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Costochondritus, than Fibromyalgia, than thorax sprain, than muscle spasms, than reflux, non-cardiac chest pain, esophageal spasms, what will they come up with next?

Beginning profile:
28 years old
5ft 11in
Smoker-1pack every two to three days.

Alright! Here is a really good challenge to you all! Here's my story.

Chapter one-Costrochondritis

In late March of 2004 I had a little ticking pain in the left part of my chest (2 inches to the left of my sternum)."oh my god, I am having a heart attack!" Not.... I went to the emergency room three days later and I had the cardiac work-up. 3-Ekg's, Blood work, Cardiac ultrasound, stress test, X-Rays and a Barium swallow. All these tests came up negative. Quit smoking cold turkey! I met with the doc and he said that it was costochrondritus and to take NSAIDS. Well needless to say that the mysterious pain would not subside and came and went. I tried Tylenol, aspirin, and alieve. alieve worked the best but only in large doses.(2 to 3 every 6 hours) I did this for a week and went back to this nut doctor who after I said how many alieve I took for the week prior to seeing him, told me "That's O.K." No, bullpoop, that is not O.K. after that un forgettable display of attitude I took my symptoms elsewhere. I played with that guy for about 5 months and had enough since I was getting no results. What I did get is a wicked (not from New England) case of Anxiety. Anxiety is no joke! sweats, chills, restless nights, don't want to go out, fear of dying, etc.... I think this was all brought on by his attitude of "Its all in your head" even though the pain is real. Then this fellow told me my blood pressure was high and gave me some more pills to take, Diavan. I never took that stuff because I know my blood pressure is OK when I am OK. (At home it runs 125 over 75, at his office it runs 140 over 92)I told him his attitude and lack of interest in my problem is what makes it high when he takes it, not to mention taking 10 alieve daily was OK!

Chapter Two-Fibromyalgia

It is now august of 2004 and I am seeing a young doc (33)of internal medicine fresh out of med school and up to date on all the latest. He notices me not looking to happy and a little disgusted. I told him that I have gotten no answers and only pills that don't work to help with the guessing game. He diagnoses me with "Chronic Pain and/or Fibromyalgia" the typical doctor excuse for not knowing what it is or wanting to search further to find out! Then he tells me that Fobromyalgia is mental and gave me Elavil. I took Elavil for two months and it did nothing for me. I than went to a Rhumatoligist and all she wanted to do was shoot me full of cortisone in my rib cage. She told me that a drug called Cymbalta would help me with the pain. Tried it for a week and nothing.(I don't take eastern medicine if it doesn’t work) Around October of 04 I had gotten a burning sensation in the left part of my body (Chest and Belly). I met back with the internal doc and asked if an MRI was possible. he said it is not necessary. Two weeks later around Halloween the same thing happened and I went back to him and told him to write me a script for an MRI.(worst case is there is nothing there what’s the harm in that). All my blood work was good and the MRI was good. What the heck!

Chapter Three-Thorax Sprain

After going through the routine with a doc if internal medicine I was referred to a very good Chiropractor. (His practice works on the Philadelphia Eagles Football Team) Needless to say I went to him in November of 04 and all that he would do is adjust (Crack) my back and neck. Don't get me wrong this felt good when done but was not making the mystery pain go away. Around Thanksgiving 04 I made a deal to myself, that I would start losing weight, exercising, and eating better.
My diet consisted of less red meat(Once a week)If I had meat it was fish or chicken (No skin). Nothing fried, nothing full of sugar, eat 5-500 calorie meals a day. lots of fresh veggies (Steamed or raw) and lots of fresh fruit(Must be organic) no more soda, never was a drinker of booze, olive oil & Balsamic for salads, mustard instead of mayo, don’t eat after 8pm, etc... Walk 1 to two miles daily for exercise not work.

