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BIRD FLU - How to avoid infection

Bird flu – (H5N1) transmittable through depression

Why has mankind reached another crisis? Is there something wrong with our principles? Is it still possible to correct the situation?

People often ask these questions the fear of the future is great. A brief answer to those questions is: in order to move on to the future it is necessary and possible to improve the past. We (you) only have to know and to accept the laws of nature and start living by them!

I had many question from my patients and pupils who are familiar with my teachings, regarding the outbreak of the BIRD FLU also known as H5N1 and the implications for us humans.

Although being cautioned by the moderator of this forum that some of my posting were long, I will try to shine some light on how you can prevent an attack of the viral disease called the BIRD FLU.

First of all let me start by saying that we should start to eat honey, every day a tea spoon of honey, from grandma I would say. Many homeopathic stores are selling home made honey, it’s the best there is. Honey - nature wonder – provides balanced ingredients, perfect love and warmth.

As I am privileged in being a physician as well as a healer, I will reserve to myself the right to try and analyze this problem. In today’s world it often seems unbelievable to a practically-minded person that it would be possible to accomplish anything more than a noble gesture by FORGIVING. It is hard to comprehend something that you can’t see. Even healers seem reluctant to accept this. Healing with hands is at least visible action – so it has to work. This sort of healing is just the beginning, though. But the person whose spirit is opening up and who is yearning to do some good believes, and his action is rewarded by good health, well-being and success.
Up to now, mankind has lived on the level of its instincts. During this time only 5-6% of the potential of the human brain has been put to use. It has been learning through suffering. For the last 2000 years, the human brain has been ready to open up but at this point in time, necessity has grown into inevitability. The Human kind is standing at a crossroads those who will accept teaching and are willing to learn will continue onwards. Those who don’t… will go back.

Bird flu will attack those who are depressed, when I looking at those countries where it started, I see that a population that is depressed, no future, no freedom. Indonesia, Thailand, (the resent tsunami) Vietnam, Korea, China and Cambodia. A perfect breeding ground for a new type of flu. Although H5N1 is still in its transformation stage it will not take long before it has reached its final stage. As we know from history the Spanish pandemic of 1918-1919 killed a devastating amount of people. Looking back at it I see years of depression, no food, no future, and no freedom.

Flu and pneumonia are caused by depression and appears when there are arguments, fights and a lot of yelling, or else and angry silence in the family.

If only we could release our depression for other people’s lack of understanding, if we could recognize its meaning then all the tragic comedy of our lives would fall away from us.
Our ego grows together with our learning and before we know it, our feeling of self-esteem has grown into egotism. Not many people will be ready to admit it, though.

A ready to fight attitude, springing to defense at every critical word and opinion, fighting for one’s divinity and extreme eagerness to prove one’s own good intent and the dishonorable intent of others together with the tendency to see the worst in every situation mark the growth of the ego. “Me, only me and nobody else but me is right”!
At the same time a person like that is depressed for the others’ lack of understanding, the missing human relationship, the breaking of friendships and marriages.

It is often that somebody not happy with his life, sincerely wanting to understand and change it, doesn’t even notice to what extend he would like to control the body and mind of his partner. To say nothing about making the other feel like his private property, he will wear his partner out with his constant attention and questions, demanding a report on his every thought and sigh. The person (government) feeling a need to keep an eye on his partner all the time doesn’t realize that his guilt is making him act this way. He doesn’t understand that the mind of a person under a lot of strain will grow numb and all he needs then is a good rest.

“People have grown so awful these days,” such a person will complain without stopping to think that among all others, he is passing judgment on himself.

Depression is anger, suppressed by fear.

We feel depressed for the sake of other people and can’t understand why we have to make an effort to communicate. We don’t see that we are leading people astray with our false smiles while inexplicable jealousy keeps gnawing at our heart.

We don’t understand why our upper back aches and feels heavy and why we are hounded by recurring viral infections. The reason for this is that our anger, suppressed by fear, closes down the back part of the heart chakra, governing our will-power. Depression suppresses the love energy’s will to love.

Depression is the cause of flu

Depression allows the viral infection to do its job, to attract our intention to the fact that depression has to be released. Good manners demand good communication skills as this is the base of all business activities. The ability to communicate well is considered to be a sign of a good mind. Let go of your depression and your communication will become effortless and effective. Polite clichés and well mannered smiles coupled with a cold and calculating mind may seem all right on the outside but in the inside, a terrible feeling of emptiness is creeping close. A warm heart and greediness cannot go hand in hand. Everybody has the freedom of choice.
If you choose love, you’ll get wealth thrown in later on, while the person who chooses to be greedy will be left without love.

A depressed person (nation) will fall in desperation, lose all hope and trust. Or, he will get mad at all the sad, desperate and hopeless people around. It comes down to the same thing – people like that, when falling ill with the flu, complain about their head, most of all. These are people who are easily irritated by empty small talk full of banalities. Feeling unable to have their say, they will grow restless. In case they say out what’s on their mind, their throat will not get ill. But if they scream out what’s been bothering them then their anger will cause them angina. The high temperature that accompanies viral infections helps the body burn up anger; illnesses with fevers are the best kind of fire to purify the system of its negativity.

