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Hyper thyroid & emotions (for dr. kadwa, j.k mohla evocationer, fitness, deoshlok, simone & senior doctor) especially mental health

I am Daredevil, born on July 25, 1990. Below are complete current details about
Me :-
Age & sex: 24 years male
Appearance: I am a fair complexion boy with tall & thin type of body

Weight: 65.500 kg

Height: 5’10”

My Profession: Manager in Export Company

My Personality: Most of the time in hurry but keen to work all the time

Vocations: I would like to go for vocations if no money deducted from my salary

Relationship: my relations with my parents are good but sometime rude on my sisters

Addictions: In the past I did smoking & drinking for 6 years but now I quit all addictions

Main Health problems: Hyper thyroid, masturbation weakness, mental problems

My problems begin: on early 2013

Cause of the problems: In my mind the basic cause of my problem is masturbation & smoking

What makes my problems better: Good sleep, morning bath & exercise makes problem little better

What makes it worse: All day work on computer, work on mobile, masturbation & anxiety

Thinking during the problem: I fear of a heart attack, restless & hopeless

I afraid of butterflies, I
don’t know why?

I also afraid of closed spaces & darkness

Stay: I want to stay along with peoples

Sleep: Sometimes during the problems feels insomnia otherwise okay

Weather: Winter weather makes my problem frequent
I normally feel hot (intolerance to heat)

Foods I love: I love cold & sweet fruits

Foods I hate: extra spicy foods full of chilly & extra hot foods

I don’t eat indigestible foods like (chalk, mud or pencil)

Thirst: My thirst is excessive especially I drink lot water with foods

Dryness: My mouth & lips are o.k but skin is dry

Tongue coating: There’s a thin coating of white color on back center of tongue

Nails: My nails are completely normal

Skin: My skin is completely normal but face skin is very dry & problem of white patches in winter on mouth

Sweat: mostly sweaty, heat intolerance, smell in sweats & stains also

Eyes Vision: Low vision wearing specs of -4.25 both eyes

Ears/Nose/Throat: No problem with ears & nose but have hyper thyroid

Stools: loose stools, frequent daily 3-4 times

Urine: sometimes yellowish with smell but most of the time okay

Sex: Sex desire is low, unmarried; masturbate a lot in the past but from last two three years masturbating twice or thrice a month only.
Became satisfied once I masturbate

Male genitals: no problem with erection, no pain, but sometime itchy in the night.

Medicines taking: currently taking reckeweg R51 & acid phos 30 (for hyperthyroid & internal weakness)

Surgeries: I never had any surgeries & implants

Long term treatment: I took long term treatment of ayurvedic medicine for nervousness, anxiety, fear &
panic attacks.

Homeopathic remedies: I never took any homeopathic remedies in the past.

How Problem starts:

1990: I born on July 25, 1990.
The entire things are going fine & perfect till my age of 09 years.
1999: due to bad company I first time did masturbation at the age of 09.
On that time it’s a great activity for giving enjoy to me. So, I started doing masturbation frequently (almost every day).
With the passing time my closed peoples told me that it’s a bad activity for the health but I ignored everybody
& continue the process but with the passing time of year 2000-2005 I started feeling like tired & restless.
My eyes becomes week & after the check up, doctor advised me to wear glasses of -2.50
I also started losing glow from my face.

2006: I changed my habit of masturbation from almost every day to twice a week.
This year is the start of new episode of my life. Due to the extremely bad companions I have started smoke
& drink for the very first time of my life. I started enjoying smoking & drinking.
In June 2006, I became completely addicted to smoking & drinking & starts smoking about a packet daily &
drinking four to five days in a week. I tried my level best to hide these things from my family but somehow
my family members comes to know that I am addicted to smoke & drink. They tried many things to
help me come out of these addictions but all invain because I myself not try to come out of this habit.
With passing time of 2007-2010 I became surrounded by general health problems like cough, cold, flu &
Excessive mucus spitting.

2010: in this year I feel problems with my vision & I again went to the doctor for checkup & my glasses
Numbers increased to -3.50 & gained a lot of weight due to drinking. In spite of being a good student I failed in
+2 standard.