Chapter four-Muscle spasm

January 2005
I stopped going to the chiropractor because it was a great distance away and was not helping me. I did however start to see an Orthopedic and he said that I have spasms in my back which in turn can trigger pain in the chest and flank. I than was prescribed physical therapy and stretching 3x weekly. By this time I had began losing weight purposely and exercising and feeling pretty good. I think I had found my cure. I even took up yoga and read numerous books on healthy eating and nutrition.

Chapter five- Acid reflux

It was late in February and I have lost about 30 lbs since Thanksgiving and have increased my stamina and strength. Feel good and looking better physically. I was slow jogging on a tread mill when I felt three strange sharp pains (like shocks) in center upper part of my chest and lower throat. My anxiety came back and I started dwelling on what that was. However, ever since that happened I have had burning in the chest. I than had another stress test and that was normal. I had been having panic attacks because this pain is unexplainable. From April to June I have had such bad panic attacks that I would start sweating and mentally freezing up with nothing but thoughts of the worst. I sometimes had to leave work early. I tried Maalox, Tums, Rolaids, pepto all didn’t work so I went to see a GI doc in May. He came highly recommended and told me that I have classic reflux. He than prescribed me nexium once a day and set me up an upper endoscopies in a month. Well, the nexium was doing absolutely nothing and I was burning up every day all day no matter what or how I ate. The funny thing is that when I would get up in the morning I would feel fine and after about an hour or two the burning would start coming on and get worse as the day went on. I don’t belch or taste that funny taste in my mouth. I am only two weeks away from my scope and I called him to see if he could speed this up and he said no! your scope is only two weeks away just take two nexium a day. (Poop, if that doesn’t help what’s he going to say next, take three, take four, five, etc….Besides to the normal personal two weeks is not that bad, but to the person in pain two weeks is a long time.) My attitude has changed significantly to funny and easy listening to fidgety, short tempered, and miserable. I have stuck to my diet and exercise and am now down to 320lbs. My job that I once enjoyed is now getting in the way of my reflux instead of vice versa. My upper endoscopies was good and my motility test was good. I kept trying nexium daily until July when I had a 24hour ph test that was still good (Test said that I had 0 incidences of reflux laying down during my sleep which is not textbook reflux). I had started to experience throat and neck burning along with my chest and upper abdomen. This guy said to keep taking nexium and that is all he could do for me and that he had no silver bullet. I than went to an ENT doctor about the burning in my throat and he said it all looks good. He than told me that I had a polyp in my right maxillary sinus and he CT scanned my head and turns out that it was a cyst. I had the cyst taken out in August 05 thinking that it may have caused the reflux. Nope! Oh well, something they found along the way but still the burning continues. In September I went to Jefferson in Philadelphia to one of their GI docs and had a CT scan of the chest and abdomen. My guts all look good! This doc started me on another PPI called Aciphix two times daily and a 300 Zantacs before bed. Still no relief. Well needless to say my inscrutable ailment has finally caught up with my work and I was let go October 25th. Woo is me! I can and have found another job. The only difference is that the new people don’t know what I was like only what I am like. Every day is like a struggle. I have burning in my throat off and on, burning in the chest off and on, hoarseness off and on, and irritability 24 hours a day. (Could you blame me)

Chapter six- Esophageal spasms/non-cardiac chest pain

So today is January 9, 2006.
I am A hearty 284lbs. 42inch waist and 56inch chest. I was a 48waist and 58 chest
Last Thursday I saw one of the best GI docs in the US at Jefferson Hospital named Dr. Sydney Cohen. (Look him up on the net) He than began telling me I needed to loose more weight and I told him I already lost 74 lbs of fat because I have been working out also. I want to and will get down to about 220. he said that is good. I began telling him my story and said that my reflux is atypical if that is indeed what it is. I have been experiencing burning in the upper chest and throat daily. I saw an ENT doc December 1st and he said my throat was a little red but looked good. I will be seeing him tomorrow and will tell him to look at the base of my throat again. I have found that sometimes a good 20 minutes in the sauna brings me relief for a phew hours and so does a steam room. He told me that I am having non cardiac chest caused by esophageal spasms. He gave my another pill which is a anti spermatic and I have been taking that for about a week and still have burning in my neck and under my right ear.
  Johnny Boy! on 2006-01-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If you,ve been working out some of the problems may be ----

Centre for Sports Medicine, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK.

