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Problem with Cat

Hi Namaste:

Perhaps you can help me out - I have a 13 year old kitty who has become a bit obsessive. She is on a diet because she had gotten too fat and could not get to her behind to clean herself - as a result she kept dragging her hinney on the floor making it very red, irritated and raw. I do wash her behind in the morning and she is losing weight - however, she also has had an allergy to something here for months now - I have had her on arsenica album (liquid formula per my vet's instructions) and gave her several doses. I have also purchased organic propolis tincture which I was told was a very good antibiotic, etc. I have been giving her 3 drops in 3ml of water via a syringe twice a day. So far so good for the allergy.

However, she is really neurotic with the water bowl - she is constantly going to it, tapping it like crazy (I think to make the water swirl??) and then proceeds to put her paws in one at a time and lick them.

I used to have a rubbermaid basin in the tub filled with water for her to fiddle around with but it has become such a nuisance (sp?) that I do not do it any more.

What is a good remedy to calm her down - stop the obsessive, compulsive behavior. She just had a thorough check up with all blood tests normal and an xray which only showed some minor arthritis on the lower spine.

Also, what is a good natural source or remedy for making her have bowel movements - I think that is one of her problems although the xray did not show a full bowel.

Also, any suggestions for a good hair ball remedy. I have two other babies and one of them is so depressed since being here. I have been giving her a solution of five different Bach flower remedies twice a day but I am not seeing much improvement - possibly a little. She is very depressed - very often looks like she is in another world or in a hypnotic trance - very timid cat and nervous still, after 13 years.

By the way I feed them the best food I can get such as Wellness, Petguard (which they do not like much)....

Thanks for your help and advice.
  Mousitsa on 2005-12-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I was never too crazy about pet guard. I still believe the only diet good for any animal is raw food. If you must feed kibble, please make sure it is wheat and if possible gluten-free. Only grain being rice or corn, if you must, although cats do not do well with any grain, nor do they need it.

I think you should give Nux Vomica 30C to your cats with hairballs. One dose daily for 7 days and then once or so weekly, until improved. It is also good for constipation. Add a tad of olive oil to their food to help with the above as well.

Arsencium Album cats are clingy, worse when alone, chilly, thin, emaciated almost, obsessive with cleaning, etc. They hang their heads over their food bowls or water bowls acting thirsty or hungry, but eat and drink very little, but often.

Calc Carb cats are big, fat, chilly, may crave boiled eggs, couch potatoes. They are big and bulky and walk akwardly.

Nux is a good remedy for any cat with constipation and it helps to detox them. Constitutionally it fits an irritable, animal with big appetite, impatient, first in line for food type temperament. They tend to act hungover, especially in the AM and are worse from cold, noise, light, and odor. Most of them tend to like to brawl as well and like to look for fights. They also tend to be on the thin side.

Namaste27 last decade
I also spoil them once in a while with some smoked salmon (people food) -

Bouboulina, the one with the weight problem and allergies, etc. is now 16 pounds - but, she is a big girl if you know what I mean - the vet said she is on a ten pound frame and should be ten pounds - well, she is losing weight - she is also very, very jealous and possessive of me. She lays on the blanket in my lap, into my arms, looks into my eyes like you would not believe - you have to see it to believe it - out of the three she was the youngest when I got her - something like six weeks old from a rescued litter.

She is the first one in the morning screaming for food, following me around while I do my morning routine until she is fed - the other two are very lady like and wait on the sidelines in anticipation, but wait patiently. Bouboulina meows and follows me anxiously until she is fed. Then it is constant fiddling with the water and licking her paws and DRINKING< DRINKING, DRINKING WATER - her blood tests did not indicate diabetes - all normal.

Now she is sleeping in one of her many beds - curled up and when she sleeps she makes this moaning sounds - she used to have an upper respiratory issue, such that when she breathed you could sometimes hear like a gargling sound (like what a drunk or alcoholic might sound like) since giving the two remedies (arsenicum and propolis) I do not hear it any more.

She is obsessive with cleaning, eats fast and drinks water very frequently. I do not give her dry food. But, if you take the time to interact she is very playful - the poor thing even plays by herself sometimes - I have three cats - different litters - all 13 years old but very strange that they are not friends with one another. Dimitra, the shy, nervous one who is depressed, would willingly accept a friend but Dafni is very independent and aloof and Bouboulina is very jealous of her.

Thanks for your time Namaste .
Mousitsa last decade
You could try a week or two of Nux 30C to see where it levels her off to.

If she cries and cries for food and then after a few bites, acts full and walks away that usually points to Lycopodium. They also tend to be gassy and bloated.

Natrum Mur-If she avoids the sun, loves to drink water, loves to be pet, but then bites and acts annoyed, lack-lusture, dull, sometimes rough coat, they may like to lick human, loves to sleep, becomes exhausted and gasps for air after play or exercise, sweaty hands or feet because of the saltiness. If he loves the sun and is better from it, then this is not the right remedy. They also harbor resentment and have issuse with a past of abandonment.

Great details you gave, I am just trying to piece it all together.

Namaste27 last decade
Thank you - you saint with kitties.

My Bouboulina has had all these symtoms since we moved to this damned apartment - we will be moving in about 2 to 3 months.

She has always been a "piggy" with food but never had any of these ridiculous, obsessive, allergic symptoms. So, it appears we all hate it here and this apartment and state has managed to affect the health of all of us. We are getting out ASAP.

As for her eating habits now, she will go to her dish, eat, then leave to relax somewhere or sleep. Then she wakes up and the first thing she automatically will do is go to the dish again and again. Of course, I now remove her dish after her first sitting, but the other two are pickers and I have to feed them standing guard, several more times than her. She sees this and for some reason also has it out for poor little Dimitra whom she has on many occasions chased through the apartment - even while I was spraying her with water, she insisted on chasing the poor thing, she is so jealous of her.

I don't know, Namaste, I am really getting so tired and stressed from this situation - it has been going on for some time now and I have so many health issues of my own that it sometimes just stresses the hell out of me.

Let's just see how things go.

Thank you
Mousitsa last decade

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