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Dr Fitness Help ?? Fibromylagia or Arthritis or sth else?

Dr Fitness Help -- I am feeling like I am loosing my life.. I am the single earning member of my family..

• Your name: kuku
• Where do you live (Country): India

1. Your age
2. Your gender
3. Describe your appearance (good looking, average, below average)
4. Weight
70 KG
5. Height
169 Centi meters (5 Feet, 6 Inches)
6. Body type (Thin, Fat, Medium)
Belly Fat, Chest Fat, Rest Medium
7. Any physical feature that stands out e.g. stooped shoulders, thin chest, sunken cheeks, crooked teeth etc.
Stooped Shoulders, Dental structure not normal, premature greying of Hair.
8. Your profession
software engineer
9. Describe your personality in at least 20 words e.g. stubborn, lazy, don’t want to work, always in a hurry, suspicious, jealous etc.
Stubborn, lazy, don’t want to work, always in a hurry, can-not bear weight, find hard to pull 3-4 kg of weight as well. Muscles very weak, Tired very easily, cannot run much. Poor blood circulation.
10. If money was not an issue and you had a month of vacation, what would you do
I will go to hill stations and oceans. e.g places like Switzerland and Mauritius
11. How is your relationship with your parents, spouse, siblings, children etc.
12. If relationship is not ok, what’s wrong and how is it affecting you
13. What is your main health problem & its symptoms
Pain in entire body, joints, muscles, nerve. Knees most affected. Cataract in both eye (already left eye operated).
14. When did this main problem begin Cataract started in Sep 2013 and this pain started in May 2014 with one knee first and then due to vitamin D supplementation, it started on other areas.
15. Can you relate any event which caused this problem
Due to Vitamin D dosages of 60 K IU weekly.
16. What non-medicinal action makes the main problem better e.g. massage, pressure, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.
Massage, Icing, Walking if I feel better with Knees.
17. What non-medicinal action makes it worse e.g. massage, pressure, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.
Lying down, sitting, and driving.
18. How do you feel mentally & emotionally during this problem e.g. weepy, irritable, restless, sad, hopeless, fear of death etc.
weepy, irritable, restless, sad, hopeless and fear of death
19. What other health problems do you have
Flatulence, Weak Digestion, Belching and Burping when massaging pain areas.
20. List down all these problems and when did they start (approximate month & year)
Premature graying/whiting of Hair since last 10 years.
I had minor accident 8 years back, where one of my front tooth got half broken.
Had started pain in right Hand Index finger (next to thumb) in the upper joint just before the nails..
Cataract – First time diagnosed in SEP 2013
Then Left eye Cataract surgery in Feb 2014.
then in April 2014 Pain in right knee in Lateral collateral Ligament started. MRI reveals that there is Grade 1 sprain.
then in May 2014, doctor applied local steroid in knee at pain areas.
then at the end of May 2014, I had back pain in the right side which resolved after 2 weeks applying MOOV ointment and some pain killers.
then in June 2014, he(the same doc) given me Vitamin D 60 K IU and calcium supplements which triggered this whole body pain and since then I am suffering from this and this my major and main problem today. After this only I would be able to work on my cataract thing.
The tooth which was broken8 years back in an accident started to pain during this regime.
21. What makes these other health problems better or worse (explain each problem)
Massaging and sitting in Pavart-asna increases my belching but after I feel lighter inside and better.
22. What animals or insects are you afraid of
Lizard, Dog.
23. What situations are you afraid of e.g. heights, closed spaces, ocean, darkness, loneliness etc
Height, Closed spaces.
24. What occupies your mind mostly
now a days, this health issues, prior to that work and financials..
25. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy
26. Do you want to stay alone or with people
with Limited people
27. How is your sleep
Restless, unable to find one position, toss all night.
28. Do you have any recurring dreams
29. Is your health problem affected by weather, if so, which weather affects & how
not sure, but may be extreme hot and winter both effects. Also if it windy, that also effects.
30. Do you normally feel hot or cold
hot, but sensitive to cold
31. What type of clothes you wear e.g. tight, loose, around neck etc Loose, tight clothes makes me suffocated.
32. What foods you crave & love (not what you eat due to health or other reasons, rather what you love) I love Aloo-Parantha, Mango-Shake, Mangoes, Namkeens,
33. Is there any food that you hate a lot and can’t tolerate Milk disagrees, Aversion to meat and egg due to religion. Does not like if too much sweet.
34. What taste you love and crave (e.g. sweet, salty, sour, bitter) salty
35. Is there any taste which you can’t tolerate & hate a lot No idea..
36. Do you like warm or cold food Both.. mostly warm
37. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, mud, pencil etc) not as of now.. not sure of my childhood
38. How is your thirst (less, moderate, excessive) moderate
39. Do you have dry lips or mouth or both both
40. Do you have any coating on tongue first thing in the morning, if yes, give below details Yes, Little white.
41. Is coating thick Not much
42. Color of coating White
43. Where exactly on the tongue (back, middle, sides, front) Middle
44. Any taste in your mouth first thing in the morning e.g. bitter, sour Sour and bitter
45. How is your skin (dry, oily, rough, acne, pustules, boils, psoriasis etc) Very Dry
46. Please email us a close up picture of your hand nails (without nail polish or any treatment done). Nails off white..
47. Please email us pictures of affected area if your health problem is related to skin, hair, teeth etc. already sent.
48. Details about your sweat (where mostly, how much, smell, does it stain, color) Top of Head, Under arms, Chest area, sole of feet and Genitals area..
49. Any problems with eyes/vision Cataract..
50. Any problems with ears, nose, throat e.g. nose always blocked, runny, discharge color. Ears – always as wax. Few times in past had ear infection.
Throat – easily affected by sour thing like citrus juice and cold drinks.
51. How is your stool (details of how often, consistency, any blood, any particular smell etc.) Two times in morning. One before breakfast and one after breakfast. Must lie down after every stool.
52. How is your urine (details of color, smell, any blood etc.) Pale yellow and white, little smell sometimes
53. How is your sex desire e.g. no desire, low, moderate, high, very high Moderate. Immediate after Sex, good sleep comes..
54. Are you satisfied with your sex life, if no, why not Yes
55. Male genitals (any problems with erection, any pain, any itching etc.) Early erection.
56. Females menses details (reply to all below points) NA
57. Regularity (early, late, irregular, duration of cycle) NA
58. Flow (low, moderate, high) NA
59. Clots (none, some, a lot, huge clots, bright color, dark color) NA
60. Any discharge other than periods (color, consistency, smell) NA
61. What illnesses are running in your family nothing special
62. Mother’s side Hypo thyroid
63. Father’s side High BP
64. Siblings (brother/sister) No issues
65. Are you taking any medicines (allopathic, homeopathic, supplements acupuncture etc.) Yes, Ruta q for the moment.
66. Have you had any surgeries or implants, if yes, give details Yes Cataract in Left eye.
67. Have you had any long term treatment (physical or psychological) Had an allopathic and then Ayurveda and then homeopathic for the same issue for which I am writing you..
68. What homeopathic remedies have you taken in the past 6 months (potency, dosage, approx. time frame) No idea , because in India, people do not disclose them. Two things Ruta Q and symphythum q currently as suggested on ABC homeopathy forum and Sulphur prescribed my previous homeopath.

