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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

I would like you to stop probiotics for the next week and the gassy foods.
Do not eat anything after 8:30 at night.

Stop Nat Phos 6x and Kali Mur. Instead try Cal phos 6x cell salt.

Two tabs 3 times a day.

Please give me a report after 4 days on this regimen.
simone717 6 years ago

This is Rylani's boyfriend, she asked I post for her as tonight she woke up feeling a bad case of vertigo around 2:30am. She noticed it more so when she went to go to the bathroom and felt as though the room was spinning, in addition to the spinning she said that her skin felt hot starting from her chest and she felt as though she might vomit. I felt her forehead and while clammy it was not hot.

We were sleeping with a fan blowing in the room but not directly on us. For dinner we had Salmon and zucchini.

This is a new sensation for her.
rylani 6 years ago
How is she today?

Vertigo has to do with the inner ear. I would advise she
get checked out by the ENT and update me.

Unless you think it is the stomach flu, or food poisoning, in which
case I would think you also would be having some kind of
simone717 6 years ago
She is doing better today, the vertigo is gone, she says things are still slightly disconnected feeling.

Unfortunately an ENT is not with in our budget to see right now.

We have ordered the Cal phos 6x and are waiting for it to arrive.

Is she still ok to have Kefir?
rylani 6 years ago
yes it is ok.
simone717 6 years ago

I wanted to give you an update on my vertigo /dizziness situation. While yesterday I merely felt slight disassociation, today I feel fantastic! I don't know if just in my head, but I have anxiety and depression and generally have low energy. Not today! I got a lot of things done and had a big bright smile on my face - for no real reason at all. No, nothing of importance happened to me. There was no particular event in my life that cause it. I just felt great for some reason? No ear issues, no dizziness. There was that slight funny taste that I seem to still have upon waking, but the energy and positive feeling thing is new. :)

Unless there are questions, I'll report again a week after the Cal Phos arrives. Thanks!
rylani 6 years ago

Well good, hope that continues.

You are very sensitive. The Cal Phos was
for post nasal drip and the mouth

If there are no ear issues or post nasal
drip, just take nothing for a week
and then report after that.
simone717 6 years ago

Unfortunately it didn't last very long. I know you instructed me to not take anything if things were going well, but this morning was a few steps back with some pain so I figure I should report it.

Since my dizzy spell I have not taken any of the following : probiotic capsules, or eating antifungal foods. I am however eating kefir since you okayed it.

5:30am - I woke with the usual slightly funny taste in my mouth.

6am - I felt a slight sour sensation in stomach, and some stubborn post nasal drip that didn't really want to move. I also felt some pressure in my ears building, but was not fully congested. The stubborn mucous? sensation was felt in the upper nasal cavity all the way to my ears. I could not force it out, and didn't try for fear of making it worse. I still have energy this morning, but feel a little more grounded than yesterday.

9am - began breakfast with Kefir. 15 minutes later, I had scrambled eggs with sea salt and black pepper. My normal breakfast.

10am - felt slight pain in the area to the left of my naval. Pain was level 1 or 2 and it subsided 45 minutes later.

11am - had a small handful of raw, organic sunflower seeds.30 minutes later, I felt a slight sour sensation, followed by a level 1 pain. At this point, I'm a little worried about making lunch now (salad).
EDIT: ear stuffiness seemed to clear a little by this time

Feeling a little down that my 'feeling better' only lasted 24 hours, but I feel optimistic, if purging this candida overgrowth can make me feel that much better in the end.
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rylani 6 years ago
Hi- Ok, start Nat phos 6x and Cal Phos 6x and Ferrum Phos 6xa half hour before
each meal. ( 2 pills of each, all at same time) Update me after 4 days.
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simone717 6 years ago
Hi Simone

Still not taking probiotic pills or antifungal foods (radishes, garlic, onions, coconut oil and fermented food).

Day 1
1 hour after dosing noticed sensation in my right ear, as if it was trying to pop, or congest more. Not sure what was going on. (Mind you, the week was forecasted to be random thunderstorms)
Also, my right eye would feel very dry. All 3 meals, same sensation. I just put in Natural tears eyedrops to correct the dryness in my right eye. The sensation after dosing continued for 2 days.

Day 2
Tongue coating starting to get a little more white. Feeling down, irritable. General feeling of heaviness returning. Noticed really bad anal itching at bedtime. Treated with hot water, with hazel and preparation H. Seemed to work. I noticed the beginnings of what might be a mouth sore on the inside of my left cheek. Immediately treated with a cotton swap and alum. Hopefully resolved.

Day 3. External vaginal itching, applied kefir to relieve. In the evening, some internal vaginal itching. Doubled my serving of kefir. The itching is starting to worry me. Evening time, my ears started to feel some pain, so I did a lot of yawnning, humming and singing to force my ears to drain. It eventually calmed down. (I think the crummy weather promoted this, as it tends to.) Also, I noticed that I had not been experiencing post nasal drip. Not sure when that stopped. Not complaining. However, in general, this was a bad day for me and I felt like I was just getting worse and worse. I really wanted to eat garlic and coconut oil to get some anti-fungals in me.

4. Tongue coating getting thicker. Vaginal itching continued. Internal and external. Continued what I was doing before, but this time feeling more paranoid about it and started to worry I had pinworms. Stayed up late looking up parasite cleanses, and probably could have spent that time getting rest. Bought mung-bean sprouts to support kidneys. Noticed a mouth bubble/blister forming on the inside of my right cheek this time. Feeling frustrated with this candida thing and miss my normal life. I feel like I cant attend social dinners anymore because I intrude on others with my new dietary requirements.

itching happens randomly (both time and locations), but it's not as intense as it was. Still very annoying. Sometimes it feels like something is crawling, but there's nothing there. It's annoying. I think I had less water intake too, so I'm trying to increase it. Sometimes, even just drinking water doesn't feel good, so I will take some kefir instead and try water a little later. I really miss eating my anti-fungals and probiotics. I felt like I was doing better when I was having that. However, I currently have no ear congestion or post nasal drip so at least that's good. =)

Something interesting I have noticed: I start to have an uneasy feeling when i eat dark meat on chicken and eat farmed salmon. White chicken meat seems fine with me. Will try some wild salmon to see if there's a difference. there too.

