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Feel like giving up-Despair-Syphilinum aggravation-Any forum doctor!? Please help

In desperate need of guidance. Having debilitating symptoms. Please please help. Thank you in advance for any advice. :)

About Me:

Age: 40
Height: 5'8
Weight: 150 (recent 25 pound gain within approx 9 month span)
Occupation: Self-employed- run event business-performer and coordinator
Country: California, USA
Foods: love spicy anything. love meat. prefer salt or savory to sweet. however at times I love chocolate. always thirsty. drink tons of water. had an electrolyte defiency growing up and take supplements daily now. Excessive water intake may simply be habit since I did it whole life. Not sure. Love beer. Have drank off and on throughout life but mostly socially/moderately. Currently abusing alcohol.

Mind/behaviors: I'm a people pleaser. Want to be liked. Love to make people laugh. Career actress and love attention. Often use self-deprecating humor. Over giver. Very kind. Everyone trusts me immediately. Very charming and I know I can use my wit and appearance to get my way (sorry.. being honest) Usually brutally honest with myself. Honest with other but will sugar coat to spare their feelings. Tend to over share but I know the boundaries with those whom that would not be appropriate. Wear my heart on my sleeve. Very sensitive and cannot hide my emotions if I try. But I am not a push over and do not hesitate to speak up for myself. Extremely hard worker. Very obsessive. Care too much about all. LOVE animals. Prefer them to people sometimes. Don't have kids and I don't want them. Nothing wrong with my "parts". When life gets wonky I can dip into depression and worry easily. Super positive and uplifting towards others.. but my own default can be very negative. Have too much, "woe as me" stuff at times. When I get down it's really bad. I go into much more detail below.

Okay! Will do my best to streamline yet give as much detail as I can. But there is a lot to preface and I do feel the more info the better.

First a little history: The past year beginning in January 2015 I have had one bad thing after another occur. Every major area of my life is enduring tremendous amounts of struggle. Some areas are on the verge of ruin, namely my business. It began after firing a manager I hired whom I had instilled a great amount of trust in. Despite my best efforts things ended badly and she was quite hateful towards me at the end. This situation felt like a divorce and exhausted me to my core. I started to have strange physical symptoms after she had been working for me a few months. Almost immediately after letting her go I got very very sick. Literally could not get out of bed some days from the intense fatigue and ran my business on my iPhone in my bed. This part may fall into the "Never Well Since" category.

This illness was totally mysterious... In other words no one could really find anything wrong with me. The closest thing if I could put a label on it would be Fibromyalgia in Western terms (which I don't agree with)... and "Soul Loss" in Shamanic terms (which resonates more with me). At the time many symptoms matched a clogged Lymphatic system so I did all I knew to detox that and get it moving. Nothing shifted. The worst of it lasted 2-3 months although it took me about 6 months for the severest symptoms to soften. I LOVE homeopathy and I started searching for any remedy to help feverishly and tried a lot but none really worked. May have tried too many.

Same year in late February, I started dating a man whom I still love to this day but whom I also knew from the get go would be a challenging relationship. He was a big drinker, and I started drinking with him and then went overboard as I used it to soothe my increasing despair. Every week I got physically weaker, business slowed, I worked harder, couldn't make ends meet. Cycle dominoed. Became physically, emotionally and the worst part spiritually exhausted.

My homeopathic doctor at the time gave me Bryonia 9c last July 2015 starting at one dose a week, slowly increasing the doses to two a week, then three etc…. for two months. I'm still not 100%, but that remedy did help mainly with the physical symptoms which were at times debilitating. Currently I cannot afford a follow up visit. Slowly each of these areas of my life have imploded. I'm now 25 pounds heavier. Drinking daily because my emotions take over. My ex boyfriend who is still around has become this drain on my confidence where I do whatever I can to keep his attention and love. My little business I worked so so so hard to get up and running is close to bankruptcy. I'm not exaggerating.


Took the nosode Luesinum/Syphilinum about a month or so ago because it would appear that I fall into that category where the usual suspect remedies that have previously worked or should work considering my symptoms but don't. That and there is not one remedy that points to most of my symptoms. In other words… there are several remedies that all seem to fit, and yet some of them differ from one another, and none have worked thus far. I basically fit most of the key points as to why one should take a nosode...

