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Osteoarthritis and knee bending problem for my father


My father aged 75 years has osteoarthritis in both legs. Pain is observed in both knees while walking but pain is not felt much when there is no movement of legs. So he is OK while sitting or lying down.He can hardly walk continuously for about 500 mts and after that he starts feeling pain in both legs knees and he has to sit for some time before starting to walk again.If he walks at a slower pace then he can walk continuously for some more distance. When he starts walking initially it is fine but slowly pain starts building up as he walks more.When he walks he staggers and walks. Walking is comparatively more comfortable in level surface/roads than in sloping roads and roads with ups and downs and also in climbing stairs.

One more important problem to note is that bending of knees has become limited to 90 degrees and this problem is more seen in left leg. He cannot bend his leg more than 90 degrees due to which he faces problem in activities involving bending of knees like sitting on the floor, climbing the stairs or entering inside car.He cannot bend his leg completely like what normal people do.

Pain in right leg is felt in knee area while pain in left leg is not felt in knee area but it is felt at bottom near the foot. There is no swelling and inflammation problem in both knees.

I have tried Bryonia 30 for him for quite some time but not much improvement is seen.

Can any homeopathic doctor prescribe remedy to remove the pain while walking and also to increase bending of knees to normal ?
  vjhos on 2017-06-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
When cartilage is thin, it takes a while for the pain to get better.

Please start with Phytolacca 30 (Phytolacca 6 is preferred if you can get) every night, four pills, for one week. Then after a few days of break, you can resume again the same way.

To complement Phytolacca, start with the wet dose of Arnica as suggested by Joe De Livera (google for Joepathy Arnica). Arnica can be continued for a long time. Joe has been taking this for 20+ years with positive benefit.

For external application you can either apply sesame oil or Kshirabala Taila from Sri Sri Products. Although the product defn says it is for kids, still effective for knee.
Reva V 5 years ago
Dear Dr Reva,

Can the bending of knees be improved with this ? I mean
can some homeopathic remedy be given so that he is able
to bend the knees more than 90 degrees ?
vjhos 5 years ago
This is given to address the problems you listed.
Reva V 5 years ago
Yes, so I had already listed this problem of bending knees
in my original post also.Just to inform you,as per the X ray problem in bending is due to knee joint bones for upper and lower leg touching each other when it is bent to 90 degrees, hence after that it is not bending furthur.

So it should be improved by what
ever remedy you have suggested, right ?
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-06-27 10:55:49]
vjhos 5 years ago
This is only a start and in the course, will suggest more remedies, as the constitution and pain are improved.

Is there a reason you are spending time in asking clarifications, instead of starting the medicine?
Reva V 5 years ago
Sorry for that, No,there is no such reason. I just wanted to clarify the problem more clearly so that you get better picture.My original post was long so just highlighted knee bending problem separately.
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-06-30 04:44:38]
vjhos 5 years ago
Dr Reva,


As per your advice I started Phytolacca 6c for my father from yesterday night. My father has hypertension since many years and he takes hypertension allopathic medicines daily.

Since today morning his BP is very high and showing around 185/100 till now. Normally with medicines his BP remains in 150/90 range.

Just want to confirm from you if at all this is due to Phytolacca 6c dose taken yesterday night. Please confirm ?

Also any inputs and homeopathic remedies to bring BP down quickly in emergency situation ? I am already giving him raw garlic cloves.
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-07-20 13:54:02]
vjhos 5 years ago
Phytolacca tolerates very well with old people for all ages and has been well tried. Irrespectively you should stop giving him any more Phytolacca.

Belladonna helps to bring BP to normal. Give him one dose.

You must take him to the doctor and give him the responsibility of managing his BP. Garlic cloves etc seldom helps as a quick remedy.

Have you given him Arnica along with this? It is given together.
[Edited by Reva V on 2017-07-20 20:49:14]
Reva V 5 years ago
So this mean increase in BP may not be due to Phytolacca 6c right ?

No not given arnica so far. So phytolacca and arnica should
be given one after another or some time gap between them ? Arnica should be in wet dose as you suggested right ?

So now should I stop Phytolacca furthur till BP is manageable ? When to start taking it again.
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-07-21 05:59:15]
vjhos 5 years ago
There has been never an association of Phytolacca with BP in both my experience and as documented in books. Clinical experience shows Lycopodium, Ambra Gr. etc increasing the BP, although not explicity documented. Hence I cannot say that there is no relationship between Phy. and your dad's increase in BP. In any case please stop giving, although I have observed Phytolacca always doing good, even if none of its symptom match (some what like Arnica). This must have done good for your dad, as I find a good match to your dad's case, but increase in bp as a result of doing good is not acceptable. Hence stop giving

ARNICA is always supplemented with Phytolacca in old age. In your dad's case, you can try ARNICA in wet dose, only once and make sure he is doing good for a few days and slowly ramp up to once a day dose.

