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argentum nitricum 6c and gelsemium sempervirens 6c

I m taking arg nit 6c and GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS 6c three times a day. GELSEMIUM followed by argentum in a gap of 30 mins.
I m taking these medicines since two months.

How long should I continue medicines in order to overcome symptoms like stage fright, hurry, weak muscles and social anxiety.
I heard in forum that taking 6c potency for chronic anxiety works best.
Can we mix both dilution in sugar pellets in order to reduce Suger pellets as I m taking 6 doses of 40# pellets 3 each time.
Will it work same as we mix two dilutions.
  Amit123 on 2017-02-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Homeopathy is one medicine at a time in minimum dose. See which one you match best and then try a dose of 30c of one of them. Keep track of your reaction over 3 days to that dose.

Remedies when correct can often
Worsen the condition briefly and then you feel better. They can also start releasing anxiety from times you suppressed it with other meds.

You want to have a curative response
And please google herings law of cure to see what that would look like.

Two meds confuse the response evaluation.
simone717 6 years ago
Thanks Simone for quick revert.
Please also suggest dose frequency in pellets.
Let me know if I need to follow any do's and don'ts while using medicine.
Amit123 6 years ago
Have a gap day with no remedies.

Then google materia medica for each and see what is the best match. You can also use the Remedy Finder on this site.

Take one dose of 3 pills with no food or drink half hour before or after taking .

Then keep notes on what reactions are for 3 days . Then report.
simone717 6 years ago
Sure Simone,
I will use and report.
Looks like argentum nitricum suits best for my symptoms.

Only one small dose of 30c would work for three days?

I m already taking arg nit 6c three times a day for two months. But not getting much relief. Does this mean dose is very small or it takes time to respond with such a small dose?

I heard that if we use doses of higher potencies, so smaller potency don't respond.

Please suggest
Amit123 6 years ago
6c can last a short time and not be strong enough.

Since everyone has different responses, you have to try a remedy and 1. See effect if any 2. See how long effect lasts- then you can see if you need to go up to next potency and how long that lasts .

The goal is cure where you need less and less. A 200 c can last two weeks or more. But you may benefit from a 30c. You have to experiment as
It is not possible to predict.
simone717 6 years ago
I took one dose of arg nit-30, 2 days before as suggested by you.
I took in the morning and felt good that day, but not sure it was due to the medicine. the day was OK and there were no panic situations like meeting or presentation, so can't say about the effect of medicine

But on the odd days like , Whenever I need to present something or I m in meetings I get too much nervous.then my symptoms get worst like below:
-Pumping heart very fast
-too much Bloating and beltching
-Red face and ears
-Dry mouth and unable to speak or speak too fast
-Thought less, forgetfulness
-i start looking everyone, looks like embarrassing situation.
My voice becomes hard with high tone and becomes rude.
- can't eat before sessions or meetings,
- need to go to bathroom for motion.
- always try to escape and time passes slowly.
- in meeting rooms it seems like every one is thinking about me and gazing at me.
- i eat more in every few hours during panic situations.
Nervousness starts before 2-3 days of sessions and increases as time comes close.
Big releaf after things done.

Apart from this, I easily get nervous and bloated whenever sitting with girls or unknown people.
Can't attend phone calls if someone is sitting near me specially using microphone/headphones.
If sitting alone then everything works fine no anxiety also I eat less, no bloating and beltching.
I have craving of crispy, salty food and sweets, also I like sweet gravy recipes.

One of the biggest problem is whenever I meet unknown people I get nervous and I gaze at them it looks like embarrassing. Gazing more to people looks like controls my nervousness but then it looks rude.

Any planned event sucks me more and I try to run away from situation.
Amit123 6 years ago
Hi Simone,
Just want to mention few more conditions like I get angry easily and become impetionce in panic situations.
Shortness of breath is also major symptom.

Please suggest
Amit123 6 years ago

How are you doing today?

When is the next situation going to happen?

This will take time. You may benefit from taking some Bach flower tinctures that can give you a different mind set as you go along and this helps to break up habits as the more
Triggers you have for anxiety the
Brain is trying to protect you , from
Danger and sets the stress hormones off to cause panic.

Once they go off, adrenaline is released. This happens in a micro second. Blood flow is reduced from your front brain in order to handle danger. Your front brain is the logic control center which can stop this if
You are able to lessen and not react to the physical triggers as much.

Bach flowers give you a different
Emotional response, so along with a remedy they help to de activate triggers.

When you are home , without any
Upcoming stress events, you can sit and imagine one happening. What is this about will come up eventually.
Someone shamed you or rejected you way back. You sit with that and
Stay in your front brain and work thru
The emotions as if you Are comforting a child or friend. Eventually you then have a front brain response that can be senior to emotional response that is not in present time.
simone717 6 years ago
Thanks Simone
You are right, it may take time since it is very old problem I m facing more than 15 years.
I will search for "Bach flower tincture" as this is new to me.

In between please suggest me whether should I continue taking old remedies (arg nit 6 and GELSEMIUM 6 three times a day) or arg nit-30.

If I need to take arg nit-30,then What should be the frequency of doses and how long should I continue?

Amit123 6 years ago
I can look up Bach flowers for you- tomorrow. You can read about them
, they all come from one forest in England.

I was asking- how are you Today?
What are the symptoms today?

That is how you determine dosing.
But I see you are still in anticipatory
Mind.. so get Bach flower rescue remedy to have on hand. You can then take it when you need it. And kali phos 6x.. which you can take as needed.