2011: I became sensible with the time & understand the harms of masturbation, smoking & drinking, I tried my level best to leave these habits, but it was too late for me & I found myself very small in front of the circumstances.
Now in these days I was anxious about my bad habits. I want to throw these habits out of my life.
I somehow managed to reduce my habits. I reduced masturbation to once in a week, smoking only four cigarettes in a day instead of ten & drink twice in a week only. On Sunday these restriction not worked for me because all my friends are with me
Without any limits of cigarettes & liquor. I became more anxious about my bad habits with passing time, I started yoga & running exercise for better health.

October 29, 2011: the worst day in my life. I went to devi maa temple for darshan in the evening. I am firm believer of the god. On the time of returning back from the temple I was feeling very nervous & anxious my heartbeat was fast at that time. I turn on my net for changing my mood. I was trying to find new yoga poses on internet & suddenly saw a note that self trying of breathing exercises can harm your brain functions & after reading that note fear enters in my mind. I was in panic condition & suddenly I lost control over my imaginations. I feared of a heart attack or death. That was the first panic attack to me. I went to doctor for checkup &
He told me that I am suffering from high blood pressure. At that time my blood pressure was 105/180. So, the doctor given me
A tablet for blood pressure & a alprex tablet for sleep. I took the medicine & somehow relaxed. I was in shock state for few days but
Problems itself get their solutions with the time but the biggest problem was that I had no job at that time. So, I still not quit smoking &
drinking because whenever I was free I had no other option except smoke, That period of time I had some mild panic attacks after that.
Now I was a regular patient of high b.p.

December 12, 2011: I got the job on this date & feels quite relaxed because I had no free time on the job & I can easily quit or
Reduce bad habits of drinking & smoking. As time passed I noted some symptoms like hand tremors, weakness, insomnia & exhausted nights for me & also high blood pressure.

March 03, 2012: Its night 8.45 pm & I can realize that my b.p is still high & suddenly I found that I can’t breathe properly.
Its shortness of breath & another high level panic attack for me. I again feared of death due to breathlessness.
I again took same b.p tablet & a alprex tablet to stable my mind.
On this date I make a big decision to quit the smoking & drinking. So, next day I went to temple focus all my will power to quit these bad habits. I ignored all my friends who force me to do smoke or drink & I really thanx to my god,
I successfully quit smoking & drinking.

March 04, 2012: I went to an ayurvedic doctor for the same problems & doctor told me these are the symptoms of
Vata imbalance. He advised me to take arjunaristha & ashwagandharistha in morning & evening. Arjunaristha for
Regulating blood pressure & ashwagandharistha worked as antidepressant for me. I took the medicine for three months & my blood pressure was stable but I continue to take ashwagandharistha because of anxiety. I took ashwagandaristha for almost a year continuesly & somebody advised to stop taking the ashwagandharistha as long term use can create side effects. So, as per his opinion I stop taking.

July 01, 2013: I stop taking all the medicines for the time & reduced my habit of masturbation to twice in a month only.

November 01, 2014: I again found some symptoms in me like hand tremor, fast heartbeat, insomnia, anxiety, fear & eye vision
Problem. I again visit eye doctor & my glass potency increased again to -4.25 but rests of the symptoms are so mild & I ignored them.

February 25, 2014: all of the symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, fear & rapid heartbeat goes more effective along with heat intolerance,
Excessive sweating & swelling in the neck. My father advised me that these are the symptoms of thyroid problem & you please
Go & make a test for this but I ignored my dad because I don’t want to take more medicines.

June 02, 2014: I felt all the symptoms are going hard on me & I loose 6 kg weight in last two weeks. So, I make my mind for the thyroid test. I went for a thyroid test on June 04, 2014 where I found in the reports that I am suffering from hyper thyroid
With reading as below:
T3 8.00
T4 31.00
TSH 0.01

June 05, 2014: I again went to the ayurveda doctors who prescribe in medicines earlier. He told me you can’t take Ashwagandharistha for anxiety & fears because it can create side effects in hyperthyroid but one of my friend who was
Also a patient of hyperthyroid but cured his disease through homeopathy has advised me to consult homeopathic doctor.
So, as per his advice I went to homeopathic doctor next day June 06, 2014 but I has doubt that doctor had not asked me
Anything, She only asked me symptoms & advice me to take dr. reckeweg R51 for hyper thyroid & also advice me acid phos 30
For internal weakness which happened due to masturbation habit.
July 01, 2014: I am taking the above medicine R51 & acid phos 30 from almost a month. Most of the symptoms are relieved
Like stress & anxiety: almost relieved, insomnia: almost relieved, hand tremor: 20% relieved, panic attack: only had once
Till the starting of the medicine, heat intolerance 10% relieved, excessive sweat 10% relieved, rapid heartbeat : good
Now & swelling in the neck is little less now. Only masturbate single during the medication.

