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Thanks. I gave him another does of Chamomillia as you instructed before. It seemed to help for a few days, because the symptoms disappeared...his mood improved and appetite increased.

BUT last night he started getting a runny nose and was more tired earlier in the evening than usual. ANd he woke up at 11pm crying with a low fever. I gave him Tylenol and he slept all night. This morning he had a slight fever, was only a little bit fussy and drank his morning bottle.

He still has a slight fever and runny nose. So I'm not sure if he has this Hand, Foot, Mouth virus or just a cold. But the fever worries me.

Any ideas on other remedies to give at this point?

Thank you!
ellyn 8 years ago
ps. Daycare tells me that no one else has a cold and there hasn't been any other kids with the hand, foot, mouth virus. There was only 1 child who was exposed but no symptoms, and they were sent home the first day.
ellyn 8 years ago
He only has a slight fever and runny nose? It doesn't seem necessary to represcribe at this point. I would watch and wait for a bit longer, and repeat the remedy if he becomes noticeably irritable.

Typically you would expect to see mouth sores and a rash if he actually has Foot and Mouth so keep checking for signs of that.

Let me know if the situation changes however. If an emergency arises you should take him to hospital of course. Complications of this disease are extremely rare though, so I wouldn't expect any problems.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Well now we have small red bumps on his hand and foot, so far. Can't see anything in his mouth. Still has a low grade fever, runny nose, and irritability.

I repeated the Chamomillia tonight.

Anything else I should try if it gets worse?
ellyn 8 years ago
We will need to retake the symptoms to make another prescription. We can do that if Chamomilla does not resolve the situation.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Last night he woke around 9, crying very hard, still slightly warm. Couldnt see any new spots. Got him back to sleep, he woke again at 11, but went to sleep on his own after about 10 mins of whining/crying. He slept the rest of the night.

Woke up this morning mildly fussy, not crying hard. Still slightly warm. New spots on his palms and wrists, no new spots on feet. The ones that were there have faded. Still can't see anythign in his mouth.

He did drink some of his bottle and a few bites of soft cereal. He is also DROOLING, which makes me thinks he does have something in his mouth, I just can't see.

He was very clingy last night when he woke up, head on my shoulder, but restless, kept lifting his head and putting it down, trying to get closer to me, lifting himself up higher on me, legs wrapped around. Cried very hard when I tried to put him down.

This morning, he was clingy but is now only mildly fussy, siting in his high chair, sometimes fussy/whining, then will just babble happily.

He does have a high pain tolerance. He had pneumonia last winter for example, and I didn't know he was that sick..he was running around the ER waiting room playing. He bumps his head and just gets right back up and keeps playing.

Last night at dinner, he hardly ate at all. He was very tired and lethargic, yawning around dinner time.
ellyn 8 years ago
ps. I also just noticed a blister inside of his ear. It looks worse than any of the others; red with a white center and raised. The others are more mild, tiny red dots, raised only slightly.

He's also putting his fingers in his mouth, which makes me think he has sores somewhere in there.

I can't send him to daycare Mon. if he has blisters. So while it seems mild right now, I hope it doesn't progress.
ellyn 8 years ago
p.s.s I thought the rash was stopping, but its still progressing, albeit slowly.

He has more spots on his bum and legs. And now a rashy area on his wrist, not bumps or spots, but a longish red smeared looking rash.

Not eating or drinking much at all today. He ate a few crackers and freeze dried apples. His mood is ok, definitely more tired than usual and fussy but not overly irritable. I'm worried about his not drinking though, his diapers haven't been very wet today.

I tried popsicles, which he doens't like, but i'll keep trying those. Refuses water and milk from a bottle or sippy cup.

Sorry for so many posts, but I want to keep you updated and not sure if you check this over the weekends.

Thanks for any advice.
ellyn 8 years ago
Alright it does appear he has an infection and it is progressing.

Can you get hold of Apis 30c?
Evocationer 8 years ago
I have Apis D12 in my kit. Will that work?
ellyn 8 years ago
ps. I also have HTSF Man, which has Apis 15CH in it along with a bunch of other remedies for viral infections.
ellyn 8 years ago
Don't use combinations. They are not homoeopathy and what they might do is unpredictable.

D12 is very low - You can try it, I would have preferred 12c or 30c. However it is better to give something than nothing. Can you make it into a liquid dose as you did the chamomilla?
Evocationer 8 years ago
I bought the chamomilla as a liquid. Should I then just put then Apis in water, how many tablets, how much water, etc?? How much to give, ...
ellyn 8 years ago
I followed the instructions for the chamomilla for the Apis liquid dose.

