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Dear Anuj,

I can't thank you enough for your kindness! I hope that you will have the time and patience to read all.
Here is a complete report about my son's health status:

Major complains:


1. GERD - since he was 2 months old was diagnosed with severe GERD after medical investigations. One option was medication (I refused it after I read that are some possible long-term effects in the child development) another option was surgery (I refuse it because of general anesthesia).
I choosed homeopathic remedies and everything else possible to help him (longer time between meals, long walks outside in fresh air in baby carrier during days and during nights, introducing solid food earlier, sleeping in a elevated position e.g.)
2. ENLARGED TONSILS plus ADENOIDS - about enlarged tonsils I told you before, about enlarged adenoids was the GP presumtion, the ENT confirmed enlarged adenoids presence 2 days ago. His GP insists to make an adenotonsillectomy :(
3. CANDIDIASIS - on tongue - reccurent trush (white coat and also a red spot with white edge, now is larger) and on his penis ( redness, painful rash) and once happened also on scalp. After many, much to many rounds of antibiotic. Although I give him probiotics daily + during winter time we make sauerkraut (full of natural probiotics) and he has it sometimes as a salad.
4. WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM - Frequent colds/flu (a lot, around 20 during winter time), he catch everything that is going from kindie, colds/flu, tummy bugs, conjunctivitis...
5. HIGHLY SENSITIVE/ EMOTIONAL NATURE - although a very active, optimistic, happy smiling child, is shedding tears very easy when is an emotional story or situation, when he falls (even for minors bruises, he is not pretending, I think that he has a low tolerance to pain), when he listen emotional/sad, music (since he was 6 months old he reacts crying to "melancholic" symphonic music) or when a character from cartoons is upset or crying, or a child is crying (is pretty affected).
6. SLEEP ISSUES - grinding teeth terrible during sleep, restless, snoring (after vaccination, because of his enlarged tonsils and adenoids), frightful dreams (although they are normal around this age, he wakes up almost in every night crying from a frightful dream - this issue incresed also after his last vaccination).
7. HEAD INJURY (conccusion) - he was at the kindie, running hard from outside, he fell and hit his head to a corner of a table. At the forehead, in the right side. Huge haematoma. I will write below, all the details about accident.
8. RECCURENT CONJUNCTIVITIS - he catch it twice from kindie (was running in the kindie and almost all the kids had it). Conjunctivitis is pretty common here (I think so because of the high humidity but I am not so sure why).

More information and details:

1. **more details about GERD/ Food preferences
He doesn't like meat (any kind), he hates the smell of chicken, he doesn't like eggs, he use to eat a little crumbed fried fish (everything without a strong smell) now he doesn't like it anymore.
As I said, doesn't like plain milk At all.If is in a recipe is all right. He eats yoghurt, doesn' t really like or dislike, but I insisit to have it daily.
He loves cheese and butter (I am amazed that sometimes he is licking the butter from his bread, he use to vomit very easy from everything, but not from butter). He likes bread (I give him breads with lots of seeds and cereals, very rare white bread like ciabatta. He likes crackers, bagels, everything that is dry and crunchy. Of course, he loves pizza made at home, with just a little tomatoes and cheese on top.
He doesn't like if something is too sweet, if I make cakes I use a little sugar or if is possible honey or maple syrop, not too much. Anyway, even if is a yummy cake he eats just a little bit. I don't give him candies or jelly bonbons. He is desperate about milk chocolate. I make him bonbons with dates&nuts and a little nutella and I give him form time to time that one from kinder, just coated with chocolate. If I give him more he is easily agitated.
He loves lemons. Sometimes I give him a half and he likes to lick it (I am not giving any more since he has enlarged tonsils).
His favourite fruits are, in this order: watermelon (very dear fruit for him), grapes, apples and oranges. Nothing more. The rest of them I have to give him in the form of smoothie or fresh juice. I give him bananas in different smoothies but he doesn't like it plain because of the texture. He likes also some dried fruits.
He eats just few dishes, he likes vegetable proteins, like beans and chickpeas (but only mashed) he loves raw cabbage salad simple or mixed with carrots with a little olive oil and few drops of lemon juice. He likes green leaves salad, bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers. He eats daily a vegetable soup (all kind of vegetables). Not raw tomatoes, but he likes them cooked, in soups or pizza/pasta.
He eats rice and pasta but not very happy about them. In the last 4 years I struggled so much to make him eat, I tried tons of recipes of everykind with very little success. My huge success was when he ate his first butter bread sandwich (sounds exagerate, but after many years of vomit and vomit and refusing everything, it was a big success).
He is never hungry and if he is a little bit hungry (once a month may be) he eats 3 bites, exactly not to be starved anymore and that's all.
He has a very sensitive sense of smell. If he smels something that I am cooking and he dislike it (for example I am cooking a chicken soup, very rare we don't eat meat so often) he has crises of vomiting just from smell. Or if I cook fried eggs for his father and he see or smell them.
If the eggs are in the pancakes (just one) and you can't really smell it, is ok, he is eating.
This vomit thing is a big problem. He vomited a lot when he was baby, he was vomiting his bottle of milk, and I use to start again and again. And vomiting again and me started again. Very hard years...At usually at the third round he was keeping the milk in his stomach. When he was baby he didn't have any problem with the smell or taste of milk. His problem was with acidity and his immature gastrophaegeal sphincter.
Now it looks like his vomiting is more related to smells and textures and how the food looks.
Here, cows are free, eating fresh grass all the year, the dairy products are organic, wondeful and tasty but probably the smell is too strong for him, so he doesn't like the milk. He vomits if he taste it. He doesn't like it even in ice-cream, for example a vannila one. He is crazy about ice-cream! But just fruit ice-cream. So, he eats just soft/hard cheese and yoghurt, not milk.

