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excessive desire for sex

I am a 33-year old male. I am a hyperactive person in many aspects, including sex. I have been married for 6 years. I was hoping that my excessive desire for sex will calm down as time goes by. But still I have a strong sex drive. Sometimes I would like to have 3 intercourses a day. During the past 6 years my wife kind of trying to cope with me and I have to admit that sometimes she is so exhausted by my high sexual demands. Anyway, is there a good remedy for me to get my sexual desires balanced?
Thank you
  hp2006 on 2006-02-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please take phosphoric acid 1m,
1 dose every week for 3 weeks,
then report.
dr.sajid mahmood
drsajid last decade
Dear Drsajid,
Thank you for your quick response.
I just checked the remedy picture of phosphoric acid. I would say 90% doesn't match with me. Do you still recommend it for me?
Thank you,
hp2006 last decade
can you place your complain in follwoing format1. Name
2. Age
3. Sex
4. country
5. climate
6. What exactly is happening ?
7. How do you feel ?
8. How does this affect you ?
9. How does it feel like ?
10. What comes to your mind ?
11. One situation that had a big effect on you ?
12. How did that feel like ?
13. What sensation do you experience in that situation ?
14. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand. ?
15. current medicine you are taking
16. family back ground
17. qualification of patient
18. Nature of working
19. desire and aversion of food
20. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behavior, love and affection. If any secret thing or can not want to discus at forum then you can share your talk directly to email by clicking on your any forum doctor. For a good prescription mental detail is must be and try to email of photographs of the diseases part.(if required)
21. Aggravation & Amelioration

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dear Dr. Deoshlok,
Follwoing please find the answers.
1. Name: please call me HP, I prefer not to use my real name
2. Age: 33
3. Sex: male
4. Country: I believe you mean ethnicity: Iranian but if you mean my location: US
5. Climate: I prefer warm weather, not too cold not too hot.
6. What exactly is happening ? I have too much sex drive. I will be aroused sometimes even with a simple hug of my wife. I feel an urge to ejaculate sometimes 3 times a day. But normally we have only 1 intercourse per day.
7. How do you feel ? sometimes I feel I like to slap and strike her during … but of course I don’t do it. When I get angry with her I am more interested in oral sex.
8. How does this affect you ? if for whatever reason I don’t have intercourse with her I would try masturbation. I used to do that a lot more. But now after several discussions with my wife she agrees to be more cooperative.
9. How does it feel like ? I feel a relief after ejaculation.
10. What comes to your mind ? what if she could be more sexy!! she is not as hyperactive as I am. Please don’t get this wrong I love her very much.
11. One situation that had a big effect on you ? I have had many situations in my life but if you mean recently, my father passed away 3 months ago. Although it was not a sudden death, it was too soon for him to die.
12. How did that feel like ? I had a feeling that I had not done everything I could do for him. Still think if I had been involved more he wouldn’t die this soon.
13. What sensation do you experience in that situation ? Words can not explain it.
14. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand. ? I don’t have any specific gesture of my hands.
15. current medicine you are taking : nothing. About 2 months ago I had one dose of Lyc 30 and about a month ago I had one dose of Sulphur 30.
16. family back ground: is this really necessary? This is going to be a long paragraph.
17. qualification of patient: I am very successful in my work. Clever, high IQ, fast thinker, very logical, don’t have a strong will though. Especially in compare to my wife. Most of the times I need her confirmation. Physically, I am NOT interested in sports. I do 30 minutes workout every morning and that is it. I have lots of energy but I would like to put all that energy towards sex.
18. Nature of working: I am a chip designer (hardware engineer)
19. desire and aversion of food: I LOVE tomato, hate broccoli, if I eat meat alone without rice (like BBQ meat) I will get diarrhea. I like salt, so I put salt on almost everything. Sometimes it seems that I cannot control the amount of food I eat. I mean after I get overloaded I would realize how much extra I have eaten. So usually my wife will control the amount of my meal.
20. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behavior, love and affection. If any secret thing or can not want to discus at forum then you can share your talk directly to email by clicking on your any forum doctor. For a good prescription mental detail is must be and try to email of photographs of the diseases part.(if required): wow! too many questions. I have to confess that I am not patient enough to answer these thoroughly. Quickly go over it: when I get angry I curse (I know it is not good and I am trying to control it). This happens only when I get angry from a member of family or a friend. This doesn’t happen at work. I am very impatient in many aspects of life. For example I drive very fast and change lanes all the times so I can get to my destination as soon as possible. I am not comfortable with emotional public speaking, even though very comfortable in technical presentation and meetings. I don’t sleep well at all. Some times very bad dreams (dreams of stool!!!!, dreams about fights with family members). During sleep sometimes I want to wake up but I can’t and I feel a blood rush or no blood at all in my brain. Usually in these situations someone should wake me up.
21. Aggravation & Amelioration : can not think of anything now
Thank you,
hp2006 last decade
You asked me a lot of questions but I guess you forgot to read the answers!!! Should I wait more?
hp2006 last decade
after 3 hour of work of your sumptom -you are advise to take Staphysagaria 3C potency (don't take more than 3C) three times in a day for week and report me
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Thank you so much for taking time to study my symptoms. As a matter of fact I was given Staph 30 C about a year ago for same problem I mentioned here. It didn't affect me that much. Anyway, Staph is a better match for me than Phos acid so I am going to try this and report back after one week.
Thank you again,
hp2006 last decade
Dear Dr. Deoshlok,
I have been looking for Staph 3C in different Health stores in our city but unfortunately the lowest dose they carry is 6C. Can I use Staph 6C? If yes, then how many times per day?
Thank you,
hp2006 last decade
I suggest Strammonium 1M one dose each every alternate day - Max.5 doses.

