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Lack of Appetite

My son is a former 28 weeker. He has been having difficulties with eating from the get go (vomiting, lack of appetite). He has had reactions to dairy soy and egg, which are excluded from his diet. UGI, blood tests and stomach scan show normal. He is now 16 months and doesn't consume enough to satisfy an 8 month old. 800 cals per day and 15oz fluids max. I do not give him processed foods - only whole foods.

Any suggestions.
  Kristen on 2004-07-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what medicines mother used/or administered during prgnancy and labor?

any complications during labor?
John Stanton last decade
I only took prenatal vitamins (from 17 weeks to delivery). My water broke first, I was given magnesium sulfate to stop labor, 2 doses of steroids for his lungs and also received antibiotics to prevent infection until delivery. It was 36 total hours between rupture & delivery. At delivery I only received a prick of the epidural, because at that point I was holding him in.

He was in the NICU for 6 weeks and received caffine, and antibiotics for a short time. Was only on O2 for 2 days.

Soon after discharge (also after going to full formula) he was diagnosed with reflux and prescribed zantac. He remained on that for 8 months until it was determined that it was not helping - after going off, it was determined that he was having trouble with his formula - that has now been changed. But he still doesn't eat enough. He has gained only 2 lbs in 6 months. His weight gain is basically stalled at this date.

He doesn't seem to have an aversion to food or beverage. Just doesn't have an interest. Will have just a few bites or sips and he's done.

Hope that helps.
Kristen last decade
Are you stumped? Or do you need more info?
Kristen last decade
what symptoms particularly did child exhibit-so as to have diagnoised ""reflux" ?

how much activity does he show?

any teeth/teething complaints/problems?

what vaccinations have ?when?

what ill-ness(es) has had (besides what has been mentioned)? ....colds ,,ears,throat...etc
John Stanton last decade
He had lots of vomiting. It turned out to be an intolerance to milk proteins & soy. His formula was changed and the symptoms disappeared. The reflux meds were discontinued 6+ months ago.

He is very active. I don’t know where he gets the energy - it certainly isn’t from his caloric intake.

Normal teething for his age. He is currently breaking his first molars and his K9 teeth. But doesn't seem to have excessive discomfort.

He’s had all the normal vaccinations for his age. Recently had a severe reaction to the MMR (angry rash, fever, swollen lymph nodes, loss of appetite, vomit, loss of balance), but has gotten past it.

He had one virus back in May (fever, vomiting, dehydration, loss of appetite).

He had a bought of Thrush a couple weeks ago.

Seems to get fluid behind the ear, without infection. Source unknown -perhaps teeth, perhaps food. Although it doesn't seem to bother him as much as the antibiotics do, so we allow his system to take care of it now. He hasn't indicated that he has fluid for 6-8 weeks.

With all that’s occurred you’d think he’d have an aversion to food, but he doesn't. He’ll sit to eat, even get excited about some things, just will not eat more than a couple bites. And he’ll only drink an ounce or 2 at a time. Empty scan, and UGI show normal.

Also, with all the talk lately about multivitamins causing food allergies, I’ve stopped giving them to him. He was put on them when he was born, stopped while on the reflux meds, and restarted again 6 months ago.

Thanks!!! KJ
Kristen last decade
please explain details concerning "...bout of thrush..." ..symptoms? how treated?
John Stanton last decade
Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. It is very common in infants/toddlers and sometimes occurs after a series of antibiotics. In my son's case he had been given antibiotics, but it was 6-8 weeks prior to the infection so the doctors do not feel that it was the cause. The location within the mouth (inner lip) leads the doctors to beleive it came from a dirty pacifier. He was treated with an antifungal for one week, and his pacifiers were all replaced. We are also being more dilagent in keeping them clean. There have been no symptoms since (it's been 2-3 weeks).
Kristen last decade
yes yes yeast infection--but need to know what symptoms son exhibit? inner lip --color?raw? ulcer-ish? any bleeding? --son's particular symptoms?

please list all times son has had antibiotics..
John Stanton last decade
He had a whitish rash on his inner lips (upper & lower) and small red spots around his mouth.

He had antibiotics at 3 days old (29 weeks gestation) for a staph infection at his IV site. Also had antibiotics (amoxicillian) at the end of April due to fluid behind the ear drum.
Kristen last decade
how is child's progress in learning to walk and talk?please explian

what is current stool characteristics?
John Stanton last decade
His motor skills are ahead of expectation, but his speech is a bit behind. He has all the components for speech, but (makes the sounds, and knows what things are) but hasn't spoken his first word yet. He is receiving speech therapy.

