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You can give her NUX VOM 12C some 3 to 4 dose initially once every two hours and if the fever doesn't get relieved, go back to Pulsatilla 30C once in 4 to 6 hours for another day.
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rishimba 7 years ago
Thank you, I will try that. I actually would be writing tomorrow, anyway, for an update, so I am wondering whether you may be able to advise on the general state while we deal with this illness. Sleeping has been reasonable. She is still reluctant to go to bed and stay,when it is time for sleep in the evening, same complaints - it is too boring. A couple of days a week she still wakes early (4:30 or so) and needs to sleep with us. Whining has improved. She stilll says that she cannot wait for this and that to happen. But the confidence continues to be an issue. Even when she wants to try something new, she is not able to, as soon as it is time to actually participate and do something. Trusting an adult does not seem to be possible, even for talking. I have actually been told by a professional that she must have been traumatised at a very young age, likely in daycare, and likely before she could talk. It would have been an adult, one on one, imploring her to do something, most likely talk or eat or respond. It very much makes sense, because this is the kind of situation that causes her to stop responding, and elicits fear now. Can we work on this type of a traumatic experience? So far, arg nit was the only remedy that markedly boosted her confidence, but the rash appeared after each dose. Thank you very much
Dora14 7 years ago
Yes, we can work on this. Please list down all symptoms that indicate to you that she must have had been traumatized by any incident before she could communicate.

Or are you assuming it based on the professional's advice?
rishimba 7 years ago
Hi, no, that advice is only confirming my suspicions and gives an explanation to the behaviour that is plainly seen.
Dora14 7 years ago
Look up NATRUM MUR for your daughter. It is an antidote of Argentum Nitricum as it is very close to each other.

Since your child responded to Argentum Nitricum, this should help her overcome the trauma, if at all.

Let me know if she has mental symptoms of Natrum.
rishimba 7 years ago
I will look it up, but if i recall correctly, natrum dislikes consolation, which is definitely not the case. I am also wondering about treating the acute condition - the fever responded to nux vom, but then returned. It subsided towards the end of the second day, and disposition also improved, but the went very high again the next day, with fatigue and whining. She was also very rude at times while taking nux vom. Should we try pulsatilla or somathing else? Thank you
Dora14 7 years ago
Hello, sorry for the delay. The symptoms of trauma I see are fear of adults, rather apprehension, especially on being asked to do something. It is worse when she does not know the adult, but familiar adults also cause that reaction. Unwillingness to try new foods, and even if she tries, she will automatically declare that she does not like to avoid it. This fear of being asked to do something persists, seemingly no matter how long she knows the same adult, regardless of whether the previous experience was positive. Seems to not build confidence in repeating events even if previous event went well. As if she starts each interaction basically from scratch. In food, will accept only the plainest items - pasta, rice, bread. Asks for sweets. Appetite is poor. Does not want to go to sleep. Often asks for food before sleep. Often says that's she is bored even right after a pleasant activity. It was difficult for me to decide whether nat mur symptoms match. She is not averse to consolation, does not have the physical symptoms listed, but was slow to speak, and has some weakness of lips, so we need to do exercises for some sounds. bums have been loose the last multiple weeks. She has also been quite purposely disobedient and provoking, especially of her older sister lately. Deliberately doing things to upset her, and persisting with an activity when we ask her to stop. There has been a lot of whining, especially I the mornings. I gave pulsatilla 200 when you last advised, a few weeks ago. Thank you very much for your advice
Dora14 7 years ago
If you could advise, I would very much appreciate it. Her behaviour is getting pretty unruly. She is very tenacious in her demands, unable to accept a denial, often simply doing what she wants even whe asked not to do so, and even things that she knows not to do, basically not able to controll her impulses. Often demands attention by whining and escalating her requests, constantly repeating them. Yesterday she went completely hysterical because she could have two cookies and not three, then proceeded to eat a third without permission insisting that she wanted it, while we were asking her to refrain from doing so. She definitely needs more confidence, but I am not sure that this is really confidence.
Dora14 7 years ago
Dear Rishimba, please help us with your advice. My daughter turned 5 in August and has been doing relatively well in the last couple of months. Her sleeping improved in the summer and August and September and most of October have gone well. Her confidence has also been good in new situations and group lessons.

She continues to have great difficulty in one on one interactions with adults and her difficulties with food are getting worse. She is totally averse to trying anything new to eat. Is able to eat only plain pasta or plain rice and apples or cucumbers. Very interested in candy, even new, because she says that candy must be sweet.
Over the last half of October there have been increasing difficulties with her behaviour. She is often disobedient, but not defiant, rather it is as if she freezes with self conciousness and not able to overcome it to act. Often completely hysterical, when her expectations are not met, especially on completely trivial matters, like being asked to put on a hat, or the mittens she wanted are not available. She screams, yells no, waves her hands, when the matter could be resolved by a simple request like asking to wear a hood instead of a hat, for example. We often have to "blow bubbles" to calm down and step out of the situation to see a better solution, but it is extremely difficult to get her do do this because she simply wails in hysterics and is not able or willing to follow instruction. That is quite an issue.

In addition, in the last week she has been developing a rash on her wrist bends, behind her knees and on her behind, the same kind of rash she had before. And we are seeing more of the same hysterical behaviour in group situations as well, like before. And she has been waking up at night.

I would extremely appreciate your advice. The issues are hysterical behaviour when encountering obstacles; crying, clinging and hysterics in group situations; inability to eat a variety of foods or try new foods; rash

Thank you so much
Dora14 7 years ago
Try IGNATIA 200C single dose at night just before going to bed.

Let me know after a week.
rishimba 7 years ago
I wanted to let you know that the reluctance to engage in group activity that I wrote about had definitely improved after ignatia, and sleeping has been good. That has held, but I was waiting to see whether the rash would improve. There does not seem to be any improvement to the rash, in fact it is worse on wrists, elbow creases, bum. Behaviour also remains similar in terms of obstinancy, esp when she is tired or unsettled, but somewhat less hysterical when encountering dificulties, and no improvement on food intake or trying anything new. She seems to lack stamina, often demanding sweets and to watch tv, when tired. Thanks for your time!
Dora14 7 years ago
Are you still on the forum? Please help me with this matter.
My daughter's rash continues to get worse, it is red and flaky. She continues to be quite obstinate and disobedient, especially when tired and hungry, and becomes quite hysterical at least upset instead of using words or actions to resolve the isues. Thanks for your help.
Dora14 7 years ago
Dear Rishimba, please help for this case. My daughter's rash has become a big problem, covering most of her arms and legs. Skin is very dry, bumpy, flaky. He has also been very disobedient and distracted, with poor concentration and lacking sticktoitiveness. You ask her to get dressed for outside, for example, and she starts playing with her brother. Ask to concentrate on homeworkthat would take a max of 20 minutes, she claims fatigue after writing half a line, and runs off. I have given her a couple of doses of sulpher 200 for the rash, as that helped last winter, and the skin seems softer, but i would very much appreciate your expert advice. Thank you very much for your time
Dora14 7 years ago

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