Also on suggestion of my uncle

Used cineria without alcohol, then later on used cineria with alcohol along with calcerea fluor 200 and that caused the cataract to grow at very rapid speed.
69. Anything which you would like to highlight or mention Pain in all major joints/muscles/tendons possible in body.. In child hood, I always had cough and cold problem due to which I had been on numerous antibiotics. I also had Jaundice long back may when I was 12-13 years old.
Right side pain > left side pain

Everything on which I lies/sleep seems too hard. Always think of finding good and comfortable mattress
Blood color is little dark and thick..
xanthelasma on right eye since last 3 years
Restless Legs
Sensitivity to Perfumes, bright lights,and cold

High Uric ACID = 6.7
Low Vitamin D = 25
High ESR = 21
High CRP =18
High Cholestrol = 226
High LDL and Triglycerides
High Uric ACID = 6.7
Low Vitamin D = 25
High ESR = 21
High CRP =18
High Cholestrol = 226
Low HDL = 35
High LDL =171
Triglycerides = 115.
[message edited by bhuptgu on Thu, 07 May 2015 16:43:37 BST]
  bhuptgu on 2015-05-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
D sir -- please take this case up and let me know if there is an cure for this
bhuptgu 8 years ago
Dear Bhuptgu.

You cannot have multiple threads for different problems
on here and different prescribers. ALL issues have to
go on one thread. Otherwise prescriptions will
clash and when you report results to the different
people they won't be correct and lead to further
wrong prescriptions.

