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Tonsil stones

I also suffer from tonsil stones, any quick cures?
  ph01319 on 2006-01-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
need to know more details
ur symptoms in detail and since when?,aggrevating factors ,things that make ur symptoms better
dr divya last decade
Thanks to everyone who has written in about this nasty matter. Two months ago, I started suffering from this condition, but I had no idea until tonight what this was. It started after sufferng from two severe colds this winter, one on top of the other. I am 33 and have a history of mono during my teenage years, followed by chronic strep throat. I've also had a problem with white matter on my tongue for about two years now. I've recently started suffering with allergies, after bragging through most of my life that I wasn't allergic to anything. My 21 year old sister suffers from the same ailment, and my mother did as well, prior to having her tonsils removed (makes me wonder if there might be some genetic predisposition?). Both my sister and myself have received zero helpful information from those in the medical field ("it's just food" and "everyone's tongue looks like that"). Like many other testimonials on this site, it seems to get worse with dairy products, smoking, and possibly alcohol. I am definately tired, although have no other physical complaints to speak of. Tonsils tend to feel chronically swollen and uncomfortable, especially after one of the stones passes (or I make it pass). I wonder if it's best to get them out, or just leave em alone?
minddoctor last decade
I am really glad I found this forum. I've had this problem on and off for years. Recently, my right tonsil has been swollen and spotty.
What particularly concerns me is that, the last couple times a "stone" has come out, it has had some dark flecks in it. Has anyone else had this? Could it be dried blood or something?
seb78 last decade
Yep, dark spots have happened to me too.
minddoctor last decade
thanks minddoctor, i'm glad to know i'm not the only one. i was kind of freaked about it -- thinking "tonsil cancer" or something.
seb78 last decade
hello all stoners: i suffered with this dreaded problem for years. i'm now 65, a teacher, and i've tried everything. last week i went on spring break-florida-was real busy shopping. didn't have time to eat my usual cereal with milk. didn't drink milk all week either. got home, was eager to look in my throat. for the first time in 45 years, no stones. another week without dairy...no stones...former stoner.....
former stoner last decade
I'm confused about these tonsil stones, I no doubt get them, but they don't appear to COME from my tonsils...i'm sure that's where they come from, but right now I have one IN my throat that I can't reach with anything to get it out, I can just feel it. For the last few minutes i've been trying to cough it out, i finally get a hold of it by sucking but it gags me and to avoid throwing up I have to stop... HOW do I get this out? WHY is it in my throat and not tonsil? and if I go to a doctor to get my tonsils removed, will they even know what the heck tese tonsil stones are?!
cece27 last decade
cece27: they are coming from your eustation tubes. thick mucus clogs up and pits form. stop all dairy products. no cheese, yogart, milk etc. switch to soy for cereals.
former stoner last decade
so what i'm experiencing may not be tonsil stones? or they're the SAME thing as tonsil stones, but they form elsewhere...?

How an I get this mucus OUT of the eustation tubes!?

any info would help
cece27 last decade
i've cut out all dairy products. try soy milk with cereal. no cheese or yogart.
former stoner last decade
Hey, Hi out they to all you fellow sufferers of this “throat corn” Etc.….

I have had these all my life. My dad had them, my boys have them. I have read many of your posts, medical experts etc. Thanks much.

Here is my 2cents worth. These are caused by bacteria. I have finally put an end to this. All my life I have been told that I have poor dental hygiene and that I need to brush my teeth more etc. Use dental floss etc. Bunk to all that. Yes I brush my teeth twice a day but now they don’t get covered in white plaque by morning and no more bad breath and no more white kernels. Here’s how…I had tons of other stuff that bugged me. Dandruff, you name it…

All this helped in countless other ways I won’t go into.
No sugar in my diet.
No artificial sweeteners
No juices
Whole grains for breakfast
Basically a good diet. Lean meets etc. tons of fish.

Still I would get a little throat corn and plaque then an idea. A friend had mentioned years ago an uncle that lived into his nineties and his secret was 2 cloves of garlic every day with a jigger of whiskey. The I heard Michael Savage talking about how garlic is an antibiotic and that we still don’t understand all the sulfur compounds that it contains.

garlic. Not any kind of pill. Just a single clove of garlic every night. Just chew it up fast and swallow. Guys this is a challenge… Give it a try. You might get good results without a diet change just try it and reply.

