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Pilonidal in young teenager (multiple tracts)

Dr. Nawaz,
My daughter has a pilonidal cyst which burst of its own. Ever since then she's been having nurses packing and dressing the wound. It's been exactly 36 days since it burst and it hasn't closed yet. Today nurse said that probably it has more than one sinus tracts and if that's true we should be faced with surgical excision.
I've read about Silicea, which she's been taking for past 9 days (30c: first 6 days 2 pills every two hours; last 3 days 5 pills three times per day). Silicea did help to get rid of a mass with a hair in it within the first couple of days. Now all looks normal, but dressing still going in deep (all of 45cm packed into the wound today).

Here are rest of details:

Age: 13
Weight: 58Kgr
6. Height 168CM
7. country (London) England
8. climate Cold Temperate (wet)
9. List of your complaints no pain, but wound not closing.By the way, my daughter also seems to have very pronounced dandruff with raised skin in the scalp.

10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint Pilonidal burst on 28/7/15

11. Non-Diabetic
12. Desires sweets and salt. Milk chocolate and bread are top of list.
13. Thirst Normal
14. Tongue and Taste Normal
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)At hospital, when she was on antibiotics, BP 87-118

16. What exactly is happening? See above

17. How do you feel? Normal
18. How does this affect you? Being careful with movement.

19. How does it feel like? Normal, no pain and no itchiness.
20. What comes to your mind? Nothing (only thinks of her violin?!)
21. One situation that had a
big effect on you? Losing grandmother at age 5.

22. How did that feel like?
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation?

24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand (Habits or Actions)? Usually hands very close to side and slouching, which feels normal to her.

25. Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past? Silicea 30c (current), Amoxicillin for 10 days (for pilonidal cyst).

26. Family Background: Moved with parents to UK in 2005 from Greeks. Both classical pianists and teachers.
27. Educational Qualifications of the patient Student 13yrs old. Exceptional musician (passed GCSE in Music with A 3 yrs early, gained distinction at violin performance Grade 8 which is required for entry to University music department).

28. Nature of work, what do you do for living? Student at school. Sits many hours for homework, computer games, and in orchestras. Good at running and swimming, but very little time for physical exercise.

29. Desires, likes and dislikes for food:
Chocolate, bread, pizza, salami, meat, fish, spaghetti (pasta, especially with red sauce). Dislikes leafy greens, likes natural juices especially carrot with apple. Does not like blue cheese and gets rid of all soft/fatty parts of any meat. Aversion to anything soft and slimy!
30. Name of foods which increase your problem: Skin seems to deteriorate (almost like eczema) when salami is eaten.

31. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not , you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections:
Appears shy and self-effacing, but very strong and determined on inside. Sometimes too softly spoken, has problem projecting voice. Everyone seeing her perform violin uses same phrase: 'cool as a cucumber'(she appears to have no anxiety, although she can feel nervous on inside). She has high tolerance for pain, disciplined. Needs to control everything, including start and end times of most activities including going out for fun. Prefers staying at home, but likes to get out of her comfort zone and stretch herself. She can errupt in a flash, and quickly calm down too (only at home she'll raise voice). Worried what others might think.

32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases) More blood seems to flow at night/later in the day.

34. Location of the disease Coccyx
35. Side of the problem (Right or Left), (Upper or Lower part of body) Centre, lower spine.
36. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc. All normal. Blood clear pink/red. Dressing looks like beige.

Many thanks in advance!
Natalie T.
  NatalieAT on 2015-09-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
"At hospital, when she was on antibiotics, "
When were the antibiotics taken?

What is the exact color of pus at this time?
nawazkhan 8 years ago
Antibiotics from 27/7 until 6/8. Nurses do not call it pus, but whatever comes out it's either pure blood or (what I saw yesterday) looks very light brown. Thank you in advance!
NatalieAT 8 years ago

Please answer the following Q's, if applicable?
1. When is the period during the month approx. date?
Any monthly cycle issues? Regular, early, late, before problems, after problems,
pain, any other discharges?

2. Are you pregnant? If yes, please give pregnancy start date? Any current issues?

"Nurses do not call it pus, but whatever comes out it's either pure blood or (what I saw yesterday) looks very light brown."
Is the blood coming right now?
What do the nurses call this discharge?

Please be patient. Accurate data will help us to arrive at a correct remedy(s).

But, you need to go ahead a buy Arsenicum Album 200C and Alumen 30C asap.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
Periods rather irregular, bit better now. Last start date approximately 24/8.
Not pregnant.
Nurses call it exudate.
Are both Arsenicum and Alumen tablets? What is the dose/how much, how often per day, for how long?

Many thanks for this!
NatalieAT 8 years ago
"Periods rather irregular, bit better now."
Please describe the above in detail. Early, late or something else?

"Last start date approximately 24/8."
At what date it was completed?

"Are both Arsenicum and Alumen tablets? What is the dose/how much, how often per day, for how long?"
The above remedies in the liquid form will do much better than pills.