Please revert back later.

If this does not work, I suggest Hyoscyamus 200c. However, my first choice is Strammonium.
asknikhil last decade
once you try in 6c potency for a month and tell me the followup
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
The best remedy for this purpose is Salix Niagra Q 10+10+10 drops in ia litte water
Dr.A.K.Khan last decade
dear hp2006,
6c will not work at all you must take 3c
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dear Dr. Deoshlok,
hope you are doing well. I took the remedy as you instructed. it has been 3 weeks since the last dose of remedy I took. I couldn't send this report sooner, sorry about that.
well, I have to say that I haven't seen any improvement inmy conditions. but I would like to get your attention to the following conditions that I realized I have had them for so long and I have been just ignorant.

1. I have to admit that I feel lots of anger inside me specially about my wife. this condition has gotten worse specially after my father passed away a few months ago. the main reason is becuase all she can think of is herself. I mean I love her and she is a good wife specially from other's eyes but she doesn't pay attention to my feelings or my conditions at all. she has been like this since I knew her and I have learned to cope with this aspect of her personality. but after my father's death it was just so unacceptable to me. as aresult nowadays I can get angry over small stuff with her. I feel that she owes me a lot but at the same time there is nothing she can do about that becasue my father is dead. I mean I needed her support so much but she didn't (or maybe she can't) give me the support.

2. she is very strong woman in a way that if she wants to do something she just does it and if not she doesn't and that's it. on the other hand I am the opposite, I realized that I don't have that type of strong personality. in one word I don't have balls. At work everyhting is fine and I am totaly comfortable and strong and confident. but in social life not at all. during the time this combination of mine and her feature makes me weak. put me in a weaker position in family. sometimes I feel she is the man of family. I mean she acts like that. maybe because I am not a real man as amn should be. you know what I mean specially for middle eastern.

3. I realized that even sexually I am getting tired of her. sometimes I really prefer not to see her. I even offerred her to send her on a trip to visit her parents but she just didn't like the offer at this time. anyway, sometimes it comes to my mind to go and have sex with somebody else. I know this shameful but I just want to be honest with you so you can select the right remedy for me. eventhough I think of haveing sex with somebody else I haven't done this in my life ever. the reason, again becuase I don't have balls. I mean I don't feel enough power inside to be able to do that.