Rock on …Pacman….
pacman last decade
SO, if I'm reading you all correctly, it's tonsil stones or stopping dairy and starting raw garlic... bummer! Yogurt and cheese are my favorite foods, and I prefer my garlic cooked. Tough choice...
minddoctor last decade
garlic makes me feel funny. as i said before, i've cut all dairy and still no stones. had them all my life, though. i may go in tonight an look and have one, but, i get the feeling i won't. this is the longest i've ever gone without one. nearly 2 wks. former stoner here...also, years ago, a doctor in anchorage, ak told me they came from the eustation tubes. mucus build up. if love milk and yogart, but it it helps, i'll sacrifice. what the heck. i always feel sluggish when i have those pits-which has been most of my life....
former stoner last decade
I get your drift, former stoner... I'm interested in your point about feeling sluggish... I've long struggled with mild but chronic fatigue and always seem to need more sleep than others... it seems to make some sense to me that if the body is constantly fighting a mild infection, that fatigue could endure...
minddoctor last decade
I've delt with stones for 20+ years and I am in sales and I am worried my bad breath is an issue. Has anyone had their tonsils removed and seen a drastic breath improvement?
itopia last decade
Hi throat buddies!

I joined just so I could be a part of this tonsil thread. :) I just posted this on the white throat bump thread too, because it's the same subject.

I've had large tonsils for most of my life, but just in the past couple years have started noticing the nasty white chunks and holes in them. I get chunks every week or two on a fairly regular basis. I've started poking at my tonsils to get them out.

I had an ENT appointment today and he did not recommend removing the tonsils, and basically the best he could do was offer me steroids and antibiotics (I turned down both) and suggest gargling with salt water. I already gargle with Listerine daily. He said the chunks consist of dead skin cells that everyone gets in their throats, but it gets caught in the crypts in your tonsils. I don't have a lot of throat pain (only if I poke too hard.) I don't have really bad breath during the day or anything.

Today I bought a water pik. At first it didn't seem to be working and I was spraying water everywhere. However, when I got back there with the water, I could smell/taste the disgusting chunk smell (like bad morning breath, times 100.) Then, when I got behind the flaps that go over the sides of the tonsils, HUGE ungodly chunks came out. I wanted to vomit but it was fascinating at the same time. They must have been in there forever because they weren't even white, they were like greenish yellow and one was just frickin huge.

I just wanted to share my experience. The water pik did a better job than I do with just poking and picking. I do sort of want to get the tonsils removed altogether, but I don't want to miss 2 weeks of work and have all the pain.
jen7981 last decade
Hello friends. I have tried eveything in the book. Even though all these remedies sound good, there nothing more than an ad in the sundays paper. I work in a medical facility. The only way I feel is to REMOVE the tonsils. I would rather go through the pain of the procedure x100 then go another day with these aweful things. Can't wait!!
Byron M last decade
okeli dokeli stinkerinos

ok im now thinking acidity of the mouth causes the tonsil stones.
deficiency in vitamin B and zinc could contribute to bad breath. plaque lives on the tongue so every time u swallow it pushes the bacteria to the tonsil crypts to harden. if u scrape ur tongue gently with ur finger and white stuff comes off it is the same composition as stones only softer. the tongue smells the same as stones.
brush tongue and teeth after milk meat and fish esspecially as they have high protein for bacteria to feed off.
wash tongue in warm water with baking soda to REDUCE ACIDITY in your mouth making for less friendly environment for bacteria to grow in.

clean and replace tooth brush regularly as we can REINFECT OUR mouths from old brushes.

avoid mouth washes with dyes and alcohol as it can dry the mouth out more ACCELERATING bacteria to overtake k12 salivarus which is a good agent to fight bad breath.

if u have dry mouth go buy some saliva gel at chemist to moisten mouth, it should rebalance PH.

EATING plain natural yoghurt for 6 weeks sweetens breath to reduce levels of offensive compounds by 80%.

before bed time rinse mouth out with warm water and a squeeze of half a lemon in it.

drink plenty of water through out the day

try aloe vera gel to clean tongue.

parsley,coriander,basil, rosemary, thyme,wintergreen,cardoman seeds, cinnomon bark, clove,fennel, aniseed all bad breath fighters and sweetens breath, chew slowly to build up saliva.

its obvious stoners have dry mouths as it is the anaerobic bacteria compounds literally thriving in our mouths. it does dry us out. do what u can to level out ph and promote k12 salivarus.

stones are symptomatic not the cause of bad breath.

btw i dont have post nasal drip just a cruddy mouth lol
peperonimum last decade
dera pepper,
yes I have dirty tongue. I am taking all those herbs and fresh yogurt. I have lot pimples on my forhead, it is related to my digestion system very much, I see. I never had this problem. I am 42 yrs female.
rdutt last decade
White stuff on the tongue is called thrush which is called Candida and garlic works on both thrush and Candida.

