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Rheumatoid Arthritis for 11 years

My girlfriend (age 25) is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for 11 years. Rheumatoid nodules are in her finger tips and the heels of the feet. she feels severe pain by the knee cap, wrist, elbows etc. the pain tends to get worse at night time. and the pain hurts to the touch and seem hot and swollen.

she is a music loving and shy but funny. she recently lost a lot of weight - 120lbs, and now works at a gym. and eats really well.

Please suggest homeopathic medicine for pain relieve,
thanks very much, Jeff
  Jmm07h on 2016-12-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Jeff

She is a vata individual.

Check her prakriti at holistic online. Com under ayurveda section and report scores.

Ask her to take test.

As vata she is thin (bony), can't put on weight, constipated, likes warm, oily food, averse to cold, dry food. Also cold dry weather.

Check and confirm.
Teupne 6 years ago
Colchinum 200

one dose and then advise progress after seven days.
homeopathycures1 6 years ago
Teupne, you were completely right! Vata!

bigger test version

smaller test version

Let me know what else you might want/need...thanks!

homeopathycures1, thank you very much! I will let you know the progress. After looking at popular RA remedies I found Colchicum matching her personality and her symptoms very accurately. I will have to see what comes of this prakriti test due to Teupne being correct from the start, it seems like its the best way to go at the moment.
Regardless thank you very much I will consider everything :)
Jmm07h 6 years ago

She recently LOST a lot of weight or lost 120 pounds-

For your gf-
Teupne is working with Ayurveda which is another healing system
Homeopathy is its own system based on the body not accepting two similar
Disease/out of balance states. When a remedy is taken that matches the state the body will boost the life force due to being a close match to the out of balance state. The body then will push out symptoms in reverse order
And old symptoms that were suppressed by allopathic meds or creams. As this comes out it will flare briefly and then go until there is cure.

Your gf should know this as many try to give to relatives and the person has no idea that when things worsen it is a good thing. They get angry instead. She must be fully onboard and best to report inHER own words.
simone717 6 years ago
Hi Jeff

Ayurveda works with your diet and herbs to address the root cause of diseases-imbalance of five great elements in the body.

Adopting ayurveda leads to not just healing which even other systems may provide but additionally leads to deep understanding of your self- mind , body and emotions.

Usually incorrect diet is the root cause leading to improper digestion leading to toxins and disease.

I need her height/weight.

I need her complete digestion history/disease history . constipation/acidity? ?

What makes her feel better? oily , dry, warm, cold food wise and which season summer or winter?

What worsens it? ?

You said she lost 120 pounds recently? ?

Any medicine she is taking currently?

Her emotions -fear, anxiety, anger, irritability, attachment, greed? ?

Anything else relevant do so in detail?

I would prefer your gf answers them.
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Teupne 6 years ago
1) Height/ Weight
I am 5 feet 3 inches tall. I am currently 162 pounds. I lost 120 pounds so far but I am wanting to loose 20 more pounds.

2)Digestion/Disease History
I have a slow digestion rate. I feel very heavy after meals and often bloated. I do have some constipation problems seeming that I only have to go about 1 time a day. I tend to always feel hungry and thirsty! I will overeat on foods and later want to throw up because of over eating. My brain hasn't censored when enough food is enough. I drink only water and there are days where I feel dehydrated or mentally drained! I try to eat a very well diet but I do get food cravings for sugary foods and sometimes heavy oily foods.

Rheumatoid arthritis runs in my family. My grandmother got it when she was 25 and her father got it at a young age as well. He was in a wheel chair before he was 60.

3) What makes her feel better?
I prefer fall weather because its not too hot or too cold. I tend to cramp or have stiffness in weather below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I just don't do well in colder weather. I prefer different foods depending on the weather. I do like to try to eat as clean as possible following a Paleo diet consisting of fruits, veggies, lean meats, and nuts. I do have cravings of chocolate and oily and salty foods. Lately I have been wanting sweet food.

4)What worsens it?
Holding things in the same position for long times, extreme weather changes, dairy or greasy foods, not stretching enough, not staying warm enough, not moving enough. Also if I push myself too much when exercising, I will have pain for 3-4 days.

5) Lost 120 pounds recently?
Yes, I lost 120 pounds. I am looking to loose 20 more pounds. I do have some loose skin issues but its not as bad as others. I also have cellulite and a good amount of stretch marks from being bigger.

6) Any medicine?
I am not taking any medicine currently except for HUMIRA(adalimumab). Although, I no longer have medication anymore, I wont be taking it any longer.

7) Her emotions- fear, anxiety,anger, irritability, attachment, greed?
I fear being alone, being helpless, not being able to do things on my own in the future, crippling, darkness, not pleasing people, disappointing others.