4. I don't know why sometimes I prefer to have oral sex. she doesn't like it at all and we had so many fights and arguments over this topic for so many years. but anyway somehow sometimes I can make her doing it. but again it is not satisfactory becasue I know that she doesn't do it oh her own will.

5. a few weeks ago she suggested to get seperated and get divorced. I told her that i can't do it. I know that even if we end up doing that it would be she who will start the process. although she said that she loves me hence she doesn't want to heart me anymore so speration could be the solution. but right now everything looks fine.

6. for so many years I hear this whistling sound in my ears. when I get angry it gets worse. when I lie down it gets worse.

7. for so many I see particles in front of my eyes. they are kind of like dusts in the air. I went to an eye specialist and she said it is because of particles that float in the vitreous and cast shadows on the retina. seems there is nothing they can do about that.

8. I had premature ejaculation for many years and through years I have learned to control it. now it comes back again. sometimes to be able to have a normal intercourse I have to do a masturbation before having intercourse. if i don't do it what happens is that I ejaculate prematurly and then after intercourse I feel the urge to ejaculate again. so I have to do the masturbation after.

9. I realized that I am depressed. I don't enjoy anything. I don't like the way I live. I don't enjoy food. I live with the hope that someday soon (maybe in 2 years) I go back to my country and be able to see family and friends. at least I can see people other than my wife. sometimes I think what if I cannot go back to my country. theh I think I want to kill myself. of course I won't do it simple because again I don't have balls. I am so tired of this feature of myself. it si disgusting to be this weak.

10. I used to be a reader and a thinker. but recently I just don't feel that I would like to read or do any kind of research or even think about any subject. I just work, eat, watch tv, have sex, and sleep. I am gaining weight eventhough my diet hasn't changed.

11. I feel that all the bad lucks, all the bad things, all the bad stuff happens to me. You see this is my wife, my father is dead, my mother is alone back in my home country, my sister is in another country and she has Multiple Sclerosis, my brother has Psorisis. I say to myself God what did I do?

12. there is another thing in my wife that bothers me sooooooo much. and that is that she thinks and she acts like she and her family are in a higher class than me and my family. I mean she doesn't give damn about anybody else except her family. she is very polite and talking like a kind person but I know what she thinks inside. and even sometimes she shows this with her actions. what can I say!!?

Please let me know what is the best remedy for my situation. I feel completely hopeless.
Thank you for your help.
hp2006 last decade

read your forum, your problem here is normal just that theres something in the past history the way you was brought up the circumstances you lived in the problems you faced in your childhood pls furnish the details so that i can help you out.

take care

homoeo clinic last decade
Thank you for your attention to my case. It would be a very very long posting if I want to explain all my past life. Briefly, my family had so many problems in terms of fightings between mom and dad, sometimes financial problems, and I used to have this feeling that I am a lower class kid among my friends. Eventhough my dad was an ambassador when I was a preschool kid and we had a wealthy kind of life but then because of some social and political changes everthing got worse and worse.
anyway, another important thing is that I used to smoke marijuna. I still like to use it but I can't because of legal issues. when I smoke grass I feel very relaxed, and I can think clearly wihtout everthing rush into my mind.
I used to do masturbation a lot(almost everyday and some days 2-3 times) when I was between 18-27.
as for my marriage, it wasn't done in an easy way. I had so many fights with my parents back then becasue they didn't want this marriage to happen. also, my parents-in-law didn't agree with our marriage. I am not saying that I have regret about my marriage. what I am trying to convey is that a few years later which is now, I realized that I didn't act as a powerful man at that time and I get angry with myself when I remember some situations.
my wife doesn't like my habit of smoking grass. I told her many times that you should have thought of that when we wanted to get married. she wants me to quit. you know it may sounds stupid but I am thinking :ok if I forget smoking grass then I will become 100% what my wife creats. It wouldn't be me. you know my wife has changed me a lot in many ways. I have to admit some in good ways. but I just feel that I am transforming inot another completely new person.
I don't know, I don't know.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
hp2006 last decade
cannabis use only coplicates --also use to cover underlying--may happen causation---itis possible you and wife may part but cannabis does not good no matter...also in this case cannbis used as self medicate and also causation--as seen in provings of cann-i ---sexualness increased...as shows with ego--feeling of belitlement by wife--may be exaggeration of your mind due to weed use..taint left by use...stop the use take 3 doses camphor 12c --once a day -3 days....may clear mind enough to ecide approach to health..start there and then folow docs advice if want..
John Stanton last decade