I think if you have something that you know will help? You can then relax
A bit and get out of the "what if"
Mind loop. What if??does nothing but release stress chemicals- it is a red flag showing you that the brain is
Functioning from the wrong place.
Stop what if.. it is a habit. When the what if shows up? Start distracting yourself with moving, tv, music, call up someone, read etc bc you have to break up the loop. It will take a few weeks to get senior to it.
simone717 6 years ago
Thanks Simone,
I will get Kali phos 6x in pellet form and will take 3 pellets three times a day.

Please also suggest for Bach flowers, which one should I take and how to use them.
Amit123 6 years ago
Buy mimulus Bach flower essence.
You get the original Bach flower- you can find in homeo shops.

Start with 2 to 3 drops in a cup of water once a day- and before an event or social outing. There are no side effects. This is for anticipatory anxiety.

You can also get larch and take it same way 15 minutes after. Larch increases confidence.

See how this works for 15 days.
simone717 6 years ago
Hi Simone,
As suggested I am taking Kali phos 6x four times(rather than 3 times) and I saw the improvement after 4-5 days of taking the medicines.
It controls the nervousness and gastric symptoms are also improved. Symptoms are not gone 100% but I can see 20-30% improvement.i m taking it since 15 days and continuing.
I want to improve much on the anticipatory anxiety side like planned events and sessions,
Specially when I m point of focus then it becomes big issue.

Will Kali Phos work in anticipatory anxiety also ?, I m fearing in my thoughts, Like when I think about event or presentation, what if and what will happen there.

What do you suggest, should I take arg nit also with this?
Please suggest on doses.

Bach flower assense, I haven't received yet. It will take 20 days more it to reach me
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Amit123 6 years ago
Do you have any events coming up?

If you have no events, can you sit and imagine one? And then the anxiety begins ?

If you can do that-I would experiment
With taking kali phos 6x and see how it effects. If no effect , repeat the process and take a dose of gelsemium 30c and see how that works.

The Kali Phos is helping your body to
Normalize. But on events , speaking and so on,many people go thru this.
Often, if one knows, for instance
That gelsemium will work, or even Valium, the anxiety will stop because you know you have something if it gets bad. So many do not even take anything,it is enough to know they have something ,that works and then
The what if, will not spiral but stay
Within your control.
simone717 6 years ago
Good article titled " Don't worry if you always worry ."..Wall street journal today feb28th.

I remember watching an interview with 5 ceo's of multinational companies.They were asked what led to their success.They all had the same answer. Their parents thought failure was no big deal- just go out and try again,using what you learned.

These ceo's had all had companies that failed earlier.Due to the parents attitudes, they barely wasted a day,
And we're on to creating the next thing.

If you even have just one friend with this attitude, who encourages you,
It is often enough to by pass conditioning and limitations .
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simone717 6 years ago
Thanks Simone,
I am not subscribed for article.
Can you send me full text article on my email ID if possible.

Thanks for the response regarding my progress of Kali phos.
I will surely try the simulation of actual event. But the real one becomes more panic and powerful. But this way we can improve because we are also practicing the real act.

I can also try GELSEMIUM 30C if required, but not clear about the doses.please suggest me.

Actually I was trusting arg nit more since it is best suiting for anticipatory anxiety.
Please clear me in knowing why we are replacing arg nit with GELSEMIUM.
Amit123 6 years ago
"Overcoming anxiety and fears"

Please google and read this. If you match gelsemium? Then take a dose of 30c night before and day of event.

The point is find what works for these situations. Once you know something
Actually works, then anxiety cannot spiral when you get close or into the situation.Every time you handle the situation , your body/mind starts to have a new template of these things and learns not to amp up.

You can google the wall st journal article by title and you do not have to be a subscriber to read it.
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simone717 6 years ago
Hi Simone,

I m taking Kali phos 6x since 1 and half months. With this I m taking mimulus 2 drops four times a day. In between when required I take GELSEMIUM 30c or argentum nitricum 30c.

I can't see any more improvements with doses of argentum or GELSEMIUM.
For mimulus looks like it is not working for me.
I ordered larch also.i will try mix of mimulus and larch.

I had seen some improvements when I took Kali Phos for 10 days. But no more progress after that.

I m not able to judge are these medicines(mimulus, argentum, gelsemium) are working internally, working very slow or not working.
May be I m not able to predict changes.
Please help
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Amit123 6 years ago
have you tried gels or argentum in particular anticipatory situation? and did you check which worked well as mentioned?
drthoufeequebhms 6 years ago
Hi Sir/Simone,
I used both gelsemium and argentum nitricum one at a time.
My doubt is, I can't see much improvements as I have used 30c potency for both (not together but one at a time).

How these medicines start working and in what intervals we can see improvements. How long do we need to wait in order to improve completely.

Also in case of Bach remedies like mimulus and larch, how these medicine start improving one's emotional state.
Please suggest
Amit123 6 years ago
how many doses of argentum or gels hav you taken daily ?
drthoufeequebhms 6 years ago
5 drops argentum nitricum 30c in 30 ml water morning and night for two days.

After one week same repeated for GELSEMIUM 30c.

Before 3 months I started taking arg nit 6c and GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS 6c three times a day. GELSEMIUM followed by argentum in a gap of 30 mins.
I took these medicines for 2 months.
After suggested by Simone sir I started taking 30c doses of arg nit and gels.
Amit123 6 years ago
Which of those two acted good?
drthoufeequebhms 6 years ago
Hi Sir,
This is what I m not able to conclude as I m not seeing drastic changes in my behaviour or emotional state.
But arg nit I will say better matches my symptoms. Few of early doses of arg nit-30 I found worked little bit.
But now I m not seeing much changes.
It looks like the progress has been stopped.
Amit123 6 years ago
Try one dose of arg nit 200c.

4 pills or 2 drops in a couple tablespoons of water. Then report after 14 days. Lets see how the higher potency holds for you.
simone717 6 years ago

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