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Guttate Psoriasis

I have been diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis and would like to use homeopathy to help. I mainly get small patches on my face and very occasionally on my chest of thigh. They are mainly on my face and are red raised dry patches with silvery flakes that peel off. They are only small (smaller than a 5p). They do not itch at all but once there they take months to go away. For years I have been getting pains in my hands and fingers when I clench my fists and am now wondering if this is due to psoriasis (have read that in can cause a type of arthritis). I only get pain when hands are clenched i.e., when holding an umbrella, using a rowing machine etc.

I am female. 31 years old. I also have Seobberic Dermatitis on my scalp which I have had since I was very young.

Any ideas on doasge and rememdy. I will give more information if necessary to find the right treatment.

Many thanks
  dinky on 2004-07-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
maybe i can help you.

kotor last decade
Thank you jasmine. I would appreiate it if you could help. Please let me know how you can help.

dinky last decade
I really can help you.It helped many oeople.But I can not on this way.I am otherwise experienced and known person from public media back in Europe like excellent expert in alternative field.I helped many people.
kotor last decade
Try kali ars 30 c three times a day.
chetan last decade
This is probably a hereditary miasmatic disorder.
What has been the major cause of death in your family going back 3,4,5, generations.
I say this because the most likely curative agents are Psorinum- Medorrhinum- Tuberculinum. And the rest are all sub classes of these remedies.
One immediate practical measure , of a dietary nature is ;- Avoid Meat, meat extracts, rich meat soups. [Particularly pork].
passkey last decade
Thank you passkey.

I will have to look into the main cause of death in my family. I know my paternal grandmother had a stroke and then eventually died of pneumonia. My paternal grandad died from a perforated stomach ulcer which had complications. My maternal grandparents lived to a very old age, grandmother was in her 90's had had senile dementia for many years and not exactly sure what she died of in the end. I think my maternal grandfather had some kind of chect infection and collapsed at home, he was very old and had given up looking after himself after my nan died 6 weeks earlier. As for earlier generations I relaly don't know. My parents are both 60, living and healthy.

Oh and I don't eat pork, but will keep it in mind. Many thanks.
dinky last decade
Questions then;- this is likely to be a gouty condition that leads to stomach acid , strong urine and possible deposits on the small joints of the fingers.

A further reccomend is to use pure spring water ONLY - fizzy is ok- if you can get it use Malvern water. Do NOT drink tapwater especially in a hard water area .

1]How is the memory[short term] , do you ever feel that there si never enough time in the day.That some areas of life seem "unreal".Sometimes get a feeling that something is about to occur - and find that it is right.

2] do you ever feel restless , like to travel, love meat potatoes and gravy. is the face heart shaped the eyelashes long and the hair fine.Get much in the way of chest infections. Have auburn or reddish hair.

3] Do you avoid confrontation, are you often feeling cold , do you ever get sweaty palms, have a sweet tooth, any streaks of grey hair. Any itching sensations , not like to wear woolen garments .
passkey last decade
I do have problems with my fingers and hands, have had for a number of years. if I grip tightly then I get pains in my hands which just goes when I let go. I drink still bottled mineral water is this OK? I do live in a hard water area and rarely drink the tap water because it tastes foul! I don't like fizzy anything.

Memory is OK, I often feel there is not enough time in the day but that's is probably because I have a 2yr old to look after and don't get much "me" time.

I am always restless and find it hard to keep still and not do something. My face is more oval and I do have long eye lashes. Hair is brown but with red tinges that only really show in the sunlight (my sister has red hair). I have had a chest infections before but don't suffer a lot with them. I suffer more with my throat, that is usually how I know I am getting under the weather. I actually recently had a bad sinus/chest infection that took 3 weeks to clear.

I hate confrontation, always feel cold, don't really get sweaty palms. I have a sweet tooth now but used to be more savoury. I find myself craving chocolate/sweet things now but rarely give in.

I have recently noticed one or two grey hairs but I stress we are talking ONE hair at a time - not big streaks. No real itching and I don't steer away from wool but do prefer light cotton or fleece material to wool.

Feel free to ask more and thank you for your time and your interest.

dinky last decade
Sounds to me like we are looking at 2 remedies - Psorinum and Tuberculinum.

But on the info given seems as if the best bet is Tuberculinum/ Bacillinium.

Do not know what country you are in . You may not be able to get these in the US .

Suggest you get Bacillinium 10M and take 3 doses at 24 hour intervals - on going to bed - so it works overnight.

Tuberculinum will will do if Baccil is not available .

Give it at least 3 weeks to see how it is working.
passkey last decade
thanks. I live in the UK so will have a look. Where is the best place for me to get the remedy?

Do I take the rememdy until my current patches of psoriasis have gone and then stop?

