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Eczema in 1 year old

My baby boy was born via emergency csec after 13 hours of labor, his heart rate started to drop.
Right after the birthi noticed he had dry palms and feet but his skin seemed fine. I've rubbed some coconut oil on his feet and palms and they seemed to have become soft.
He was extremely sleepy as a newborn (pain medications passing through my milk might be the culprit) and nursed very poorly and had a weak suck. As a result he was always hungry and woke up every 5 minutes but each time i offered breast he would take a few weak sucks and fall asleep and then wake up. I've had a very difficult recovery due to lack of sleep and was quite stressed. I later on developed absecces and clogged ducts due to him not being able to feed efficiently... took a lot of antibiotics and that s when he broke out into severe rashes first on his face and scalp. It also coincided with his first bath. The absecces never went away with all kinds of treatment, and we had to switch to formula feeding completely. The rashes were everywhere by month 3 but he didnt seem to be bothered by them. From month 4 he started itching himself and it was a downhill from then. He became fussy and irritable. He wakes up anywhere between 8 to 10 times itching and crying with discomfort. It takes upto 1 sometimes 2 hours to put him back to sleep.. he is an year old now and it is still the same.
His skin never felt dry albeit his palms and feet but the redness and inflammation was everywhere. The knee creases turned sticky on a couple of occasions but cleared up in no time with baby powder. Back of his palm on left side developed pus filled bumps on 2 or 3 occasions..i treated it with turmeric wraps and it healed up. After summer passed (in india) he seemed to get better. We started indian herbal medicinal treatment (called Ayurveda) and the massage oils have greatly improved the look and feel of his skin. The white patches that the eczema left behind have now faded completely and his skin looked great except for black scar marks on his legs and feet. But the flare ups were still there..mostly on legs and hands but his torso and face remained very clear. I started him on whole milk at this point. He started rejecting the herbal medicines and when we Moved to the UK (central London) this October i couldn't bring along the medicines because they weigh a ton! As soon as we moved here the skin around his mouth broke out into a red itchy rash. And his whole body broke out into what i can only describe as small grains of sand and the skin feels leathery and rough. He is covered in bumps from face to feet. I have tried stopping using laundry powder, fitted a water softener and moisturized him with a thick cream several times a day. Although the rash is everywhere, he s itchy particularly at his elbows, knee folds, feet, eyes, around the mouth and back of his head..classic eczema spots. Im cluless about the rash on remaining body though. The gp says it cpuld be eczema or a viral rash or a food allergy..how do i treat it without knowing what it is in the first place? Can anybody suggest any remedies for a clearer skin and also for his eczema? He was brought up in a huge joint family until we moved here and i know he feels lonely with only me being around. He has become extremely clingy and fussy and often loses his voice due to continuous crying. I would love any suggestions to keep him calm and happy. Thanks a million ton in advance!
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  abhismum on 2016-12-16
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Can somebody please help?
abhismum 6 years ago
What else can you tell me about him?

What are the diseases that run in your family ?

When was he exactly born ?

Describe his general termperament a bit more and what makes him feel better or worse in general.
sameervermani 6 years ago
Asthma runs in both husbands and my family and my husband had pretty serious asthma as a child. Diabetes also runs on both sides. Im allergic to dust mites.

He was born exactly an year ago in December in India.

He is a happy child when his skin is not acting up but when he has a flare up he becomes extremely clingy and fussy. He wouldn't play by himself and wouldnt settle even when his dad holds him, only finds comfort in me. He was happy and chatty around strangers back in India but as soon as we moved to UK a month ago, he acts terrified and cries out loud around new people. Needs a lots of cuddling and singing to put him to sleep and wakes up at the end of each sleep cycle.

He prefers sweet but not too much sweet. Rejects anything that is sour, even if it is slightly sour. Doesn't like soft and mushy foods, he likes it crunchy or chewable.
abhismum 6 years ago
And heat was his main trigger in india. Heat gave him red rashes all over. Here in UK, he doesn't get red coloured rashes but goosebump like roughness developed all over his body..and is terrible itchy
abhismum 6 years ago
How is his thirst ?

How affectionate a child is he? I know he is very young, so it's a tough question, but mothers can still judge :)

So, the first time he had eczema was after you took the anti-biotics? Also, you mention it coincided with his first bath. Have you observed such a worsening from bathing these days as well?

Tell me more about him, does he have any other fears apart from being around strangers?

When you say, he needs a lot of cuddling, you mean he likes to touched in an affectionate manner while being put to sleep?

Any other peculiar things?
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sameervermani 6 years ago
He loves drinking water. I offer water several times a day, and he is always happy to take a sip.

He is choosy with the people he likes. He is strongly attached to my mom and my husband's father...so much that he doesn't let go until they pick him up. Even as a very young baby he cried each time my mom left the room. He used to love being outdoor in india..not very much here in the uk. Also he is very attached to me, naturally because im his primary care giver. He bites me, pulls my hair and slaps on my back..all i count as his way to display affection, i might be wrong☺.

He is ok with the baths now. I bathe him with plain water and moisturise immediately.For the first bath we scrubbed him using homemade bath powder as we were unaware of his skin condition and didnt moisturise properly. I definitely think the antibiotics had a big role in worsening of his condition, but yes, he was prone to eczema right from the start.

He dislikes deep voices or sounds. For example, he has a toy cow and everytime it goes moo, he gets scared and quickly crawls up to person beside him and hugs them.

He loves chewing toys and everything in sight. Even now at an year old he spends all his time munching on various objects. Drools a lot, and the saliva gives him red rash on the chin.