Because his diet is mainly fluid at this point, his stools are soft. He has a movement once every 48 hours. However, constipation has been a problem for him ever since birth.
Kristen last decade
what condition of fingernails?
any white spots on/under fingernails?
John Stanton last decade
At the beginning of June I noticed that he had quite a bit of white spots on his fingernails (not toenails). I just checked and there are just a couple left and they have faded to the point where they are hard to see.
Kristen last decade
what condition of complexion?

any Moles, warts or freckles? where?how many?

what condition of hair?color..texture..length..dry..oily...odor..tangles....etc
have any unnatural body or facial hair?...
how fast grow?
how is sense of taste?
how thorough chew food?
how fast or slow eat food ?

what color of tongue (in morning before any food/drink)?

any eye/vision faults/complaints?
any ear/hearing faults/compaints?
John Stanton last decade
His complexion is clear. He'll get an occational pipple on his face. Sometimes has little pipples on his theighs.

He has a little pink birthmark on his buttocks and a small (1/2 of a pensil eraser) freckle on his lower back.

His hair is very thick, soft & straight, and normal. It grows very fast. He was born with a good deal as well. He has a little peach fuzz on him (shoulders & back) we were told this was due to his prematurity. It has seemed to lessen over the months.

I assume his sense of taste is fine. He seems to have the correct facial expression with sweet/sour/etc. Although, he has no specific preference.

He eats quickly and doesn't seem to chew as thoroughly as he should. So I give him mushy foods.

His tongue is a healthy pink color (matches his lips) - I'll need to check tomorrow morning - I haven't noticed it being a funny color in the am, but will double check.

He had ROP which has cleared. He recently had a vision screening and scored very well.

His hearing is a question, due to the fluid in his ear. He seems to hear things very well when there is no fluid, but we still haven't isolated the reason for the fluid. We have an appointment with an ENT next month.
Kristen last decade
concerning fluid and ears---what symptoms child exhibit that give the indication to use antibiotics? what symptoms concerning this 'bothers' him most?

what do you mean "...as much as antibiotics ..." bother him?what action/reaction from antibiotics (besides thrush)?
John Stanton last decade
He will sometimes put his finger in his ear and indicate that it hurts. I'm sure it's a lot of pressure. The Dr never idicated it was an infection but was concerned that it seems to come & go, so he prescribed the amoxicillian hoping it would just go away. Well it didn't and what little appitite he had disappeared to the point we ended up going to the hospital twice in 1 week for rehydration after the antibiotics.

We haven't given them to him since, we haven't needed rehydration, and he hasn't really complained too much about it. It may just be from teething. Or it may be from something in his diet, but we've restricted it now.
Kristen last decade
Oh, forgot to say his hair is light brown with golden and redish highlights.
Kristen last decade
what is sleeping characteristics? sleep sound?
how often wake? position sleep in? waken early/late/easily?
John Stanton last decade
He's a great sleeper. Sleeps 10-11 hours overnight. Wakes sometimes during the night (1x/week max). Sometimes he'll settle himself back other times he needs me to help him settle back and every now and again he'll take 1-2 ounces then go back. He naps 1-2 times during the day for 2-4 hours total. He wakes in the morning easily, I allow him to wake on his own for his naps. Normal household/neighborhood noises don't disturb his sleep.
Kristen last decade
When he got up this am his lips and tongue may have been a bit paler than normal, but still a healthy pink.

Also, the times I've seen him sleep lately he's been on his back, but I usually don't see him until he's awake and standing. So I can't be sure that he always sleeps on his back.
Kristen last decade
just give Antim arsenicum 2c [3dose in sugar of milk at 12 hours interval]
sudip last decade
What will that do?
Kristen last decade
single dose "only" sulpher 30c

child is to AVOID all acidic foods and drinks...i.e..coffee;tea;coca-cola,pepsi,and the like;fruit and juices;vinegar;..etc

also AVOID ALL products made with refined white sugar--if notice aggravtion from other sweets then remove from diet also..

NO other medicines-remedies-skin ointments/cremes...etc

post response or lack of response to sulpher 30c..
John Stanton last decade
I didn't take your advice as we have started an appetite stimulant (periactin) and by the time you posted things seemed to be improving.

Now we have the Thrush back again (3rd time). It's only been a little over a week sine we ended his last round of nystatin and the symptoms were gone.

I REALLY don't want to get into a war with this and all it's doing is adding to my sons eating issues (if there is more to it than this).

What would you recommend.

Kristen last decade

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