Doubts & Questions:
1) Doctor has not advised me any diet plan during the treatment time. I hope there will surely
Be something to avoid during the treatment.
2) From quite some time I am feeling flat emotions like dull emotions & thinking
(For example I always enjoyed the tour to Hill stations but my Last trip to Kashmir I didn’t enjoyed as much as I always enjoys)
So, I would like to know its natural in hyperthyroid or is it happening due to long term use of
3) Doctor has advised me to go for a test after taking the medicine one month. So I am
Going for another test on July 07, 2014. I want to know I have to go for a test
Empty stomach or can I take the food before test?
4) I am still feeling low desire of sex, premature ejaculation & oligoespermia
Will it be fine with the treatment of hyperthyroid or I have to take another treatment for above problems?

Thanx / daredevil
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  daredevilv9 on 2014-07-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
i am keen to get help from senior doctors
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daredevilv9 8 years ago
Pl follow the advise of your doctor as you can better interact than online .Pl ger thyoride test again and discuss with doctor for advise .
akshaymohl 8 years ago
Were you looking for a homoeopathic remedy for this, and wanting to pursue homoeopathy instead of allopathic/herbal medicine?
Evocationer 8 years ago
Dear Dr. Mohla & Dr. Evocationer,

First of all thanx for giving your precious time for helping my case.

For Dr. Evocationer,
I am already pursuing the homeopathic medicine R51 for Hyper thyroid & Acid Phos 30 for internal Weakness. But below are my problems as i given above: -
1) From quite some time I am feeling flat emotions like & poor thinking like
(For example I always enjoyed the tour to Hill stations but my Last trip to Kashmir I didn’t enjoyed as much as I always enjoys)
So, I would like to know, is it natural in hyperthyroid ?

2) I am going for another thyroid test i want to know how to go for a test, empty stomach or can eat my breakfast before going to test ?

3) I am still feeling low desire of sex, premature ejaculation & oligoespermia
Will it be fine with the treatment of hyperthyroid or I have to take another treatment for above problems?

4) I am still suffering from frequest bowel movement i.e 4-5 times a day !

I hoping for your help
daredevilv9 8 years ago
No need empty stomach .Pl go for thyorid test any time .
akshaymohl 8 years ago
If you would like me to prescribe for you, you will need to stop all herbal medicines and any homoeopathic ones. Continue taking any allopathic medication you have been prescribed. I will post an extensive list of questions for you to answer so that we can attempt to find a single homoeopathic medicine.
Evocationer 8 years ago

In homoeopathy, prescription is based on precise details of various symptoms from which you suffer. To tell or write to a homoeopathic physician 'I have a headache ', ' an eruption ' or “a cough” would not be enough. If you inform him 'I have headache with sharp shooting pains in the left side of the head and temple, these pains always come on when the slightest cold air strikes the head. I feel better by pressing the head very hard.” Then only you have given all the information required for making a good homoeopathic prescription. The success of the prescription depends; largely on how detailed your description of the symptoms is.
We require the following details about your symptoms.

LOCATION: Please give the exact location of sensation, pain or eruption. Also describe where the pain or sensation spreads.

SENSATION: Express the type of sensation or the pain that you get in your own words however simple or funny it may seem. You may have a sensation that a mouse is crawling or the heart was grasped by an iron hand or you may have a pain that is cutting, burning jerking, pressing. Express the sensation or pain as it feels to you. Try to explain the whole sensation in the exact way it is happening and not just the word. We need to understand the whole process of the sensation as it is happening to you.


