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allergy or reflux

I've posted here before trying to get some help with our 7 month old (3 months premature) who had been diagnosed with reflux. We have exhausted our resources and am questioning whether it is reflux at all. We have tried a Naturopath, chiropractor, MD and several changes in formula (breast milk for 5 months and vomited with that). Our Medical doctor wants to put him on powerful medications that my husband and I are not willing to do (metaclopramide & ranitidine).

I'm wondering if it is reflux or a possible dairy allergy. He is a very content baby. Doesn't show the typical signs of reflux. Sleeps very well and always a happy little guy. Doesn't cry while being fed, just arches his back, turns away and vomits 1-3 times a day. The pattern now is that he will take all of his bottles during the day until the last two in the evening when he gets them in and then vomits the entire thing. The smell is of sour, sour milk. Which seems odd to us as it is fresh going in.

Something else I've noticed while he eats is that his left eyelid gets red and rash like and sometimes his left cheek and temple area will get the same slight rash.

I do not have any dairy except for a natural organic yogurt and maintained this diet while pregnant with him. I have been contemplating trying the soy formula as that is the only thing I have yet to try. I have been reluctant because of the controversy with it.

Any suggestions or advice would be grately appreciated.
  gurly on 2006-01-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you stop all the medicine if giving. we have a very good medicine for your child and you are advise to give phosphorus 200 weekly one doses for long period will cure your this probelm.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
nothing is working. I can't understand why nothing is working. We have tried everything. Euthesa cynapium, nux vomica and most recently the phosphorus recommended here and by our naturopath. Nothing is working. Our son is still vomiting almost every feed. he now is developing what I think is an eating disorder, he no longer sucks. Takes 2 ounces and then wants nothing. We are extremely frustrated and don't know what to do. The pediatrician wants him on metacloprimide which has numerous side effects. We really don't want to take this route as we believe so much in homeopathy but we are at the end of our rope. Our son is below in his weight and we now are worried.
gurly last decade
please give your son only a single dose of SULPHUR 1M, before breakfast, and then wait for the progress, also report back.
drsajid last decade
Nat Phos 6x (biochemic) may help your son.

I have used it extensively for adults but not for babies and if you decide to use it the dose is 1/2 tablet which can be dissolved in his feed.

If it helps, as I think it should, you can reduce the dosage to 1/4 tablet which you can give in every feed till he grows over this reflux problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
Well we tried yet again another remedy and nothing. He actually seemed more gassy.
We have exhausted homeopathy and natural medicine. This has taken so much out of our family and our quality of life is really at stake here. I think I have to surrender to our pediatrician. Our son's health is at stake and the quality of life of our family is in jeopardy if we have to deal with this much longer.

Thank you to everyone who has offered help, it has been appreciated
gurly last decade
Dear Gurly,

I want to give you some encouragement. I am raising 3 children they are 6, 8 and 10 years orld now and all of them suffered with horrible reflux for the first 8 - 10 month in their life. After every feed the milk came out vomited like a missile. I was breasfeeding for a couple of month each child and it did not make a difference. I can sympathize with you as feeding took ages, the sour milk smells horriffic and one is worried they don't survive. I had the advantage in knowing that when I was a baby I did exactly the same and turned out fine without medication. My mother added thickener to the milk and enlarged the teat. From my experience burping the baby is vital after feeding. It sometimes took 30 to 60 minutes keeping upright with soft strokes or taps on the back. I used to wait for at least 2 or 3 burps. A massive improvement took place when I started with solid foods, although at the beginning that made the vomit colourful, the less milk I fed the less reflux. You could try some pureed carrots, potatoes and olive oil.

Now whether you are dealing with reflux or allergies. We have got a lactose (milk sugar) intolerance and some allergy to cows milk protein, but I did not know this at the time. When you are starting on solid foods I recommend to avoid the most common allergens wheat, gluten and dairy. As a student of nutritional medicine I am now looking into sorting out our food allergies, but it is a fast task and the trigger or underlying cause needs to be found. I hope this gives you a little encouragement. Try to stay away from giving your child suppressive medicine, he will thank you later.

conniec last decade
Hi Connie,

Thank you for your reply. We too have had 3 children with reflux and thus the reason for the stress........"not again."

We have found that our son is very, very gassy and does require burping after every ounce. I have suspected a milk allergy all along and have taken steps to change milk to hypoallergenic, soy, and whey. Breastfeeding was the most challenging for 5 months. Our naturopath tested him and says he wasn't testing as if he had an allergy but you know a mothers instinct. He breaks out in tiny little pin dots around his face every time the milk and other food touches his face. I'm not sure what to try in replace of the formula. Do you have any suggestions?