Thanks again for all your help.
dinky last decade
NO-- NO --
Just take the three doses and WAIT!. At least 3/4 weeks .
Homeopathic remedies just get the body doing its job properly.
How long it takes depends on the individual body and its "rate of cure".
Suplier ;-
Galen Homeopathics
Lewell Mill
West Stafford
Dorset DT2 8AN .
Phone 01305 265759-- or 263996
passkey last decade
I am new to this forum and have just read this post with interest. I too suffer from guttate psoriasis which only started during the pregnancy of my second child, I have had two very bad attacks where I have been smothered all over and both times this has been triggered by a strep throat infection. I have never found anyhting that helps it eventually goes by itself, I do get small patches all the time but nothing much to speak of. However I am now terrified every time I get a sore throat and wondered if anyone can advise me of a remedy that might help.
gerth last decade
One thing that is almost a clockwork certainty is , that if you take an antibiotic for the throat infection you will get an attack .

The suppression of the infection causes internal pressure that throws the problem to the surface.

The main thing is to find out which of the two remedies mentioned match tour case .

Look at Dinkys post of the 7th of the 4th and answer the questions.
passkey last decade

I was doing a search to see if I could find out where to get Bacillinum (before you replied) and came across a previous post about Bacillinum. Some of the comments mande about this remedy where slightly worrying to me as it seems very powerful. I just wondered what you thought.

Some of the comments were

"The first thing I want to say is nosodes should never be used in a casual manner. A real understanding and background in homeopathy is needed. Nosodes are created from disease material and resorted to when other methods fail or the indications are crystal clear"


"As you can see this is a remedy for a person with very serious health problems and should never be used without deep understanding"

Obviously these seem very serious comments to make and started making me a bit nervous about taking this remedy.

The link to the previous post so you can read it in full is as follows, I would appreciate your comments and advice.


Many thanks
dinky last decade
Nosodes are no different from any other homeopathic remedy .

Where it is appropriate I have given it to very youg children ,
BUT it is up to you .

Normally if a remedy is inappropriate iy will do NOTHING dont worry.
passkey last decade
May I ask what it may do if it is the right remedy. is it likely to have any side affects or make the condition worse in the short term?

Many thanks

dinky last decade
Homeopathic remedies do NOT have side effects .

The only time one is likely to get aggravation is if you use the 200c potency , and I always avoid that .

Aggravation is only the problem being thrown out so rapidly that it can give a problem for 24/36 hours.

But some say the cure is more certain because of that - I doubt it and avoid that potency.
passkey last decade

I will get some of this remedy and do as you say. I will keep you informed of my progress.

Thanks again for your time and your help.

dinky last decade

Can I just clarity how to take this remedy?

You say take 3 doses at bedtime. I presumed you meant take one dose of 10M at bedtime for 3 nights - is this correct?

Or did you mean take 3 doses of 10M at bedtime?

Many thanks
dinky last decade
Yes - one dose at bedtime for three sucessive nights
[24 hr intervals]
passkey last decade
Honestly, I have had psoriasis for 15 years+, I have tried all the topical medicines, vitamins, bowel cleanse, fish oil, etc. Coal tar worked for a while, and UV light treatment is somewhat effective. Funny thing is, I have noticed one thing that is causing my lesions to dissapear, and I have no good explanation why but it is- Swiss Dark Chocolates- Lindt Lindor Truffles. I got some for Christmas, and every time I ate them my lesions got lighter. I thought little of it (just a coincidence). I went to Arizona for a month (hoping for help from the sun), but when I came back and had a few of these chocolates that I had left over, things started improving again.

My advice- sun or UV treatment and Lindt chocolates.
geddymd72 last decade
Late Rai bahadur Bishambar Das, a great Homeopath of 1960s in his book "Select your remedy" has quoted that 'Treatment of psoriasis should be started with Sulphur cm potency one dose and no medicine should be given for 15 days thereafter. I usually follow his advise with great results. After 15 days, I prescribe Hydrocotyle Q 15 drops twice a day for 2-3 months followed by a intercurrent Constitutional remedy with 80% success rate.For local application - i.e. for dry scaly skin-Acid Chryso works wonders.

Dr. B.P.Sharma
bhupindersharma last decade
I have bought some tuberculinum, please can someone advise me on how to take this ??? i have purchased LM50
JonnyG_uk last decade
I have bought some tuberculinum, please can someone advise me on how to take this ??? i have purchased LM50 in the form of TEAT
JonnyG_uk last decade
I have psoriasis and have had since about the age of 15 I am now 26 and I have never seen anything work as far as a treatment goes. I would like to be able to where a short sleeve shirt again or scratch my head without it looking like a snow storm I have tried all the expensive over the counter treatments none of them work. I don't have insurance so I can’t go see a specialist and I am so embarrassed.
jael_81 last decade

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