Many factors are likely to influence your complaint. Some factors may intensify it and some factors may relieve the trouble. A detailed list of the factors is given at the end. Please refer it while describing each of your troubles and indicate which factors make the complaint better or worse.

DISCHARGES: You may have a discharge from nose, ears, mouth, eyes, ulcers, fistula, eruptions on skin, private parts, etc. Please describe your discharge in detail including colour, consistency, appearance, odour etc.

1] Your Complaint:

(Use your own words as far as possible, but if you have recognized or diagnosed the condition, give this information also.) By answering as many of these questions as fully as possible, you are helping me to understand what your body and unconscious mind is conveying. This can help me find a remedy for you.)
• What is your complaint?
• When did the complaint begin?
• Where is it located?
• What sort of sensations (and emotions) do you associate with it?
When does it tend to occur (time/day)
• Does anything make it better or worse?
• How does it bother you? How is it coming in way of your day-to-day life?
• How does it feel like to have this/these problem/s?
• What is the effect of this/these problem/s on you?
• Did any event happen which caused the complaint? Describe the emotion associated with it.
• What are the other symptoms started with it, esp. mental and physical symptoms, which are not directly related to the main complaint.
• What are your reactions with it?

Evocationer 8 years ago
Mental and Emotional State Description

1. What are the issues in your life that bother you the most. Not physical issues but mental or emotional ones. List each one separately and describe why each one bothers you so much.

2. What emotions are the most troublesome for you? What situations provoke these emotions. How do these emotions make you act? Do you feel any ill effects from expressing or not expressing these emotions.

3. What incidents in your life have had a deep impact on you? Describe each incident in detail and how they made you feel? What did you do in those situations? What effect have they had on your life?

4. What are you afraid of? Especially important are phobias, but it might be objects, situations or events that just produce a high level of anxiety. How do you manage your fears? How do you react when confronted with these fears? What would be the worst situation for you to be put in that would provoke these fears? You may need to talk about each fear/anxiety separately.

5. What hobbies do you have? Why do you like each of these activities?

6. Do you have any persistent thoughts, ideas or beliefs that are difficult to stop or cope with? What are they?

7. Do you have any unusual gestures or movements of the body? Do you feel any unusual sensation or pain throughout your body? What exactly does it feel like is happening in your body?

8. When you experience your fears, persistent thoughts, or difficult emotions, what kind of sensation or reactions do you get in your body?

9. When did you feel at your best in your life? What was that like for you? If you imagine the complete opposite of this feeling or moment, what would that be like?

10. Do you feel like you are stuck in a pattern of behavior, especially when trying to deal with your problems? What is this pattern?

11. What difficulties or problems do you have in relationships? Talk about your family, your romantic relationships, your spouse or partner, your friends, and your work colleagues. You may need to talk about all of these separately.

12. List 5 positive things about yourself. Are there any situations where this positive attribute becomes negative (is a problem)?

13. List 5 negative things about yourself. Are there any situations where this negative attribute becomes positive (is useful)?

14. Do you have any reoccurring dreams? Describe them in detail, including any feelings that come while dreaming.

15. Did you have any reoccurring dreams as a child, or earlier in your life? Describe those in detail including any feelings that came with them.

16. What were you like as a child, your character, your personality, your fears, your dreams, your problems?

17. What kind of environment did you grow up in? What problems where there at home, with your family, with your parents, with your siblings, with school?
Evocationer 8 years ago

1. Sleep - what position do you tend to sleep in?
- what position can you not sleep in?
- do you do anything unusual in your sleep?
- any problems with going to sleep, staying asleep, or waking up?

2. Appetite - What foods do you crave/desire strongly?
- What foods do you hate eating (have an aversion to)?
- What foods have a negative effect on you or cause symptoms?
- What foods have a positive effect on you or seem to improve your health or symptoms in some way?

- What is the effect of hunger or fasting on you?

3. Thirst - What drinks do you crave/desire strongly?
- What drinks do you hate to take (are averse to)?
- When are you most thirsty?
- When are you least thirsty?

4. Stool - Do you have any problems with your bowels or passing stool?
- What is the shape, color, odor of the stool?

5. Urine - Do you have any trouble passing or retaining urine?
- What is the color, odor of the urine?
- Do you have any sediment or debris in the urine?

