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asthma, allergy, copd ... attn: dr. mohla

Doctor J K Mohla ,
please help me , give me treatment .

Last year, I was cleaning an old vacuum cleaner bag that had very old dust in it so must have inhaled some. Also, after mowing the lawn, I felt i could not breath and had to lie down and bend backwards to pull air in.
A homeo doctor gave me medicines (he did not tell what medicines) and I was Ok.

1. This April, during Yoga when doing deep breathing, I started getting cough and felt breathing constricted.
2. Cough was with mucus - thick yellow-green and very sticky
3. difficulty in breathing so Allo doctor prescribed Ventolin (blue) puffer and Orange puffer. Ventolin would dilate the bronchi and relieve the breathing so I did not take the orange puffer for the fear of side effects.
4. A homeo doctor prescribed ARSenic Alb. 200 that relieved breathing difficulty in one dose, but the cough and yellow-green mucus continued the same and I was losing weight (20 LBS. loss in 4 months)
5. Same homeo doctor prescribed NAPTHLENE200, that was not available so instead I took NAPTHLENE30 with his permission.
6. My breathing difficulty symptoms came back and were not relieved by taking NAPTHELENE200 or ARS. ALB 200.
5. I tried ARS ALB 200, Pulsatilla 200, and some more medicines but no use. Medicine would seem to work at first then symptoms would return.
2 months later, Allopathic doctor told me to take Orange puffer also.
6. Week after I started orange puffer as well as Blue one, I started getting short of breath even after a short walk or getting up from sitting position
7. Went to emergency. Allo doctor noticed wheezing in chest prescribed Prednisone50mg - one per day for 5 days and gave me oxygen with some medicine. (puffer medicine) twice. Chest xray was clear and ECG was normal. After this treatment, I felt normal.
8. After 4-5 days, I feel I start breathing heavy after walking upstairs, or lifting heavy bags though do not feel constriction in breathing - just deeper breathing.
9. Went in for follow up. After ventolin (blue puffer), my FEV improved by 63% so was told to continue Ventolin and orange puffer. But I did not want to do that for the fear of side effects.
-My symptoms returned so I am now taking Blue+Orange puffer combination and whatever it does, I breath normal and do not get short of breath but I do not want to continue these puffers for the fear of side effects.
10. feel good in open air. Thrusting my nose out the windows, cool wind down my nose feels good.
11. mucus I cough out is yellow-green and very sticky.
12. At times there is no cough and the mucus stays inside bronchi blocking air passage, making breathing very difficult relieved by ventolin (blue puffer)
13. there is tightness in the lower stomach area. There are gases with belching and farting.

14. I have post nasal drip such that my mucus does not flow out of my nostrils but falls in my throat going directly in my stomach.

15. My nose middle bone is crooked.

16. Any one I talk over the phone thinks I have Cold (Nazla).

17. When going out in cold air, cold air I breath seems to freeze in my upper chest. I feel it. Starts wheezing and I have to cough hard to throw it out.

18. Taking a bath aggravates and avoid taking a bath unless have to.It helps if I use a dryer to dry my hair after a bath.

19. My Thyroid is under active.
20. My sense of smell is non-existent for many years now. I can not smell any thing - good or bad. I could eat something rotten since I do not get a smell. An Allo doctor tested my sense of smell with Lavender but I could not smell it.He wanted a CT scan but I refused for the fear of side effects.

21. Studying makes me sleepy. Can't study persistently so avoid taking examinations.

- One more problem I want to list here is my erection difficulty and premature ejaculation. I have desire to do intercourse but no erection. Tell wife to massage penis, that gets erection but then ejaculates just after entry or even before entry. Its very frustrating. This problem was there even before my ASTHMA problem listed above.
- One symptom that might help you find a remedy is that, when rushed, I get nervous easily and my mind panics, not able to think straight.
- Also, my prostate gets enlarged blocking urination as well as blocks my stools, passing stool only in small threads, and Urine after much difficulty twisting and turning. Sabal Ser tincture relieves but when I stop taking it, symptom returns.
- When I drink One glass of water, I have to pass urine 5-6 times every 15 minutes. Worse during morning hours after breakfast.
- At times, when driving I am not able to control my urine, and my urine passes in my pants if I do not stop and get off the car to do that.
- If I wash my hands I have to go pass urine.
- I like hot drinks, hot water and avoid cold drinks or normal cold water.
- I crave sweets, and also add salt to every dish I eat.

Please ask any questions to know more.

I am afraid I have too many symptoms. You may like to bunch them in several groups or as best as you can.

