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4,5 years old son, enlarged tonsils after vaccination

My first words are "Thank you and God bless you!" for the admin team, for Doctors and specialist and also for all that are keeping this site so wonderful.
I need some help for my son, he is 4,5 years old and he has red, very enlarged tonsils after last vaccination DTAP and MMR. This was 3 months ago. He had a very ugly reaction, his arm was swollen (the arm with DTAP vaccine), his nights since then are agitated. The vaccine was in the afternoon, all the night he was complaining of pain in his arm, next morning we went first to homeopath here, she prescribed Calendula 30 ch, he was worst during the night, went to emergency room and they gave him an antihistamine. His arm was better but since that night he started to have very enlarged tonsils, he can' breathe during the night, his sleep is disturbed, he lost weight, no appetite (we still struggle with sensible smells, different textures of food, because of his GERD he is eating just few dishes? His GP gave him antibiotic (Amoxicilin) for 3 weeks (!) with no improvments.
We had 2 homeopathic Doctors (both pluralists) back in Europe, and he had a lot of remedies (for his severe GERD and also week immunity, frequent colds/flu) since he was baby. We moved to New Zealand 3 years ago, we live in a city where you can't find remedies, just few of them, most tablets. I ordered one emergency kit from Australia, Aintsworth and another one from UK, Helios. The reason why I did this is because my son started to have more colds/flu during winter time (last winter he had 20!!!) and because both homeopaths (this time unicists) that I contacted here didn't help.
So I started to read and read about homeopathy and try to help him as much as I could during winter time. His colds are allways the same pattern, runny nose and then thick mucus and then loose cough and then dry cough and the end of the cold. Some of them don't get serious and I can help him with homeopathy, but for some the GP prescribed antibiotic. And he took a lot!
I don't know so much about homeopathy, so more then sure my "guessing" remedies are wrong most of the times, but this winter I helped him better to sustain his immunity during cold season. I consider homeopathic remedies a magic, wonderful gift and a miracle.
I started reading more about Homeopathy in my immensely desire to help my son but I face this point where I am conscious that I need many many years of studying and practice until I will have confidence to "know more" and prescribe the right one. I am humble in my statement, and I have an enormous respect for those who know so much about this wonderful aproach to illness.
So, I am in this point when I need help with my son with this reaction after vaccination (no more further, I allready made some official forms that he will not be anymore vaccinate) and my intuition as a mother is that his little body fight a lot with this vaccines (he had some in Europe, he had more here).
I read a lot about different ill vaccination reactions, I don't want "to play cards of guessing) with something so serious. I could help him wi a runny nose or a dry cough but it looks like he need a constitutional remedy and also something to antidote the vaccines.
All the remedies that he had it were in 30 ch (i don't remember exactly what the homeopath Dr. prescribed him for his GERD when he was 2 months old, but I remember that they were a lot and some of them in 200 potency).
I can complete a questionnere and I can give more details, definitely they will be necessary, my only kindly and humble asking is for one of the doctors (trained and experienced) can take the case. His been through a lot of pain and illness in these 3 years, he also had a severe head injury 6 months ago (a conccusion) so, it is a complex and serious case.
Thank you so much for your time and for your gift!
  Motherformyson on 2016-08-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what is the color of his tongue?

his built?

color of mucus?


anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Thank you for responding and for asking!
He has candida infection from all antibiotics and right now he is in a middle of a crise, when he wake up today I noticed a red spot on his tongue well delimited by a white edge. He has o white covered tongue from last week after he had a tummy bug from kindie (he reacted terrible, the majority of the kids had 3-4 vomits, he had 12 in 2 hours (!) at the emergency room they gave him a strong antiemetic. He was better for few hours and when we came back home he started vomiting again, so I search and read like crazy in that night, to try to find a remedy (he was completely dehidrated and exhasted) and I gave him Ipeca and Phosphorus 30 ch, one pellet with one hour interval between them. In 10 min he was better stop vomiting and fall asleep). The next few days he had painful stomach cramps, on diet, recovering, but with cramps at every little meal. So I gave him one pellet of Arsenicum Album. He responded again very well and in the next few days the cramps dissapered. I think that a tummy/vomit bug and GERD are the worst combination :(
So, after this episode from last week, his immunity was weeker and weeker. He ate pretty well couple of days and again his appetite was lost, started breathing heavy and having apnea during sleep, candida apperead on his tongue, on his little pennies (some small red spots - I know because it happened last winter the same, after toooo many antibiotics he had this kind os systemic candida infection, on tongue, pennis and on the scalp :(

