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Allergic Rhinitis

Suffering from allergic Rhinitis since 6 yrs. Violent Sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose,itchy palate and throat. Feel blocked nose while lying down. Unwell feeling throughout day because of cold. Trigger is exposure to cold. Now recently started feeling breathless too. Attacks in the early morning. Kindly suggest remedy. Condition improved after taking Gelsemium since last 1 month but addition was breathless feeling.
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  Sulagnaa on 2015-07-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
more information is needed to help you.please answer the following with as much detail as possible.

1 Name
2 Age
3 sex
4 Height and Weight
5 Main problem
6 Any other problem
7 The problem is better or worse from (heat/cold/movement/rest/pressure)
8.Appetite and thirst (excessive/ normal/less) with likes and dislikes for different tastes and food.
9 Preference for climate (hot/moderate/cold/dry/wet)
10 quantity and quality of sleep with preffered position.
11 dreams if any.
12 Perspiration (how much and where)
13 Stool (hard/soft/normal) and frequency.
14 Urine (quantity/colour/frequency) difficulty if any.
15 Describe yourself as a person.
16 Opinion of other people close to you about yourself (extremely helpful to the doctor if provided)
17 Family medical history (parents/ grand parents/brothers/sisters)
18 Treatment taken in the past.
19 present medication if any
20. any other information you would like to provide.
telescope 6 years ago
5 Main problem : allergic sneezing early morning, tingling in nose,violent sneezing, severe runny nose, f sniffling full day, sneezing stops in 15-20 min. bbut regular attacks,sneezing starts with cold air. Nose block while lying down. Recently breathless feeling started.
6 Any other problem : High BP, on medication. Dandruff
7 The problem is better or worse from (heat/cold/movement/rest/pressure) : worse with cold
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Sulagnaa 6 years ago
please take one dose Calcarea Carb 200 preferably at night. do not take BP medicine after calcarea carb and measure BP next morning. if your BP comes to normal do not use BP medicine. otherwise continue. do not eat or drink sour things as they may interfere with medicine. update after measuring BP. do not take more than one dose.
telescope 6 years ago
i have go n buy calcarea carb. I will surelytry. But my BP is 13 yrs old. Without medicine its 220/160. With medicine its 156/95.
Kindly suggest remedy for my sneezing n regular cold
Sulagnaa 6 years ago
everything is related. there are no separate medicines for separate problems . take the medicine at night and measure BP next morning. that way you will be without BP medicine for twelve hours only.
telescope 6 years ago
Thanks for your response. I will buy the med and try
Sulagnaa 6 years ago
Brother homeopathy can completely cure rhinitis ..i have taken treatment of rhinitis. My symptom were also same.. i have milk +smoke allergy .smoke allergy is treated mostly with nux vomika and hydrasll and i will soon start a course for milk allergy ..it may take a year or more to cure allergy completely.
in my case course last for 4 months ..i take three remedies together u can also try these..
1. Turmeric three times a day ..you can also take turmeric capsules if u not like its taste.best when taken at night with milk it will give a kick start to your sleeping immunity .you can also prepare turmeric tablets with amla .but i am not sure u have to take it or not with bp for it u can consult any Ayurvedic doctor.

2 saline water. Nasal irrigation best if hard salt (red hard stone salt) is used .u can use nasal spray bottle for dis purpose or machine oil bottle which has a large nozzle.