ACTUAL STATUS: better appetite, not so much vomit, larger meals. Improvement 70-80% !

2. ** more details about enlarged tonsils/vaccination
I told you already his reaction after vaccine, very big swollen arm, very enlarged tonsils, very very agitated during nights, crying and crying and waking up, restless, grinding his teeth much more then before, decreased appetite (he was never interested in food, after vaccine not even for very few things that he use to like it), snoring and apneea (I took him in bed with me so I can turn him on a side when he couldn't breathe. I still do this.)
After 3 months from his head injury, his GP insisited and insisted to do the vaccination. She is a friend of us and really care about my son. At that time it was a little epidemic of measles very close to our living town and she was so afraid that he can catch it; he was already fragile after head injury and also was having a weak immunity, his doctor was afraid that if he will catch measles he can make a brain congestion. I was convinced.
But it was a huge mistake. My mistake.

Enlarged tonsils, one more month antibiotic, the complains remained the same, what was changed was a new perturbance of his health, the reccurent candidiasis.

ACTUAL STATUS after the treatment that you recommended (Nux v and tissue salts) - improvment 75%!

ACTUAL STATUS: just a thin white layer on his tongue, no more spots. His genital area is perfect.

4. ** more details about Immunity:
Although he has a lot of colds/ flu during winter time, a typical one starts with a watery runny nose, then thicker mucus, yellow, sometimes light green, then coughing (loose), then dry coughing and the end. Never tonsilitis, very rare red/sore throat, all this issue with enlarged tonsils/adenoids started in few hours after last vaccination. My concern is that as the time pas by, his colds are longer, his cough is more stubborn, his recovering needs more and more time.
He has allways cold hands/feet and he is allways cold and needs extra clothes. After vaccination, his hands in the morning (right now is still winter, not a very cold winter but a humid, unpleasent one. For example when is raining here is over 90% humidity). The major problem here for adults and children is asthma, New Zealand has one of the highest asthma rate in the world. I know that are many factors that can contribute to asthma, 2 important issues are present also in my son' s health history: repeted colds and respiratory infections in early childhood and also too much antibiotic use in early childhood. He had both.

Also for us, his parents, this humid winters and day/night oscillated temperatures are difficult.

ACTUAL STATUS: it is an improvement, his last cold was with less symptoms and shorter time, no more complications.

5. ** more details about him and about his nature:
As I said, is a very active child, he spends a lot of time playing outside during summer time and I also take him daily for 1-2 hours walk on the beach, no matter what season it is, before dinner. Since we moved near the ocean and take this walks for aerosols, his sleep was improved, but after vaccination started to be again restless with an agitated sleep.

