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bad breath

Symptoms: Halitosis, acid reflux (burning in esophogus at night, lactose intolerant and follow a no dairy diet. I have a chonic post-nasal drip, but had sinuses checked out and they are normal. Dentists says my teeth and gums look great. Dr. want to take my tonsils out, but I want this to be my last option - I hear it's very painful and some people say it didn't cure themir breath problem.

Here is my latest theory of what my be going on. I think all my symptoms are related. I think I my have a food allergy to gluten or wheat and this is causing my immune system to weaken which is causing the post-nasal drip, which is causing the bad breath. It is also causing me to have gastritis which is causing the acid reflux. How does that sound to you. Is all this possible. I do notice I get VERY bloated when I eat cakes and muffins and I just thought all along that they must have been made with milk. I can tell you that when I eat a lot of soy I get huge pimples under my chin.
  lissas on 2006-01-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
we will cure you . you are advice to take the merc sol 6 daily three doses for a long period. and report to us time to time your improvement.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
I am surprised how DR.SHARMA prescribed MERC SOL,
this patient should be given LYCOPODIUM, on the basis of the given symptoms,
please take LYCOPODIUM 30 thrice a day for 3 days,
then report about the progress.
best wishes for you,
drsajid last decade
First you continue the dr. sajjid prescription after that bad breath will not be ok then shift to Merc sol.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade

sorry about the delay in getting back to your email. I'm suffering from tonsil stones which was brought on by the PND. I have an ordor coming out from the nasal passages. Its coming out with every breath its a death sentence. I've have every test and I come up clean. Tonsil stones or tonsiliths also give off a serious smell aswell and offten that could be the cause. Taking out the tonsil could be the solution but then again I don't know....not a doctor...I'm insearch of the answer just like you. I've tried everything and nothing worked. The only thing that I''m looking into is getting my tonsils out. Have you gotten your tonsils out yet? If so, have you noticed a change in the way your throat, tongue and breath feeels let me know. Also, is it true that when the people you know had their tonsils removed they still had bad breath?

man-man last decade
To man-man, I chickened out on getting my tonsils out. I didn't want to go through the awful recovery with a little one to take care of. Also, I'm not so sure that this is my problem because I hardly get the stones anymore. I think it might be coming from my stomach. I'm getting an endoscopy in two weeks. I tell you what has helped. I bought a nasal irregation kit online and I use it once in the morning and once at night with three fourths table spoon of nonidonized salt and one half TB baking soda. It really cuts out the PND dramatically. Also it has a water pick that I use on my tonsils. I'm not allergic to anything so I do not know why I get PND. My dr. said I had non-allergic rhinitis and gave me a nose spray called Astilin. We'll see if it works.
lissas last decade
To lissas, I understand. As i read this forum I kept checking to see if i had tonsil stones because once in awhile one or two would come out. BUt then I took it a step further and started squeezing my tonsils and as a result a yellow/white pus came out. It was a shock but I didn't notice it just by looking at the surface of my tonsils. After 30 mins it just kept coming out and three days after I had horrible breath but it was the same nasty taste I 've been tasting for the past year. I got an endoscopy this past week and I get the offical result back in two weeks but the doc told my generally my problem is not coming from my stomach. He said it was Stage 1 of acid reflux...mild but it was not the cause of the bad breath. I got a CT of my sinuses and it was clear. I do the nasal irrigation aswell but it only provides temporary relief. But it still feels good after I use it. The water pick I use hurts my tonsils so i try not to use it on them often. As for the nasal sprays...they will provide temporary relief but try not to use them too much becuse you'll start to get bad sinus headaches. I did find something about a laser treatment in Texas which I'm actually thinking about checking in on. Here's the address: http://www.ivanhoe.com/channels/p_channelstory.cfm?storyid=8...

I will be calling later on today to get info. Also, I will be going to discuss with my ent doctor about getting the tonsils out. I'll let you know how it works out.
man-man last decade
for "Haliotosis" , please check the following link :


Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
I wanted the laser surgery, but no one does it around here. Let me know what they tell you today. I will travel to Texas if I have to. The wierd thing is my hubby and my mom do nt smell it??? But my students and my friends are always commenting on it - is that wierd or what??? Is my hubby immune to it or something??? Anyhow, I will have to try and squeze my tonsils - how do you do that??? One of them is big and I can push on it with the back of my toothbrush - the other is too small...L
lissas last decade
Close friends and my mom that can't smell it aswell. They just think I'm crazy about it...paranoid. I lost a relationship because of it(it wasn't serious though). But when I get to work, on the train, just out in public...differnent reactions. My theory....certain people you spent alot of time with tend to become numb to your smell. Or the sense of smell is not as strong as the next persons. Its pretty much the same reason we can't smell our own bad breath other than our morning breath.