I have anxiety during confrontations, loud noises, arguing, yelling or talking very loudly. I also tend to have anxiety when I'm around someone who is very frantic or rushed. I prefer to be always early and take my time when doing things. I like calm and quiet environments the best!

I have anger when I feel like I am being taken advantage of or someone else is being taken advantage of.

I am irritable when being rushed, having to make last minute decisions, around loud people, around people who try to find faults in others, and when I feel I am not doing my best to maintain a clean diet.

I am not attached to items but I do tend to get attached to people and animals. I like to get to know people and I always try to find the best in others.

I do get depressed quite easily. I tend to compare myself to others and always think of others before I think of myself. Sometimes I neglect myself to take care of someone else's issue. I also have low self esteem. I do not think I am good enough for people.

8) Anything else relevant?
I have a horrible memory. I don't remember things very well. I forget peoples names, dates and sometimes things I do! I loose stuff all the time.

I have a huge fear of the dark. When I wake up from sleeping sometimes I will wake up in a panic state and see purple/brown liquid floating away from my body. I also feel like someone is watching me in the dark. When I was younger I had the same dream every night for 3 weeks. I dreamed of a man coming into my church and killing my family in front of me one by one. Most of my dreams are very scary and are typically about loosing someone close to me in my life. I have a big heart and I have a fear of loosing people that I love.

I am around stressful environments and people who are always in a frantic state so that plays with my mind and making me go back to bad eating habits. I find comfort in food where it should be found in other ways.

Hope this was helpful!
- Krystal
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Jmm07h 6 years ago
If USA order from banyan botanicals after you hear from teupne. They have certified organic herbs - this is important as many Ayurvedic imports are sidelined by f d a for excess arsenic and mercury, etc.
simone717 6 years ago
Dear Jeff

Start with following:

1.Triphla :as advised by Simone banyan botanicals. Others like organic India on amazon. It doesn't contain heavy metals. Only pure herbs.

Consume in morning with normal/warm water on empty stomach nothing till one hour.

This is pretty good stuff and can be taken for long periods. Anyone can take with guaranteed benefits.It detoxes gently and later rejuvenates also.

2:Trikatu powder

3:aloevera sap:can take long term

Above three will detox and regularise digestion.body will begin to heal.

4.acorus calamus herb:banyan botanicals, rejuvenative herb for vata , very good safe mind herb along with other actions like arthritis etc.
Take on empty stomach morning and evening .nothing till half hour.

Diet is most important.

NO MEAT. NO TEA COFFEE. NO FAST FOODS/processed foods NO Alcohol .

Meat as per ayurveda is most deranging food, breeds Toxins. Psychologically it might cause fear, anger, violence. I would stop if possible.

Start above and report after 15 days.

I also need further info:

1.Has she been this overweight for long? Is she broad built? Are her tissues/fat firm or spongy? Is it easy to lose weight and is it variable? 280 pounds means she was heavy. Is she light sleeper or heavy?

Any tongue coating describe? Cracks? She has dry skin or oily skin? ?

Losing weight will help her and above herbs will also certainly help.

Stop the current medication.ayurveda works naturally and deeply to balance the body.so patience is needed. However patience us easy when one sees continual improvement s.
I understand ayurveda/herbs may be an alien concept there but adopting is life changing.

I will advise further diet recommendations after replies.
Teupne 6 years ago
Hey teupne, I have finally convinced my girl friend to try raw vegan. And I have also just bought the 4 herbs. I got amazon prime for all.

.. She is in pain (outer wrist area) with no humeria and she is doing great with raw vegan and I gave her my tens unit. She will bring more food in as she knows what is ok for her pain.

We got pills for the first two powders but had to get actual powder for the calamus - how do u recommend I prepare that to ingest?

What's the dosage/times for the pills and powder?

Thanks again we will reply in about 3 weeks after progress.

Extra Questions requested

1.Has she been this overweight for long?

      13 years so halflife

Is she broad built?


Are her tissues/fat firm or spongy?


 Is it easy to lose weight and is it variable?

Easy to get the initial pounds off but she is currently at a stand still but variable  around 160

 280 pounds means she was heavy. Is she light sleeper or heavy?


Any tongue coating describe? Cracks? She has dry skin or oily skin? ?

Tounge- white with  light yellow hue starts half way back and gets bigger at a linear rate. There is a skinny long Crack in the middle that gets bigger kinda too. There are also to smaller symmetrical marks on the sides parallel to the middle which are hard to make out . There are smaller cracks on the beginning of the white border.

Other Cracks- stretch marks around mid section. Underarms.