Day 4 (today) made me feel paranoid and a little desperate for answers. I still feel that way today, but maybe a little more calm. Still quite frustrated with it all though. I can't tell if I'm making progress or not.

Where should I go from here?
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rylani 6 years ago

You can have garlic, coconut oil and take the probiotics again. Just
eliminate things like cabbage, broccoli as they can cause gas even
in someone with great digestion and you don't need that right now.

When was the last time you saw the gyno?
It sounds like you may have worms ? you can get checked and give a stool
sample to see what kind they are-
Or you can google one of those tape tests to see if pin worms, but there
are other kinds - and a stool test may be needed if it is not pinworms.

I am wondering if you have a vaginal yeast infection-
have you had them before and used monostat? Is there any discharge going

If there are worms, I prefer you get a prescription to deal with them, as
the homeopathic makes the environment hard on them but often this
goes on and on-you want to know they are gone. And then of course google
how you have to wash everything and check your partner for worms too bc
often everyone in the house has to be treated at the same time.

You want to get the worms, if any, and vaginal yeast, if any discharge out of
the way first and then see what is left.

You can Add Kali Mur back into what you are taking and just continue on
with dosing - for another 4 days.( btw no on the farmed salmon- have wild

Let me know on the above. and the blister? is this a canker sore? have you
had these in the past when stressed out?
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simone717 6 years ago
Okay will stay away from cabbage and broccoli. I dont think I had gas issues from cabbage but will abstain just in case.

Never saw a gyno. I tried the tape test. Nothing was there. As I write this, the mystery is solved. My period has arrived. I tend to get yeast infections a couple days before. (No itchies today as of yet) Since I am irregular AND peri-menopausal, I can never predict these. To answer your question, Ive never used monostat, and only get the 'itchies' a few days before my period; sometimes after. I've always managed with yogurt (or in this case Kefir), and was told this is a normal symptom to have as my hormones have always been all over the place.

For the blister, yes. I believe it is early signs of a canker sore. I have noticed that I've been getting them more often in the last 5 years, and at random. I don't know why. I did notice that once I was using Bioplasma tablets which list as also having calc flour and calc phos as the top ingredients, and when I took this I would get canker sores. I could never understand why that was, but maybe they're related. I can put up with the canker sores if that's the case.

Okay. Will report in 4 days.
rylani 6 years ago

Initially, I was helping you with the overdose of Carbo Veg
and the Rhus tox that was given in error.

The original complaints have changed.

Please list all your complaints at this time, starting with
what you consider the main complaint. List when it first
began, what you noticed was going on in your life at that time.
Then list the sensations and location of the complaint and
what makes it better and what makes it worse.

I think an overall remedy for your totality needs to be
given at this stage.
simone717 6 years ago
I'll do my best


1. Candida Overgrowth
a. Began: in May 2015
b. Other things going on in life: String of birthdays and pizza parties all in one month. Anxiety about finding a job and getting back on my feet.
c. Sensation : stomach feels slightly sour when I am late for a meal and increases the longer I wait. Am currently on an anti-candida diet (no sugar, grains, pastries, dairy etc). tongue is slightly white) I also feel 'weighed down' and experience brain fog.
d. Location: stomach / pelvic area
e. Worse when eating dark meat from chicken (heavy fats) and when I skip a meal; also apparently when there's a draft, the cold seeps in and I end up with wind in my belly.
F. Better when I am hydrated, am ontime for meals and eat in small - medium portions. Wind is better when I walk around the house for a big and get things moving. The brainfog I can't do much about. Also, I find that my general well being improves when I'm taking anti-fungal foods like coconut oil, garlic, and radishes as well as probiotics.

2. Seasonal Ear Congestion.
a. Began: in 2003
b. Other things going on in life : very depressed and agoraphobic back then
c. Sensation : begins as congestion in sinuses, then stuffs the ears. if this is allowed to remain, it often results in pain, and if left untreated can end up being middle-ear infection
d. Location: upper nasal cavity and ears
e. Worse when eating dairy and sugar as the seasons change.
f. Better when I abstain from the above and drink plenty of water.
I hesitate to mention my second complaint because it's the candida I really want resolved, but my other issue is occasional ear congestion which this has been happening since 2003. I suddenly developed hayfever and over the years, it would grow into ear congestion, then the following year middle-ear infections. After that, I saw a doctor who put me on antihistamines like Claritin D (and some prescription ones i cant recall). In the following year, this did not work and I could not stand the medicated feeling anymore, especially with no actual results. That's when I sought help from a homeopath, I think in 2009. I felt the onset of a middle-ear infection, and she had me try Pulsatilla 200c. It was a miracle. The middle ear infection sensation started to go away minutes after I took my first dose. My nose was draining effectively, but the allergy would still come back every summer/fall, and I would have to take Pulsatilla again. Now that I have moved, it rains often, and I get a threat of ear congestion before every storm. Typically, I stave off the pain with more Pulsatilla 200c, but do not take this if I am dosing anything else.

After dong some research, I feel like this ear issue may be related to the candida and that it may have been a warning from my body. I just didn't understand back then that some of the foods i was eating that was not 'sugar' was also being processed as such. This issue is less of a priority for me, and I believe it may improve once the candida is dealt with.
rylani 6 years ago

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