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Premature ejaculation and dead pennis

I am 26 and I have been masturbating too much since the age of 11 or 12 and I do not use hand to do this but by rubbing the penis on bed.And i have also done phone sex too much.
So i have been facing a huge of premature ejaculation. Whenever I think of having sex or kiss to a women I get completely ejected without getting penis harder.
Apart from thoughts, When I get closer to my girl friend,I am totally ejected and sperm come out even in kissing without getting penis harder.
For more than 18 months my penis has turned into like a dead flower and become very short and a weird smells out. Balls under the penis got too loose and hanged downwards all the time. Skin of penis seems in layers on it. Also suffering from hair fall and dark circles around the eyes.
A very important thing, I have been taking homeopath medicine for stammering. So I will keep taking my stammering medicine with your prescribed medicine.
Thanks and you can ask me anything you want to proceed my treatment.
  sufibred on 2014-08-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
pl take conium 200 6pills 2 doses (morning-evening) and tell me after that,you can continue meds for stammering,by the way can you describe your nature of stammering and which meds you are taking ?
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bapu4 7 years ago
One question: How many days i have to take conium 200 6pills 2 doses?
and details of stammering given below:

Stammering since childhood but i did start treatment recently as it increasing.
I cant speak words start with L,N,R specially but not only bounded with these specified words. I stop at any random word i normally speak other time.
Now prob is reach to such level that i try with full internal force to speak some special word but i can not speak. Some times i had to take 2-3 mins to speak a word or sometime i had to leave that word and use synonym.
And i dont know what medicine i am being given by doctor.
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sufibred 7 years ago

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ubuntu1234 7 years ago
Pl take it for one day and report how do you feel
bapu4 7 years ago
I have taken conium 200 2 doses, now prescribe me further
medicine please.
If you would like to know the effect of it so i must say
that i have main prob of premature ejaculation
and dead shrink penis that can not be testify in just
one day but in despite of that a weird smell
did not come out today from penis area and a little
bit reduction in skin layers formed over penis.
i dont know it is meds effect or else, you know better.
So please prescribe me further meds.
sufibred 7 years ago
See these meds are not taken frequently since you have to give time (action period of med)each med has its action period,the going away of weired smell and reduction in skin layers is a good indication,these meds act so smoothly that one is always in doubt whether its the action of meicine only so wait and watch for a week and then confirm,ok?
bapu4 7 years ago
It means I need not to take any meds for one week but wait.
Okay doctor I'll tell you after one week.
sufibred 7 years ago
ok.you understood it right.
bapu4 7 years ago
Hello doctor,
one week over.
2-3 dayz in starting i feel something like a bit layer reduction,a very bit enlargement for some instance. Thereafter all is like before but no smelling out of penis and sexual desire is under control.
But the worse thing is penis is still totally dead and very shrink throughout the day but in morn some enlargement and get some harder,
whole week, i did not masturbate. But penis not good and i cant say about premature ejc. because of not doing masturbate.
sufibred 7 years ago
repeat conium for three days 2 doses every day morning evening,pl dont masturbate
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ubuntu1234 7 years ago
contact u three days later
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sufibred 7 years ago
Hi Doctor,
Three days complete with conium 200.
Now I would like to tell further about my penis states:
My penis has 5 different situations:

1) Shrink penis but balls down to penis is all okay (but this rarely happens)
2) Shrink penis and balls hang downwards like pendulum, skin over penis forms layers and over balls very loose like balls in a vaccuum ballon.
3) Shrink pennis and balls dont hang downward but area of balls seems like it is occupied with water or air and area of balls gets bigger.
4) enlarger and harder penis only in the morning for some moments but even at point the root of penis is not strong like before so it gets
harder but unable to stand up vertically
5) this condition I faced today. Today some sexual thoughts came into my mind, although I did'nt even try to masturbate,but after that penis
was still shrink. But no hanging balls downwards, no air occupied area but balls got bigger and a tip was formed on the very down bottom
of both balls and this tip was nothing but Bunch of veins. I scared of that.