Initially I was unable to find Syphylinum - Leusinum in the 200c potency so I settled for 30c initially and took it in the liquid dose (dropped 2 pellets in water bottle and maybe took two big swigs throughout the day) Realized after the fact that this type of nosode should only be taken in higher doses but it was too late. Cannot recall all symptoms in reaction to the 30c… but they subsided quickly and I saw no other progress.

This week (guessing 7 days ago?) I took Syphylinum/Leusinum 200c in the liquid dose. (2 pellets in water bottle and successed approx 6 times before each sip) Took me about a day and a half to sip through the bottle and did not finish it. Had an aggravation that was mild at first, then got so intense I antidoted it. But I did Dr Elaine Lewis antidote (The Aggravation Zapper) which is not supposed to negate the remedy like other ways of anti doting. This helped immensely. I've had to do a baby antidote dose daily as the aggravation symptoms have creeped back in a touch though. But I have seen positive progress. However tonight the symptoms are very bad and it reminds me of the "lymphatic" symptoms that started back in January 2015. Had to use the antidote twice today which I don't think is normal.

Here are most recent symptoms that are new or either "return of old symptoms" that are now intensified since taking the Syph/Leusinum 200:


* Feeling as if I'm gagging. Actually gagged out of blue couple of times yesterday. Throat feels raw and at one point felt like it was closing up. Right side feels like my tonsil is swollen but it looks fine. Today just slightly sore mostly on the right.
* Alcohol cravings so bad I started drinking during the day. Alcohol gives me energy mind you. Calms my thoughts and focuses me and I get so so so much done.
* Neck pain. Soreness and like a knot (mostly on the right) Neck pain can get so severe that I can't turn my head completely to right at times. Body soreness and low back ache. It's really bad today. This was one of the main symptoms the Bryonia seemed to clear up, however it never subsided completely. Would come and go like all other symptoms. Now it is back.
* Body pain/aches. Today they are really bad. Had to drag myself through my day
* Wanting/needing to masturbate. Can't sleep at night although I am exhausted. Will masturbate for 4-5 hours easy. Sexual deviant behavior. This I took Hyoscyamus for before first in 30c and later the 200c. Would help for a day or so… then come back. The need/sensation is uncontrollable when it comes on and I then will chuck all responsibilities to watch porn.
*Digestion is wonky. using restroom in small spurts. constipated and bouts of diarrhea. however my diet is very poor right now.
* Find myself holding my breathe… then catch myself. Alternating with times of feeling almost out of breathe like I can't catch my breathe. This comes and goes.
* Very little appetite. After antidoting the Syph appetite did return… briefly though.
* Carphologia (I explain more below)

I have had to antidote the Syph approx 5-6 times in last two days. Each time I dump the water and refill 6 times. Last 3 times instead of taking a sip I have poured a touch on a Q-tip and put it up my nose. Generally within an hours time the symptoms, "soften". I did NOT want to antidote it with Nux etc as I know that will negate any progress my Vital Force may have made. Tonight it took about 3 hours for the antidote to work. More details:

General Symptoms:

*Depression bordering on despair.. mixed with moments of trust and knowing all will be ok. Moments of wanting to give up. Hopeless.
*Anxiety, worry, nervousness
*Feelings of being forsaken, abandoned by God/Universe… whoever's up there. Feeling of unjust and unfairness. This all stemming from trying and working so so hard and never getting ahead, and usually barely making it period. No one who works as many hours as I do should not be able to pay her rent.
* Always feel rushed.. like there is never enough time. If I can get in the moment, I freak out later once I realize how much still needs to be done
* Have feelings of indifference now… "what's the use?".
* Can be a bit OCD but it usually manifests in a positive way. i.e. making sure things are perfect for biz project etc.
* Have felt severe jealousy towards ex-boyfriend. May simply be because we run the same types of business and he is thriving and I am not. But I do not normal feel jealous towards others when they have success. Not competitive in that way. Love to be surrounded by successful people. Issue with him is different.