I'm not sure if it made him worse or if it did nothing.

He napped for 30 mins then woke screaming. Wouldn't go back to sleep at all. Dozens of new red spots on his bottom and upper legs.

Fever is diminished but he is still hardly eating and drinking small amounts, a few sips here and there.

He just woke up again after being in bed for one hour, however, fell back to sleep after a few mins of crying.

He hasn't been this sick in several months. ANd now I feel a headache coming on, pain behind my ear, achey,..

I'll be keeping him home tomorrow most likely, from daycare.
ellyn 8 years ago
How did things progress for him?
Evocationer 8 years ago
It took about 10 days for the HFM to completely resolve. He ended up with blisters on his toes, but just a few. The fever abated the last few days. I think it just resolved on its own.

He was ok for a week, then had another fever, vomiting, and trouble breathing. I took him to the Dr., and it was croup. He was out of daycare for another 3 days. That resolved quickly too.

He had croup last winter and nothing my Homeopathic Dr. gave me helped. The Dr. gave steroids both times. This time it was much less severe and resolved quickly.

Should I use CHAMOMILLIA as a general remedy for any illness?

Thanks for checking in on his progress.
ellyn 8 years ago
The vaccine has compromised his immune system quite significantly.

It looks like it has been awhile since the last dose of Chamomilla, so I will get you to repeat it. Please dilute the drops in 200mls of water this time though.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Ok, I'll give it to him again in 200 mls of water. Do I still succus the bottle 7x as before?
ellyn 8 years ago
Yes do the same. Then we should do a full assessment to see what overall affect the remedy is having. I am concerned at the kinds of acute episodes he is displaying and I don't want that to continue. If we need to resprescribe I will do that asap to ensure we break this pattern.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Well i gave the repeat of Chamomilla as you instructed, on Sept. 3. He was fine until a few days ago.

On Sunday he developed a very painful red diaper rash for no apparent reason. That night he woke up with some major vomiting. Then fine during the day, but more irritable.

Monday night, more vomiting, again just after putting him to bed. Same irritability during the day, but no other symptoms.

Tuesday night fine.

Then tonight, more vomiting after putting to bed.

I'm thinking this is a food reaction but I can't figure out to what since he's had no new foods.

He had ONE sweet potato chip on Friday that may have had Sunflower oil in it. And he had some semolina wheat pasta that same day.

Wheat has been ok but different forms have caused him night wakings, but never vomiting. Same with nut oils, he'll wake up crying with a belly ache but back to sleep. Never a reaction like this.

He has FPIES - Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome.

He's had really bad reactions in the past to dairy, goat milk, soy, oats, beef, venison, yeast, and a few others. He used to have acid reflux but as he's gotten older, he's vomiting more. Sometimes he gets a diaper rash, and/or ezcema. Often diarhea when reacting to a food.

I have to be very careful when introducing new foods and do one at a time, over a few days, with a tiny amount. The goat milk was literally 3 drops and caused diarhea, vomiting, diaper rash, and ezcema for 2 weeks. That was the worse reaction.

This time I have no idea what is causing this. I'm not positive it's a food reaction/allergy but it's exactly like what happens when he reacts to something.

In the past homeopathy hasn't helped with this but maybe you have some ideas.

THANK YOU so much for all of your help. I hope something can help him. He's not eating much during the day either but is otherwise happy, even tries to help me clean up after he gets sick ;~(
ellyn 8 years ago
How long exactly after the repeat of Chamomilla did he start vomiting?
Evocationer 8 years ago
It was 2 days after
ellyn 8 years ago
So he has been throwing up for 6 days?
Evocationer 8 years ago
No he had thrown up 3 times
ellyn 8 years ago
How has he been?
Evocationer 8 years ago
No more throwing up, only those 3 times.

But he still seems not himself, like he's fighting something off. A few nights after the last vomiting episode, he woke up around 10pm crying and wouldn't go back to sleep on his own, like he usually does. After about 15 mins, I went in to console him back to sleep. He calmed down once I picked him up. Upon laying him back down, he was ok, but then cried when I left the room. He never does this. I left and he cried again for about 15 mins, and did the same again ....he eventually cried himself to sleep in about 20 mins.

He didn't have fever, cough, etc. And appears ok during the day, just a little more fussy than usual.

Now he has a slightly runny nose, an occasional cough, but sleeping ok, no vomiting.

Tonight I noticed his scrotum was red and he cried when changing his diaper, no rash elsewhere. He seemed to be in pain but calmed down after a minute or so after I put the diaper on.

It's hard to know what is what, and what is behavioral and what is illness. But he's not his usual self.
ellyn 8 years ago

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