Now this the almost entire description of penis with different stages. And I have taken conium 200 for 3 days. So what else?
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sufibred 7 years ago
i am waiting for your response.
sufibred 7 years ago
can you send its image to my mail?
How about your digestion? Appetite?constipation?
Your response to warm and cold surroundings.About your guilty concious if there.Tell me about your likings ,dis liking,fears,anger,your friends how are you with them,do you like company or prefer lonelyness.and what ever more peuliar you would like to tell me.pl see how you are different from others.for eg you have dry mouth but no thirst,or wet mouth with high thirst(pl dont remain specific to mouth it should be checked in all areas of your bodu AS WELL AS MIND also),tell me about when you are most uncomfortable and when you are very comfortable.
Tell me every thing about you and your ailment ,times of the day and night,comfort discomfort of mental and physical condition,whether you visit females or visited females in recent or past,any other cause that has started this problem.( You can now imagine how difficult homeopathy is if you do not properly respond to initial remedy)
Till such time pl take 3 doses of ACID PHOS 200 Morn even mor
and tell me after two days of finishing the doses how do you feel.
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bapu4 7 years ago
okay Dr. I will send you images,
pl give me ur mail address, and I will give u all specification in 2 days as its about whole life and it may take some time to elaborate myself.
So i'll give u all info. in 2days and images on ur mail as well. pl give me ur mail address.
sufibred 7 years ago
Pl click on my id you will get my mail as well as mob no also
bapu4 7 years ago
Sorry doctor for being late, actually i was too busy to describe myself. I am giving whatever i still remembering.Well here is my description:

mostly suffer from either constipation or semi-liquid

fluctuation in Appetite

warm and cold surrounding:
few years back, winter did not effect upon me but now i feel cold in winters. Normal in summer. but when i bend downwards in standing position(when washing clothes) my legs got trembled too much. Same would occur in hands when i lift up some heavy weight. My legs and hands also get trembled when i was in a position of anger, to fight with some one physically, meet an accident, or in giving any presentation, in fear, nervous.

guilty conscious:
i feel guilty in manner of financial position,in stammering, and specially when i confront a person better than me.

giving presentation, to adjust with a new environment,to handle a new place just like going
to a restaurant i have never gone there before, in short very shy type.

i like genuine relationship in any manner. watching movies etc.

i hate fake ppls.

very few are my close and old friends. Mostly i lost relationship after a period of time as i consider on their drawbacks or faults and negative points.

company or lonely?
i prefer company only my best or close friends, family or ppls i familiar with otherwise i prefer loneliness.

in the way that i mistrust ppls in very weird manner like i mistrust my girlfriend when she does not pick up my phone and on every ppl in very Weird situations. i feel ppls cheat me.

i get angery very soon even in very small issues. I can not bear my disrespect. I often feel that somebody is
disrespecting me by showing his status off or else. i abuse ppls in anger and tell something very bad or something that cause very hurt.I loose my temper very shortly.I can not speak properly in anger.

i am different from other in the way that i tell very bad and hurt ppls in anger but i am a very kind and good heart. I feel guilty when my anger gets down and i seek sorry. Apart from that i want to help ppls even though i belongs to a middle class family and now struggling in my career. I am a bad guy with a kind heart(in short)

stammering, Lisp in childhood, got emotional and sentimental very soon. Loose hope very soon and give up as well.lack of confidence.

mental and physical comfort and discomfort:
mostly i feel mentally discomfort because of financial problems, career, and to sort out my personal problems i need a lot
of money in short time period.
physically discomfort because of masturbation(earlier) and now because of sexual problems i have mentioned before.

sexual visit:
i went to my girlfriend three days before. we start kissing, all going good but penis not get too harder and i was feeling at some moment that i am about to eject. When i lay down upon her i got completely ejected and sperm come out as soon as her leg rubbed my penis. it was very frustrating :(

i have dry mouth. problem of hair fall. dark circle around eyes.face get yellow.

'main prob is i think too much both positive and negative. In loneliness i live mostly in good dreams rather that to achieve it.'

This is some specification of my life. I will tell you further whenever i get something.
I will send you images in few hours.
sufibred 7 years ago
hey Doctor!
where you?
I have described whatever you asked for and also sent images on your email id.
Please response.......
sufibred 7 years ago
I have patient in my family suffering from Dengue.I will respond after a week ,If you cant wait pl ask some other doctor to take over.I had told you to take acid phos 200,pl give feedback.
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bapu4 7 years ago
no its okay,
I'll wait.
sufibred 7 years ago
hello doctor,
are you free now????
sufibred 7 years ago
Ya,you pl take a dose of Staphy segria 200 in morning and tell me after 3 days the feedback.
I had asked you to take acid phos and asked about it feedback that you I think didnt notice in my last post,pl tell me about that.
bapu4 7 years ago
I had taken Staphy segria 200,
and feedback is negative.
No effect on penis.
And sorry doctor,i just forgot to take acid phos. Should i take it now, if and only if you suggest....?
sufibred 7 years ago
ya, pl take acid Phos 200 2 doses morning even.
bapu4 7 years ago
I have taken acid phos 2 doses.
and feel something better in urine.
And i have told u that i have been under homeopathy treatment for stammering, now i would like to inform you that i have also started sepia 30 as advised by doctor because i have some white spot on my both shoulders since childhood and now they are spreading over my shoulder, neck and even two white points on my forehead. I got scared and started treatment.
So i think i would be okay to inform you about that.
sufibred 7 years ago

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