* Neck: pain-mainly right sided (was only on right for almost 6 months… now on left too sometimes and can feel it up into the top of my head/skull)
* Toe: Broke my toe couple months ago. The left foot, fourth toe (next to pinky)… kinda obvious… "I need a break!" … ugh.
* Energy: Exhausted. Very low energy/lethargic
* Nose: dry and sometimes gets scabs that won't heal inside. Yet I'll get sniffly and need to blow my nose often. It always feels stuffy, yet it is clear and I can breath fine. I tend to pick at it a lot almost digging sometimes because it's just uncomfortable inside. It is itchy sometimes and other time will run a tiny bit. I feel I'm constantly messing with it for some reason. When it is a bit runny mucous is perfectly clear
* Respiratory: Find myself holding my breathe at times… then breathing heavily like I'm out of breathe
* Urine: has a funny smell sometimes mostly in the morning. Only way I can describe it is kinda like popcorn. I know… weird. And again, only sometimes. Urine is a bit yellow first thing in a.m. but throughout rest of day once I've hydrated a bit it's mostly clear.
* Skin: Super dry. Always had a little acne and will get a few more lately. Have those little pimple like things (think they're called postules??) at the outer corner of both eyes which looks more rash like than pimple like. If memory serves this began after the Syph 30c dose and has not cleared up. I have not attempted to heal it as I saw it as a sign of my body getting rid of something. But it's been a couple months now. Have also had cracks in crevice of my mouth on both sides where pimples also crop up next too often. This symptom comes and goes and I may have helped it by upping my B vitamins specifically Riboflavin.
* Sleep: Never been a morning person so keep that in mind but so hard to get out of bed in the morning. Can't sleep at night lately even though I'm so so tired. Will fall asleep initially around 12am but usually wake up by 2 or 4 am and can't fall back asleep again till 6am or so.
*Abusing alcohol right now (need to preface this with I am not a alcoholic… I have had huge periods of consuming zero alcohol throughout my life with zero effort when I chose to stop. Could easily have one drink and stop before… this feels, "triggered".

* Run a little biz I created from scratch and was doing amazing last year. Went from zero to 60 in a matter of months. May go under, in severe debt now and barely making it. Not exaggerating
* Easily work 12-15 hours a day. Exhausted.
* Feel like a failure. Worried I'm not gonna make it. Scared for my future.

Modalities and Unusual or Rare Symptoms:

The challenge is they can change… but majority are worse after 4-5pm.

* Ears felt hot tonight… weird sensation
* Not really into food lately. But when I do eat it tastes awesome
*Aversion to company- worse at night or after I've spent time alone a bit. I avoid people as much as possible. I hide in my house since I work from home
*Don't want to leave my house. If I have errands I have to run.. I rush to get back home as quick as I can.
*Aversion to tight/restrictive clothing. May be partly because I gained some weight and clothing does not fit as well… but it's more than that.
*Cannot tolerate being interrupted. (may simply be my lifestyle at this point as I run my business from home and have people in and out at times and it's maddening because most projects are half done because of this issue)
*Bouts of needing to constantly clear throat.. however this comes in waves too. Seems worse at night. Tonight it was BAD until the antidote kicked in
*Aversion to showering. Always feel better after I do. But it just seems like so much effort. Keep in mind, I obsessively wash my hands still.
*Aversion to noise… sometimes. Kids next door drive me crazy. Any repetitive sound is like Chinese water torture. I am clairaudient and always pick up that tiny sound in the background that no one else notices. I CANNOT hold a conversation with someone if there is too much background noise or music. Unless I'm drinking… which quiets my mind.
*Used to be super tidy… home is constantly a mess now.
*Carphologia (may be the wrong term) but the feeling is like I cannot get comfortable. My body hurts to move it, but after being in any position for a few minutes I have to move. Had times where I was pacing this week, but then I'm so tired I'd have to sit. Worst of it happened after Syph 200c and after I antidoted it was much better but not gone. This comes and goes and is worse at night. Moving is a bit painful, but after I get settled not long before I'm squirming around to reposition. Example: I'm constantly putting my hair up into a ponytail.. which ends up hurting my scalp a bit.. so I let it down, but having it down gets annoying quick somehow.. This symptom has happened to some degree nightly this week
* Sexual Symptoms: Pretty much the Hyoscyamus Niger remedy hits the nail on the head, minus the icky feces stuff. The other caveat is that all of the sexually defiant behaviors occur behind closed doors. And I am not promiscuous. Have only one partner who is my ex but still. Crazy desire to be naked. On the surface I am the girl next door and no one would ever think anything. Hyoscyamus helped a little before.
* Daily drinking alcohol. Only beer though. Once I do start it helps me use the restroom.