6. Sweat - How do you feel about the amount of perspiration you have?
- Where do you have the most sweat?
- What is the odor?
- What color does it stain clothing?
- Does anything in particular cause you to sweat abnormally?

7. Sexuality - Any problems with your sexual desire?
- Any problems with your sexual ability or function?
- Any history of sexually transmitted diseases?

8. Menses (Women)
- How many days is your cycle?
- How many days does the flow go for?
- What is the appearance of the flow?
- What is the odor of the flow?
- What kind of stain does the flow leave?
- Any discharge before, during or after?
- Any pain before, during or after the flow?
- What symptoms come before the flow?
- What symptoms come after the flow?

9. Environment – How does the weather affect you?
- How does the temperature affect you?
- How does the season affect you?
- What physical activities affect you?
- Is there anything else in the environment you are sensitive to?
Evocationer 8 years ago
Dr. Evocatiner,
Thanks for giving your valuable time on my case.
I understand & i stop taking all the herbal / homeopathic / allopathic medicine.

I will fill all the questionnaire & return back to you asap.
Thank you.
daredevilv9 8 years ago
Dr. Evocationer,
Please see below filled details of the questionnaire.

1] Your Complaint:
I have three basic complaints 1) bad effects of masturbation 2) Hyperthyroid 3) Emotional Numbness.
Well the problems start with my masturbation, I started masturbation Fifteen years ago when I was nine years old. I also started smoking & drinking eight years ago. The main problem started in three years ago when I felt much anxiety, panic attacks, depression, stress, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat & shortness of breath. I quit smoking & drinking the same time due to my health problems. I almost did smoke & drink six years & also control my masturbation habit to 2 to 3 times a month after the same problems. I went to the ayurevdic doctor for the treatment & he advised me two different herbal medicines, one for high blood pressure & another one is herbal antidepressant. I took both the medicines for one year & felt stable with anxiety, depression & panic attacks. Few years later I mean two months ago I have detected with hyperthyroid wide readings are T3 8.00 (0.79-1.82), T4 30.00 (5.00-12.00) TSH 0.01 (0.5-5.0). So, I went to homeopathic doctor for hyperthyroid & she suggest me dr. reckeweg R51 for hyperthyroid & I am taking R51 from about one & half month. From about two or three months I am suffering from emotional numbness. I am feeling no pleasure is works which was my favorite some time before. I am also feeling zero excitement & also feeling mental detachment & lack of interest in general activities.
• What is your complaint – Hyperthyroid, Masturbation weakness, Emotional numbness
• When did the complaint begin in December 2011.
• Does anything make it better or worse – Empty stomach, good sleep & exercise make my emotions better.
Mental and Emotional State Description

1) Well my physical weakness due to masturbation & hyperthyroid bother me in day to day life. I also loose a lot of weight due to hyperthyroidism. There are a lot of symptoms of hyperthyroid like tremor in hands, frequent bowel movements, excessive sweat, heat intolerance, anxiety, depression & anxiety & now emotional numbness bother me is day to day life.

2. From quite some time feeling Emotional numbness in the most troublesome situation for me. Feeling no excitement, no joy, no sadness & no pleasure. Eating fried foods, heavy foods, oily foods is the main reasons for provoking the emotional numbness.

3. There is no such incident.

4. I am fear of the panic attacks & now days I am afraid of the situation of emotional numbness. I am feeling my emotions are going. I am finding no pleasure in the activities which was my favorite some time ago. I am feeling anxious about my future without emotions.

5. My best hobbies was traveling to religious places, playing cricket, spending time with friends & going for long tours with the friends on bike.

7. My walking is very unusual. Most of the people used to tell me that I walk like ladies. This is very unusual thing for me.

8. My heartbeat gets fast at that time & I feel like that there will be a heart attack for me. I fear of death & heart attack. Whole body tremours specially legs.

9. My best moment in my life was when I went to vrindavan with my girlfriend & I enjoyed a lot there.

11. I have sweet relations with my family

12. Quick learner, Intelligent, Positive attitude, dedication to the work & honest.

13. Always in rush, always anxious, poor dressing sense, ignoring.

14) I afraid of lightning & saw many dreams of lightning stuck the earth.