3 Homeopathy remedies
samthakur 6 years ago
U can have a allergy relapse .after some time or it can never relapsed .if relapsed u can soon start the course again .as soon u start the course soon ur symptoms will go my friend had two relapses after treatment .he took short course of homeopathy only .now he is allergy free from 3 years
samthakur 6 years ago
Thanks Sam Thakur for ur response. 1. I want to know should I have powder turmeric commercially available one or raw turmeric. 2.how much saline water to pour? 3. What was the 3rd one you were mentioning?
Sulagnaa 6 years ago
Third one is homeopathic treatment . Its work best when your immunity will be high .the first two are just remedies for relieving symptoms turmeric can work it can also cure but it is not suitable for all i am not sure but it can also maintain your bp as it act as a blood thinner start taking turmeric with milk only take less than half teaspoon of turmeric better if you take organic turmeric with .homeopathic medicine it will provide a complete cure .consult a good homeopath
samthakur 6 years ago
High doses of turmeric can lower blood sugar or blood pressure, Ulbricht said, which means people taking diabetes or blood-pressure medication should use caution while taking turmeric supplements.
samthakur 6 years ago
Thanks Thakur for your inputs. You dint mention the point no. 3.
Sulagnaa 6 years ago
Well first of all i wanna tell u i am not a doctor who can give or inform you about medicines ..i was a allergy suffer like you i know how miserable these are ..so i am just sharing my experiences for allergy treatment ..since there is not any miracle medicine for allergy who gives you full cure in days .best allopathic medicine for allergic rhintis is a nasal spray by cipla furamist az. Its safe so you can use it for long You can use it twice a day for a month or two..then you can decrease its dose to 1 time a day or but it will not cure you but it can give you full relieve for some days or months or other one is tablets montlukst 10 mg tablet which can cause drowiness and also not very effective .these allopathic remedies only relieve your symptoms but u can give it a try .specially you should use the spray .only treatment in allopathy which can cure allergy is immunology in it small doses of a substance is given to patient that he will be allergic like if you have dust allergy then your preparation will be created from dust..it will help you to develop immunity against it..but it is a injection therapy and last for 3-5 years basically. So forget it. There is a better treatment option called oral immunology which is done by homeopathy So the better option is homeopathic course of allergies called immunology it is the only treatment available which will give you permanent cure it can give you cure in 2months to 12 months .in my case i have taken medicine only for 6 months .and now i am allergy free .it is done by combining 2-3 medicine like for nasal congestion nux vomika is given . Sang is given for sinus infection and many more which are based on your symptoms .try homeopathy for 15 days and feel the difference .consult a good homeopath..if it is not possible for you to visit a homeopath .then u can try nasal spray .dont forget to take a glass of turmeric milk at bed time in night. You can also try vitamin c tablets limcee which taste like a toffee and is a chewable 2-3 times a day. i am sure it will help .
samthakur 6 years ago
Thanks Thakur for taking time to reply. I live in Bangalore and tried in vain to find a good homeopath nearby and then searched online and I have contacted Dr. Joe De Livera on his website www.joedelivera.com. He has prescribed some medicines to me.I'll buy those by the week end and start treatment. I hope I am cured.
I will surely keep your instructions in mind and started talking turmeric.
Sulagnaa 6 years ago
How r u now any change in symptoms ??
samthakur 6 years ago
Hi all, I got very good results by taking Eupatorium perforatum 200 in wet dose as advised by Joe De Livera. These days I almost don't sneeze and my susceptibility to cold also has reduced.
Sulagnaa 6 years ago
hi sulagna,

actually in my research I found a herbal tablets for high bloodpessure which really help like a miracle. I live in orissa, india and I research about blood pressure remedy which can controll without allopathy Medcine. trust me I got benifit and it's my own experience..

but that remedy is give some cold and sneezing but there is also a way that how chronic cold people can take that. I don't share that remedy more in this forum because people think allopathy is only the one solution for blood pressure but not that. in future when u will free from cold and rhinitis I will tell that miracle herbal remedy.. I can tell u now but I know u will try it and may get cold but now I am going to tell you 2 simple things if u can do it u will see the results..

every day morning if possible just take 5 leaf of holy basil ( tulsi ka leaf) and tale one spoon honey on your right palm. take 5 leaf and start chewing then just take the honey also.. do it for 1 month u will see how it control the cold. do it in empty stomach in evening

one more tips if you have no indigestion or gastric problem just every day morning chew only 2 Clove of raw garlic. it will not only check the cold but also controll the blood pressure.. remember if u have acid, or any indigestion problem please don't do that.. if u work in office it may problem due to mouth bed smell but you can take some mouth fresher.

if u stay in bangalore just try to find tulsi plant and keep in your home or if u not find then another way in evening you can go any tirupati balaji temple and there Prasad are tulsi leaf you can eat them after taking from puja Prasad. I was in bangalore. there is temple in BTM where u can find this.

if it's not possible then I will prescribe a mother tincture of tulsi ( homeopathy remedy) you can take it for good health.

trust me about blood pressure remedy I research here and many people quit allopathy Medcine too.

what your age?

you male or female?

don't take bath without oil massage in body. avoid coconut oil it give cold. pure mustard oil is best but u r staying in bangalore and may not like to apply mustard oil. so use olive oil (jack olivol from HL brand). it not only nourish your body it also give a good skin.

regarding herbal remedy for bp we will discuss once your cold is cure..

take care,
sabkamalik1 6 years ago
Turmeric can also work best for bp= to bp medicine its my personal experience
samthakur 6 years ago
yes u r right.
sabkamalik1 6 years ago
Thanks Sam Thakur and Sabkamalik1 for your inputs. Tulsi leaf and turmeric both are very good for immunity against cold and BP respectively. I will surely incorporate them in my system.
Sulagnaa 6 years ago

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