He is tall, thin (both parents are), well developed, very very clever and creative boy, very active and full of wonderful energy.
I had a difficult pregnancy, my GN gave me medication during the pregnancy to keep the baby (I was in bed for 5 months to keep the pregnancy) and I BELIVE that the medication is why is he so sensitive and has a week immunity. But, even if my pregnancy was a difficult one, except from GERD and frequent colds he was a precocius child (stand up at 5,5 months, I couldn't believe my eyes when I found him standing and smiling at me) and at 2 years old he knew the alphabet for both languages and to read small words in one language. His development from physical and psychological (I am psychologist) point of view was normal.
Thank you so much for your time and dedication! If you need more details please let me know.
Motherformyson 3 years ago
I forgot about stool. Allways normal, regular, never problems, at usaually in the morning after breakfast. I am trying to give him smashed vegetable soups (homemade), he is completely in love of raw cabbage salade (with olive oil and few drops of lemon juice) and also a fresh juice made from 1 carrot, 1apple, 1 cucumber, a little ginger, 1 orange, some bell peppers or cabbage or celery...
And he has the soup and salad and fresh juice daily with no exceptions.
Motherformyson 3 years ago
nux vom 30, two pills three times a day for three days.

kali mur 6x and nat phos 6x, two tabs of each three times a day.

mag phos 6x, 3-4 tabs in case of cramps.

feed back after 4 days.

Other problems will be addressed ones he recovers completely.
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anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Thank you so much, Anuj!

I just put my son to bed, I will start the treatment tomorrow morning. I have Nux 30 in my kits but I have to order the other potencies. Probably from Auckland they will be here in 2 days. One question: can I start with Nux 30 for the next 3 days as you reccomended until I will receive the others?

Thank you again and God bless you for your kindness :)
Motherformyson 3 years ago
immediately start with nux.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
I will. I hoped that you will say this, I am so worry about his health...
I will give him his first 2 pills of Nux in his sleep (i often do and is safe), he has one hour from dinner.
Merci Anuj, I will anounce you when I have the other remedies and also I will report back.
Motherformyson 3 years ago
Am I wrong?
Today afternoon arrived kali mur6 si nat phos 6 but in the form of little pellets, not tablets. I gave him once, I hope that I am not wrong (i just read right now that you said tablets, not pellets) :(

He is also on the second day of nux vom 30, and his appetite incresed, he went twice a day to the toilet (not typical for him) but the stool was normal, he is more agitated during the night and also more sensitive, weeping more and also more argumentative during the day. He was allways highly empathic, since he was baby (this is another thing that I wanted to tell you about later on) but from 2 days is like shedding tears more easy when is a sensitive situation (today he cried because of a story in a book for children, and also when he listened some symphonic music and yesterdaybecause I told him not to throw things to the dog that she might be hurt and she can suffer).

My intention was to keep the treatment and come with a feed-back in 2 more days, but it looks that is a missunderstanding and I did a mistake.
Please let me know. Thank you so much, Anuj!
Motherformyson 3 years ago
you should have ordered for the biochemic cell salts.try getting the salts.

we will wait and watch continue with nux,going to stool a couple of times for a child is normal,so do not worry.

because of the ailment the child has become sensitive,it will wear off.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
I was wrong :( .
Anuj, I would like to thank you for your time and patience.
I tried today to find the Cell Salts here or to ship them from USA, is impossible. Luckily I found them in Australia (they are pellets or liquid). I ordered them, it will take a while to arrive. As soon as I will have them I will let you know.

In the mean time, today was the last dose of Nux, David has a better appetite, stool is normal, but his behaviour since we start the Nux 3 days ago, is like for a hyperactive child + very argumentative during the day. During the night he is agitated and he is grinding his teeth terrible. More than before.
I moved him in bed with me after vaccination - since he started these agitated, grinding teeth very hard and breathing/ snooring problems. He allways had a superficial sleep, with bad dreams, crying and grinding his teeth but after vaccination was worst (another aspect to discuss with you).

He look tired when he wake up and he tells me that he is tired (all this after vaccination) and is probably because his sleep (already superficial) is disturbed more because of his breathing problems.

As you reccomended, I will wait and observe him. I know that in homeopathy every aspect and apparently insignificant detail is, in fact important, so I will observe him and report back.
The candida infection has a slightly improvment and also the tonsils. A very little improvment but I am happy that it is.

Please let me know if I had to do something more except for observing him and waiting for the Cell Salts.

Thank you deeply from my heart!
Motherformyson 3 years ago
have you got cina 3o?

cell salt in tablet form,small tabs.

yes no symptom is insignificant,wait and watch,repeat nux after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
No, I don't have cina in my kits (I have just those kits with 42 emergency remedies 30 ch) but I will order it. What potency?
I know that cina is for worms, and I know that grinding teeth during nights is associateed with intestinal parasites, I thought about it but he never show any other sign of parasitosis. But if you decide that he needs it, I will order it. Please let me know potency and administration.
Thank you so much!
Motherformyson 3 years ago

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