man man
man-man last decade
Hi man-man and lissas,
I have the same problems very bad breath and a horrible smell from my nostrils with every breath I take. I have been told I have acid reflux/GERD and was diagnosed with chronic rhinitis. I also have RA and take NSAIDS that are believed to have caused ulcers. Like the two of you, my children and immediate family do not notice,but my co-workers are brutal to the point of harassment and strangers have commented (not to directly to me but about me and some are pretty harsh)I am taking Zertek orally and using Nasonex spray twice a day. This has done wonders for the rhinitis but on occasion it flares up. I am using Zantac 150 for the reflux/gerd but it is my guess something more serious is going on. I am planning to consult a gastrointestinal specialist. With the exception of going to work and school I have isolated completely. I have gotten into the habit of covering my mouth when I speak and I even hold my breath for long periods trying not to breath when someone is facing me. You're right this is a death sentence. I am now divorced after a 15 year marriage and totally gun shy when it comes to dating, so I don't. I will try some of the remedies that have been posted. If anything changes I will let you know. Good Luck.
Ms. Vee last decade
Let's keep in touch and maybe we can solve the mystery to our awful plight. I wasn't able to schedule my endoscopy for a couple of months. I can tell you that that nose spray did give me headaches like you said man-man. Too bad because it seemed to cut out the post nasal drip. I LOVE the sinus irregation kit. It's well worth the $100!!! I still think I have halitosis, even though my mom and husband couldn't smell it. I chew Big Red all the time because it seems to help the best and minty things are bad for your tummy. Also, that fake sugar is bad for your tummy too. Let me know what helps you guys... L
lissas last decade
Hello Lissas and Ms.Vee,
Lissas I called the Center in Dallas and really didn't get any answers. I would first have to get an initial consultation from the doctors at the center then they would have to make a decision as to the laser treatment. I'm going to my ENT Dr. this Friday and I'm going to give him the information about this center and see if he can do anything. Also I'm going to talk to him about getting my tonsils out. I believe that the PND is causing the tonsils stones/tonsiliths which are definitly reeking with ordor when you pick or pull them out of the mouth.

I have not gotten my complete results from my yet Endoscopy but they told my that I have Grade I reflux(Silent Reflux) which the doctor told me that it is not related to my bad breath. I got and allergy test two fridays ago and i found outhe I allergic to dust mites and mold which confirms that the leak I had in my apartment two years ago started this. I couldn't even finnish my allergy tests because I had high blood pressure 140/100. They checked it 4x and it was still 140/100 until it went down to 140/95. They inform me that the high blood pressure affects the tests. I have to go back and finnish my tests. But in the meantime I now have to go to my pcp to check out my pressure and have to take meds to get to down. I was really shocked because when i went in to get my Endoscopy exam my pressure was fine. I believe my pressure went up because the stress in worrying about my breath...every day all day.

Ms Vee, I also started to isolate myself aswell. I haven't been out on a date in two years. That goes for a resturant, the movies and any public place that would draw any attention to me. I'm 34 years old and i'm in the prime of my career and my life...i have to change this.

lissas, try using listerine 2 to 3 times a day. It is said to kill bacteria.

I also checked the Halitosis link and I may try that aswell.

But on a serious note...I think the tonsils are the key. Getting rid of the tonsils may help get rid of the bad breath. Read this section: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/39270/

it runs from page 1 thru 31 and its a interesting read. Although, I haven't found anyone who has PND with nasal ordor that had his/her tonsils removed.