hp thats a good id you got there read your reply to my post your medications as i see it points to lachesis just go through that drug and tell me if it suits you

dr wilton noronha
homoeo clinic last decade
Dear John Stanton,
Thank you for your posting. Honestly, I don't believe that grass can be harmful to everybody. I mean there are people who use it and they live in a perfect shape. But I would like to hear more about harms of grass if there is any scientific proofs to that. As a matter of fact Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple company) took acid many years ago according to his cooments and he is one of the most successful men regarding his job and his family. Can you tell me what is your thought on that?
Thank you for your time.
Best reagrds,
hp2006 last decade
Dr. NOronha,
Lachesis doesn't look like a good fit for me at all.
Thank you,
hp2006 last decade
Why is that people post their instructions and then forget to follow up? Is it suppose to be this way? I came here with the hope to find a remedy. Now I feel that I have become a guinea pig. They just lose interest and leave.
It is so annoying.
hp2006 last decade
hello hp2006
I can understand your frustration. Some homeoapths don't like to be bothered unless they can control you completely. One of the most reliable 'homeopath' here is Joe De Livera. You might seek his help also.

As far as remedies matching you, that does not matter. If you look at previous posts here, you will notice that there are only a few remedies that are prescribed by the 'homeopaths' here although there are 5,000 remedies.

I have been under the care of a homeopath for a very long time and the remedies prescribed for me don't match either. However, I still received some benefit from them.

I suggest you give those remedies that have been suggested a try.

Also do a search here at this site or an engine search for remedies for sexual issues. This site also offers Remedy Finder software which some people helps some people

Keep posting and searching you will get some benefit from this. Another option which might help in the meantime is Reiki. Look for a practitioner in your area. Some massage therapists are trained in Reiki. You might even look for a Reiki forum on the internet for some help. Other alternative health providers can also help with this issue as they are all working with energy whether it is acupuncture or energy healing of some sort.
Pat2006 last decade
i write about weed (cannabis indica) not from --'GOD ALMIGHTY IT IS WRONG' point of view--but rather from effects---it has been noted that cannibis indica---has an effect of increased-violent-excessive- sexual desire--more marked in males than females...so it is sen use much in post puberty with males--a sort of self medicatio--an attempt to balance --hormones effect--but other genetic background as well social ingraining--need exist for this dispostion to exist an actually choose use weed..

most harms of using weed are chemcals used in growing and tars from smoe inhalation..this has its own ill that comes.--if grow own oragnic weed--then best used by eating--fry in oil and use teasppoon doses of oil/weed mix---or strain off an djust use oil..this is much different in effect that smoking--deeper reaching and longer acting--mental sphere being well affected ifferently....yet as in all food/drinks/substances --fluent usage will engrain its own ills on the inividual--some will go on own after isuse--others reamin tainted---all epends on individual predispositon and such...

John Stanton last decade
Dear Pat2006,
Thank you for your comments. I will try to find a remedy in remedyfinder.
best regards,
hp2006 last decade
Dear John Stanton,
Thank you for taking time to reply back. It seems you are one a the few good souls in this forum (no offense to others but it is true). could you please help me with my problems? I took a look at Cannabis Indica and realzied that it looks like a good match. I mean I have many of symptoms mentioned in the remedy picture. Can you tell me how should I use it?
I appreciate your time.
hp2006 last decade
if been smoking weed of lately--then symptoms exhibit are due to use--not direct causation...though..

lets dig deeper..

how much weed smoke ?daily?

what medical treatments have you undergone in health history?what meds used?when (dates)?reasons for use?
John Stanton last decade

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