You have Gaintrox prescribing for this problem
on this 445173 - link below. You can't seem to email him.-
And that is probably because in his email address
of gaintr0x you are using A capital O and not
a ZERO. Also that thread was old, and a new
thread should have been started, as Gaintrox is looking to mail You under the Original Poster name
of that thread.
Prescriptions on that thread, are Ferrum Phos,
Ruta and Symphtom.

Then you have another thread with Antivirus for
the eyes- you were just told to repeat Am Carb 30c.

Please decide who you want to prescribe for you
for all things. And then stay with that person.
If you want to change prescribers that is fine,
just Thank them and let them know you are

Otherwise, you won't get good results and people
will have wasted their time not getting all
the information.
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simone717 8 years ago
ok Simone.. Lets gets Dr. Ga gaintrox on this post and I apologize as I only want ot get view from other experts as well..

I have been struggling with this now more than a year and due to anxiety i reach out to many people..

That thread was any someother users; thread..

In this thread I have added many details so , Dr. Gaintorx can revist the case.

Can you please help him bring here..
bhuptgu 8 years ago

I asked Gaintrox to work on
this thread. Including your
eyes. So if you took Amm Carb
let him know- and if you took
anything else, herbal or allopathic let him know.
simone717 8 years ago
ok,i will continue here
gaintrox 8 years ago
i am thinking about it from last two days think to let u know, that u might have h.pylori infection (it is a simple digestive track infection).But by symptoms i am unable to conform it.So, can u do stool antigen test to conform it weather u have the infection or not.
gaintrox 8 years ago
Dear Dr. Gaintrox -- Sorry for all the trouble I have given you..

Sure, I will check with lab here in India, if it is available and what would be the cost?

Yesterday, night I had an 45 minutes episode of belching as I was feeling anxious and restless and my sole of feet was feeling very tired..

So i massaged them and lied on marble floor to rub my leg against them so that I can burp/belch and pass the air to rectum which reduces my symptons and provide me some relief.

Do you also suggest an Ultrasound of full abdomen.
bhuptgu 8 years ago
It usually take around rs.100 but it cost deffer from place to place and laboratory to laboratory.

no need to do Ultrasound now if it require latter i will let u know.
gaintrox 8 years ago
I checked with SRL lab here and the cost is Rs. 1300 .

Please let me know if you think I should go for it. My latest lipid profile and Uric acid level will come by today evening? I will let you know once the results are available.
Sympthyum known as Camfrey , does it effect liver??

I was reading this interesting article today

Lactic acid is the product of anaerobic respiration, the burning of stored sugars without sufficient oxygen by cells. Anaerobic respiration is much less efficient than aerobic respiration, for which there is enough oxygen to fully utilize the stored sugar energy. Essentially, anaerobic respiration causes the halving of glucose molecules (C6H12O6) into lactic acid molecules (C3H6O3). The lactic acid builds up in muscles, accounting for the soreness in overworked muscles. This build-up of lactic acid may also lead to cramps. One advantage of anaerobic respiration is that it can take place very quickly and in short bursts, as opposed to aerobic respiration, which is designed for slower and more steady use of muscles. Eventually the build-up of lactic acid is carried away in the bloodstream and the lactic acid is converted to carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and water vapor, both of which are exhaled. If lactic acid levels in the bloodstream rise faster than the body's natural pH buffers—combinations of acids, salts, and bases that maintain a constant pH level—can neutralize them, a state known as lactic acidosis may exist. Lactic acidosis rarely happens in healthy people. It is more likely the result of the body's inability to obtain sufficient oxygen (as in heart attacks or carbon monoxide or cyanide poisoning) or from other diseases such as diabetes.

The ability of the body to metabolize, or break down, lactic acid is decreased significantly by alcohol, which impairs the liver's ability to carry out normal metabolic reactions. Thus, alcoholics often have sore muscles from lactic acid build up that was not caused by exercise. Lactic acid can also lead to a build-up of uric acid crystals in the joints, since lactic acid reduces the elimination of uric acid and related compounds. This build-up can lead to gout, a very painful disease.

Do you think, I have lactic acid build up?

Sir - What is your timezone?

bhuptgu 8 years ago
Lactic acidosis cause low rbc count a low hemoglobin .

doing h.pylori test will be better .
gaintrox 8 years ago
my time zone is same as urs
gaintrox 8 years ago
Update : Day 4

Refer to Image..

Loss of appetite
Loss of energy.

