it could be.
sona12 last decade
This is in response to the worried mom (Midili). I don’t have spectacular news, but there is some progress in that the patches have stopped spreading rapidly. In the last month, apart from two small dots, there have been no new patches.

The first thing I did was to estabilish from a conventional doctor that my daughter had vitiligo indeed. He recommended a steroid cream, with no guarantees that it would work. I looked for a homeopathic remedy as it would address the root cause of the problem and that led me to this forum. I debated heavily whether to take John Stanton’s(earlier posting) suggestion of Phosphorus 30, or what my homeopath recommended. The only reason I went in for the latter, is because I would have someone to work with more closely and who would in a sense get to know my daughter’s personality better and tailor make a remedy. For the last few months, my daughter has been following a schedule - 3 days of Carbo-Veg, 3 days of Echinacea and 2 Days of Sepia, before food twice a day. On the days she has Carbo-veg and Echinacea, she has Arsenic Sulphuratum Flavum after food. I think it is best to find out what works for your child.

I noticed “Common Sense” wrote that children with low B12 should address their digestion problem. This is the approach my homeopath is taking in this particular medication. I intend getting a blood test done for my daughter (which I should have done earlier) to establish if she does indeed have low B12 and whether she needs any supplements for this.

I stumbled into a very informative and inspiring website called Emily’s vitiligo. As I'm not allowed to post external urls in the forum, please search for it using any standard search engine. Emily’s mum has gone to great lengths to discuss how she found a nutritional approach to the child’s vitiligo. It’s also a holistic way to approaching vitiligo and I am trying out some of the things that were tried out for Emily.

As far as my daughter’s diet is concerned- it helps that she is already vegetarian, but I am phasing out dairy products and introducing soya milk. Both the website above and my homeopath suggested that my daughter avoid tomatoes and aubergines. I am giving my daughter plenty of nuts and dried fruits (folic acid) esp. cashews, almonds, figs and dates. Also, a daily glass of freshly made carrot and celery juice (for beta-carotene). Plenty of greens and lentils (for iron, calcium and protein).

I feel there is a psycological dimension to vitiligo too, as stress is an important trigger factor. I am consciously trying to make daughter more relaxed, let her enjoy as much fresh air and play as much as possible and develop a positive outlook. I am trying to be more relaxed as a parent myself. I have also discussed her condition with her teachers, her friends and their parents, so everyone is very understanding.

I worry a lot too, all the time. I think in the process it makes me determined to believe in what I am doing, and also not to leave any stone unturned. To keep trying and not give up. Do let me know of your successes too.
Faith last decade
Hi Faith,
Did you mean that we are not supposed to put external URLs on this site, or another site?
I thought it was okay.
I have my site in my messages sometimes.

My homeopath, here in Santa Fe, back when my mum was diagnosed with pernicious anemia, said that pernicious anemia could not be treated homeopathically.

I just mention that to show you that I looked into that.

The thing about getting a blood test for low B12, is that here in the United States the "norm" is several hundred points lower than that accepted in Europe and Japan.

I have the research regarding the levels available on my site.

I just think it's important that we underplay B12 here in the US.

Also, if you worry a lot and your doctor has put you on antidepressants as my doctor did me, the anti-depressants can actually use up more B12.

I used to feel totally lovely if not euphoric on anti-depressants, right up until I got major double incontinance and various other serious serious side effects and read the insert in the Prozac product that said it was not to be used in certain hematological circumstances...
Consider-This last decade
I have developed a long whitish patch on my right hip bone. But the hair in that area is still black and not white. There is no itching or any other discomfort. I have been asked to use a cream by the name of Sebifin (Terbinafine HCL Cream 1%), but it does not seem to help. What could this be and is there any solution for it?
simranbrar last decade

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