Oily skin - yes
Jmm07h 6 years ago
Hi Jeff

1.food : anti vata and anti kapha. Check banyan botanicals site.take Cooked foods.NO RAW FOOD.
Eat mainly pungent hot substances that balance both vata and kapha.

Avoid nightshades.

Strictly no meat. No tea/coffee/processed food. Eat organic.

Digestion herbs:cardamom, coriander, ginger, cinnamon

Elimination:licorice, flax seeds, triphla

Take triphla/aloe Vera/calamus/trikatu
In morning and evening on empty stomach with water.eat nothing till 1 hour.
Calamus and others dosage is 5 gm. Finish capsules then order powder.
Separate above by 10- 15 min each.

Expect body detox/motions.

Report after 15 days.

Be patient. It works slowly/naturally but is life changing.
Teupne 6 years ago
We have all the recommended items. We got the calamus powder from bayan botanicals. For the calamus, it's a powder and is only used for external use in oils. It said it was toxic for human consumption. Should I return and get the herb?

Also should I refrain from heavy weighted workouts and stick to yoga and stretching?
Jmm07h 6 years ago
Hi Jeff

I read about 'toxicity' on banyan website.Rest assured it is not toxic.If it were I would not have prescribed it.

It is a very good satvik rejuvenative. Use it without any worry.

These herbs are extensively detailed in ayurveda texts. Being natural and extensively used in India for 2000 years. These proven herbs , are merely extension of food but bit more powerful.

Unfortunately systemic misinformation and miscampaingn is there to brand them toxic by modern vested interests. Thus vilifying nature given harmless and wonderful treatments.

Toxic is what I would call modern medicine.They can't heal .Our body/mind is the best doctor/pharmacy .It self heals if conditions are ripe.Herbs just help this process.Diet/Food is most important.

Practice yoga and exercise.Don't lift weights it could aggravate.

Yoga/pranayama is best.

Check vacha on this link. Try to correlate its vata and kappa reducing properties with its pungent bitter taste.Its a wonderful read.Good reliable information on this site.

calamus-uses-research-side-effects-remedy/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://easyayurveda.com/2015/01/06/vacha-acorus-calamus-uses...

It would help if you could post clear tongue selfie:)

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Teupne 6 years ago
Sounds good teupne.

Let me update you.

So this is my current challenge with Krystal:
note: since i am in another state for work it is difficult to watch her.

1) getting her to stop eating meat (however rest of diet is good)

2) getting her to maintain the powder as she thinks it is too nasty to consume (she is opting for pills)...i will do my best to sway her.

pain updates:
the past 2 weeks have seemed to be the reverse of symptoms that have been going on for the last month before starting the herbs. Currently she is experiencing what she calls tendonitis pain (weird and unlike what she has ever felt)...

I feel something is working however she doesn't know how to deliver the information that specific to what you are probably looking for. And frankly i don't believe she understands that this is a cure and for it to be successful she has to follow your requests accurately.

I will get that tongue pic asap.
Please let me know what else to ask her for the record.

Jmm07h 6 years ago
also, BTW

I couldn't access the link you sent on vacha. it is a broken link.
Jmm07h 6 years ago
Hi Jeff.

Healing takes time hence it becomes essential that your gf takes ownership of her health without which all efforts are futile.

The link may be broken just Google vacha and easyayurveda and you would reach there.

Herb Taste might be horrible but in most cases it is literally the taste of herb that heals other than specific properties.

Hence I would taste the herb rather than swallow if herb is helping the healing.
Recommended dosage of 10 gms daily for proper benefits.

Check banyan botanical website for info on 6 tastes.

Essentially improvement would manifest in digestion, detoxification, general well being and eventually specific symptoms of arthritis.

There may be loss of weight, reduced sluggishness and bingeing.

I would strongly encourage self reading up ayurveda books/websites so that she can heal proactively.

I would again strongly recommend no meat.

Just make her an active participant in healing process if improvements are there.

P.s consume Triphla and aloevera minimum 5 grams daily for benefits. Can consume up to 10 gms if helpful. Both detox the body.
[message edited by Teupne on Mon, 23 Jan 2017 14:37:45 UTC]
Teupne 6 years ago
She took the selfie then she got mad at me for something and didn't wanna fork it over. The main reason for my absence besides that is that ur solution worked like a charm. She thinks it was the veta or paleo diet she's on as well as the aloe. I think that too but mainly the homeo remedy aggravated her for a month then after running out she realized no more pain. However, I would still like to get her some homeo pills or something. However since there is no pain currently that might be useless. Reguardless I want u to know that. I'll reach out. -your the best-Jeff
Jmm07h 6 years ago

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