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High Blood Pressure -

I have been reading that arnica and Calcarea Phos are very good for high blood pressure - must, MUST get off these meds - they are making me sick -

I am doing the wet dose of arnica twice a day - is that good enough or should I take the pellets?

Also, I noticed that Calcarea Phos is always recommended to be very, very good - I only have 8X - is that alright to take and if so, how many a day. Should I get a tincture or keep the pellets - also, please note that here in the states it is very difficult, if not impossible to get some of these remedies in 3X -

Please respond - I have such horrible headaches.

Thank you
  Mousitsa on 2006-01-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
in homoeopathy there is no dependable medicine for save from high Blood pressure for that you go and contine your allopathic medicine immediatly. but you can contine our homoeopathic medicine along with alopathic drugs for protect from heart / Kidney /and from brain haemorrage for that you can contine the Thuja 200 morning doses and Pulsatilla 200 evening doses continue with crataegus oxyancantha 3x twice in a day for a years together.

Happy new years
thanking you
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Hello Dr. Sharma:
""Thuja 200 morning doses and Pulsatilla 200 evening doses"" - exactly how many of each and in what form, pellets?

Also, you said to "continue with crataegus oxyancantha 3x twice in a day for a years together" - when you say continue I have not been on it so, do you mean that I should include this with the other two and how many twice a day.

What about the Calcarea Phos that everyone is getting such great results with. And, yes I will not go off completely of the meds but am trying to taper off little by little. They are so disgusting with side effects no matter which you take.

Please respond - thank you.

You state:
Mousitsa last decade
The only remedy that I have observed has reduced BP is Arnica 30c taken in the water dose twice daily. Please note however that you cannot stop the drugs that you are now using which should be used side by side with the Arnica.

You should take daily readings of your BP on a digital BP gauge and you should notice some reduction in your pressure in about 2 months which should continue as long as you take the remedy. You can slowly reduce your dependence on the drugs as your BP reduces.

I would advice you to use the Arnica only for about 6 months twice daily and you may report progress weekly.
Joe De Livera last decade
Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT

Homeo medicines, indicated for BP.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE : Crataegus, Rauwolfia serpentina, Veratrum album.
LOW BLOOD PRESSURE : Avena sativa, Cactus grandiflorus, Ginseng.
BP with SINKING FEELING : Kali.Phos-12X
OBESITY : Fucus vesiculosus, Phytolacca berry.

"Mousitsa" :
I think you should discontinue all Homeo medicines for your blood pressure, (EXCEPT THE ALLOPATHIC). This you can do very safe'ly without any discomfort.

Currently you can safely take "Veratrum Viride - 30C", one drop liquid directly on your clean scraped tongue. Three times a day. In about 10 days your BP levels should stablise to comfortable levels. THEN reduce dose to two times a day for many weeks till symptoms (BP readings) stablise CONSISTENTLY..... THEN start truncating OFF the allopathic medicines.
DO NOT use Ver.Vir-30C in pills/pellets/globules form. This SINGLE medicine itself should give you relief without distrubing your constitutional homeo medicine.
Try to post back results, when it benefits you.

Also read : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254

A Quote thru Nesha-India : "A strong person and a waterfall always channel their own path"
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you Nesha - I think I will give your suggestion" a shot - I will do it as you say and report back results - I have a BP monitor (digital and mercurial).

Also, I did not understand the following statement you made:

This SINGLE medicine itself should give you relief without distrubing your constitutional homeo medicine.

What is my "constitutional homeo medicine"???

Thank you
Mousitsa last decade
please read on page no. 1833 of veratrum viride by Robin murphy --that Dr. nash points out that there is some risk in this . When verat-v was first intruduced be used it largely and successfully in a nmber of cases. but in one case which appered to be going on favorably, the patient died suddenly. this he attributes to the verat-v
deoshlok last decade
Thank you for the info Dr. Sharma - we all really want to take care of our health problems in a natural form and try to educate ourselves.

These forums are a wonderful thing to share experiences, knowledge, successes with remedies as well as failures.

I have read and read and read, and quite a bit on abchomeopathy - and, I must admit that although those of you who are professionals or very experienced in these remedies, it can be confusing to someone. Because, you get such different feedback with completely different protocols that you really don't know what to do.