-after/during drinking alcohol
-during/after eating
-after a good nights sleep
-after using restroom
-after "closing time" even though I may be doing something for work-no one can bother me because we're closed
-when I'm alone
-during/after any sexual stimulation
-during any creative, meticulous project. work or personal. takes my mind off problems
-after the Carphologia thing subsides for the night, better lying down

Symptoms that may help diagnosis but they are things I have done my whole life to some extent:

*Always concerned how others feel and if they are upset or mad at me.
*Often apologize to those around me if I'm in a funk. I worry it's affecting them and always think it's my fault and can't stay focused. It's like I know I can feel others emotions so I'm extra worried they can feel mine.
*Poor circulation.
*Hate getting cold
*Very sensitive and can get my feelings hurt easily
*Over giver… I will wait on someone hand and foot and go so far out of my way to take care of others
*Use sex to get love
*Struggle with feelings of victimhood
*Often feel like I've done something wrong. Like I'm in trouble. I go out of my way to be super honest so people won;t think bad of me
*Often feel taken for granted. Like some others don't appreciate all I do for them
*Thoughts can spin. Mind can get cluttered with thoughts. Classical music helps. Thoughts oscillate between super positive and then extremely negative.

Previous Remedies:

From a Homeopath:
*Anacardium (one of my Constitutional remedies. However mine is what you would call the "Double Will" and I NEVER directed it outwards. In other words, Anacardiums can be cruel to others/animals etc. I was only cruel to myself. The, "devil" and the "angel" as they call it in the Materia Medica went solely on in my own thoughts… and the devil part beat the crap out of the angel part with negative self talk and doubts etc. )Initially prescribed 30c about 2 years ago and took one a week for a couple months if memory serves. It made a HUGE difference in my confidence level. The devil voice in my head quieted quite a bit.

*Bryonia was precsribed in 9c in July 2015 at one dose a week and each week slightly increased for about a two month period. This remedy helped immensely with the "strange illness" symptoms I had that began that year. However when reading the Materia Medica I DID NOT fit most symptoms which was weird for me.

Remedies I tried on my own this past year (2015):
I became a bit obsessed at trying to find a remedy that would help so I tried dozens… only listing the ones that initially made a little difference:

Anacardium 200c
Hyosyamus 30c
Hyosyamus 200c
Syphilinum 200c

Medications currently taking:

Amphetamine Salts (generic Adderall) Need to preface that since my mid twenties I worked on healing myself through natural avenues. Finally gave in and took a med. Made the world of difference in the beginning. True God send. Now I'm experiencing many side effects and want to ween myself off but I can't right now as this is probably the only thing that gets me outta bed in the morning.

Okay… I think that's it. This has been a solid year of looking for a remedy/solution. I do feel the Syphilinum was a good choice since it seems to have brought some symptoms to the surface and the aggravation meant to me it was the right remedy… just a bit too strong for me. Maybe I'm wrong? Pretty sure I should take a follow up remedy but I don't know if I should wait since I took the Syph about 7 days ago. With nosodes do they need some time before adding another remedy into the system? Not sure if my old remedies will work now, or if I need something completely different that I'm not seeing. Really not sure as there are so many symptoms and many of them seem to fit the profiles of many remedies. Any help or guidance would be so so appreciated. Please let me know if there is any additional info needed.

