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Coffee Smell in Office antidotes my remedy

I am a firm believer in homeopathy. My homeopath gave me nux vomica . It did great work for me. but unfortunately its good work is always interrupted by smell of coffee in office.

I told my homeopath he added coffea in my remedy. One dose weakly.

But still no use. Every time medicines work is interrupted by Coffee smell in office. I have seen me improving many times and going back to old symptoms many times due to coffee smell.

Can anyone help me. Suggest me what to do.

Best Regards,
  cartoon123 on 2015-06-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Coffea is considered to be an antidote to Nux Vom.

I would suggest you to stop taking Coffea along with Nux Vom.

In what potency are you taking it? Try one step higher in potency.
rishimba 8 years ago
My homeopath never told me potency. This all has been going since 2 years. Almost ten times i have improved and gone back to old symptoms.

Then i cam to know through some forum that i should use LM Potency to avoid accidental anti doting.

I took LM 1 by myself in water.

Method of taking medicine was, i put one pill of medicine in 30 ml distilled water, shook the bottle ten time, took one spoon out and put in one cup of distilled water, stirred the water in cup and took one spoon of medicated water, threw away the rest of water in cup.

Result was excellent. Then after four days someone was applying Vintogeno balm. Considering i have inhaled eucalyptus, i got confused and took second dose that day, all the good effect was slowed down.

After about ten days i took one dose more. Suddenly i became very weak, impulsive, depressed. I took one dose of coffee again and was somewhat ok.

Please tell me what should i do now.

I need help badly

Best Regards,
cartoon123 8 years ago
Do you want to discontinue the treatment and start afresh here?

The call is yours? I don't want to influence your decision but I can take your case if you wish.
rishimba 8 years ago
Rishimba, thanks for your reply.

I need health, if starting a fresh can be helpful i am ready, and it will be my pleasure if you take my case.

Best Regards,
cartoon123 8 years ago
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rishimba 8 years ago
Rishimba thanks for your reply.

As i have told you i had become impulsive and was desperate.

In desperation i have self prescribed Lycopodium 1M about 15 days ago. (My major problem is impotency).

It has totally changed me mentally but very little effect otherwise.

Please suggest should i fill out your form right now or wait few days to see medicines effect further.

Best Regards,
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cartoon123 8 years ago
If you feel a positive change in your mind, other changes will also be observed soon.

You need to wait 15 days more in any case. If you have have taken 1M single dose of Lycopodium, don't take anything for one month after that.

We can see what next to be done after you share your response in the next 15 days.
rishimba 8 years ago
Rishimba thanks for your reply.

I took single dose of Lycopodium 1M.

In the beginning i become very suspicious and quarrelsome,and i almost divorced my wife suspecting her of infidelity.

But now i have become more rational, getting sound sleep, more confident, but somewhat emotional.

I will see you after 15 days.

Best Regards,
cartoon123 8 years ago
dear rishimba,
21 days have passed since i took lycopodium 1m single dose.

in last two days some events happened which i think might be helpful in understanding my case.

yesterday night when my wife was with me on bed, there was almost no erection during love making. she made me admit that i am impotent and i did admit, and promised to get professional help. this admission has made me somewhat depressed.

moreover today i spent about 2 hrs shoping with my wife. weather was hot which made me exhausted, got pain in neck, with desire to lie down, could not bear pillow, blood pressure was 100-155, moreover bowls did not move properly, went to toilet 4 time in the morning, neck in pain vanished when sun went down.

best regards
cartoon123 8 years ago
Please fill up the questionnaire in the days to come. We will find your remedy which will cover ED as well.
rishimba 8 years ago
Dear Rishimba,

Thanks for your reply.

28 days have passed since i took Lycopodium 1M.

In the last 4, 5 days my overall energy level has increased. I am feeling energy in my limbs. I have strong desire to exercise as i am feeling energetic.

In the past coffee smell has been interrupting my remedies.

Keeping that in mind i have been avoiding all the gatherings, areas where i can smell coffee but i am becoming isolated as i am not meeting anyone in office, spending all the time in my cabin to avoid coffee smell.

Please tell me if i still need to avoid coffee smell, will accidental encounter to coffee smell interrupt progress.

Best Regards,
[message edited by cartoon123 on Mon, 22 Jun 2015 04:42:25 UTC]
cartoon123 8 years ago
No problems...drinking coffee once in a while will not cause any problem. Just ensure you don't take coffee a few days before and after taking the dose.

Don't take any further dose as long as you feel good. If you take another dose things may get worse.
rishimba 8 years ago

Best Regards,
cartoon123 8 years ago
Dear Rishimba,

Thanks for your reply.

34 days have passed since i took single dose of lycopodium 1m.

About 4 days ago, i had pain in my right eye with pain in right temple, could not bear light, felt ok in dark and dropping head down from bed.

i felt these symptoms just for one day. moreover i tell you, these symptoms have relapsed after about 20 years.

From very next morning i have noticed change in my pulse rate. it was from 90 to 110 sometimes 120 before taking medicine. Now for the last 4 days it varies from 75 to 85. And i am feeling even better.

But bad news is me ED problem is still there. its aggravated at night.

You told me not to take another dose till i feel good.

Please guide, what to look further.

I am very much afraid as i have done great damage in the past by repeating the dose.

