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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try one dose of arg nit 200c.

4 pills or 2 drops in a couple tablespoons of water. Then report after 14 days. Lets see how the higher potency holds for you.
simone717 5 years ago
Hi Simone,
Thanks for the reply.
and sure i will take 200C dose of arg nit and report you.

please provide more infor on Kali phos 6x doses.

i have great faith in this remedy and I have been taking Kali Phos 6x, 4 pills four times a day since 3 months. i can see improvements in sleep quality(major improvement), nervousness(little improvement).

other areas where i haven't seen any improvements like
Weakness of sight, Indisposition to meet people, Irritable, Gangrenous sore throat, nervous weakness, Very yellow urine, Short breath on going upstairs;

1.) Are there any side effects if we take this medicine long time ?

2.) if taking small dose for long time, will it surely cure the other symptoms also ?

3.) do we need to give any gap during long doses, i have heard that with Kali Phos giving 1 week gap in a month gives long last effects.

4.) Does Kali phos antidode arg nit or Gelsemium as i am going to take arg nit also.
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Amit123 5 years ago
Kali phos 6x is a nerve nutrient.
After two weeks one should have a gap of a week. Why don't you take a gap now when you take arg nit?
Do one thing at a time so you know what is doing what.

Yellow urine- fix by more water.
Eyesight- age related or get glasses.
Gangrenous sore throat?
(Has to be handled) go to the dr and get correct diagnosis of what this is.
Short breath? Do you exercise ? Are you overweight? If not, and this does
Not happen when not anxious-have the dr check you on this.

Kali Phos can help anxiety and nerves - but if one has had a lot of trauma,rejection or shame you need more than kali phos 6x.
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simone717 5 years ago
Hi Simone

Since my childhood, I m very low immune person.
Throat infection, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers and allergy was a major symptoms.
Later before few years I came to know that anxiety and stress is causing main symptoms.
Stage fright, social fobia and performance anxiety leveraging these symptoms.
Many years I took anti biotics to fix throat infection but you know this is not permanent solution. I decided to take arg nit and GELSEMIUM to boost up mentally. Kali phos is also helping me a lot.
I thought I should also mention you other symptoms like I mentioned you in last post.
We can neglect gangerous sore throat and shortness of breath as it is only chronic sore throat and low stamina.
In order to boost up stamina, I play badminton daily.
More physical work also puts me in stress and exertion. So I do it in limited amount. I have intolerance of heat and cold both.

Yesterday morning I took arg nit 200c. I will report you after 10 days about the progress.

I read on forum that we can take multiple tissue salts if required and I found that nat mur can also help me to boost up physically and mentally.

Can I take nat mur with Kali phos? Since both are complementary.
Suggest a way to take doses so that nat mur will not antidote arg nit.
Waiting for your response
Amit123 5 years ago

No one should have a chronic sore throat. And you called it gangrenous??
Which means tissue is dying so that is the wrong word.

Do not take any cell salts this week.
You need a break.

Please tell history of throat.
When it began -what was going on at that time. The symptoms -describe them.when it is worse, when better,
What helps, what makes it worse.
simone717 5 years ago
Hi Simone,
As I mentioned you since childhood I m suffering from throat infection.
During throat infection symptoms are like : red sore throat, light fever, body eche, running nose watery discharge, loud sneeze, fatigue, mood swings, depression, worst at night and morning, down voice, sleeplessness, low thirst of water, irritation more.

Mainly throat infection starts when : weather changes, physical or mental exertion, mainly physical exertion, acid reflux, Sometimes After 1-2 days of stage fright or panic attacks when there is performance anxiety. When body is releasing more adrenaline-cortisol. During and after panic attack I feel loss of memory, depressed and hopelessness.

I m 34 years old now.
With diet control, drinking hot water, betadin gargil I m controlling it.
Last time in December I had a tough sore throat and ear infection. then I took antibiotics and got releaf in 8-10 days.Since two months I m taking Himalayan ceptilin tablets and it is very much effective for throat infection and tonsillitis, I got a big releaf after using it.

After 4 month again I got sore throat so I mentioned in forum. I m Sorry I used wrong word "gangerous".
Throat infection is not main cause here because it happens when there is some kind of exertion.
With homeopathic treatment, I m mainly focusing on mental aspectand if treated successfully can fix other issues also.

I will take cell salts after a gap of one week as mention by you.
Want to ask, Can Nat mur be more beneficial with Kali phos in my case ?
Amit123 5 years ago
What is best right now is to see what the arg nit does ,without anything else taken -as other things will confuse the evaluation of response.