15. I have always seen innocent dreams when I was a child.

16. I like my character as a child.

17. I have grown up in religious environment & never had seen any problems with my parents, home or in school.

1. Sleep – Most of time sleep on my abdomen but rarely sleep on my left side.
- can sleep in any position,
- nothing unusual.
- sometime had problems of insomnia due to anxiety & fear rest sleep is okay

2. Appetite – I have a great desire of sweet foods specially cool sweet liquid like shakes, ice cream & other sweet foods.
- I hate to eat foods which is excessive salty, chilly & extra hot foods.
- Fried foods, processed foods has worsen effects.
- Fresh fruits has positive effect.

- Extra appetite.

3. Thirst – Cool drinks like cool milk, frooti & nimbu pani.
- tea, coffee & soups
- Most thirsty in home or drink excessive water with foods
- least thirsty in office due to effect of ACs.

4. Stool – No problems with passing stools but very frequent.almost four times a day
- shape, color is o.k

5. Urine – Having no trouble passing urine.
- From some time color was white but after taking R51 color has chaged to white
- No

6. Sweat – Excessive perspiration.
- On face,
- smell.
- white color of stain on clothes.
- I think hyperthyroid is the reason of excessive sweat.

7. Sexuality – Less sexual desire.
- Premature ejaculations & oligospermia (watery semen) or may be erectile dysfuncyion.
- No disease in the past but all heppend due to excessive masturbations.

9. Environment – Cool weather make the symptoms worse especially anxiety.
- feel very anxious in cool weather.
- No effect of season I think.
- Nothing environment sensitive.

Hope to get the reply soon from you sir. many Thanx for your help.
daredevilv9 8 years ago
I will begin analysing this information today.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Ok there are two remedies I think could be useful here. One is a well known one and should be easy for you to get. The other is a new remedy and may be quite difficult to get. The new remedy looks extremely specific though, and if there is any way you can get hold of it I would urge you to do it.

The first remedy however I would like you to try is Phosphorous. From an overall 'constitutional' perspective this remedy seems very well indicated.

Thinking of complaints aggravates
Fear of dark
Fear of death
Fear of impending death
Fear of disease of the heart
Fear of lightning
Desire for company
Desire cold food
Desires ice cream
Aversion to red pepper (chilli)
Thirst increased
Fear sudden (panic attacks)
Respiration, anxious
Indifference to everything
Desire for tobacco

As there is pathology, I want to go carefully. Obtain Phosphorous 12c, in liquid form preferably.

Dosing will go as follows:

1. Hit the bottle 5 times.

2. Place 3 drops into 100mls of fresh water

3. Stir thoroughly

4. Take teaspoons into the mouth

5. Hold for 20 seconds and swallow

Do this once each day for 7 days straight. You must stop if any symptoms appear to worsen or if anything new appears.

Let me know what has happened at the end of 7 days.

If you have not been able to get the remedy in liquid form, you will need to make this yourself. Obtain a small bottle with a dropper. Mix water and alcohol into this to a ratio of 5:1. Dissolve 3 pellets of the remedy into this mixture. All doses will then be made from this bottle.
Evocationer 8 years ago
The other remedy that caught my attention was the remedy Dioxin. I noticed this remedy pop up in a couple of rubrics:

Indifference to pleasure, to the things usually enjoyed
Emotions, loss of

I do not know this remedy, so I searched for the proving, and this is what I found:

Melancholy, lacks focus or purpose
Don't feel much joy or happiness in situations where normally would
Despair and hopelessness
Mentally and emotionally drained
No connection between mind and feelings
Anxiety, trembling, scared
Panicky, fearful, vulnerable, fragile
Disconnected, almost surreal
Distant from people
Not engaged in life
Powerless to change anything, apathetic
Can't discipline themselves around cigarettes, long battles to give them up
Weak willpower when it comes to smoking and drinking
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thanx Dr. Evocationer for giving your kind advice.
I have few questions in my mind -
1) First of all i would like to know if there are any side effects of these medicine?
2) How to take Dioxin & what potency ?
3) Which medicines i have to take phosphorus or dioxin or together both the medicines ?
4) Are these medicines treat hyperthyroid also ?

