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Excessive Precum, Premature Ejaculation, NightFall,

Hi ,

Age: 27
Height: 5.8 feet
Weight: 65kg
Hunger For Food: Low
Constipation: Yes, Frequently
Smoking: Stoped, I had this habit 3 Years.
Alcohol: Rarely
Mostashes: Low
Beard: Low

I have exessive Precum Problem Since My age 15. I had started Masturbation from 13 years Old. Now My Precum problem is uncontrollable. When I am watching a Romantic Movie, Precum is Starting as uncontrollable. I have swelling through Penis, Frequency of Urination, Tiredness.

I also have Premature Ejaculation Problem and NightFall Problem. Ejaculation within 30 seconds - 1 minute.

I heared about Kegal exercise. I dont know How to do Kegal Exercises. If getting any video Tutorial, It will be very helpful for me. I dont know any treatment for treat these problems.

I think this Post will be helpful for many Males.
Please help me..

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  neoxsense on 2015-02-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Men and Sex – The Myth vs Reality

Please click on my username to know about me. It will help you establish the reliability of what is written below. I am very careful about the sources where I gather info from. I gather it mostly from universities or government sources. Read this article & educate yourself. Remember, taking homeopathic remedies without taking the complete case is most likely to fail and make things worse.

It’s surprising to see how much misinformation exists about sexual health of men. This in turn makes most healthy men feel inadequate due to one reason or another. Those who have heard about homeopathy turn to it for a solution or a miracle cure for a “disease” that never was. You should do your own research to form an educated opinion. Just don’t rely on hearsay.

In this article I will try to clarify a few misconceptions about following topics:
1. Masturbation
2. Premature Ejaculation (PE)
3. Penis size
4. Nocturnal emissions a.k.a Night fall, Wet dreams, Ejaculating in sleep
5. Heart health & ED (erectile dysfunction)

Just 30-40 years back, masturbation was considered a sin in almost all cultures and feelings of guilt were associated with it. Even homeopathic literature is full of such explanations which is a reflection of the times in which it was written. Now times have changed, and with experience people have learnt that it’s a healthy activity when done in moderation. Its unhealthy if your life revolves around it and nothing else. The definition of moderation is different for everyone, once a week maybe moderate for some and once a day would be moderate for others. Just remember, that it’s not moderate if it makes you feel weak & lethargic after it.

In developed nations it’s a non-issue as it’s the accepted norm. There is a joke about it which says that 90% young men masturbate and 10% lie. People have embraced it as normal and healthy because with education and common observation everyone has seen that “masturbating sinners” don’t suffer from any ill health.

Unfortunately, the stigma and the feelings of sin are still prevalent in most developing & under-developed nations. With the ease with which all sorts of porn is available to everyone the teenagers are fighting two opposing urges most of the time. If they watch porn, they need the release. Since masturbation is the easiest form of release, that’s what they do. After doing that the feeling of guilt starts setting in because that is what they have been made to believe through various societal or religious norms.

To top it all, many homeopaths and pseudo-homeopaths cash in on this guilt and further drive home the message that masturbation is wrong and the source of all health problems. This is total non-sense as the practical evidence is contrary to this. If this theory was correct that masturbation causes health issues almost all men would be sick.

The young minds are impressionable and in the absence of proper sex education, hearsay is all they rely on. Which is not only unreliable but sometimes dangerously wrong. There is no short cut to removing this stigma, only time & education can help.

Most of the men who complain about PE (premature ejaculation) have two sources of information, either listening about someone’s heroic stamina or watching porn.

That someone could be friends boasting about their sustaining power which mostly is a lie.

In case of porn, when you see a male star going at it for maybe 30 minutes, it’s either a combination of multiple shots taken over several sessions and/or an acquired trait where the male stars have developed stamina by using the start-stop technique explained below. remember, those scenes are removed from the movie when a male stars ejaculates early during a scene. That scene is then shot again and what you get to watch is a continuous session making you believe something which is not true.

Any good sex education class will tell you all of this which I am writing here.

The fact is that most healthy men ejaculate within 1-3 minutes of non-stop stimulation. This time increases with age as all body functions get slower and weaker. So if you are within this time, you are “normal” and stop fretting about PE.