The correct remedy can take care of many things. We can evaluate cell salts after a week-You need a gap for kali phos anyway.
simone717 5 years ago
Hi Simone,
As suggested, I took one dose of arg nit 200C once 2 drops in one tea spoon water. I took it before 12 days.
Few days after taking medicine I felt better. My symptoms moved from mental levels to physical level. Which is good atleast for me.
When I m Stessed, nervous or ill these symptoms affect me mentally and it makes me more depressed and nervous.
Sometimes it is very difficult to predict that things are happening to me is due to the physical and mental exertion.
But when symptoms move to physical level(like fatigue,body pain, sleepiness), we can easily treat them.

4-5 days arg NIC 200 worked but after that again I felt as before.

After 5 day from today I have one event in which I will be presenter. Whenever I think about it I am becoming nervous and tense. In free time I think too much and I don't think that one dose of arg nit200 will work for me.
I m taking mimulus+larch also but that is also not affecting much.

I m much nervous about the event, specially about the gaze of people.

Last time before 4-6 months I had a same event and I became too much nervous, sweating, red face, nervous smiley and i become out of control.
Please help.
Amit123 5 years ago
Please take another dose of arg nit
And then report how long effects last.

As far as upcoming event- I think you need to get either xanax or Valium-(diazepam) and then experiment which works better for you .Think about the event and then try one pill.
Xanax works by increasing the chemicals that naturally stop panic attacks. The Valium is a muscle relaxer.

I think it is important,short term ,
That you know with total certainty-
That if the upcoming known events
Start to escalate this way and of course during the event ,when you have to focus on the event agenda and
Cannot pay attention to calming yourself-it is easy to lose control.

If you know one or the other allopathic med will handle it? It lets you actually go longer with taking nothing. The arg nit is working and going to take time.The other meds are for events you have to do.
Short term use.
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simone717 5 years ago
Hi Simone,
Please suggest power and doses of Valium or Xanax.
When should I start taking them.
Amit123 5 years ago
Well here in USA,you cannot obtain these without prescription.
I would say get 5mg.valium tabs,
And get lowest xanax tabs.

Then you have to experiment.
FYI,many feel low energy and mild depression the day after they take one tab. So this is for sos /one off use for dealing with a work event that you have to attend and function normally.

You want to know what will work if you need it . Get the meds. Then
At home start thinking about event
And feel the agitation. Then take one
Tab of Valium-and see what it does .
If it does not alleviate well, then next day try the same thing with xanax- just one tab. One of these will work.

Then on day of event take the tablet when you get up. Wait for a half hour-
If you are not under control then take
A half tab-more.

This is just for emergency functioning. The arg nit seems to be
Going in the right direction and takes time. But knowing that the allopathic meds will stop the run away anxiety train(due to too many triggers and overstimulation) will be very valuable in that the "what if" will be negated
Because you have something that will take care of the "what if".
simone717 5 years ago
Hi Simone,

I took one Xanax .25mg in the morning of event. Doctor suggested not to take higher else you'd feel drowsiness.
But after event I realized, I should have taken one more.

It didn't work at all.

I felt same symptoms as I mentioned in previous chat.
Anticipation is killing me and that is the main problem/concern. Without any anticipation I m happy, laughing and cool, no nervousness, no tension.

But due to the anticipatory anxiety before any session or event, it seems like nothing is working and now I m hopeless.

I tried all the medicines like arg nit, Bach remedies, gelsemium and during anticipation it doesn't seem like improving my condition.

Currently I m not taking any medicine except Kali phos 6x 3 tab four times a day.

Please help
Amit123 5 years ago
I think you should take another dose of arg nit 200c and report after a week.

This is going to take time.
I had told you to try xanax or valium(diazepam) before the event to get a sense of effect and how much dose you would need.

I have seen scores of people use this as sos-anticipatory extreme fear of flying,public speaking and on and on.
The brain remembers the past,by doing the things that cause this WITHOUT having a panic attack-the brain gets reprogrammed that doing whatever activity is not a danger. It takes repeated activity of doing these things and eventually the reaction subsides.
simone717 5 years ago
Hi Simone,
I took one dose of arg nit 200.
Sorry, I can't see progressive changes over a period of time.

As you mentioned, it will take time. What would be the progress as I m taking these Medicine since 4 months.

Looks like it is not working for me.

Please help.
Amit123 5 years ago
Ok,will get back with questions later today or tomorrow.
simone717 5 years ago
Sorry to interrupt you but I want to say something.

I would not second the idea of taking xanax or stuff like that. We are here to stick to homeopathy. Simone717, don't you think Amit123 should consult Dr.Kadwa or Dr.Akhshay Mohla?
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homeopath002 5 years ago
Homeopathy 002-

He is free to ask for who he wants.
Dr mohla is a good suggestion.