He is an attractive child, beautiful smile, long lashes, thin and tall, very thick hair, dark blond- light brown. He is highly creative and intelligent with a wonderful imagination and very logical answers for his age. In the same time very argumentative, very very competitive (I can't say it enough how competitive is he. Allways wants to be the first one, the winner, the best. I don't encourage this, I try to explain him that is not allways about winning and teach him how to lose with dignity...)

He loves books, when he have new books he loves to spend a lot of time to study them quietly or to read (small ones) otherwise we read him (we borrow 20 from library in every week). He also loves to play with LEGO and with trains. Is fascinated about Planets and Solar System and dinosaurs (of course), he tells me that he wants to be an Astronaut and a Dr. Paleontologist.

He has an affective nature, we both as parents give him a lot of love and affection, he is the same. When he goes to kindie in the morning, he hugs some children. He calls them "my children...".

Something interesting, he loves to do yoga. Of course, I am a dilettant regarding Yoga and Pranayama, but the benefits, even if Imdon't excel in asanas, are amazing. I don't know how and why, since he was 3- 3,5 years old he became very interested about it and he asked and asked to do it because . He has his own mat, I have mine and he has a strongly desire and patience to do with me some asanas. He really enjoy doing yoga. I never ask him to do it, he is the one that allways ask me to do and is very happy to do it daily. Sometimes I think that he is a little evolved human being (or at least more evolved then I am).

He has an ear for music and he loves to listen music.

He is stubborn. Veeery stubborn. Very insistent when he has something in his mind.

He is an affectionate and loving child. Both parents are with him and he responds back in the same manner.
When he goes in the morning to kindie, he hugs his friends. He calls them "my children...".
He likes to be with children, to play with them, to be surrounded by them, sometimes just to watch and observe them. He smile and leaf a lot/ he is in a very good mood when his friends come for playdates.

He loves to travel. He doesn't have the patience to stay in the car for hours, he loves to fly with the aeroplane and he loves to travel in terms of going together in new places, in holiday, exploring...

ACTUAL STATUS: he is less argumentative, he is still short temper. Still very sensitive. It was worst during those 3 days of Nux V30c and also when I gave him Cina 30c.

7. ** more details about head injury:
More details about head injury:
So, after he hit the corner of the table he colapsed for few minutes, he lost his conscience for few minutes, he vomited once. After that he started to swollen, very big haematoma, they tried to put some ice but keep swollen until we get there. So we ran home so I can gave him Aconite 30c and Arnica30c and quickly running to hospital. I think that Arnica is an amazing remedy right after a head injury. Since I gave him his second dose of Arnica he stoped swollening. Anyway he looked like a cyclop, crying, a bit dizzy, with headaches, but allert. Huge haematoma, running to emergency room, he didn't have pupilar reflex for the left eye, they kept us in hospital under supervision one day, they did not investigate more (in my origin country probably the first thing to consider for this kind of injury was to make an x-ray or tomography or an MRI, here the things are completely different :((( even I insisited to examine him more.
All the time when I give him Aconite he responds like a very active child, Aconite is like "recharching batteries" for him and because he had already 2 doses of Aconite until we hit the hospital, of course he was again very alert. So, the doctor said that he never investigate a child who is allert and active, even if is a serious conccusion.
So, first 72 hours were crucial, I strongly believe that Arnica and Aconite saved him from something worst.
They send us at home advicing to observe him carefully for the next days.
At home i decided to do "Sensorial Deprivation" for a while, and remove as much stimuli as I can. Also not physical exercise, jumping, running, nothing. I did this for almost 2 months, no kindie, no intense physical/psychological activity.
I also decided to give him 3 more days Aconite30c. Also, I gave him Arnica30c one dose daily for 2 weeks and then at every other day for more 2 weeks and then just from time to time when I saw him red at the forehead. I did not went to a homeopath dr. here, probably they are great professionals but for some reasons they did not help us anytime we went for consultation (we tried 2 of them).
I gave him also fish oil daily and vit C just to try to help a little with neuronal oxidative damages.
After the head injury my son had some short memory loss (he was starting a phrase and couldn't continue, he was forgetting something all the time (like starting a LEGO creation and forget what was initial intention, starting to tell me something and forget after 2 seconds, or forget what I told him 1 minute before, or couldn't play memory cards, hiding dinosaurs e.g.) we were devastated...
I continue to give him Arnica, fish oil, fresh fruit/vegetables juices and talk lot with him, teach him again, play a lot.
I did that wishing that even if are some neuronal damages (obvoiusly they were) they can be recuperate and soon will be new neuronal synapse formation. We waited for 3months (this was the time that doctors from hospital told us to wait until the next investigation) and wishing that in the meantime everything it will be all right with him and not further investigation necessary.