If you want to increase your time before ejaculation, it’s an acquired trait and you can train yourself to last as long as you want. It’s easy and here is how to do it:

During sex arouse yourself and reach as close to the point of ejaculation as you can, then stop the stimulation and let the urge to ejaculate subside. Then start over again. Keep doing this cycle and you will last much longer. This is called start-stop technique and doesn’t require any medicine. You will get better at it with practice.

To satisfy your wife, learn this science: The average time of orgasm for most women is 15-20 minutes, so you have two choices, either increase your time before ejaculation to 15-20 minutes or increase the time of foreplay to 15-20 minutes and then you & your wife can both have enjoyable sex culminating in an orgasm for both of you.

Next comes the size of penis, again, porn is to blame for that. When men watch porn, they compare themselves with the male porn stars. This in turn makes them believe that their penis size is small. Yes, there are some men who are better endowed than others but it’s uncommon. You have to understand, the average height of men is different in different races, just like that, the average penis size is different in different races.

It’s similar to watching a movie star, they are much more handsome than an average person, better built, great features etc. Would it be realistic for you to try to become them? The same logic holds here too. Whatever penis size you have is adequate for you. Size has nothing to do with enjoyment. The vagina is sensitive and lined with pleasure nerves only on the outer 1/3rd part which is less than 3 inches deep so no matter how deep you penetrate, the pleasure won’t change. To the contrary, too deep a penetration in which you hit against the cervix will cause pain to woman and be a turn off instead of enjoyment.

Remember, as it’s uncommon to see 7 ft tall men, similarly you will not see men with 9” penises. Both these are uncommon traits. The same is true for breast sizes, it’s uncommon to see immensely huge breasts. I hope you can see the pattern here.

To make sure your penis is as big as possible, get a flat stomach. Belly fat has a negative effect on penis size. Eat sensibly & do abdomen exercises to have a flat stomach.

Nocturnal Emissions are a sign of a healthy body and if a teenager ejaculates in sleep every other day, it’s ok. The only time it may require some homeopathic intervention is if its daily and as a result the daytime routine suffers due to fatigue & tiredness. If you are energetic & fresh then even daily ejaculation is fine.

Penis response is an excellent indicator of heart health. It has been confirmed by many heart specialists that all those things which negatively affect the heart do the same to the penis. The valves in your penis which cause erection work on the same principle as the valves in the heart and are made of almost the same tissue. The fine capillaries which provide blood flow to the penis also get affected in the same way as the heart capillaries with arteriosclerosis (hardening & plaque deposition in arteries). Furthermore, the statin drugs that most heart patients and people with high cholesterol are prescribed also cause a diminished libido.

So what is the solution to ED associated problems. Unfortunately there is no quick fix. If your blood vessels have been choked with plaque and have hardened due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise or genetics then reversing it all is difficult, more so if you are above 50. You can visit my website (click on my username for details) for more details as there are a lot of details that will make this post unimaginably lengthy.

I can summarize though, if you start following a heart healthy diet and incorporate aerobic exercise, strength training and meditation in your routine you will see the positive effects within 2-4 weeks.

This article has been copied in its entirety from my website www.payaftercure.com. There are several free articles related to health on my site.
fitness 8 years ago
Thank you Dear "fitness". Unfortunately I didnt get any Healthy Sex Education In Teenage Period. I didnt Know about masturbation Side Effects. So I got Precum Problem and Premature Ejaculation Problem :(

Please Suggest Me Effective Medicines For My problems.

Thank You..

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neoxsense 8 years ago
Shows how carefully you read my post.
fitness 8 years ago
I have Readed. Please Suggest me any Homeopathic medicine for my problems.

Thanks you..

neoxsense 8 years ago
fitness i have actually read your reply and i know your point

i am not a doctor nor a homeopathic expert etc, i am a patient with sever male problems but i have read these things, i have studied my self, i have gone through many reading and have been suffering from all of this i STRONGLY disagree with you that this is healthy ot has no problem as your post tries to say, i actually feel pain, dizzynesss lack of concentration etc nd much unlike this all. Have to say alot but will keep it short.
See my thread i posted today
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insearchforrelief 8 years ago
I have the same problem of precum and pre ejaculations. I was masturbating since last 12 years n now I am regreting it. I am unable to go for single minute in bed. I am married now n want to have a proper sex with prolong time.
Advice me how can I go for at least 7-8 min. I read calc phos 200x can help please suggest me some thing
helloanu 8 years ago
I want to jump in your case.. can I.??
sabkamalik1 8 years ago

my question are

1-you belive in god?