I will find another remedy for his joint pain, that is even gentler

How is he doing. Have you taken him to doctor to manage the BP

I suggest you to search "
Blood pressure and mortality in elderly people aged 85 and older:
community based study from NIH"

It is interesting to find that people with higher bp lives longer when compared to lower bp. But it cannot be higher than the safe limits. When I met with Dr. P Banerji (Calcutta), he did say that his generations of experience is finding many with bp over limits and still enjoy a perfect life for decades. Hence he is not as concerned.

You should still take him to the doctor and keep it within the safe limits defined by the allopathic experience.
Reva V 5 years ago
Thanks for your concerns.

His BP is now comparatively better and has come down to around 155/90 range.I stopped Phytolacca yesterday only.

I will wait for your next remedy. Can I give arnica wet dose alone also or it needs to be complemented with other remedy ? Though I will refer Joe's blog for details still I would like to ask you for wet dose which potency will be better for Arnica, 6c or 30c ?

Also by your experience and knowledge is Arnica anyway related to causing increase in BP for some patients ?

In my father's case along with pain, knee bending problem (only bending till 90 degree)is also a major factor of discomfort as I have already mentioned in my case details and you must be aware of. This is due to bones obstructing each other. Can homeopathic remedies you prescribe also help to reduce this problem and improve knee bending angle to more than 90 degrees ? Was Phytolacca suitable for this problem of knee bending ? If possible please consider this knee bending problem also in prescribing new remedy.
vjhos 5 years ago
Please start with Arnica 30 alone in wet dose. Medicine for knee pain after a few days. It is almost a month since your first post
Reva V 5 years ago
Have you given Arnica 30 and how is he now?
Reva V 5 years ago
I have not given it yet. I will in a day or two as I was waiting for his BP to stabilize.

By any chance Arnica 30 can cause increase in BP ?

Though right now BP is under somewhat control.

I will update you once I start Arnica 30.
vjhos 5 years ago
I gave first wet dose of Arnica 30 today evening to my father.I will wait and observe for few days before repeating.
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-07-28 14:43:07]
vjhos 5 years ago
Thank you for keeping us updated
Reva V 5 years ago
Just to keep you updated.So far he has taken 3 wet doses of
Arnica 30. No improvements as such so far. I am giving the dose once every 2-3 days or so. Any suggestions on how many furthur doses to give?
vjhos 5 years ago
I suggest Arnica 30 in wet dose, once or twice a day, as recommended by Joe. This is a non-specific medicine and hence you may not find any difference in a short time. However, it will build the internal strength.

After you do two doses a day (morning and evening) for a few days write back.
Reva V 5 years ago

As you had said to report, my father has been taking wet dose of Arnica 30 twice a day as suggested since quite few days now. But so far no beneficial effects are observed in pain while walking long distance.

Can you please advice furthur and if any other remedy needs to be taken?
vjhos 5 years ago
Dr Reva,

Could you please advise furthur on this?
vjhos 5 years ago
Please give him Calc Sulph 6x, Mag Phos 6x and Kali Sulph 6x, each three tablets every morning.

In the evening, give him one dose of Ferrum Phos 6x

These are the nutrition that can help his situation.

In addition, please give him Hepar Sulph 30, one dose (four pills) in the morning on alternate day only.

I request you report once a week on his progress. This is very important.
Reva V 5 years ago
Ok, I will do the same and update you.

One major problem with him is that left leg bending is not complete and it bends only till about 90 degrees.

Any homeopathic remedy can help in this regard?
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-10-26 04:57:17]
vjhos 5 years ago
Please start the medicine suggested asap
Reva V 5 years ago
He has taken the mentioned medicines for about 1 week now and overall there has been 5-10% improvement in the condition compared to earlier. Please let me know how to proceed further.

Now pain while walking long distances and stopping in between to take rest has reduced somewhat. Earlier there used to be pain in the legs after coming back home from long walk, this pain also has reduced somewhat now. It feels little bit he is able to walk more distance now and tiredness and pain after walking more is little bit reduced.

But there has been no improvement in bending problem of left leg and still bending is only till about 90 degrees.
vjhos 5 years ago
Dr Reva,

Please refer my 1 week progress report in my previous message. Any update after that as to how to continue medicines furthur ?
vjhos 5 years ago

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