Please let me know if any questions and advise homeopathic medicine.
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  vtechy1 on 2014-10-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
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vtechy1 7 years ago
Dr. Mohla,
Coudl you please help me with this?
vtechy1 7 years ago
Hi- you need to have all problems listed
on this thread for Dr. Mohla to see at
one time. So please list the problems of
the other thread on this one.

Also, one cannot use the Remedy Finder
for accurate remedy choices on chronic
simone717 7 years ago
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vtechy1 7 years ago
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piyu11 7 years ago
Hi vtechy1,

You may want to click on akshaymohl's
name ( dr Mohla) and see his email,
and let him know you have this thread-
indicate your thread title and poster name.

Or you can use the edit button and put
his name in your headline-people do not
read every forum post each day.
simone717 7 years ago
Hi Simone717,

I Added his name to the title. Is it enough to draw his attention ?
vtechy1 7 years ago
I hope so. I would email him anyway bc
he is not on here everyday.
simone717 7 years ago
Hi Simone717,

Did you email Dr. Mohla for my case?
vtechy1 7 years ago
No-I thought you were going to do that.
simone717 7 years ago
Hi Simone717,
Help me please and email him.
vtechy1 7 years ago
Sure - will do that now.
simone717 7 years ago
Dulcamara 30 three times daily for 7days but before that have one doae of sulphur 30 mor empty stomach for three days .
akshaymohl 7 years ago
Thanks Dr. Mohla,

for the patient:

sulphur 30c -mor means morning on
an empty stomach.
simone717 7 years ago
akshaymohl 7 years ago
Thanks Dr. Mohla. I did not yet start taking the medicines you suggested. Before I start medicine, I would stress the issue of my breathing I described in first few points above. While taking puffers, my symptoms of cough-mucus-shortness of breath disappear, but when I stop taking puffer, they resurface. I am very anxious to get rid of puffers due to their side effects. Could you kindly consider curing this problem first? and suggest medicines. I would be much obliged.
vtechy1 7 years ago
Pl have bacillinum 200 one dose only every month for three month.if your lungs are full with mucus which you cannot expel.pl inform .bacillinum will give immune strength.
akshaymohl 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mohla,

Thanks for responding. Need clarification. Should I take Bacillinum200 in addition to Dulcamara30 you advised earlier? Should I take Sulphur30 before starting these?
You had advised before:
Dulcamara 30 three times daily for 7days but before that have one dose of sulphur 30 mor empty stomach for three days .
vtechy1 7 years ago
Yes .you are right.
akshaymohl 7 years ago
Dr. Mohla,
Thank you for your time. You asked me a question below that I forgot to answer:
Q: if your lungs are full with mucus which you cannot expel.pl inform .

Answer is: When I am taking puffer (ADVAIR250) twice a day, there is no cough, mucus and no difficulty in breathing since the puffers (Cortisteroid) suppress the immune system responses. If I stop taking puffers twice a day then mucus builds and my bronchi constrict making my breathing difficult almost to suffocation and great shortness of breath. Walking becomes difficult, I get anxious and can hardly breath and panic and reach for Ventolin blue puffer. As soon as I take Ventolin (Blue) puffer, bronchi dilate and yellow-green, thick, sticky mucus flows out of mouth without a cough.

I lost about 20 pounds since the start of this problem.

My memory seems to be fading, may be due to puffers

Also, I recently went to an allergist and he diagnosed me severely allergic to Ragweed, house dust. Here is his Allergy report: Alder white (4), Birch white (8), mulberry red (4), Oak white (5), Cocklebur(6), Goldenrod (4),Lamb's Quarter (4), rough marshelder (5), rough pigweed (7), mixed ragweed (12), D. Farinae (3), Histamine (5).

One more worry: I have lost all sense of smell so I could have been breathing in dust without realizing it, but I have started taking more precaution now. Could you please consider also this 'loss of all smell' symptom in prescribing a medicine.

Now the reason I did not yet start your medicine. Before I discovered your website, I had gone to a local Homeo doctor who prescribed me the following medicines listed below for one month and I started taking them.
Should I stop them now or do you see any value in finishing them first?
Medicines are:
1. Large tablets soaked in mixture of:
Hele lalem ?? 200 (illegible handwriting)
+ Acid Phos 200 to take at night

2. Liquid mixture of:
Lemna minor 6
Calc Flour 30
Ars Iodide 30
3 times a day

The doctor was not telling me the names of the medicines but then I insisted.

Awaiting your usual kind advice. Thanks again, Sir.
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vtechy1 7 years ago
Dr. Mohla, Could you be so kind and reply to my above message.
vtechy1 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mohla, Please reply.
vtechy1 7 years ago

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