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Sudden onset of GERD

Hello Mr. De Livera,

I never had any serious problems with acid reflux up until two moths ago. I went to a party and drank some alcohol and during the night I woke up with heart palpitations, nausea, and stomach pain. One thing I noticed right away that was different from the usual hangover or stomach flu, was that I quickly felt better as soon as I got up and out of bed.

Everything after that night seemed to go back to normal, so I thought perhaps it was just a bad case of a hangover - although it felt different. Right away I noticed that I started belching a lot or having trouble burping, so I started drinking a lot of coke, as it seemed to help. I also went back to my regular diet, which is pretty healthy other than eating chocolate regularly.

After three weeks, even though I did not drink any alcohol, I woke up in the middle of the night with heart palpitations, nausea, and frequent urination (every 20 min throughout the night). Again all symptoms went away as soon as I got up. During the day I would function normally as if nothing happened. Until it was time to sleep.

Every time I would lay down, I would get heart palpitations and the need to frequently urinate. So I started sleeping while sitting up.

I went to the emergency room and they did all kinds of blood and urine tests and found noting wrong. So I was sent home, but every night I couldn't sleep because symptoms would return.

I ended up in the hospital on two other occasions, and had more tests done, including a CT scan, and all kept coming back normal. It wasn't until a week later, when I started getting heartburn, that they finally figured out it had something to do with acid reflux. I was sent to a GI doctor and he put me on acid reflux meds - famotidine and PPIs. I also changed to a very strict low acid diet. The medicine did help and soon after I was able to sleep normally at night.

Last week I also had an endoscopy done and the doctor said everything look ok.

Since I am only 33 years old, I do not want to continue taking these meds long term. I read on other posts that Nat Pho helps with acid reflux. Given my situation, what dosage would you recommend? Should I also take Amica? Should I stop the other acid reflux meds when I start taking Nat Pho?

Sorry for the long post.
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  kylie82 on 2015-04-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Mr. DeLivera is 85 yrs old and
has retired from the forum.

Are you still eating chocolate regularly? If so,
stop and have it once a week. I know people who
had reflux from just eating some chocolate every
evening. When they stopped, the reflux went away.

You can stop the allopathic meds for this. And if
your diet is good then you may have no problem
at all.

If you have had antibiotics in the last couple years
you may want to start a probiotic ( 8 strains) once
a day for a couple months as this replaces missing
gut flora destroyed by antibiotics and weakens
your digestion.

I suggest you go off your medications and just see
how things are. If you start having problems come
back on here and someone will take your case.
Nat Phos 6x is a cell salt that helps reduce acid.
If there is no problem going on taking this can
make it worse. There are many remedies for reflux,
gerd and each person is different in what they
may need-some just need diet changes and that fixes
simone717 7 years ago
Hi Simone,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have made drastic diet changes for over a month now and do not eat any chocolate or any fatty foods, or anything that isn't good for acid reflux (I only drink water and apple juice and eat only whole wheat bread with turkey or chicken and cucumbers or radishes, bananas and papaya. If I eat anything else, it gives me heartburn even while taking full doses of both medications.

After about two weeks of being on famotidine and PPI medications, I felt like I was back to normal so I stopped taking famotidine. After missing only one dose, the next day I had a huge acid flare up and the symptoms returned at night. For the next two days, even though I went back to taking both medications as before, I had a strong taste of acid in my mouth. After a few days of taking both meds, things went back to normal. My doctor is not a big fan of acid reducers either, so she suggested that I try and reduce the dosage, so I started taking only half of the PPI pill and only 10mg of famotidine instead of 20mg. For the next few days things seemed to be going okay, but for the past two nights I started having problems again - again only when lying down.

My doctor likes homeopathy and suggested that I try taking lycopodium 30c two times a day for two days, and then take nux vomica 30c two times a day for 2 days - and keep switching back and forth like that. She is no expert on homeopathy so I wonder if her directions are good.

So two days ago I started taking lycopodium as she suggested, and that's when the problems returned. I'm not sure if that is what made things worse or not, but perhaps? There definitely is a problem with my stomach, and after a month of strict diet changes and medications, it doesn't seem to be getting any better. That is why I thought of trying Nat Phos.

Upon reading many articles on acid reflux, I realized that I've actually been having silent acid reflux for many years back, usually during winter time when I drank a lot of tea. But it wasn't anything serious - I just had a bit of a sore throat that would go away soon after getting up.

I also continue to belch, especially after meals, and sometimes I have a very hard time burping - both issues that I've never had before.
kylie82 7 years ago
Hi Kylie,

You don't switch back and forth with remedies, so
those directions are wrong.

Many times when a remedy is correct, you have
a worsening of symptoms, called aggravation.
When that happens you stop dosing and wait to
see the direction the body is going in. Hopefully
you start feeling better after the aggravation and
then you do not dose again unless you are going

Right now wait a couple days and you can report
what you notice happening from the Lycopodium and then a
next step can be given. Don't take anymore allopathic meds bc that will confuse the picture
of the Lycopodium action.

Homeopathy works based on matching a totality of
symptoms- mental ,emotional, physical, better and
worse by.., etc- When the match is good, the body
will not accept something similar, the body raises
the life force to clear things up and the life force
usually follows a pathway ( see Herings Law of Cure)
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simone717 7 years ago

I did stop dosing lycopodium today, but I did already take my regular allopathic meds because that was what my doctor advised - to take both types at the same time.

I can stop dosing the allopathic meds starting now, but I will be honest with you, that worries me. What if things get worse in the next 24 hours or 48 hours, do I then go back and take more lycopodium or take the allopath acid reducers again? Last night I couldn't sleep already and I was still taking acid reducers.

Also, is lycopodium the right remedy for stomach and acid issues? Wouldn't Nat Phos be better?

Thank you
kylie82 7 years ago
Your doctor clearly has no understanding of homoeopathy at all. Following her advice will only get you into strife.

You need someone who knows and has experiencing using the rules for prescribing, dosing, and management. It takes a long while to become proficient with homoeopathy. Our medicines can actually cause harm if misused, and certainly can create interactions with allopathic medication if you aren't cautious.

It would also be unwise to use Nat-phos in the way you are suggesting. Using it like allopathic medication (the way this 'GERD therapy' does) will almost certainly create side effects and/or make your problem worse.

Although managing cases which are heavily suppressed and controlled with allopathic medication can be difficult, I can try to guide you through selection of a remedy and management of the reactions if you like. It would require answering a very detailed set of questions which I can provide.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Hello Evacationer,

I thought of using Nat Pho only because I read many posts from Joe De Livera saying that it has helped many people with GERD and acid reflux problems. I also read many posts from people saying it has cured them. That is why I would like to give it a try. If I need to stop taking allopathic meds before I start taking Nat Pho, than I am willing to do that. I just wonder in what dosage and frequency I should take it, given my symptoms.
kylie82 7 years ago
It doesn't help most people. Unfortunately most of that information you have seen is manufactured, if not outrightly falsified. I have instead seen a number of people, even on this forum, reporting serious side effects from using it that way. It is an allopathic method of using our medicines and as such will almost definitely cause problems for you. Mr De Livera is not a homoeopath, has no training in homoeopathy, and in fact has no medical or health training at all.

Homoeopathy ONLY cures if used according to our principles. Any other way will either do nothing, or make things worse for you.
Evocationer 7 years ago

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