With Gratitude and Blessings-C
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have you tried any antidepressants ??
0antivirus0 3 years ago
take NATRUM MUR 200c liquid, 2 drops in a tablespoon water, only 2 dose not more than that, not daily, 1st dose before sleep and next dose next morning after wakeup,

{if buying pills then 3 pills as one dose, 2 times, 1st at night and 2nd after wakeup, chew it, do not swallow with water}

do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after medicine,


feeling calm=
good sleep=
proper energy level=
self control=
confidence level=
freshness on waking up=
love and affection with others=
mental freedom or freshness=
depression improvement=
anxiety improvement=
any other change you felt=

0antivirus0 3 years ago
Differentiating remedies is very difficult. You had chosen Syphillinum from a few key notes and did not care to see if it covers the essential nature of the case.
Your symptoms seem to be covered by Arsenicum album. Please look it up and see if it fits you.
telescope 3 years ago
Thank you Telescope! You're good… :)

Okay…first off, here is the complete list of reasons why I chose the nosode Syph after a year of trying to find a remedy. Definitely was not done without care nor intense research on my part (to the best of my abilities.) Keeping in mind my current symptoms are now magnified and some previous symptoms have now changed a bit… and new ones have cropped up which I indicated in first post:

* "After a careful constitutional prescription, a nosode may be given if necessary when symptoms are in a stand-still state."- it's been a year… I'm over it
* "When well-chosen remedies do not act or hold or when symptoms continually change"-tried a dozen or more throughout the year
* "When progress under the constitutional layer remedy ceases due to miasmatic block"-thought perhaps that might be why nothing was working
* "Remedy stops working and picture remains the same. ---" if all that has been tried, and you move on to another remedy, and that works, and then stops working like the first one, and this pattern goes on and on, it’s a sign you need a nosode."
* "You have a severe acute and remedies are poorly indicated, you can’t find a remedy that matches the whole case.  It looks a little like Gelsemium, but also a little like Mercury, and also a little like Phosphorus and a few more things, and in the final analysis, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.- I match a bunch of them
* "The “Never well since” condition."-got sick after issue with business and worse after issue with boyfriend
* "When pictures of several constitutional remedies are seen, but no one remedy completely fits the picture.
* "Pathological indications."
* Finally, when the nosode is the indicated remedy- it is the constitutional remedy."

And, the keynotes as to why I thought the Syph may have fallen into category of constitutional remedy when I decided to take it last week. Keeping in mind copied and pasted each line of text that applied and some notes within that line I did not/do not have and others were at varying degrees. And side note, my mother was an alcoholic and there is a history of that on her side:

Characteristics (Syphilinum)
Mind (Syphilinum)
-Acute ophthalmia neonatorum ; lids swollen, adhere during sleep ; pain intense at night < from 2 to 5 A. M. ;
-All symptoms are worse at night (Merc.) ; from sundown to sunrise.
-Craving alcohol, in any form.
-Eruptions : dull, red, copper-colored spots, becoming blue when getting cold.
-Fears the terrible suffering from exhaustion on awakening (Lach.).
-Hereditary tendency to alcoholism (Sar., Psor., Tuber., Sulph., Sulph. ac.).
-Loss of memory : cannot remember names of books, persons or places ; arithmetical calculations difficult.
-Obstinate constipation for years ; rectum seems tied up with strictures ;(Lac d., Tub.).
-Pains from darkness to daylight ; begins with twilight and ends with daylight (Merc., Phyt.)
-Pains increase and decrease gradually (Stan.) ; shifting and require frequent change of position.
-Rheumatism of the shoulder joint, or at insertion of deltoid, < from raising arm laterally (Rhus-r. shoulder, Sang. ; left, Fer.).
-Sensations : as if going insane ; of apathy and indifference.
-When the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve in syphilitic affections.
-II Very despondent, does not think he will ever get better.
-A far-away feeling, with apathy and indifference to future.
-Great difficulty, and sometimes impossibility, of concentrating the thoughts on particular subjects ; yet at the same time can recollect consecutive events and details which occurred 25 or 30 years previously in the order of occurrence, almost without effort.Irritable, excited, walking much of the time, does not want to be soothed, violent on being opposed, has tremors, seems on the verge of convulsions, dazed, absent-minded, always washing her hands.
-Very nervous, weeping without cause.