I shall not take another dose or anything untill you prescribe.

Best regards,
cartoon123 8 years ago
This is good news. Your curing process has begun.

Your vitality will now cure all the affected areas including your ED.

I would strongly recommend you not to take any dose now till you are feeling good.

Come back to be once a week to report how you feel overall.

Remember that return of old symptoms is positively is sign of cure.
[message edited by rishimba on Sun, 28 Jun 2015 14:08:13 UTC]
rishimba 8 years ago
Dear Rishimba,

Thanks for your reply.

Today is 40th day since i took one dose of lycopodium 1M.

During the last couple of days i observed dryness of shoulder skin without any itching etc. (It is somewhat like one i observed about 15 years ago (but is mild) when i overdosed sulphur 1000, (earlier one was more severe and was on back and my skin peeled off afterwards 15 years ago))

Increase in energy level, and healthy face which i felt about fifteen days ago is no more there.

ED problem is still there.

Moreover a symptom which i forgot to mention and which was present before taking Lycopodium 1M has surfaced again.

(Symptom is that "When ever i talk with someone i indirectly has an eye on their genitals area which others observe and avoid me and i avoid them.")

Moreover i procrastinate a lot these days.

Now a days i take tension of coming morning meetings.

During sleep saliva drops from my mouth.

Please guide me what to do next.

Best Regards,
[message edited by cartoon123 on Sat, 04 Jul 2015 06:42:50 UTC]
cartoon123 8 years ago
Please repeat the dose of 1M for now and let me know after a week if this dose created some better feeling in you.

Otherwise, you will need to go for one dose of 10M after a few weeks.
rishimba 8 years ago
Dear Rishimba,

Thanks for reply. I will repeat the dose.
and report you in a week.

Best regards,
cartoon123 8 years ago
Dear Rishimba,

I think I have done a little hurry in reporting you as my overall condition has changed since yesterday.

I would like to report last four days, so that you can have a better picture.

1/7/2015: I was feeling confident and proactive. Did complete all my pending tasks probably due to time constraint. I had some feelings in my head which I can't describe and which I used to have 15 years back in my college years. I finished the day like a hero.

2/7/2015: Some perfume fell on my head and touched my hands accidentally. Suddenly i started thinking it will antidote my medicine. After one hour i stated "Having an indirect eye on my colleagues genitals and thy started avoiding me" (this i did not experienced during last 40 days).

3/7/2015: Same condition as that of 2/7 and even worse and i started becoming breathless on having eye contact with colleagues once again.

4/7/2015; I reported you my condition. Same feeling as that of last two days. Then I had my breakfast which contained backing soda, soon after eating I had pain in my head for few minutes and my condition of having and eye on my colleagues genitals was relieved and I could have eye contact with them. Although I wanted to avoid people all the day.

5/7/2015: I had morning erection after about 50 days (Which i used to have before overdosing of nux vomica lm1)

And I masterbated twice once with normal erection and then with very weak erection.

I am confused and afraid of repeating the dose and thought necessary to update you.

I have not yet taken 2nd dose of lycopodium 1m.

Please guide.

Best regards
cartoon123 8 years ago
Thats good news. No need to take the second dose if you feel things are going fine.

If your ED problem increases and level of confidence decreases, you can repeat the dose.

Don't take more than 2 to 3 doses in the same potency. Take these doses at a gap or 2 to 3 months or even higher to be more effective.
rishimba 8 years ago
Dear Rshimba,

Thanks for your reply.

I will report you after one month or before if I felt bad.

Please keep supporting me. I shall not take another dose or any other medicine unless you prescribe. As when I decide on my own I have tendency to hurry and because of that I have done great damage to myself.

I will need your support in future as well.

Best regards,
cartoon123 8 years ago
Dear Rishimba,

59 Days have passed since i took Lycopodium 1M single dose.

I am reporting my last week's observations as below:

1- 15,16,17 july 2015. ED problem was 90% ok , i had erections whenever i wanted, was very good in love making, only my erection was soft towards glans.

On 17/7/2015 i took nestle juice containing citric acid.

2- 18/7/2015. I had good morning erection, was good in love making, but lost erection before penetrating, my heart started beating very hard, got strong perspiration and got exhausted and felt very weak. Could not get erection afterwards.

3- 19-21/7/2015 With thought in mind that medicines effect is over i enjoyed cold drinks, sour things, vinegar etc.

In short i enjoyed everything which i had been refraining from during medicine's administration.

Erection became even weaker

4- 22/7/2015. My blood pressure was 220/130.

To reduce blood pressure i took disprin, Captopril. There after to have good sleep my wife insisted me to take Xanax which i did take and slept all the day.

Please guide.

Best Regards,
[message edited by cartoon123 on Thu, 23 Jul 2015 06:12:33 UTC]
cartoon123 8 years ago
Please repeat once in 2 months for some 3 doses in all.

If you don't get complete relief even after 3 doses of Lycopodium 1M, you need to go to 10M.
rishimba 8 years ago
Dear Rishimba,

These days i am suffering from very high blood pressure.

Can i take disprin after taking Lycopodium 1M

Best Regards,
cartoon123 8 years ago
You can take Disprin if you need but not within 48 hours of taking lycopodium.
rishimba 8 years ago

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