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acne, hair fall, delayed periods

I have had acne since puberty. I am 30 now.
I tried Pulsatilla, silicea etc. but nothing provided complete relief. My acne is at worst and skin is red 10 days before the onset of menses and I get new pimples 1 day before menses.
I started reading homeopathy books, I feel I fall between Natrum mur and Sepia kind. I feel very thirst quite often. I don't know if I should take these (Nat Mur or Sepia) and if yes then at what potency and how frequently. Please suggest.
A local homeopath suggested Cyclamen, but I think it is not the apppropriate remedy for me.
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  shimla1 on 2016-10-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You have to answer lot of questions over a couple of days.

Are you a chilly or warm patient?

Chilly means who gets troubled by cold atmosphere, cold rooms, cold in general. They tend to wear sweaters even when others don't feel the necessity.

Warm patients like being cold, like air conditioning, warm people can manage cold well, but don' t like too much warmth.

Chilly patients generally show liking for closed and warm room ,heavily clothed, warm drinks ,warm wash, warm climate and weather while hot patient shows preference for open room and windows ,lightly dressed, fresh cold open air ,cold drinks ,cold water wash, cold weather and climate .cold application give ameliorations to hot patients while warm applications give ameliorations to chilly patients.

So, what do you consider yourself? Why so. Use the information above and tell your reaction to each stimuli.

Some patients need not be chilly or hot. If you feel so, I will ask more questions.
gavinimurthy 4 years ago
I can't bear heat. I am uncomfortable when the temperature is more than 30 degree celsius. I like colder climate but cannot bear extreme cold also. I don't take cold water. I take water at room temperature, slightly warm. I never take cold drinks. I mostly bathe with cold water.
I think I am a warm individual.
I am very fond of music and dance.

I don't sweat easily even when it is hot. I get good sleep, but less sleep in the week before periods. Though my periods are lat, but the flow is normal, it is not scanty. But there are no clots. The cramps or pain are almost non-existent or minor.
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shimla1 4 years ago

You are telling there is aggravation before onset of menses.

What happens after menses are over? Do you feel better in general?

In general, how do you feel before, during and after menses?

Any other symptoms before, during, after menses? List out all symptoms related to menses.

Are they regular? How long they last? Type of discharge? Quantity? Any odor/ clots etc?
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gavinimurthy 4 years ago
It happens with most of the girls. Different women has different problems related to their this phase. No need to worry, it will be fine with time.
wtaumme 4 years ago
Yes there is aggravation before menses. I get big red bumps as well as white pustules before menses. During menses, no new big red bumps. I feel okay and energetic. But skin still does not so calm. Once the menses are over, I feel wonderful in every sense. My mood is elevated, acne calms down. Little or very few new breakouts. Around ovulation, there are few breakouts. Few days after ovulation, again there is a new crop of pimples and bumps. Periods are sometimes late, like between 32 to 40 days. Periods last for 4 days mainly, only spotting on 5th day. There is an optimum blood flow, its not too light and not too heavy either. But little to no clots during periods.

7-10 days before periods, I feel white or transparent discharge. It does not have any odor.
Another thing I feel is that my skin is inflamed with redness, also lot of flatulence after meals during this period. I feel slightly irritated/angry one day before periods.

Please note my acne is on the cheeks, forehead is perfectly clean. Only during the PMS period, I get one or two small pustules, which clear up in no time.
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shimla1 4 years ago
I know PMS is experienced by most girls. But its not normal at the age of 30 to experience such huge bumps of acne.
shimla1 4 years ago
Do you mean to say, all your acne get cleared after menses, and you feel well in general?

Any other symptoms, anywhere else in the body?

What other medicines you tried? Name.them with potency and duration of usage.

What was the last medicine taken? How many days back? What potency? How long you took? What was the result?
gavinimurthy 4 years ago
After menses, I don't get new breakouts. But the previous ones don't clear up so soon. There is lot of scarring too. I feel well in general also after menses and this continues upto the time of periods. One day before periods, I experience some serious mood change, where the slightest provocation makes me angry. Because I rarely get angry at any other day of the cycle.
My skin looks better when I get up out of the bed.
there is some hair growth on chin(the laser session helped to do away with it).

I tried Pulsatilla three years back at 30c potency for a few months. That time my nature was like that of Pulsatilla. I was way too emotional then. Pulsatilla helped clear most of my acne except at the time of PMS.
I tried silicea a month back at 200c for 10-15 days. it helped clear the acne at the time of ovulation but not the one before periods. Also I was not sure whether I could take this high potency for a long period. So I discontinued taking it.