I can deal with having PND but I must get rid of the bad breath. I can sacrifice my tonsils to see what happens. Hell, I know people with bad breath but why don't they have bad breath?????!?!?!?! Thanks for letting me ramble.
man-man last decade
Before I get the tonsils removed I'm going to finnish my tests. Also, from what I read on the other links...this will affect us in different ways. Those nasal sprays don't work for me but I feel great after i do the nasal irrigation. So we have to keep that in mind. But I will still keep my head up. Still rambling.
man-man last decade
Hi man-man ~ I feel your frustration. I too have known people with tonsil stones and pnd and they too don't have bad breath. Sometimes I think that the problem is that I have too many sulfer compunds in my siliva and when they sense the post nasal drip they overact. I think this because I think my breath smells like poop. I joined a mommies' group out here and they are always checking their little ones' diapers when I'm talking to them. How's that for the self esteem?!!! I've had more horrible incidences happen to me and have heard so many hurtful comments over the years that I've become numb to them. I refuse to let it ruin my life. I still go do the things I want to do. Lately I've been telling people around me about it just so they know that I know and so they'll be a little more understanding about it.
If you get a tonsillectomy I'll be interested in seeing if it knocks out the problem. If so, I will get one right away and not chicken out this time. Please keep in touch with me. If this post closes please start a new one and let me know... L
lissas last decade
Lissas, I don't know what my breath smells like. But at one time when I was puting my water bottle up to my mouth...I smelled a nasty smell like mildew.

I started to tell some of my friends about what I'm going through because they noticed that I dropped out of sight. They refuse to let me do it by calling and dropping in unexpected to snatch me out of my apartment and take me out. I try and not let it get to me but it does. I get the comments at work but I have no choice to ignore it and keep my head up. I've only been dealing with this for two years and I feel very sorry that you have been dealing with it much longer. I feel for everyone. I just can't deal with this anymore that I have.

I talk to the ENT this coming friday and I see where it goes from there. I'll keep intouch.
man-man last decade

Its been along time since we spoke. Emailing to give you an update. On July 11, 2006 I had my Tonsils removed. I was out of work for approximatetly two weeks. The really didn't have alot of pain at all only an irritated throat after the surgery. The doctor informed me that my tonsils were bad upon removal. Post-op...they tell you to drink lot of water to keep your scabs soft to keep them from tearing while healing...or from developing an infection. There will be excessive mucus build-up and bad breath during the healing process which will subside later on. Then you have the pain killers and the anti-biotics yourtake aswell. I feel alot better as a result of the surgery. Results are as follows: I have the taste back in my mouth...my hearings better...I can taste/smell toothpaste on my tongue now...no dry tongue or mouth...my urge to swallow everytime I felt mucus in the back of my throat was gone...head feels completely open. My over-all feeling is good.

Now the problems or concerns I have. The doctor informed me when they usually take out your tonsils, they remove your adnoids aswell. As you probably know, adniods are the spongy-like tonsils right in the back of your nasal passages. Their fuction is the same as the tonsils in the mouth. Absorb the bad stuff. Well as you get older the adnoids tend shrink to nothing. In some if not all people from age 5 or older. In my CAT and CT-scans my adnoids appeared to be small and non-exsistant. My doctor informed me that he will take my adnoids out during the surgery if nessasary only if they are large enough to remove. I informed him if they are small to please remove them anyway because I want everything related or would be a cause of infection/bad breath/tonsilstones/etc... removed anyway. Hell, cut away that area just to remove it. Well, my adnoids were not removed because he informed me that they were small. Well my first day back at work was this past Thursday, July, 27, 2006. After sitting at my desk for a while and noticing the reactions of my co-workers, I believe that the main reason I got my tonsils removed for wasn't solved. Nasal Odor! I believe I still have nasal odor. As a result of not getting my adnoids removed the odor is still there. I'm not sure how bad it is but I don't believe it was as bad as before. When I went on my my 1st post-op doc's visit before returning to work. I informed the doctor that I still believe that I have nasal odor. He informed me that I'm still healing(and healing well) so lets see how it goes and to return in two months if I still believe I have nasal odor.

In my case I don't think the surgery was a complete failure because I feel really good. The odor in my mouth is gone. I stick my figure in my mouth and rib in the tonsil area to see if I would smell any thing...negative. I noticed the reactions in people were not the same anymore when I talked to them face to face. I will start to use ebsom salt to gargle with in the morning/night. Cut down on eating a couple of hours before I go to sleep. Also, someone suggested using 'oil of oregano'...which I will do alittle research on before using...why not! I want to start a routine that will help me. I just want my life back...I want to feel good again about myself and get out and see the world very slowly.

But I just believe the nasal odor is still there. I won't know until I'm completely healed. If you get your tonsils removed, make sure your get your adoids removed aswell reguardless or the size. Stress this to your doctor if you have to. Hope this helps!

man-man last decade

I forgot to add...your have to take in to consideration...that everyone is different...your surgery my be complete sucess if you choose to go thru with it.

man-man last decade
lissas and man-man? did you any of you cure your nasal/sinus odor? i need help on that too..tell me what ya did
supremeleader last decade

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