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

bhuptgu 8 years ago
wait for two days .in starting the medicine show aggravation because of which pain there might increase.
Did u get ur lipid profile and Uric acid level report?
gaintrox 8 years ago
hello = good morning

here is my latest report

uric acid = 6.2 (lab range = 4 - 6)

cholestrol = 196
hdl = 38
ldl =134
triglycerides = 113

Yesterday night, I took one painkiller (Flexon) to bear with the pain and also did some icing on both knees to reduce the pain as well

I still received the failure with your email address.

Is there another one..
[message edited by bhuptgu on Sat, 09 May 2015 08:22:33 BST]
bhuptgu 8 years ago
Dear bhuptgu-

This is Simone- I got your
test email.

For Gaintrox, click his name,
see his profile and the email
in it. Copy it, past it into
your email send to- and it will

Or.. put Your own email in your profile.
Have gaintrox send you a test mail.
Then gaintrox correct email will show up
when you type in his name and you won't have
to worry about it.

You can put your mail in your profile and then
take it out later if you want.
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 09 May 2015 14:04:51 BST]
simone717 8 years ago
Its done. The email is visible now on my profile
bhuptgu 8 years ago
Hi Gaintrox, please email him
and then he will have your mail
to use.
simone717 8 years ago
i send u the e-mail.

how is the pain now?
gaintrox 8 years ago
the email id dot in..

I have sent you the AV. Please check

Pain is lesser today..
bhuptgu 8 years ago
use helpergood8ATgmail.com

whenever u send e-mail to this id post here that u have send a e-mail because i hardly check this e-mail id once in a month.
gaintrox 8 years ago
hello bhuptgu,

i got the email and watch the video.

1-do u got any problem while urinating ?

2-how often u urinate?

3-is there any foam form while u urinate?

4- select which symptoms have

>Swelling in the ankles and

>Foamy or bloody urine


>Poor appetite


>Itching all over

>A bad taste in the mouth(Ammonia breath and metallic taste)


>Extreme fatigue, anaemia and generalized weakness

>Feeling cold all the time
gaintrox 8 years ago
Answers Inline...

1-do u got any problem while urinating ?

No problem

2-how often u urinate?
When ever there is an Urge.. may 5-6 times a day.

3-is there any foam form while u urinate?

4- select which symptoms have

>Swelling in the ankles and
No swelling, but tired very easily and pain in ankles or bulky/heavy/burning feeling in foot, ankle and legs

>Foamy or bloody urine

Yes -- All the time

>Poor appetite
Appetite is good, but digestion is poor.


>Itching all over
No all over, but at some places ..

>A bad taste in the mouth(Ammonia breath and
metallic taste)
Yes some times


>Extreme fatigue, anaemia and generalized weakness
Fatigue an weakness Yes but no Aanmeia

>Feeling cold all the time
Cant say, Soemtimes yes, but I start feeling sleepy after 1:00 PM and tireness increases as the day passes and then go to sleep.
bhuptgu 8 years ago
can u do some test to check the functioning of kidney?

The questions i ask to detect is there any possibility of kidney disorder and i am thinking yes .
predicting from here to check what is the cause from here is getting hard .(If u can consult a md who can refer tests i will be better)
By ur brups and low vitamin d i through it is because of h.pylori ,but after watching the video i am thinking kidney disorder.

kidney disorder are very complicated it can cause of abnormal lipid profile,low vitamin D,and many symptoms in above i ask.

it might be costly to find the proper cause but making it sure is important.
[message edited by gaintrox on Tue, 12 May 2015 12:31:18 BST]
[message edited by gaintrox on Tue, 12 May 2015 12:43:14 BST]
gaintrox 8 years ago

In recent past I had many test which includes Kidney profile and liver profile .. All the lab results were in normal range apart from Uric acid.

Do you want this case to be transferred to some other Homeopath on this forum..
bhuptgu 8 years ago
sorry for this but the symptoms burps while massaging the effected areas, cause i unable to find and almost all symptoms must relate to one thing which i fail to diagnosis .(even cataract in ur age is also very rare)
so, it is better if a more experience homeopath take ur case in the forum evocationer is absent from few days, wait few days if he show up u can consult him(he is the best ).Or u can ask help from fittness, nawazkhan,rishimba .

from who ever u ask help give the previous link of thread where u have got the
treatments.(it will help them in course of treatment)

if u want Simone can help u in finding a good doctor in ur locality .

sorry, again i have wasted ur time .
this case was totally a failure by me .

take care :)
[message edited by gaintrox on Tue, 12 May 2015 14:04:34 BST]
gaintrox 8 years ago

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