That is why I kind of got stuck on the remedy Calcarea Phos for blood pressure because even though I did not read ALL the post on BP, I noticed that quite a few gave very good to great results. So, what do I do - I suppose I will stay on the wet dose of arnica - I do have insomnia but I really, REALLY need something to eventually get me off these drugs for my BP - I don't mind taking homeopathy for the rest of my life but, but the very last thing I want is to be on drugs.

Thank you for your help, and care and any and all advice is much appreciated.
Mousitsa last decade
"Mousitsa" :
Nesha reiterate's that Ver.Vir-30C, is 1000% safe when compared with any other Homeo or Allopathic or Ayurvedic medicines for BP therapy.

For your restless sleep / distrubed sleep pattern, you may safely take Kali.Phos-30X, 6 pills atleast every 5th hour and be assured that in a weeks time you would feel that you are sleeping better and your nerves have calmed down giving direct benefit to your BP symptoms too. Continue Kali.Phos. for many weeks - it does wonders to the human brain.

Your Constitutional medicine could be anything. Ver.Vir-30C will not interfere with your constitutional medicine. You can safely take above, in the suggested doses, with your regular Consititutional medicine, though continue Ver.Vir. ONLY till symptoms persist. Also do not excite yourself by frequently measuring your BP, where you would be psychologically triggering your BP to be erratic, just in anticipation of BP (that's self auto-suggestion-reaction)

AND, "deoshlok" (Dr. Sharma's) statement / clarification / observation seems to be Heartburn, and is without any experience or justifications, apart from quoting prejudiced observations in books. Off course In humans and medicines, there is always an ODD one out. Humans react erratically and so do medicines and some medicines do kill in the hand of experimenters, subject to different individual patient characteristics.

For humans, Apple is a tonic while for FEW humans it would be poison and could cause severe allergies and trigger Asthma ... HERE the question is ?
a) Is it the Apple (read medicine ) that is at fault ... or
b) Is it the individual human's immune system's resistance that is at fault
c) Should all human (patient) stop using / eating Apple's, if it triggers allergies or asthma in one human.
d) Would the allergies/asthma get triggered in any or all humans who would be eating apples.

"deoshlok" : Your Comments is invited.

A Quote thru Nesha-India :
"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome."
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha - good morning.

I so much enjoyed reading your post with my one cup of morning coffee (no sugar)...

I miss, at this point in my life, having the social circles my family and I had where with "educated people", "enlightened people" you could sit for hours debating so many facinating subjects. My brother had two Phd's and I was not on the equivalent level of knowledge as he and our other guests were, but I so much treasured listening to the variety of "doors" that such educated and genius minds were able to open for consideration.

We are European and as such, debates of all subjects are just a part of daily life, I suppose in particular with politics, in Europe.

However, here in the states it is very difficult to find anyone who even cares enough to debate the simplest of issues........ just different cultures.

Now, having said that, I would like to reiterate that I so much enjoyed your very organized, informative, and very thorough post. And, yes, you are right!!!!! What is good for one is not necessarily good for another. It is like making a statement or a judgement re a certain culture or people. Well, obviously, it does not fit ALL OF THEM 100% - NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE IN LIFE - HOWEVER, IT WOULD FIT THE VAST MAJORITY AND THAT IS WHY THE OPINION OR JUDGEMENT EXISTS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This is just a small example..

Now, once again when you refer to "my regular Constitutional medicine" I imagine you are referring to my BP meds (drugs) is that correct?

Also, regarding the Kali-Phos 30X, you state 6 pills every five hours is that correct?

Once again, I appreciate your response and help, and, just enjoy so much reading your posts. You are quite "sharp" (meaning your mental acumen - it is an American expression).

So, I will start your protocol and give it a shot. I will do anything to get my life back - I am so sick of being sick - and, my blood pressure is one main, problematic issue.

Thanks Nesha - Be well -

P.S. You are ALL very nice and kind on this forum for trying to help people regain their health. I believe in Karma, so, may your help and kindness return to you a million-fold.
Mousitsa last decade

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