Chest pain in the athlete has a wide differential diagnosis. Pain may originate from structures within the thorax, such as the heart, lungs or oesophagus. However, musculoskeletal causes of chest pain must be considered. The aim of this review is to help the clinician to diagnose chest wall pain in athletes by identifying the possible causes, as reported in the literature. Musculoskeletal problems of the chest wall can occur in the ribs, sternum, articulations or myofascial structures. The cause is usually evident in the case of direct trauma. Additionally, athletes' bodies may be subjected to sudden large indirect forces or overuse, and stress fractures of the ribs caused by sporting activity have been extensively reported. These have been associated with golf, rowing and baseball pitching in particular. Stress fractures of the sternum reported in wrestlers cause pain and tenderness of the sternum, as expected. Diagnosis is by bone scan and limitation of activity usually allows healing to occur. The slipping rib syndrome causes intermittent costal margin pain related to posture or movement, and may be diagnosed by the 'hooking manoeuvre', which reproduces pain and sometimes a click. If reassurance and postural advice fail, good results are possible with resection of the mobile rib. The painful xiphoid syndrome is a rare condition that causes pain and tenderness of the xiphoid and is self-limiting. Costochondritis is a self-limiting condition of unknown aetiology that typically presents with pain around the second to fifth costochondral joints. It can be differentiated from Tietze's syndrome in which there is swelling and pain of the articulation. Both conditions eventually settle spontaneously although a corticosteroid injection may be useful in particularly troublesome cases. The intercostal muscles may be injured causing tenderness between the ribs. Other conditions that should be considered include epidemic myalgia, precordial catch syndrome and referred pain from the thoracic spine.

The most likely remedies in the homeopathic sense may be

Arnica 1m

Bellis per 1m

Bryonia 1m

Just one tablet of any one and wait a 2 weeks at least .
walkin last decade
thanks walkin. Something that you mentioned that I did not was that sometimes when I stretch backward my rib will pop.
Johnny Boy! last decade
no wish to be rude but given your size and weight i would suggest its vital that you diet and eat correctly and loose a massive amount of weight ........that alone will probably cure most of the problem

56 in chest and 48 in waist is obese
tinsel last decade
Hey Jonny,

I wish I could tell you I have something to try. I almost have the exact same symptoms as you listed. I was an MBA student and had to drop out last year because of my problems, and am currently unable to work or do anything other than simple housework. My problems started out the same way. Sharp pain in the left chest. Went to the ER and was diagnosed with acid reflux. Then came the panic attacks after finding out that many, if not most doctors have the 'attitude' problems you stated above, and are more than anxious to hand out dangerous levels of drugs that only seemed to compound my problem. I've also found the exercise of several miles of walking a day seem to help out a lot. I also do these exercises found on this site:
(wont let me post, let me know and I'll send it to you)
This all helps control the pain with some herbs I take, but nothing stops it. The best herbs I've found for muscle relaxant and also the panic attacks is called Formula 303 and is sold on Amazon. (has Valerian Root ,Passiflora, Magnesium Carbonate)
Let me know if you have any herbs or supplements you've found that help you.

I think the post by Walkin is worth going after, at least in my case. Thanks Walkin, I'll have them try to see if I have any of those problems. I've found by trial and error through all the physical therapy, MRI's and ect. that I've went through that there seems to be something wrong with my ribs/thoracic spine. I noticed this as my sharp pains change when pressure is applied to the vertebra's in my back. Also a chiropractor said my ribs keep shifting out of place. Anyway, I'll keep you guys up to date with what I find out. I'm going to talk with a neurosurgeon in about a month. (not going to let him cut on me though, but they seem to be the only ones that know anything about spines..)