Eyes (Syphilinum)
-II Lancinating pain in occiput, < invariably at night, and causing sleeplessness, but always ceasing with the coming light of morning.
-II Syphilitic cephalalgia in occiput, intolerable, extending to nervous ganglia of neck, causing hardening of cords ; attacks at irregular intervals, especially after excitement.
-II Eyes very red and inflamed.
-II Neuralgia every night, beginning about 8 or 9 P. M., gradually increasing in severity until it reached its height about 3 or 4 A. .d., and after continuing thus for two or three hours, gradually decreased and finally ceased about 10 A. M. ; attacks gradually get more severe and last longer
-II Red papulous eruption round left inner canthus, with isolated pimples on side of nose, cheek and eyebrow ; these pimples were red, with depressed centre, circumscribed areola, became confluent where they were most dense ; pimples bleed when scabs come off ; agglutination of lids.

Nose (Syphilinum)
-L. side of nose inside and out very sore, likewise lips and chin ; sores itching and scabbing over
II during sleep dry scabs form in both nostrils
I Itching in nostrils.
Nose stuffed up and burning.

Face (Syphilinum)
-II Spasmodic twitching of many muscles, esp. in faces (paralysis agitans), with great melancholy and depression of spirits.
-I Dark purple lines between ala : nasi and cheeks.
I Itching, scabby, eczematous eruptions singly or in clusters, looking like herpes.

Mouth (Syphilinum)
II Aphasia, difficulty of finding words ; debility.

Throat (Syphilinum)
Sore throat with granulations.
Sore throat.

Appetite (Syphilinum)
II Appetite indifferent and capricious.
II Total loss of appetite for months, little or nothing satisfies him ; formerly was generally ravenous.
I Dyspepsia ; flatulence, belching of wind ; nervous dyspepsia.
I Loss of appetite.
I Tendency to heavy drinking ; alcoholism.
Appetite good again ; ravenous desire for food even after a meal.

Stomach (Syphilinum)
I Heartburn with pain and rawness from stomach to throat pit, often with cough.

Stool and Anus (Syphilinum)
II Bilious diarrhea at seashore, painless, driving her out of bed about 5 A. M. ; stools during day ; later causing excoriation ; face red, suffers from heat ; occasional painless, whitish diarrhea when at home, > always by going to mountains.
II Bowels torpid for five weeks.
II Lower portion of rectum hanging out like a ruffle, looking like a full-blown rose fully three inches in diameter, and sensitive ; constant weak dragging sensation in rectum, extending as far as sacrum.
II Obstinate constipation for many years ; rectum seemed tied up with strictures, when injections were given agony of passage was like child-bearing.
II Stools very dark and offensive.
II Two indurated ulcers at mouth of anus somewhat sore ; slight itching of anus.
I Chronic constipation, with fetid breath, earthy complexion, gaunt appearance.

Urinary Organs (Syphilinum)
II Frequent urging to urinate all night, at least from 7 P. M. until 5 A. M., or sunset to sunrise.
II Profuse urination after chill ; passed during night nearly a chamberful.
II Rich lemon-yellow scanty urine.
II Urination difficult and very slow ; no pain, but a want of power, so that he has to strain.

Neck And Back (Syphilinum)
II Enlargement of glands in different parts of the body, particularly abundant about the neck ; indurated and slightly painful causing a sensation of uncomfortable fullness and suffusion in face, throat and head.
II Enormous swelling of glands in head and neck ; no relief from any remedy. Cured with Buboin syphilitica cm.
II Great pain in back in region of kidneys, < after urinating.
II Nocturnal aggravation of pains in back, hips and thighs.
I Heavy aching and stiffness from base of neck up through muscles and cords into brain.
A heavy, dragging, dull feeling in lumbar region, with stiffness and want of elasticity.
Aching pains in limbs like growing pains.
Indurated lumps between muscles of the neck.
Pain in coccyx at its junction with sacrum, sometimes in lower sacral vertebrae ; < on sitting, with a sensation as if swollen, though it is not.
Pains commencing in sacral region internally, and apparently coming around to uterus.
Rigidity off muscles.

Upper Limbs (Syphilinum)
I Rheumatism of shoulder-joint or at insertion of deltoid, < from raising arm laterally.
Always washing the hands.