Fatigue is also related to Candida.

Garlic and probiotics (yogurt) is used to treat thrush (candida) and fatigue (candida)

And Candida is a yeast problem and the yeast feed off of sugars including sugar from fruit. The only thing the yeast don't eat is chlorephil

acidophilis/probiotics/garlic kill the yeast.

And I also have a history of geting my lungs full of phlegm after eating dairy products and then I would get a constatnt cough that wouldn't quit NO MATTER WHAT except with straight lemon juice.

Now I know what I missed since giving up milk many years ago. I would have chocked myself to death if I hadn't given up milk.

Milk also is loaded with antibiotics and antibiotics give growth to the yeast.

The yeast makes alcohol in the body and so then we get fatigued, and much more.

If any one here follows any advice given here and quits drinking milk and dairy products and take probitic, please post results. Thank you
Pat2006 last decade
If anyone here is interested in educating themselves about this most horrible desease called Candida which most people get to some degree due to antiobiotics, I suggest a book called The Yeast Syndrome By Dr. Trowbridge.

It's the best book I have read on this horrible desease that takes total control of our bodies.

The book tells you how to treat the desease and it contains a large list of symptoms. Larger than the ones I have found on the internet.
Pat2006 last decade
ok, I don't want to discourage anyone, but it is a natural responds when taking probiotics/garlic to not feel so well because as the yeast is dying they explode over 200 different toxins. Might have to start out slow or try different probiotics. As far as I know Kyolic garlic is suppose to be the best for treating candida probably because it creates less acid.

I personally cannot tolerate raw garlic because it burns my insides.

Please post results after taking the advice given here by several different people.
Pat2006 last decade
Candida and eating wrong foods can cause eustation tubes and ear problems.

When I had Candida, I was having to go in to get my ears cleaned out with a very strong stream of water at the doctors office. It is not an easy job for the staff to do.

Changing my diet helped quite a bit but not enough. I had to kill the yeast to be finally free of its symptoms and grip on me.
Pat2006 last decade
Just some thoughts here... as I've posted before, I have both white tongue and tonsil stones; however, I've been testing for Candida, and it came back negative... the white matter on my tongue does not smell, unlike the nasty stuff my tonsils like to grow. I take about 1 cup of milk in my morning coffee and 1 cup of plain yogurt in my standard fruit smoothie breakfast, and I'd say that the dairy (yogurt included) seems to make both the tonsil and tongue problems worse - still, I don't see myself giving either of these up... just love them too much... I may play around with the acidity theory... I've heard this before - I definately have dry mouth - I am confused by the suggestion to use baking soda and lemon... isn't one a base, and the other an acid?
minddoctor last decade
what are you going to believe? A test that came back negative or your own body?

Your body is crying out for help. Why do you ignore it? Don't you care about yourself enough?

Why do you think you're not of value to anyone including yourself?

There is no true test for System Candida the type that rots our bodies.

Candida is a decompositon desease. You are walking around decomposing while still breathing.

I suggest you leave a piece of meat out on your counter and watch what happens to it daily. That is what is happening to your own body.


Our own bodies talk to us, but often times we don't listen. Sometimes, it takes a long time to be aware of what makes us get certain symtpoms.

A very strong symptom of Candia is addictions. An addiction is a food that we like a lot or that we cannot live without.

Believe me! I understand completely. I was there myself. I could never eat anything whatsoever without a glass of milk. And I was always STARVING. There were times when I could not sleep at night because I was so very hungry.

There was a time when eating made me feel worst. I suffered extreme consequences.

If I can beat this ugly monster, you can too!

Why don't you try Joe De Livera's Arnica wet dose. People here have written that it has helped them stop smoking and drinking so maybe it can help you quit eating things that you like too much. Afterall, Candida is an alchoholism problem.

Wish you the best.
Pat2006 last decade

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