After 4 months some complains remained: from a calm, not irritable child he became a nervous And agitated one, changing his temper very easy, jumping from one emotion to another, his forehead, in the right side is still swollen were was the head injury. Also, if he run for more then 5-10 minutes his forehead is rose-red, if he is jumping (like on that jumping ball or a trampoline his forehead in the right side is intense red and starts to swollen a lot - me and my husband were terrified when last time happend this. I gave him again one dose of Arnica30c, in few minutes his forehead was better. But we decided that we have to do something even to go back to our country if is necessary to investigate him more.
So, we did here the next investigation, the neurologist said that he is fine, just not to run and jump and stop him from these physical activities (?!). And that his headaches and reddness and swollen on his forehead can last from 2 months to 2 years, nobody never knows...
Is not logic for me, nor for my husband not to investigate more a cause, but to stop a symptom when is manifesting by stopping the action. For a 4,5 year old boy is a big frustration and for us as parents, more unsolved worries.

7 months later his memory is better, almost the same as before (probably new synapses) and I am very happy, but still remain that redness and swollen moments in 2 situations: when he is making some physical intense activity (after few minutes). Also, when he has a cold, like running nose, catarrh e.g. he is swollen a little in the right side of his forehead.

8.**no more details about conjunctivitis
ACTUAL STATUS/IMPROVEMENTS - it is gone again after 1 week with Sulphur 30c.


1. I gave him Sulphur for Conjunctivitis for 1 week, you said to do it for a period. How long do I have to give him?
2. Tomorrow it will be a week of Tissue Salts. If I will stop Tissue Salts, the acidity, candidiasis and other health issues related with an acid environment will come back? Do I have to stop/ give him more?
3. After Cina 30c, i couldn't find any presence of worms, it was not an improvement/he is still grinding teeth during night. What can I do next for these symptoms?
4. What do you recommend next?

Please let me know if you need more details about my son.

Thank you so so much for your kindness and generosity! God bless you and your family!
Motherformyson 7 years ago
thanks for the detailed report,it has helped me understand the child better.

stop sulphur,continue salts in addition add nat sulph 6 x stop nat phos 6x.

nux to continue,now ones or twice a week.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
I am the one who THANK YOU!
I am full of gratitude and thankful for your gift of time and knowledge. Offering your precious time, your patience, your knowledge and experience for those in need, make you a very special person. I have great respect for you.

I will follow your recommendation and keep you informed about his status at every 4 days.

Thank you so much!
Motherformyson 7 years ago
grateful to you for your kind words.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Dear Anuj,

Did I understand right? One dose of Nux v once/ twice a week, means one pill once/twice a week?

I gave him on Monday evening after dinner before bedtime (I read that Nux V works better in the evening). If I am right with administration, I will give him once a weel so I can observ the response better.
It was the same pattern, during the night he was very agitated, couldn't sleep, grinding teeth, crying and awake around 3 am. The next day he was grumpy (also because of his sleepness) with an irritable behaviour. His appetite was improved (the same response like last time) and it looks like his vomit/ highly sensitive smell, decreased. I will keep observ him carefully.
His tonsils are in one day still large, in other day smaller, in one day intense red with very visible capillaries (dark red capillaries) in the next day just a little larger. I can't say exactly what is the trigger but I will keep observing him. I will try to avoid anything sour from his diet for a while to see the results.
He still breathe difficult during the night, although better than before (is definitely an improvment).
About his head. Is still swollen, and for few days he had again some slightly short memory loss, I don't know exactly why, I will keep observing.
All in all, my intuition as a mother and also my observation tells me that he is better and day by day will be better. I will wait, observe and report after every administration of Nux V. Please let me know how many weeks/ or you will decide depending of his response...