Skin (Syphilinum)
II Biting sensation in different parts of body, as if bitten by bugs, at night only.
Skin bluish.

Sleep (Syphilinum)
I Absolute sleeplessness (vies with Sul. in producing quiet, refreshing sleep).
During the whole 24 hours can only rest from 8 to 10 A. M.
Great restlessness at night, impossible to keep long in one position.
Wakes soon after midnight and cannot sleep again till 6 A. M.

Generalities (Syphilinum)
Utter prostration and debility in morning.
Shifting pains of a rheumatic character obliging a repeated change of position and posture.
Lancinating rheumatic pains, slightly relieved by a change of position at times, and sometimes relieved by motion.
Pains commence at 2 P. M., gradually increasing till they reach their acme at 9 P. M., continuing exceedingly acute till 3 or 4 A. M., subsiding with daybreak.
The pains produce two sensations, an external one which seems to lie in muscles and joints, and an internal one which is deeper and much more unbearable, so much so that it seems by its profound nature to control the external ones and to cause those pains to disappear, afterward reappearing intensified in the external sensation.
Pains in all the limbs every night after midnight, weary, tired pains, making rest impossible, as he could lie nowhere without suffering in the part on which he rested. Pains worse in lower limbs, much perspiration which partly >.
The pains gradually increase and decrease ; they are worse in damp and especially in frosty weather ; they get worse at 4 or 5 P. M., attain their height at 2 or 3 A. M., ceasing about 8 A. M. Never contracted syphilis -very much improved by din.
Feels < mornings : utter prostration and debility in morning.
Weak, emaciated.
Slight rigidity of joints.

So, not sure if that is helpful to know and/or may change your initial guidance.

To address the Arsenicum I read all morning about the symptoms and personality profile etc. and it absolutely fits many many keynotes and symptoms I am currently experiencing. All I can say is wow. I have spent months reading for hours and hours on a nightly basis (because I can't sleep) and I was never drawn to learn more about Ars… what a dummy. :(

Some keynotes fit like a glove. :) I reviewed several Materia Medicas from the greats but the most conclusive was from one of Kents lectures which was 9 pages long. The majority of symptoms I have to varying degrees.. with a few exceptions. Some of the descriptions and case study examples made my mouth drop open because it was so so accurate. Greatly, greatly appreciate your advice.

The only things that are current prominent symptoms that I have that were not addressed (some of which have been debilitating) in the Arsenicum profile are:
-The right sided neck pains
-The gagging sensations
-The masturbating and sexual deviant behaviors (this ones kinda taking over right now.. not exactly behaving the way may spirit knows is best for me)

This may be another layer underneath that will have to be addressed later. I don't know. If I knew… I'd be better already. Regardless, I am in your hands dearest Telescope… Feeling hopeful now. Happy to provide any additionally information you need. Please advise when you have a moment.

With Gratitude, C
Ejere 3 years ago
re: 0antivirus0
Just realized I missed your reply in thread above. I will investigate the Nat Mur too. I've got two different remedy recommendations and not sure which one to go with. Thank you for your reply. -C
Ejere 3 years ago
UPDATE: 1-24-16

Telescope please see my last reply from yesterday. Things got way worse after my post. Could not get out of bed. Intense fatigue. It was so so bad that I went ahead and took Arsencium 30c (that's all I had on hand.) I was finally able to fall asleep after that.. but it was not restful by any means.

So today I have some "return of old symptoms" that intensified from the original "strange illness" that started this hunt for a remedy last January 2015. Some were mentioned above as I have experienced them at varying degrees this week. But those ones are worse now.