As far as the solids go, they have become a challenge. He does not like cereal and most others other than some fruits he has a hard time taking. I have found that his gastric empting is very slow (second son same issue) so the solids make it even harder to digest. You had mentioned potatoes and olive oil, why the oil? I have been giving him an omega 3 & 6 oil as a suppliment and to add some calories.

I think my reaction to giving our son the suppressive medications was in pure haste in a very frustrating situation. We have not, and I will not as this is not what our family believes in. Sometimes we say things in frustration and need to take a step back and assess the situation with clear lenses. This is where I was at that day.

I appreciate your encouragement as many people do not understand this condition and how it overtakes your family and life, for that matter. It takes someone who has experienced it to understand. Thank you again.
gurly last decade
Have you had any allergy testing done with blood samples? Mostly the reaction is tested to proteins, so if he was lactose intolerant it would not show up as it is a sugar. Lactose intolerance can be inherited and is very common in people with asian or african backgrounds. (Not us). My eldest when she was weaned had problems with gastric emptying for months and I had to give her dried prune juice to help then. No I realise her bowel was not habitated by the right friendly bacteria then, she was born by cesaerean and on top she did not have enough fibre (better in green vegetables.)

I suggest you puree steamed vegetables, add some fat and keep trying. It takes an average of about 20 times to be confronted with something new until a change is accepted. All children can get used to eating more vegetables, little by little.

I suggest the olive oil to give some calories and energy. Butter is great, but it contains lactose and you want to try an elimination diet to find the cause.

I would stay away from cereals except oats, which should be soaked in water for 24 h to soften and get rid of phytic acid. You could then add some fruit puree and fat.

Now regarding milk. You could add rice flakes to thicken the milk, but the question is what to use as a base formula. Rice milk is propably least allergenic, but I don't like the taste. He is too young for cows milk, but if you were desperate you could try a lactose free milk thickened. My mother fed me on condensed milk with cornflour, but I would not recommend that. Milupa does a hypoallergenic formula milk which is thickened. Which country do you live in? My best advice would be to try solids more and more and give water or highly diluted fruitjuice. Have your births been natural? Have you had antibiotics in the past? Have you ever suffered from thrush?

I would love to hear more about your story and compare with mine and others to understand food allergies, gut permeability and related health issues.

Will be away for the next 2 weeks and might not have access to email. Good luck 'til then.
conniec last decade
Hi, thank you for your reply. The slow gastric empting that our son has does not seem to effect his bowels. He has regular bowel movements. What is happening is that he has a constant sensation of being "full". He really doesn't get hungry. surprisingly enough he is an extremely happy baby. All of these issues do not seem to be effecting his jovial personality. Our naturopath has advised us to "force" feed those extra couple ounces. He feels that our son's brain is telling him he is full much like an obese person's brain tells them that they are not. He says that the forcing will encourage the stomach to enlargen and re-train the brain. No, we have not had allergy testing through blood samples as of yet.

We are being very persistant with the solids and I found today that he took his oat cereal with peaches very well. Oats are the only cereal I have given him as it seems to be easier to digest.

Our son was born very prematurely and thus has had weeks and weeks of antibiotics in the past. He has been on acidopholis for a few months to help with the probiotics. He also did suffer from thrush a month ago but we've rectified that. No, I didn't have any yeast infections during pregnancy.

Our son really doesn't show a lot of the typical signs for reflux or an allergy. He isn't in pain, he hardly ever cries or shows uncomfort. He will take the milk and doesn't act different taking it and his bowel movements are regular. He just vomits most of his feeds and can only handle small amounts of food at a time (which is very time consuming as a parent with 2 other children). I think there is an intolerance there as he has reactive skin to certain things touching it eg. certain foods, creams and laundry soaps. Now to what degree..........I don't know.

I think I have realized that my exhausting quest to find resolution for this problem does not exist. I believe it is a time factor now. I keep telling myself that he will be 2 someday.

Thank you for your advice, I will consider some of it. take care
gurly last decade
It is tough when you have more children to look after and the youngest needs so much time, been there and can sympathize. You are propably quite tired! Be patient and try different things. It is great that he still is a happy baby.

With the information you have given me I feel he might be suffering from candida albicans. Candida has many, many forms of expression and we all have this yeast in us, but it can get out of hand. with all the antibiotics he had the good and bad bacteria were destroyed. Now the probiotics are a good supplement. But very few bacteria are able to attach to the gut lining and need something to feed on, a prebiotic or oligosaccharide. There are numerous brands of probiotics on the market, but you don't always get what they promise. The yogurt drinks are not recommendable, because of their high sugar context.