Please take Arsenicum Album 200C, 4 drops mixed in 2 sips of mineral water, 1 time a day, for 3 days.

Hold on to Alumen 30C for later use.

Many prayers for your good health.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
She tended to be very late, about 6-7 weeks apart, this time on early side: 27/8 start and previous was 1/8.

Correct dates for latest period: 27/8- 3/9 (she says it always lasts for a week then nothing).

Dressing just changed and exuded seen coming out at very light brown colour still. Looks like a puddle: if nurse presses to clean, then it runs.

Question: should we continue with Silicea 30c which we had started before contacting you? If yes, at what dosage?

Many thanks- much appreciated!
NatalieAT 8 years ago
"should we continue with Silicea 30c "
No, wrong potency at this stage.

We will try our best to take One Remedy at a Time.

Has she started on Ars Album 200C yet?

How is the pain, burning, bleeding, itching or any other issue, if any, at this time?

More prayers......
nawazkhan 8 years ago
Awaiting order processing/delivery (probably Monday)as I asked it to be prepared by a homeopathic pharmacy here in London.

No other issues. Let us know if there is anything else to do until remedy arrives.

Many thanks for your time and advice.
NatalieAT 8 years ago
Please list all remedies at home right now?
nawazkhan 8 years ago
At home only the Silicea 30c (and Manuka honey +10). There's also organic coconut oil. Nothing used right now in my daughter's diet.
NatalieAT 8 years ago
Hi, Please have her take a strong dose of patience today.

She is indeed, a brave girl.

I would like to pray for her good health, happy life and bright career.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
Thank you- a lovely thing to say! 😊
NatalieAT 8 years ago
Some very good news: nurse had packed & dressed wound on Wednesday and that evening also the Ars Alb arrived. By yesterday evening (Friday) all three doses you prescribed were taken. Immediately her eczema-like scalp seemed to have disappeared. Yesterday a lot of the dressing came off too. Today the nurse came again and confirmed that there is only one tract that she can feel with her metal probe, what comes out now is clean blood; also, it seems to have closed up considerably as only 22cm of gauze went in as opposed to entire 45cm back on Wednesday morning!
Lisa is feeling great too.
Should we do anything else? Tonight will be first without anything, unless you order differently.
Many thanks and our gratitude!
NatalieAT 8 years ago
Good, Thanks to our creator.

Do you have Rhus Tox 200C?

Please take Alumen 30C, 4 drops mixed in 2 sips of mineral water, 2 times a day, for 4 days.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
I still don't have the Alumen, but just managed to get Rhus Tox 30c in pillules form. The Alumen may take another few days by post. What shall we do?
Many thanks for your time and precious advice. This Monday there was no smell and everything looked good, although the tract didn't get any smaller still. There's absolutely no pain present at any time either.
Thanks in advance!
NatalieAT 8 years ago
30C will not do the job. Please get 200C. Also, wait on Alumen 30C.

More prayers......
nawazkhan 8 years ago
Both Alumen and Rhus Tox at indicated strengths here. Just gave her 4 drops of Alumen 30c. Is she supposed to take the Rhus Tox as well? What dose?
Yesterday that nurse came, the tract seemed bit deeper than when she took the Ars Alb, judging from how much gauze went in. Also the skin on face and scalp not that great today: scaly again and face has red spots. If Alumen works within 5 minutes, then the redness on face much paler now- don't know if this is connected to pilonidal anyway. No pain or itchiness. Good disposition.
Wishes and thanks!
NatalieAT 8 years ago
"Just gave her 4 drops of Alumen 30c. "
Please continue as suggested. One remedy at a time at this time. A correct remedy works in a second.

Many prayers for your good health.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
Hello! My daughter has now had the equivalent of 2 days with Alumen (out of 4). Yesterday night she had a bath with Epsom salts and the nurse said that what I'm describing as having come out of wound must be a hair follicle (a paper-like beige mass with a couple of short hairs through). Today that she packed the wound she was able to put in 39cm of gauze and said that she saw something slightly yellow come out (she'll have it swabbed on Monday to check for infection). Yesterday night area looked slightly raised and felt warm to the touch. Today my daughter's scalp looks again dry with raised flakes of skin and face has red dots. Should we continue with Alumen? Many thanks for continued advice & prayers.
NatalieAT 8 years ago
"Should we continue with Alumen? "

You will have to get Bryonia 200C as well.

Many prayers for your daughter.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
So, continue with Alumen and start Bryonia 200c too. Dosage as with Alumen? Liquid state or medicating potency?
Many thanks in advance!
NatalieAT 8 years ago
"and start Bryonia 200c too."
No, dosing instructions later. Get in the liquid form.

Please be patient.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
Dr Nawaz,
Not sure if my posting appeared. Course of Alumen completed. Here are 3 pics
NatalieAT 8 years ago
Pic of scalp
NatalieAT 8 years ago
NatalieAT 8 years ago

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