Another question, with a story.
You can find anywhere on the internet some "magical combination" for stopping a cold/flu with homeopathic remedies. I don't like combinations, he is hyperactive and with an impossible behaviour in the day of administration. But of course, after being ill again and again and again, I tried 2-3 of them with him (we tried also as adults). The only one that is working really magic with my son and with us, is a combination that we bought it when we were in holiday in Australia and in the middle of the summer he started to have serious symptoms of cold. I forgot my homeopathic kit at home (!) so we went in Brisbane looking for a homeopathic clinic/pharmacy. It was an indian homeopathic Dr., a very nice and kind person and we had an interesting conversation about homeopathy. He had some combination remedies in the liquid form for selling. After 2 doses all the symptoms dissapeared. It is the only combination that never fails with him, with me or my husband, but as I said, I don't really like to give it to him because of his behavioural response and because are 4 remedies, I don't know about long-term changes/effects. I gave him just for few times (for example after a serious cold with antibiotic treatment when he was fragile after all that ill and in few days he was catching another virus from kindie).
The remedies are: Aconite, Gelsemium, Baptisia and Bryonia. All 30c potency.
My question is, if I can still use this some times, after Nux V treatment, or it will interfere with his treatment. I respect my son and I respect your work, I don't want to dammage something that you tried to built.

Thank you so much, Anuj! You became a dearest person for my family. I hope (and I know that I will sooner or later) response back for your gift and kindness.
God bless you and your entire family!
Motherformyson 7 years ago
yes nux is good at night but 30 potency can be given three times a day.

weekly dose yes.

have you started nat sulph 6x?
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Next Monday I will give him 3 times for 1 day. Thank you for letting me know.

Yes, I started Nat Sulph 6x, today it will be the fourth day. I can't notice some results, yet. The swollen is still therr, but I will keep observ and let you know.

In this morning for example, his tonsils are very small again, with a discreet redness, but he started to cough a little. This is why I want to find what is the trigger because is obviously that Nux is working, may be Is something from diet.

I will report back sooner if are some changes/improvements, otherwise I will report back in 4 days.
Thank you so much!
Motherformyson 7 years ago
Dear Anuj,

The only change in his complaints is that it looks like the swollen from his head become slightly smaller in size. Not very much but I can see a difference. For me is a great great news :))), I will continue the treatment with Salt Tissues and observ him carefully.

I am waiting for Monday for the next Nux V dose, I think that after every dose his health is improved slightly. Small steps, but It is definitely an improvement.
I will report back 1-2 days after the next dose, so I can observ some changes.

Thank so so much, dear Anuj!
Motherformyson 7 years ago
tonsils?any improvement?
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Dear Anuj,

Sorry for my late reply.
His tonsils are the normal colour right now but still a little enlarged. Not very much, but not the same healthy look like they use to be before vaccination. I think that he is much better with his tonsils and they are coming back at their normal size, but very slowly.
He still can't breathe during the night, he is nor snoring so loud as he use to, but sounds like his nose is blocked and can't have a deep, silent, complete breathe. Probably because of his enlarged adenoids.
Tomorrow it will be the Nux day, please let me now if I have to continue/ or you want to change something regarding his treatment.

Thank you so much,
Motherformyson 7 years ago
we will review after 4 days as there is improvement.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Dear Anuj,