The forum is set up for whatever will help a person ,be it allopathic, Ayurveda,Chinese medicine - it is not just homeopathy. Having been a counselor for years and having many of these type cases,it is very,very important that the person has a sos solution while trying to live everyday life. So that they do not have more trauma piled on-such as losing their job bc of not being able to do a presentation or travel,which will make things even worse.

I have seen hundreds of people use xanax For Sos situations and get thru
Them and then next time use less xanax and next time less till nothing -
Just due to the fact they know it works and then they learn to handle anxiety on their own knowing they have a sure fire way to stop escalation into a panic attack or major anxiety attack. One will still have anxiety with xanax ,but it will
Not get extreme .
simone717 5 years ago
Hi Amit,

In your last post you seemed to say that you only have anticipatory anxiety before work events- otherwise you are good.

What about previous posts of feeling nervous in social situations?
Is that gone now or if improved ,
What percentage improved?

Please state your symptoms- physical and mental going on right now. I will look at this and actually
Ask dr mohla to go over this too.
simone717 5 years ago
Thanks homeopath002, for commenting in the post.

I also don't want to take more doses of Xanax or diazepam as these are habit forming Medicines. This is also true that for short period of time they can manage the pressure and can work very well.

Simone suggested me to take these as emergency doses.

Hi Simone,
Answer to your questions:
Yeah, if it is a planned event then anticipation regarding that event triggers the anxiety attack.
Belching and bloating during neurosis is a marked symptom.

Whenever I need to present something or I m in meetings I get too much nervous.then my symptoms get worst like below:
-Pumping heart very fast, blood pressure shoot up
-too much Bloating and beltching
-Red face and ears
-Dry mouth and unable to speak or speak too fast
-Thought less, forgetfulness
-i start looking everyone, looks like embarrassing situation.
My voice becomes hard with high tone and becomes rude.
- can't eat before sessions or meetings,
- need to go to bathroom for motion.
- always try to escape and time passes slowly.
- in meeting rooms it seems like every one is thinking about me and gazing at me.
- i eat more in every few hours during panic situations.
Nervousness starts before 2-3 days of sessions and increases as time comes close.
Big releaf after things done.

Apart from this, I easily get nervous and bloated whenever sitting with girls or unknown people.
Can't attend phone calls if someone is sitting near me specially using microphone/headphones.
If sitting alone then everything works fine no anxiety also I eat less, no bloating and beltching.

Normal day, I m happy and relaxed, laughing and sleep is also good.

I had social anxiety also. like if meeting strange people then nervousness starts. Now I can see 20-30% improvements and this is rare and controllable now.

During anxiety attack my symptoms are very strong and I have never seen people having such strong fear.

Small doses of any medicine doesn't seem to be working on me(this is my personal opinion and may be I m wrong here).
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Amit123 5 years ago
Hi Simone,
Want to mention that I m vegetarian and I have vitamin D and b12 deficiency and for that I m taking tablets.
It is under control now

Vit D3 60k once in 15 days.
Metilda forte once every day for b12.
It may help you to understand more on my case
Amit123 5 years ago
Do you think the 20 to 30 percent improvement in social anxiety is from
arg nit?
simone717 5 years ago

Yeah we can say I felt change after taking arg nit and Kali phos.I feel less nervousness and mental stress. But improvement is very less.

Another reason these symptoms are increased is more physical exertion and heat intolerance(hot whether).
Amit123 5 years ago
You have been taking kali phos 6x for a long time,even before starting this post,so it seems to me arg nit had made the difference.

What I am going to do is write up your case for dr mohla-so it is
Clear to follow and ask him to
Suggest going forward.There are too many posts on this thread that take time to sort,and he has limited time.

I am going to make a new thread.
simone717 5 years ago
Thank you Simone.
I just went through the new post you have created.
Hope Dr mohla will reply soon
Amit123 5 years ago
pl refine your symptoms which is badly affecting you and also mention which flower remedies you are using as advised by Res Simone.pl also explain your anger,your performance at the end even after so much nervousness,your attitude with stranger /family members and friends /any insult you suffered in the past from outsider/family and friend/.pl also inform your food habits now and smoking drinking or any other habits.Pl have faith on your doctor and meds prescribed .pl avoid things which are of no use and also you inform you are commanding type or following others without any reason or you use this action with your mind and with reason.pl inform your sex life and your sleep and dreams.
akshaymohl 5 years ago
Thank you Dr Mohla!
And best wishes to you Amit .
simone717 5 years ago

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