Yesterday morning I took a dose of sulphur and that's all. Today is the 7th day of my cycle. I have only 2-3 small new pustules (white). The red bumps I got before periods are still there. These take a long time to go away. I don't know if sulphur gave any result in one day because anyway, I expect to get no new acne at this time.
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shimla1 4 years ago

I will come back tomorrow after analysing the case.
gavinimurthy 4 years ago
ok, thank you.
Also as regards my emotional state, I am still emotional, but I feel I am not as attached (in a painful way) as I was three years back when took Pulsatilla. I still immensely love my near and dear ones, and don't cry over small things now. I have always had an undying love for music and dance.
Also to add, I feel that my stomach extends (bloating) during the premenstrual week. I have a very fair complexion and I am slim in general.
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shimla1 4 years ago
Any suggestions?
Sepia or Natrum mur?
shimla1 4 years ago
I am yet to finalise the medicine. Since you took sulphur only yesterday, we will wait for a week at least, before taking any other medicine.

Keep in touch.
gavinimurthy 4 years ago
Ok thank you
shimla1 4 years ago
I forgot to mention one of my characteristic features that I stay away from milk and dairy products to reduce the severity of acne. I have not tried taking milk. However when I regularly consume ghee or cheese, I get larger and more inflamed acne.

Also I have a lot of problem of flatulence especially in the evening time after consuming fruits or dinner. This is more pronounced in the PMS week.
shimla1 4 years ago
Another thing I wish to mention is that I got a fungal infection in one of my nails three months back, and I have been taking a weekly tablet of Flucanozle 150 mg, every Tuesday. The nail is about to heal. And I think I will need only 2 or 3 more weekly tablets.
I had got a similar infection 6 years back also and then also it got healed with a few weekly doses of flucanozole.
shimla1 4 years ago
I was reminded of another characteristic of my face. I have greenish veins visible under my eyes. This is not clearly visible at all times. But if I look at it very close in the mirror, then I can see these veins under my eyes.

It has been 6 days since I took sulphur, and today is the 10th day of my cycle.
Though new breakouts have been less in this week, today I can see new small white pustules on the jawline.

Please suggest the remedy.
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shimla1 4 years ago
I am following your thread. Did you finish whatever you wanted to say?

If you confirm, I will workout your case, and suggest medicine.

What improvements did you see so far, after taking sulphur?
gavinimurthy 4 years ago
I experience bowel movements two or three times in the morning before feeling that the stomach is clear.
But I don't have constipation in general. Though I am slim I do have extra fat on the belly. That's all I want to say.

I took sulphur on 2nd October. I did not notice any improvement in hair fall.
I observed that the skin looks smoother and softer. I got small-sized breakouts white in color (3 or 4) near the jawline. After periods, there is some calming down of acne in general. But in this cycle, I do believe sulphur does have some contribution towards improvement.
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shimla1 4 years ago
Sulphur works for a long time. Let us not be in a hurry to change the medicine, more so, since you see some improvements with sulphur.

If you remain patient, and don't change medicines too quickly, you wii get maximum benefit.

Let us wait for one more week. Keep reporting.
gavinimurthy 4 years ago
Just an update. Today is day 13 of my cycle. It seems that the body is preparing to ovulate, which I know though the changes in cervical mucus. No new breakouts on face. But the older ones (scars as well as the pimples which came before this period and also in the older cycles) are still there. My skin is very slow to heal.
Due to this, the onlooker can't make out any improvement in my skin.
Also, I got one or two minor small sized and white breakouts on back.
Overall, nice experience so far but I am waiting for my skin to heal. Acne and scars over years have damaged the cheek area. Forehead is completely clear.
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shimla1 4 years ago
Wait for one more week. As long as improvements are seen, however minor, we shouldn't disturb the action of the medicine.
gavinimurthy 4 years ago
Just wish to share that today morning I saw a new red bump on the right side near the jawline.
Quite possibly because ovulation is approaching. My ovulation is often delayed,its already day 14 but it seems it will take another week to happen.
shimla1 4 years ago
It is day 16 of the cycle. Though ovulation has not yet happened. I have started getting new cystic red acne and also small white pustules along the jawline and below the mouth.
Its difficult to say whether this is just because the premenstrual phase has arrived or because the action of sulphur is over. But I do feel that its the time to take another dose of some medicine to prevent any new breakouts in the approaching week.
shimla1 4 years ago

Take just a single dose of sulphur. No more.

Report after ten days. Be patient.
gavinimurthy 4 years ago
Last time I took sulphur 200 (quantity almost quarter of a teaspoonsful) in powder form with half a glass of water. In what form should I take it now?
I inquired from a nearby store which said that they don't have the powder form, but only the various dilutions of it. So should I go about procuring the powder form only or should I take it at some dilution and how much quantity?
shimla1 4 years ago

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