Viral infections become more toxic nowadays, their destruction becoming more visible to the eye as the depression of mankind grows deeper by the year. Ten years ago politics made people mad in a different way than today. When years ago we made our own Christmas presents to our nearest and dearest and felt better for that then now we feel obliged to earn their love by getting them store-bought expensive gifts but somehow we always find ourselves running out of money. The result is the Christmas time outbreak of flu.

The deeper and more hopeless the desperation, the more serious the infection. It has to be understood that the world doesn’t take a turn to the better unless we are brave enough to take the first step and start correcting our own way of thinking. The person who lets go of his desperation will not be bothered by low resources or viral infections.
The fear of not being loved paints all sorts of devils on the wall to teach us to be brave. It doesn’t mean to drive us crazy. Not being able to understand the word for what it is and going out of our minds for that is our problem. Instead of learning to take courage we get angry and make our body ill, nor knowing that it is waiting for our apology. We demand that someone make it all better but don’t realize that the only ones who can do it, are ourselves.

As long there are men and women, there is mankind. We may want to accomplish the most incredible feats, to achieve the unachievable but without the whole made up by man and woman mankind will cease to exist. The crisis of this civilization is the crisis of materialism.
Learn to release your stresses – think, seek and find. There is no reason to be depressed for the sake of others, learn to be happy with what you got, and start building from there, and notice how others will grow with you.
Much more can be said about viral diseases, flu’s and pneumonia’s, however, to avoid Bird Flu infection – release your depressions – fear and angers.

The full transition of the bird flu virus whereby the capability of the virus to bind to human cells will be completed early 2009!

  Alexthink on 2006-01-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Seems to be labouring the obvious.

Also SOME people are allergic to honey.

Stress is a cause of many ills.

Anyone with a healthy immune system has the best defense against bird flu.

Take a look at the posting on ... immune system , organic cotton wool.
walkin last decade
I have been working through a process of forgiveness but would love to see if there was perhaps a better technique then what I am doing. Dr Beek, when you have time, please give me your process. Mine involves a lot of writing and correcting negatives with positives and releasing.
Thank you.
foxielady last decade
Hello Foxielady,

please send me an email, my address is onder my profile. I would like to hear more, and in case you have an illnesses please let me know.
ill can send you then some information
Alexthink last decade

Why can you not just post your process to the forum?

moderator last decade
Dear simon,

I would love to post the topic of forgiving on the forum, I'm afraid to receive your comment's because it will be a long one!

However, Forgiving can be explained in general - the steps "on how to forgive" are for everybody the same, if a person wants to start a healing process through forgiving he needs to located the cause that has resulted in a disease, the patient needs to learn to find the cause and next he can start to communicate with his body and start to release the illness.

by staying in contact with your body, the disease will not return.
Alexthink last decade
Dear Alex,

We don't like people to ask people to contact them for advice as, for the patients' safety, it's often best if the advice is open to scrutiny. I realise that what you're offering isn't dangerous, but in the past, we've had, for example, people advising diabetics to stop taking insulin.

We also like to avoid off-topic posts - particularly if they are very long. As Foxielady has asked for your information, then that makes it relevent, so please feel free to post away.

What we also like to avoid is having duplicates of the same post all over the place, so, if somebody else posts about bird flu - or how to generaly boost their immune system, we prefer it if you point them to this post rather than posting the whole thing again on another post.

Best Wishes,
moderator last decade
Thanks Simon,

I will try to shorten it, or do it in stages,

again thanks
Alexthink last decade
Actually I think, respectfully that you should begin a new thread on the subject of forgiveness. If you do not have your process of forgiveness in writing, this will be an excellent way to begin to do so. Perhaps you can even think of a book with this and your experiences! Forgiveness is a difficult area for many people and they have a hard time understanding where to start. In fact it can be overwhelming to many especially when you speak of major dysfunctions such as alcoholics parental units, drug addictive parental units, and worse. (No need to write everything, Im sure you all get the drift)
Our muscles do carry emotions within and can affect how we feel. I do believe our physical being takes on those emotional burdens just like stress is formed in a negative way through our bodies.
Through different methods of many soul, we can learn what works naturally for each of us. As a scholar, I tend to read many views in order to figure out what works for me and try not to rely on just one person's ideals.
foxielady last decade
Dear Foxielady,

I've just started to put together a explanation on the suject of forgiving I hope next week to post it under a new topic called
Healing by forgiving
Alexthink last decade
i forgive u for waisting of our best time,thank u .You for give us for telling u truth,nothing but real truth.
princeofnoland last decade
Dear princeofnoland,

the truth is something that is discovered everyday among those who sincerely try to find it.
Alexthink last decade
Dear Dr. Beek,
I agree with your article. and Depression will reduce the immunity of the body. and depression is the cause of creating all the other disease.
dr. deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
I do agree that diseases are the result of unresolved specific events of life. EFT is a better way to treat those events of fear, anxiety,depression,anger,guilt etc.etc. I have been using it for last 4 months with quick,long lasting results.It can also be used to improve the performance - to achieve the desired performance in this case immunity level.
However, I dont undermine the use of homoeopathic/biochemic medicines .
asknikhil last decade

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