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help!!! 11yr old child with pdd, adhd and low muscle tone

My daughter is 11 years old and has been diagnosed with PDD NOS, ADHD and Hypotonia since the age of 4. Can you please help with homeopathy medication for her.
Here is her background : She was born 3 weeks premature and had umbilical cord tight around her neck during C-section. Mother had gestational diabetes during pregnancy. She was a breech baby. Immediately after birth, pediatrician asked us to give her calcium supplement. She was exclusively breast fed for 5 months, was a quiet baby and slept a lot during the first 6 months. She had several developmental delays. Few weeks delay in holding her neck. Slight delay in sitting up. Also, grip was weak. The most noticeable delay was however with walking on her own. She was walking in a walker and when others held her but didn't walk on her own till 20 months. At 18months, she was diagnosed with severe iron deficiency and was administered high dose of iron for 3 months. 2 months after starting iron treatment, she started walking on her own. She as put on zincovit by her pediatrician for close to 2 years. She used to shake her head as a 2yr old child but in general was very quiet and weak with a very pale complexion till the age of 6yrs. She used to fall sick with cold and infections very often and was frequently put on antibiotics. She has overcome a lot and currently still has speech clarity problem, Gross Motor and Fine Motor problems, coordination problem, Low energy levels and Concentration problems.

I live in Hyderabad and we started her on homeopathy at the age of 3yrs. She improved well on homeo in terms of speech and posture for 6 months and then nothing changed. We changed doctor at the age of 5 and she was given Tuberculinum which didn't help her much. After this, we tried different things with Vitamins, Probiotics, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Ayurvedic Massage and ayurvedic medicines along with Homeopathy. Few years back we did an online consultation with a homepath and she gave her Kali Bich as a constitutional remedy. It has helped boost her immunity a lot and she almost made a full year without using antibiotics. Previously she used to take antibiotics every 2 months. kali bich was given 3 years back and she is still doing well as far as immunity is concerned. Anytime we feel she is about to get cold or fall sick, we give her Kali Bich 200 and it helps her a lot. She was also on ayurvedic medicines till few months back which have also helped with building her immunity.

Currently This is Her State:

Very Low Concentration Levels -- She needs 1-1 attention for teaching. She goes to a regular school and till last year there were many complaints that she does not sit in her place. This past 1 year that complaint has reduced gradually and last 3 months I haven't heard this complaint from teachers. She was on Stramonium and Ignatia Amara during this time. She still requires 1-1 attention to learn anything. In school, she is now sitting in her place without roaming around but doesn't learn anything from school. Often she scribbles or draws pictures of faces in cartoon style in her books. At home she learns well with 1-1 attention.

Low Physical Strength -- This stems from her low muscle tone. She can't carry anything heavier than a 1 liter water bottle in her hand although she does carry her heavy school bag on her back and climb 2 floors daily though in school. Her grip is weak. It has improved over the last 1 year but still very weak. She can't hug tight... She complains of leg pain while crossing her legs and sitting down. She runs but has to put in lot of effort and the run is a mix of run and gait. Doesn't play any physical games because her hand-eye coordination is poor and she is also scared of other people running into her or ball hitting her. Writing has been a huge struggle the last 6 years. She is now managing to write legibly but this requires lot of effort from her. Putting on dress is also a tiring activity for her. She didn't used to chew well till 1 year back but is now chewing her food since 1 year. Before that she used to avoid foods that require chewing.

Fear -- Scared of animals... She likes to talk about animals and looks at them and admires them a lot from far but will not go near them. She is terrified of birds. She is scared of trees and moving leaves. She is scared of dark. She will not go into the next room if the light is off in that room. She says there will be monsters or ghosts. If the light is on, she will go. We got a puppy last year and with that her fear of dogs has gone down much now. She loves the puppy but its been 18months now and she is still scared of touching the puppy. She touches rarely, just brushes her hand quickly on the puppy and removes it. She is also scared of slipping and falling down.

Sleep -- She used to be very restless in sleep 3 years back with lot of kicking of legs. Currently she sleeps well but here and there she kicks. Kicking is much lesser now. If her mother or I are not there beside her, she doesn't sleep well and in many instances wakes up immediately. She never wears blanket no matter how cold it is. If we put a blanket on her, she will immediately kick it off even in deep sleep.

Learning -- She has got very good memory and performs well where things can be learned by heart and repeated as is. This has to happed one-on-one. She struggles with Math and Grammar. She is extremely good with Jigsaw puzzles and can play with them for hours together. She will many times become repetitive doing the same puzzle again and again on the same day. Creative thinking is extremely low or even absent.

Socializing -- She likes playing with other kids and socializing with them but many times they avoid her because of her repetitive talking and her tics. She approaches other kids and tries to talk with them. Conversation comes difficultly for her. She plays well with her 7 year old brother. She likes talking part in group activities as long as they are not physical. She is not afraid of taking stage to sing songs or give speeches.

Others -- Speech has improved a lot and clarity has also improved. She still struggles with R and L. She used to shake her head till 1 year back while talking, now that is gone. Her palms becomes still and fingers bent and many times her wrist arches backwards while talking as if she is making a huge effort. She is generally very happy kid. She likes music and when has favorite songs come, she dances in her own un-coordinated way. She likes relatives a lot and always tries to introduce people to each other. She talks repetitively about things on her mind. If you tell her that we are going to see movie or grand parents the next week, she will keep on asking about it again and again till it actually happens.

Currently she is only on a multivitamin and we give her Kali Bich 200 if we feel that she is getting a cold or infection. Really appreciate any help with Homeo medication that can help her condition.
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  ravindra123 on 2016-04-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Forgot to add few things:

Allergies : she had severe egg allergy which she overcame last year and is able to eat eggs now likingly. She has dust, smoke and cold air allergies still.

Cleanliness and Self Consciousness : She doesn't bother about washing her mouth after eating. She just moves on to the next activity unless asked to wash. She doesn't care how her dress is. Occasionally when she dresses up for special occasions, she will ask if she is beautiful but otherwise does not care at all about personal appearance or cleanliness.

Eating Habits : she eats well and likes to taste everything. There are few foods that she absolutely loves and very few that she doesn't like and she is very clear about these.

She never throws tantrums at anyone and is very gentle and extremely loving. She shares her toys and other stuff with others.
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ravindra123 5 years ago
Please give her one dose Calcarea Carb 200.
Do not give her sour things to eat or drink as they may interfere with medicine.
Update after one week.
telescope 5 years ago
Thanks a lot. I got calc carb 200 today. Will give her first thing in the morning and report back in a week. Thanks again!!!!
ravindra123 5 years ago
I gave her Calc Carb 200 single wet dose. It has been 1 week and here is what I see:
1) Talking a lot. All proper talk within context. Speech clarity is the same but talking a lot.
2) Lots of energy throughout the day. Previously she used to burn out by evening. Now she is very active till she sleeps.
3) Sleeping well.
4) Her fear of animals has gone down much. She was petting our dog a lot more freely last week.

Overall a huge improvement.

There is no change in her speech clarity or her concentration/focus levels or her tics. She keeps talking very repeatedly about things she is excited about.

Please let me know what to do next. I can't thank you enough for all your help. Thanks a lot!!!
ravindra123 5 years ago

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