Today is Friday, the fourth day after Nux V administration.
His status:
GERD - this is the biggest improvment since you reccommended the treatment. He is eating better, increased appetite, he is vomiting less and he gained some weight. I am very very happy about it :).
TONSILS/ADENOIDS - they are still enlarged, with discreet redness, but enlarged. At one point, at the begining of the treatment they were smaller, but right now they are back enlarged. To be more explicit, on a scale from 1 to 10, they were 10 when he started the treatment, then 3-4, right now are 7-8.
SLEEPING ISSUE - he still has an agitated sleep, still grinding his teeth, not so much crying and bad dreams during sleep.
CONJUNCTIVITIS - didn' t come back.
CANDIDIASIS - is back on his tongue :( that little red spot, in the same place like last time. This was on Monday morning right before last Nux V administration. Today at the evening shower I noticed few spots also in his genital area.
I asked all the members of my family if any of us have some symptoms. He is the only one.
SENSITIVE NATURE - is the same. Also when I give him Nux, in that day he is much more sensitive and tearful, also he has a sleepless night and awake very early in the morning.
HEAD INJURY - still experience some short memory loss from time to time but the swollen is reduced to half.
What is new, he is complaining for stomach cramps from time to time, 1-2 during the day and sometimes also during the night. After I give him Tissue Salts as you reccommended, they dissapear but I am wondering what is the cause, he didn't have them before (except during that tummy bug).

Please let me know if I will continue to administrate him NuxV once/twice a week, plus Tissue Salts. Or if you decide some changes.

Thank You so much Anuj, for your time and for your patience!

Motherformyson 7 years ago
stop nux.

nat sulph to continue along with ferrum phos.stop km

give a dose of sulphur 30 early morning empty stomach for three days.

cina from day 4 onwards.

feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Dear Anuj,

I am sorry for delaying my report with one day, yesterday it was a busy, hectic day for me.
I gave him 3 days Sulphur 30ch in the morning and on the fourth one, Cina 30 ch. It was pretty fine in the Sulphur days, on the Cina day he was more sensitive during the day and more tearful and with an restless, agitated sleep (same reaction like last time). He still continue to grind his teeth during the night (I started to think to take him also to a kiropractor
Motherformyson 7 years ago
Sorry, I didn't finish my reply.

So, as I said, I will think to the option to make an app tp o chiropractor.

The best result continue to be his massive improvement with his GERD, I am so so grateful to you for helping my son. He is eating normal, he doesn't vomit anymore, he has appetite, is the first time in his life when he is saying "mama, i am hungry..."for a mother with a son with severe GERD, this is everything...
His tonsils are just a little bit enlarged right now, he still breathe heavy during the night but not snoring anymore.
About the head injury. Is still swollen, like half that he use to be, but is not getting so much redness. So it is also an improvement.

Please let me know if I have to continue with the Tissue Salts.

Thank you so much, dear Anuj!
Motherformyson 7 years ago
yes tissue salts be continued till such time the entire swelling of the head subsides.

next week if the swelling remains the same go in for NS 12X.

Cina be continued for three more days and a feed back to decide further course of action.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Dear Anuj,

I gave him Cina for 2 days, this is the morning of the third one. His reaction was very very restless during the nights (we did not sleep for 2 days) he is extremely agitated and tired, very terful (yesterday I think that he cried 20 times for almost nothing, he had headaches and his fronthead is back again swollen like before :(((
Also yesterday they called me from kindie to pick him up because he is not at all himself and he is crying a lot, staying just in one corner. And complains about his head. They had a gym session when he was extremely active, and after that he started the redness and swelling.
I am very worried and I want to investigate the head injury to see if is another cause that produces these symptoms so we can treat him properly. I will take him for further investigation about his head injury and after I will have the results I will come back to you and you will decide further treatment. I hope that you agree with me.
My intuition is that the homeopathic treatment and Tissue Salts are working wonderful to reduce the swollen, but after any exercise or activity (even moderate, not intense) the swollen and redness is back.
Over and over again.
I believe in you and I appreciate you and your help enormously. I think that you are brilliant. This is why I want to come back to you after I will know exactly what is the diagnostic.

Thank you so much for your kindness, you are a wonderful human being!
Life happens, all this kindness, everything it will come back to you ten times more. God Bless You, Anuj!
Motherformyson 7 years ago
kindly avoid exertion for yoyr child till such time you see the swelling.even after the swelling subsides exertion is not recommended for six to twelve months.

stop cina for time being.go in for nat sulph 12x,other sats to continue in the same potency.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Thank you so much, dear Anuj for understanding and reccomendations.

I think that those gym exercises was very bad for him. At home I am trying to avoid all these intense activities.

I will order Nat Sulph 12x potency and I will keep you informed about him.

Thank you so much!
Motherformyson 7 years ago

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