Here are the old symptoms (from January 2015) that have come back with a force:

* gagging feeling. like something stuck in my throat. or like something is choking me. similar to throat closing up
* breathlessness. can't catch my breath. like someone is sitting on my chest and I'm gasping for air. taking many deep breathes… then I'll catch myself holding my breathe.
* carphololgia.. it's like I'm writhing in pain. but it's more extreme discomfort than pain. it's like the feeling of, "nails on a chalk board".. except in my bodies cells… if that makes sense. I'm, "twitchy"… can't stop moving in tiny spurts
* the knot on my neck area is worse than ever. no amount of stretching or repositioning gives any relief. normally it is a bit better upon awaking… not this time. feels like my head is way too heavy for the neck muscles and it's gonna fall off.
* food is not digesting… feels like it's all stuck in my esophagus.
*constipation. when I do go it is more diarrhea and very little
* dry patches/acne combo near corners of my mouth are back. worse on left side. it scabs and dries up eventually so skin can be removed. but never quite heals.
* low back pain
* sleep jerks

Previously, the Bryonia 9c was what finally softened the physical stuff I had been going through.

* feel like a yeast infection coming on. a bit itchy/irratated down there
* skin is very itchy in general. all over. scalp was extremely itchy in bed last night
* nightmares and lucid dreams… don't remember them though
* sneezed quite a few times last night and nose was runny but muscous clear. now feels stuffed up but can breathe normally
* my sweat smells different

Still excessive preoccupation with sex/masturbating. If I'm in my house I have to get undressed as quick as I can. Masturbation and alcohol was the only thing that ameliorated symptoms last night. However the dose of Arsenicum did get me to sleep

Other interesting things to note:

I read more in the Materia Medica from other doctors (Vithoulkas specifically). Previously focused on Kents description which was very accurate. Other Materias not so much. What was very interesting…. more I read I realized the Arsenicum was describing my Dad to a T! Here are the keynotes of Arsenicum that DO NOT match me… but match my Dad:

* selfishness
* lack of empathy/compassion for others
* miserly
* hoarding
* maliscious
* fear of robbers
* fear of dirt
* impeccable clothing
* fear of dying
* asthma

Other note:

The worst of all of the original illness began in January 2015. It is now one year later exactly and it's all come back with a force. Although never completely healed… each month I made a little progress somewhat. By September 2015 the physical symptoms were about 80% better.

The sensation when symptoms are at there worse... is desperation for relief. Like you're being suffocating and gasping for air and clawing about. Or your hand is on a fire and react, you cannot control pulling it away. Even when your sick with a flu or fever, there's always some thing you can do or not do or take or a position you can move to that will give if anything the slightest relief. Not with this. You just gotta wait it out. Which apparently I'm not doing so good at.

Okay. Felt necessary to add that before I get more replies as that may change things. Hope I didn't mess things up further with the ARS dose last night. Please advise. Thank you and with gratitude- C

And to antivirus- if this changes your original take please let me know. :)
Ejere 3 years ago
Let me give you a hint. Many times father and the children require the same remedy or one very similar. If Arsenic fits your father you may need arsenic or one of its close analogue like Sulphur. Thuja or phosphorous. Of course you may need something else but these three should be considered first.
telescope 3 years ago
Understood. And agree.

So considering all the info and details I have indicated this far, do you have a recommendation. Feeling a bit overwhelmed obviously.

Since I took the ARS 30 last night and it seemed to bring back old symptoms intensified... Would that be a good place to start? And if so dosage and for how long? If not what then?

Thank you-C
Ejere 3 years ago
Still awaiting guidance. Can anyone guide me?

Thank you -C
Ejere 3 years ago
Take one dose arsenicum album 200 one dose.
Avoid all sour food and drinks as that may antidote medicine.
Do not repeat medicine.
telescope 3 years ago
Hi telescope,

Just an update... I hurt my back last week shortly after your last reply and ended up taking Arnica 200 (two doses in 12 hour span) then following day took Ruta 30c in liquid dose and sipped throughout day.

Hoping I didn't mess up how the Nosode is working thus far.. But was in so much pain I couldn't help it.

My aggravation calmed down a bit each day since last post. It was not fun to go through.

Had to order the Arsenicum 200 as local stores were out. So I just took the dose late last night (February 1st)... 3 pellets under tongue.

Next day slept thru my alarm but once up had surprisingly a very productive day. Probably best day I've had in a month.

Will wait couple weeks or so and report back in with results of the arnicum dose. Thank you! Touch base soon xoxo
Ejere 3 years ago
Things will improve for next 3 weeks.
No medicine till then.
Update if any change occurs.
telescope 3 years ago

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