Stick in there! There are others out here that have the same problems!!
alpine last decade
To Johnny Boy and Alpine

Please visit the following links that may give you more information about the manner that I have helped patients who posted on the ABC with similar problems with some success.

If you have any questions that you would like to discuss after you have read them please feel free to ask.





GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease)



Joe De Livera last decade
Read these threads also

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(There are 4 threads upto part 4)

look for them on the main page of the forum, or use the search button.

gavinimurthy last decade
I think it is a simple case of Costochondroitis.

U give dry heat fomentation on the part of pain twice a day.

Avoid Cold Breeze and cold bathing.

U can take Illicium Anisatum 200 : 3 doses on 3 consequtive mornings and see the results....
drprodip last decade
i almost had similar symptoms since august 2006. but some case history first
i had chronic bronchitis/asthma since long. for some time i used ars alb 200 as per homeopath advice. it gave good results. later on i shifted to city with more dust. could not get good homeopath started using inhaler(salbutamol) it is now one per 15 days from 1 per 6 months initially . three/4 years ago i had a problem of shoulder pain(left one) it will pain as if there is an abscess in shoulder joint. then i went and met ortho the had x rays and NSAID's no relief. only my acidity increased from lower abdomen to sternum area. finally i started have numbness at left finger tips and shock sensation once in a while during driving. then i met neuro. he said it is due to spine and MRI done. it was disgnosed as spondylosis and prescibed oxytol 400 tablets. i met a homeopath with MRI he advised spigelia 30 15 doses on alternate days. it disappeared altogether.iam happy. two years later i met a homeopath for sinus, cold asthama etc. he said i have to take sulphur as constitutional remidy. it worked with respect to cold, sinus well but not much for asthma for one year. then in aug 2006 first i got mild vertigo( as per doc) he gave me vertin. it subsided. but on third day i got the this chest pain felling on the left side. i took ECG, ECHO, treadmill. ALL FINE. diagnosed as non cardiac chest pain and prescribed pantoprazole 40 mg. it worked for a week. then i went other place on duty. it came with vengeance with palpitation fear and everything. so i met homeopath who is giving me sulphur. he said take calc.carb 1 M single dose.it worked initially. i stopped pantoprazole. after some time the pain started again. like chest impacted in a accident. homepath started telling it is in mind and gave one more dose of calc.carb 10m. but still pain coming once in a while.later he gave psphylineum telling it will correct the miasma. but no relief. so i stopped and started taking pantoprazole for 30 days. the pain was mild. once i stopped it within 20 days it gain resurfaced. now in right side( lower ribs) some times in left side)in the meanwhile i got endoscopy. no ulcer and nothing what i observed is i get sever shooting pain in some postures. when i get pain if change posture it will disappear within min. further if i sit with little haunched back i fell mild numbness on the left side spine around thoracic region. if i sit upright it will go. some times i feel mild uncomfort that pain is somehow going up to throat on the left side. the pain is around left armpits to sternum around 4-5 rib. if one touches it mild pain will be there. i met a neuro guy. he said it may not be due to spine( recurring of spondylosis) asked me take tizan for a week. i took. one or two days fine later it is as usual. now iam again testing it myself taking pantoprazole after a serious pain on right and left side three days back.re lief is there. i will stop it after two days and see. does anyone out there any idea about this
veera last decade
For the first 32 yrs of my life, I was told, in spite of my intermittent severe gut pain and daily diarrhea, that I was 'just fine.' The doctors could find nothing wrong, although the tests finally got to the barium swallows, etc. School and 50-60 min on a school bus twice a day were a nightmare for me! As an adult, a doctor finally suggested that I 'seek counseling.' By that time, I was about to do that on my own!
The psychiatrist that I saw dismissed me by the 3rd visit, finding nothing out of the ordinary.
At 32, my husband had cancer (lost the back of one leg from knee to buttocks) and I had 3 children under 5, including a nursing newborn.
After losing 20 lbs in record time (3 wks?), I was barely able to walk on my own and couldn't remember the beginnings of my sentences well enough to finish them. I could not eat anything without severe gut pain and finally, vomiting. I was admitted to a hospital for 10 days of testing.