I suspect Candida in my children having caused overgrowth of bad bacteria in the small intestine and with it the gasiness. This creating increased pressuure
in the stomach and with a weak esophagal valve causing the reflux. Now this is only my theory after months of researching this and that symptom and putting pieces of the puzzle together. My six year old has been having reflux again for the last 4 months. Orthodox medicine does not recognize or treat candida unless one shows symptoms of oral or genital thrush.

If you think it might make sense and were interested in a diet to heal the gut lining let me know.

Regarding the weight of your son
conniec last decade
it makes great sense and I am most willing to implement a diet that could help.

Is there anything other than the acidopholus in specific that you think I can give him as a supplement?
gurly last decade
which country do you live in?
conniec last decade
We are in Canada
gurly last decade
Unfortunately I am not familiar with the US or canadian market. If you go to the health food shop and ask for a probiotic supplement for babies, which includes several strains of different friendly bacteria. an important strain to be included would be Bifidobacterium infantis (child specific). Ask if they also have a prebiotic for infants. A natural form of prebiotic is inulin (oligosaccharide) contained in leeks, onions, garlic, asparagus, artichokes. You could use these veg. in abundance to help.

Have a search about candida and it's symptoms. It is fast. At that age the only other symptoms I remember in mine were ridged weak toenails and a lot of gas, from age 2 then frequent mouth ulcers to more recent athletes foot, warts, molluscan combined with eczema and unforunately dislexia, disprexia. Everything is linked to the gut I have realized.

If you have researched and found it might be candida he would benefit from a very strict diet. I have not tried an anti-candida diet with mine yetas I have just come to the conclusion and it is very difficult with children to cut out any sugars, fruit and more.

Regarding supplements I would advise to just give him a pre and probiotic, watch out for the ones containing lactose. Although essential fatty acids are important, he might be reacting to fishoil. For the time of establishing what he can eat I would leave them out.

One more point: I am sure you are aware that children like animals can sense, when we are anxious and tense and they take the same on. It might help to look at it positivly for every spoon that stays in being a success. I wish I had done many things I know now.

If you feel you are not getting anywhere, it might be worth contacting a practitioner who can do a simple blood test to find out what he is reacting to and then avoid these food groups.
conniec last decade
Your information is most interesting.

As far as the bifidum goes, I recently took a look back at our second son's baby book. He was the one who had this the worst. I noted that after an enormous struggle I one day gave him bifidus and I noted that he was a new baby almost immediately. I'm not sure why I haven't followed suit here with our third. I think I have just been going with our naturopath and he has promoted acidopholus. I am going to go and get the recommended pro and prebiotics you recommend.

As far as the anxiety, you are very right. Our third son and first are very sensitve and reactive to mine and my husbands emotions. We certainly have to be wary of that. One is a Libra and one is a Gemini..........very fitting.

thank you very much for your help. I will update you as soon as I implement some of the changes. I am going to do a search on Candida.

thanks again.
gurly last decade
Hi Connie, I just wanted to touch base with you after implementing all that we had discussed.

Immediately after our conversations I went to the health food store and got the probiotics and a digestive enzyme specific for enfants. The holistic nutritionist was very helpful and agreed that this should do the trick. Well, our son was great for about ten days. Everything seemed to be in order. He was eating well and keeping everything down. I say was because the last two weeks have become a nightmare again. He is vomiting everyday and refusing to suck. I haven't changed anything in the way of the probiotics and the enzymes, nor has his diet changed.

One thing that we have noticed is that he takes his solids much better than his bottle. The bottle he won't even suck, he just "pools" the milk in his mouth and it all falls out (very frustrating). He does gag quite often with the solids and that will send everything back up the pipes and out again.

My question to you is, what could possibly sent us into regression here.

Any input is grately appreciated.
gurly last decade
loads of antibiotic use--continue probiotic use full spectrum (udo's super5)---and single dose only hepar sulphuris calcarea 30c...
John Stanton last decade
It could be partly due to a weak esophagal valve and that would be difficult to rectify.

I would recommend to try a different probiotic and giving a prebiotic at the same time. The probiotic needs prebiotic to feed on and to be able to establish itself better. Changing to supplement helps sometimes.

Nevertheless I am pretty certain a form of candida is the underlying cause. Because candida feeds on sugar and milk contains sugar, the baby does not approve of it. Try to give just liquidized solids with lot's of vegetables and olive oil or some butter and water to drink. I realize he is young and people will say he needs milk, because of the calcium, but there is plenty of calcium in Vegetables, parsley is an excellent source of ca. Avoid any obvious sugars and keep fruit very limited. Brown rice is preferred to potatoes. In case you feel he stays too hungry, unsettled increase the fat content.

There is a supplement claiming to be excellent fighting bacterial, fungal and viral infections based on wild oregano. Having ordered it, I will try it out and get some info on how babies can take it.
conniec last decade

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