Waiting for your bright idea ! Thanx...
daredevilv9 8 years ago
1. Homoeopathy doesn't have side effects if used carefully and properly. However you will probably experience an small aggravation of symptoms as part of the cure (homoeopathic aggravation). I am attempting to minimize that by using a low potency to begin with. If phosphorous is a good medicine for you, then we will need to move to 30c, then 200c at a later stage.

2. Dioxin is not the remedy I want you to take now. That is a possible second choice only to be considered if Phosphorous does not help.

3. Only take Phosphorous alone, no other remedy.

4. Yes they both treat the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thanx very much dr. evocationer for the kind advice.
I have ordered phosphorus 12c & will get it in three to four days. In the meantime, i will go for fresh thyroid test & let you know the current readings of the test.
daredevilv9 8 years ago
respected Dr. Evocatiner,

yesterday i was reading the symptoms of phosphorus & suddenly i saw the symptoms of phosphoricum acidum & i just got surprised all the symptoms matched with mine symptoms.
I request you to please take a look at phosphoricum acidum. I know your prescriptions are always great but i request you to please take a look at the remedy & let me know. I promise i will do everything as per your intructions & i hope you don't mind.

Thank you sir.
daredevilv9 8 years ago
You have already been given Ph-ac. I did a careful repertory analysis. Ph-ac is not indicated as your chronic remedy. Phos and Ph-ac have similarities because they share an element, but you do not have enough characteristics of the Acid/Hydrogen element to justify its use.

To give Ph-ac I would have to ignore all the symptoms it does not cover, and that is not good homoeopathic practice.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Dear Doctor Evocationer,
Sorry for the late reply as I was out of city. I have noted your kind message for the same. I this case I will strictly follow your advice.
I would also like to tell you that I yesterday went for another thyroid test & the results was shocking for me, there was no change from the last report all the readings were same as to last one.
T3 TOTAL = 8.00 ng/mL
T4 TOTAL = 30.00 ug/dL
TSH = 0.01 uIU/mL
R51 has not worked for me even 1%.
My homeopathic doctor has given me a signle dose of aconite 200 about 12 days ago. I feel good first two or three days but since then I have seen bad dreams about four five time. Those dreams are absolutely emotional & fearful for me whenever I get up after looking dream like that one I feel very fright, exhausted & racing heartbeat.

I think we only need to target hyperthyroid first because I am regularly loosing weight now my weight is 63.000 kgs only. I am also feeling very irritated with lot of sweat & heat intolerance. There days temperature here in India is 49 degree Celsius & I am sweating almost double or triple times more than normal.
I would also like to tell you that I am unable get phosphorus 12. I tried in many stores but they are unable for phosphorus 12 & so I have purchased phosphorus 30. So, please tell me if I can start the treatment with phosphorus 30 or else it will take three more days to get phosphorus 12 from online shopping.
Also tell me what time of the day to take the medicine.

I hope this will make me feel better from emotional numbness & all other symptoms.

Waiting for your kind reply.
Many thanx to you.
daredevilv9 8 years ago
That's alright we can start with 30c.

Instead of 7 days I only want you to take it for 3 days (so 3 doses maximum).
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thanks dr. Evocationer,
For your valueable advice.
At what time of the day can take the medicine?
Any dieting tips?

Any special procedure for taking 30c ?
daredevilv9 8 years ago
Just take it the way I advised in a previous post. Make sure you follow each step exactly as I have asked you to.

It does not matter when you take the remedy. Try to take it at the same time each day.

It does not matter what you eat or drink, in terms of the effectiveness of the medicine.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Hello Doctor,
Good morning. I am sorry asking to much questions.
May i take the phosphorus 30 now, i mean after 15 minutes of brush and an before taking breakfast. Also empty stomach.
Sir, another confusion is there, one dose is only one tablespoon or should i take complete mixture of 100ml water + 3 drops medicine.
daredevilv9 8 years ago
I realise now looking at the instructions I gave you that I left out the number of teaspoons. It should be 2 teaspoons you take into the mouth after you have added and stirred drops into the 100mls of water. My apologies.

Do not drink the entire 100mls of water!

You can take the medicine any time. You do not have to wait after brushing or eating or drinking. Those things do not affect it.
Evocationer 8 years ago

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