I came home in 45 days, having had emergency surgery to save my life. At worst, I weighed 75 lbs. I also had a diagnosis (Crohns) and most complications available to abdominal surgery, including 3 separate infections, with all of which they sent me home to my recovering husband and young children. We all survived.
I had had a full and totally infected blockage in the small intestine, and am now missing a significant portion of that organ, plus some of the large intestine. Had anyone thought to check the small bowel during any of the GI flouroscopes, they might have seen it years before, but no one did. They checked from mouth to duodenum, and they checked large bowel. The fact that my father had 'regional enteritis' (a previous name for Crohns) could have been a clue, but someone had already labeled that as non-hereditary. Since his 3 daughters have now been diagnosed, all 4 of my children and 1 of my sister's have been diagnosed, I question that non-hereditary conclusion.
Bottom line is that you cannot depend on allopathic medicine to find out what's wrong in many cases, let alone how to make it right again, unless things get truly extreme. In saving my life by way of exploratory surgery done by an inexperienced resident, the medical men also compromised my recovery in just about every way possible. It took a nutritionist to put me back in working order several months later.
Each person has his/her own physical system, and each is different. By persistent trial and error, and ongoing study of the human systems as they are thought to work by others who have studied and observed before me, I have come up with some ways to help myself, and I have lived through 2 bowel resections, altho allopaths did not believe it would be possible either time.
Keep reading on your own, keep in touch with doctors and other wise people who have made real health studies a priority in their lives, and develop an unwavering faith that you will win. Your body is yours to care for, and you didn't come here to lose.
Homeopathy and Essential Oils, plus the expanded chiropractic and massage therapies available in my area have done more to make my life as normal as it can be than any drug or invasive, painful allopathic idea. I am grateful to the allopaths for whatever good things they have done, but I continue to seek more natural means to increase health.
Stress is almost always a major factor in chronic diseases or conditions-- may not cause them, but surely aggravates them-- and you always have a choice about how you feel about something. Use your power to reason and choose well. And when you go to doctors for answers, remember they are only human (not gods, as some seem to believe), and they are working in a world of time constraints, drug companies and their own problems, just like everyone else. Also just like everyone else, they may see those of us who present problems that are not easily solved as a lot 'less fun' or at least less appealing than the people who run to doctors for problems that are obvious, with symptoms that pills will cover quickly, and who want only that.
Congratulations on your weight loss; healthy food and exercise can do wonders! You might also read up on pH levels within the body. One last thing, altho I realize the risk in writing it: since your body is obviously requesting help in the health department, please throw out the cigarettes and never look back. Best to you!
oreilley last decade
I don't want to alarm you but I was reading your forum and everything that you have been through, I have also in the past five years. Not in the same order but everything! It finally came down to this I had a doctor do a brain scan, and finally a diagnosis. It was/is Multiple Scherosis. My doctors had me on so many meds heart meds,fibrmyalgia, muscle relaxers- but now Copaxone for MS you might be at the earlier stages of MS. My medicine has worked wonders even though I went 5 yrs. without knowing and like that- anxiety you name it but don't work yourself up as that is one of the things that exacerbates the disease stay calm and focused and talk to doctor (neurologist) good luck hope all is well :)Tracie
countrysoul4 last decade
I am sure you mus have got these blood tests done but still a doubt:have you got yourself examined for autoimmune disorders? these are normally indicated through high ESR, a rather crude test. Subsequently, ANA, Coomb's test, creative protein etc are done.
Autoimmune paients are often told that things are in their had and these disorders are amongst most wrongly diagnoised ones.
i question last decade

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