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Telescope, would you still be willing to work with me?

I've been recovering from CFS for about 8 months I also have Epstein Barr, hypoglycemia, and IBS. I am slowly improving and have just begun homeopathic remedies to assist my recovery. I appreciate any guidance. Thank you!
  artlover on 2015-08-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please post your case.
telescope 8 years ago
Thank you. My current symptoms are adrenal burnout, tiredness and fatigue, difficulty staying asleep, inability to exert much physical energy without crashing, occasional night sweats, pain in neck and right shoulder, low blood sugar, brain fog, muscle weakness, inability to gain weight, gas and bloating most days, occasional light headedness, intolerance to heat and humidity, sensitivity to bright light (artificial light) and sound. Cool air helps me feel better. Warm, stagnant air or closed in spaces make me feel much worse. When I sleep well (about 7-8 hours) I feel almost normal. Sleep has begun to improve a little here and there tho I typically sleep about 5-6 hours and it’s common for me to feel like sleep is not restful.

The fatigue, intolerance to heat and irritable bowel has plagued me most of my life but the low blood sugar started 30 years ago with my pregnancy and the shoulder pain started 20 years ago with my divorce. About 4 years ago I started a very stressful administration position with my church. Then, everything became much worse since menopause and a car accident simultaneously onset about 2 years ago. 8 months ago I came home from work extremely exhausted. I quit my job. I currently work for my church from home only 7 hours per week. Without the stress of an administration position and because I live with my parents and I don’t worry about a mortgage, I feel better but I’ve still been limited. Some days I feel fairly well but still need to take rests thru the day and I can only walk about 10 minutes before I tire out. Standing is tiring.

I am not diabetic, but I am hypoglycemic and need to be sure that I eat every 3 hours. I crave salt, and I love sweet but I only use stevia for my sweet tooth since it doesn’t harm my blood sugar. I am moderately thirsty, my tongue and taste buds seem normal, and my current blood pressure is 110/70. I don’t take any meds.

A situation that had a big effect on me was my pregnancy 30 years ago. I had contractions early on and my delivery was with complications. I hemorraghed and almost died. I never felt like myself after that. My divorce also had a huge effect on me as well as a car accident 2 years ago and onset of menopause.

I had asthma in the past and was taking inhalers and short term prednisone but I got sicker and sicker and a homeopathic physician put me on pulsitilla. I weaned off the meds and my asthma disappeared in time.

Mind-behavior I guess is best described as usually kind and patient, sweet and compassionate on the outside. Basically I’m pretty easy going. On the inside I think I am always trying to remain as peaceful as possible because conflict exhausts me. I like to be compassionate and understanding. People say I’m a good listener and they’re very comfortable telling me things they can’t tell anyone else. When I don’t feel well, tho, I can be obsessed with worry. I worry about money, my parents getting older and needing my help, and I fear pain and illness. Occasionally I hold in stuff because I’m trying to “keep myself together” and eventually I get overwhelmed and then RARELY it just comes out like a burst – tears, feelings, frustration, struggling, why is life so hard???, etc etc. I usually am quickly back to self again after letting it out, tho.

I love alone time but after a while I need to be with people. I meditate a lot. I don’t need a lot of stimulation in fact I avoid it pretty much like the plague. However, I used to dance and I loved that kind of stimulation once in awhile. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so my jobs have been ones in which I don’t just do a good job, I expect myself to do a DAMN good job. I would not be comfortable with public speaking unless I did a whole lot of preparation before hand and I’m passionate about the topic I’m speaking on. I tend to hate being rushed but I find myself doing things quickly when I feel good. I’m rather independent. Men are usually more clingy than I mostly because I hate feeling pressured, but I suffer greatly if I lose a relationship and I tend to try to work things out until I have nothing more in me.

Urine is light yellow (I do take a high B complex multi every day), stool is brown, saliva is clear, no pus. I do feel constipated much of the time. The best way I can describe is that my stool is somewhat hard and I have very slow motility so I take a lot of things (magnesium, prunes, fresh fruits and vegetable juices, whole grains, etc) to help me stay regular which is only every other day and then it’s not easy. Digestion is very slow and I have gas and bloating issues. It takes about 5 hours or more for me to feel like I can lay down after a meal. If I don’t do that I end up with gas pains on the right side that can be excruciating. The bloating and pain is always in the intestinal area (below the waist). I never have reflux or typical acid issues. I’m allergic to dairy and gluten so I stay away from them as well as foods like bean, cabbage, broccoli, etc.

I do not have periods any longer.

I am not pregnant.

OH, I had an unidentified virus at 4 years old. It was so bad that I was in the hospital with a fever so high it was over 105 and they packed me in ice. They didn't seem to be able to do much for me so I lived with my grandfather who was a chiropractor, naprapath and aquarian age healer. He took care of me and when I was well enough, sent me home. That was a significant time in my life. Don't know if it had anything to do with Epstein Barr but the doctor who took the blood tests and found EB said I could have had it most of my life and didn't know until now.

I am 58 years old, female, divorced and weigh 98 pounds. My height is 5’4”.
artlover 8 years ago
do you remember how Pulsatilla affected you ?
telescope 8 years ago
Specifically, I'm not sure but I didn't have any negative effects and I always considered it profoundly helpful in my recovery. My body was clearing out a lot of stuff from my lungs and I was calmer and more connected to my body. There were other things I was doing simulaneously like lymphatic massage and chiropractic so I wasn't sure how each thing contributed to my healing.
artlover 8 years ago
please take one dose PULSATILLA 1 M.
avoid all sour food and drinks as they may interfere with medicine.
let me know after 3 days how you feel.
telescope 8 years ago
OK, I will need to order the 1M strength which is not a problem but it will take a few days to come in. There isn't any place nearby that sells that dosage. I do have Pulsatilla already in 6X. I assume that's not strong enough. If there is some way I can use that, let me know. If not, I'll go ahead and order the 1M.
artlover 8 years ago
6x will not do. it is too low.
telescope 8 years ago
Ok, I'll order it right away and let you know when it comes in.
Thank you.
artlover 8 years ago
The Pulsatilla 1M arrived. Please specify how many pellets equal 1 dose. Thank you.
artlover 8 years ago
4 or 5 pellets is one dose. you can take directly or dissolved in half a cup of mineral water.
telescope 8 years ago
I have taken a dose of the pulsatilla 1M and have been taking note of how I have felt in the last 3 day. Not sure if it's related, but at first I felt relaxed, and then quickly after that I felt more tired. I was also warmer and having more hot flashes. I also had a reoccurance of heart palpitations. Doing better today.
artlover 8 years ago
fine. pulsatilla 1m is good for 30 days.
telescope 8 years ago
So, I should take it for 30 days?
artlover 8 years ago
no. it means no more medicine for 30 days.
telescope 8 years ago
Oh! ok thanks.
artlover 8 years ago
Should I not take any other kind of homeopathic remedy for 30 days? I'm having some increased insomnia and I'm wondering if I could try a product called "Quietude" which is a mixture of homeopathic remedies. Or is there anything else you would recommend? Or am supposed to stay off anything for 30 days?
artlover 8 years ago
please take one dose SULPHUR 200.
you cannot take more than one medicine at one time.
update after 2 days.
telescope 8 years ago

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