He gives a quick jerk like motion everytime he pees..like a shiver. His stools are firm, sometimes very firm and pellets like. His hair grows very slow. And he is always itchy on back of his head and from ear to ear. Before 6 months old he wetted very few diapers a day, 3 at maximum. After summer passed he began peeing relatively well.
He started teething early on, with 4 teeth at the end of 7th month.

I need to hold him while he falls asleep because he gets incredibly itchy when he is drowsy..so i hold him, sing songs in order to keep his mind off the itch. So each time he becomes wakeful during the night he needs me to hold him. He would sleep hours together in my lap no problem but the moment i try to put him on the bed he wakes up crying and scratching.

I dont know if it has been relevant but i hope you find some of it useful
abhismum 6 years ago
Any perspiration in any body parts during sleep or otherwise?

Any body odors?

So, he puts everything in sight into his mouth?

He shivers DURING urination? Not after or before?
sameervermani 6 years ago
He gets very hot when asleep..and wakes up due to itchiness triggered by that heat. We keep the fan on but the folds of his skin still get hot. I cant physically see any perspiration but he must be sweating. No odors so far.

Yes he shivers as he pees..just a very quick one..about 2 seconds.

He puts everything in his mouth..he started exploring his toys a little better but the first instinct he gets when he sees a new object is to put it into his mouth.
abhismum 6 years ago
Any times of the day, when his mood or general state is worse than other times of the day?
sameervermani 6 years ago
He can be in a good mood all day long if his doesn't bother him. I feel he'd have been a very happy baby if not for his eczema. If he has a flare up, he gets distracted when he crawls around and plays in the afternoon but gets very irritable before his naptime and wakes up in a terrible mood in the evening. And itchiness wakes him up in the morning (has 9 hours of sleep with great difficulty.. effectively sleeping for 5 or 6 hours my poor baby!😢)
abhismum 6 years ago
What is his nap time? What time does he wake up? Till when does that irritable mood last?
sameervermani 6 years ago
He doesn't have a fixed schedule.. i haven't been able to set one because his day and night depends on how good or bad his skin is. He has a routine however. He wakes up anywhere between 530 to 730 and takes his first nap 2 hours from wakeup time. Afternoon nap is 3 to 3 and half hours after 1st nap. 1st nap can last from 40 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes (again depending on how comfortable his skin feels), afternoon nap is usually long..1 and half to two hours. But he needs to be comforted after every 40 minutes.

Irritable mood lasts for good 30 minutes. I give him an oil massage and play rhymes to keep his mind off of it..seems to be working for now.
abhismum 6 years ago
I want to add the following:

His stool is always firm..very rarely he passes a smooth stool.

I can see the kind of food he has had the previous day in his stool. Carrot is the most visible kind. I thought it was normal, or is it? Another food that shows most is ragi (finger millet).

Drools a lot.

He dislikes most fruits. Eats banana, Avacado and sweet grapes (will spit it out if it is sour).

Gets hot in sleep..particularly around the neck. Itching is most prominent during night and in the morning as soon as he wakes up and before and after naps.

Please help. His skin all over the body is effected. Doctors dont take me seriously since he looks ok..no scaling or peeling and oozing or bleeding but it does itch him from head to toe and none of us had a good nights sleep in an year..nor did we have a peaceful and happy playtime. If you could offer a remedy for atleast the itchiness to subside we would be forever greatful! My baby is in constant pain. Please help!
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abhismum 6 years ago
Okay, let's try some Lycopodium 30c. Just one dose. No more.

I want you to give him a dose of Lycopodium 30c as below.

Dissolve 2 pellets or 2 drops in 250 ml spring water (let them melt in water for 15 mins and shake gently once melted), and then rub about half a teaspoon on his wrist (palm side where the wrist skin is thin, and veins are visible), till it gets absorbed.

Report to me in 3 days after this.
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sameervermani 6 years ago
Thank you very much.

His wrists have scars from eczema that are thick and dark. Do you think it would effect the absorption of the drug?

I want to buy the remedy from this site. Is it Lycopodium clavatum that you have suggested? It says the remedy is available in pills and in liquid form. Could you please tell me which one do i order?

Thanks again!
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abhismum 6 years ago
If his wrists have scars, you can give him 1/2 teaspoon of that solution orally instead.

Lycopodium Clavatum is correct.

You can order liquid. It should also be available locally in London.
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sameervermani 6 years ago
The store here has 5ml liquid in 22% alcohol and 3.5ml in 90% alcohol. They also have it in various quantities apart from 5ml and 3.5ml and also in granules, pillules, tablets and powder form. Coyld you please tell me what to buy?

Im so sorry to bother you again, but i have little awarness about homeopathic remedies.

Thanks a million ton!
abhismum 6 years ago
5 ml, 22% alcohol.
sameervermani 6 years ago
Thank you. I will report 3 days after giving it to him. Cant thank you enough!
abhismum 6 years ago
I gave him a dose on Sunday. He is still very itchy and the skin feels bumpy and rough. Can i give him another dose of Lycopodium?
abhismum 6 years ago
No more doses are to be given. Please wait and observe other things too, like his mood, appetite, energy, bowel movements etc.
sameervermani 6 years ago
Everything is the same,if not worse😢 he lost his voice again from constant crying. He stopped talking the few words he used to speak. Im really lost!
abhismum 6 years ago
Please give him a single dose of Phosphorus 30c in the exact same manner.

Report after 3 days.
sameervermani 6 years ago

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