2- what your favourite color?

you like the smell of rain?
sabkamalik1 8 years ago
I did not get u. but if u want to please jump in.
helloanu 8 years ago
ya I do believe in God.
do not have any fav colour
yes I like the smell of first rain
helloanu 8 years ago
I am looking in to your case..give me some times. what your religion?
sabkamalik1 8 years ago
I am Indian
helloanu 8 years ago
hi. what fitness explained all are true but I will ask some other questions after I will prescribe a Medcine. you should understand all knowledge what fitness provided you. Ok,?? relax just faith on god.

I will take 1 month to cure u.. just faith on shiridi sai baba and he will heal you too.

1 -do you have errection problem?

2- How u know u have premature ejaculation?

you saying that during masterbation you ejaculation soon or during sexual act?

4-are you marraied?

5- How many times you masterbate?
sabkamalik1 8 years ago
I am not married yet.
I ejaculate very soon during sex n masturbating
do have some errection problem means when I go for sex I ejaculate very soon for 1 time then for trying again to have sex I have to try hard to get erected n I do not go much long for 2 time also
I used to masturbate so much earlier but since last few months I have quit this habbit n I am soo afraid now
helloanu 8 years ago
ok.. I.have some questions to you..

I posted here begore but don't know how it deleted automatically.

1- are you marraied?
2- How you know you have premature ejaculation?


How often you masterbate?
4- have you acidity problem?
sabkamalik1 8 years ago
I am not married

I am lacking interest in sex, my errection is not good and I am unable to go more than a minute. that's the reason I think I have PE

I do not masturbate now but I used to do it very frequently u can say 5 times in a week for a period of last 12 years.

I do have constipation some time . my stomach donot get clean for weeks. at that time I do have acidity
helloanu 8 years ago
I think somone reported my post I Am not able to post you..
sabkamalik1 8 years ago
u can mail me. I have my I'd here just click on my username

I will be very thank ful to u
helloanu 8 years ago
I am not able to find your email Id. any way I will update here

firstly I want say u just pray to sai baba he will heal u.. I am nothing he all for us.

I have a strict rules. don't take any medication while u r taking mine. if u not get help then u can ask other help
ok my first treatment phase is one month

remedies are

no 1 -
Nat phos 6x ( SBL Brand)

no 2-
Lycopodium Clavatum - 200 c

no 3-

Caladium Seguinum 30c

Buy theses Medcine

day 1-7

take nat phos 6x

4 tablets 2 time.lunch and dinner directly on tounge.. don't take it with water. it will agrevate your symptoms. don't take water or food after 15 minutes of taking this Medcine. first 4 days u will feel acidity but don't worry.

day 8 -

stop nat phos 6x

in evening take only 2 drops of lycopodium 200c

directly on tounge if Medcine in liquid from or u can drop 2 drops in one spoon of water then have it. take it around between 5 -6 pm.

don't take any Medcine on day 9

day 10 -

start Medcine caladium 30c

2 drops in empty stomach morning And evening

if Medcine in globules Then 5 globules each morning and evening.

morning 5 globules or 2 drops from solutions and Evining also same

take it upto day 15 from 10-15. don't take lycopodium again in these days.

on day 16 u again take lycopodium 200 on evening

next day morning again start same caladium 30 same dose

don't masterbate or sex upto 15 days if possible.

I request you the day u will start Medcine just light a ghee deep on mustard oil and pray to lord sai baba and say him to cure u..

post me once u buy Medcine

take care

om sai ram
sabkamalik1 8 years ago
nat phos 6x after lunch And dinner..
sabkamalik1 8 years ago
I will search for the medicine as soon as I can n also pray to sai baba.

thank u for your help.
helloanu 8 years ago
dear friend read posts of signature and dr.reva v about masterbation to know the reality.leave this habbit as early as possible,it is like a slow poison to the body especially to genitals.good luck.
prinsu 8 years ago
thanks dude.
now I have quit from this habbit.
but I had much of this poison earlier n now I am suffering.
I will read there post also.
thanks for suggestion.
helloanu 8 years ago
got medicine?
sabkamalik1 8 years ago
I was out of station for some family reason. I searched once but I did not get that medicines I will try again n inform u .
can u give me any idea about the price of this medicines.
helloanu 8 years ago

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