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What r the osteoarthritis Homeo medicines for initial stage?
  mzr1944 on 2006-01-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Can you please post specfic symptoms.
new2town last decade
Symptoms r as follows:
1 - Pain in the right knee after wlking.Often pain extends in the leg.
2 - Pain subsidised after bed res or keeping the leg stetched for long.
3 - Pain constant at a point on the left portion(my side)of the knee bone.
4 - Pain in the knee if the leg is twisted left or right.
5 - Pain in the knee joint on the left side if pressed with finger at different points.
6 - Sometimes pains just below the flat bone of the right knee in the bone.
mzr1944 last decade
You will require 2 remedies for helping with your problem.

Rhus Tox 1M and
Hypericum 200c

Both remedies should be used in the liquid dose which is made up as follows:

Get 2 500ml bottles of spring water
Pour out 50ml or 1 inch to leave space for air at the top
Put in 3 globules of each remedy into 2 separate bottles and wait a few minutes for the globules to dissolve.
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda. This is called succussion and should be done 6-8 times before each dose.
Sip a teaspoonful of each remedy twice daily for the first week and reduce to once daily thereafter.
Keep an hour between each remedy.

Report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Greetings Joe,

Pardon my jumping in this thread, but I have a question for you Joe.

I take rhus tox 30ch in granule form (2 granules dose under tongue) on occasion when my back pain is unbearable. It really helps me.

Could I take it in the wet form in the 30ch dose or must I purchase the 1M dose?

If yes, for using the 30ch dose, how many granules should I put in the water?

I actually need it on a daily basis, as I am always in pain but I am so used to dealing with my pain that I tend to take something only when it is unbearable. I don't want to start taking the granules on a daily basis, of fright that one day it will no longer work for me... But in the wet dose it may be different?

I have also taken the nat phos in your wet dose recommendation in the past, I am pleased to report that while taking it this had helped with my bloating stomach which occurs the moment I eat, and I don't eat alot, I have a very small appetite...

After about 1 month I had lost 2 pounds. I feel the need to lose a max of 10 pounds, as I am not overweight, just feel I need to lose 10lbs to look my best.

I will be returning to the nat phos, as I had stopped because of taking a remedy for my psoriasis.

Thanks for your reply much appreciated!
happy missy last decade
The remedy that I detailed above applies only to Osteo Arthritis and not to Back Pain.

I note that you have already used Rhus Tox 30c but from what you state this has not helped you.

You will have to give me more details of your pain and how it was caused and for how long you have suffered from it to enable me to advice you.

I note that you are also using Nat Phos for your weight but you have not indicated what potency you are using. Weight reduction will only occur if you use the 6x potency and at this low potency it cannot be used in the liquid dose. You state however that you have lost 2 pounds having taken it in the liquid dose. I would like to have some details of how you made your liquid dose and how many doses you used daily.

You also end by stating that you suffer from Psoriasis. You are a complicated patient indeed and I shall be glad to help you it you will put me into the picture.
Joe De Livera last decade
hai expert
can i use the drinking water instead of spring water. i dont know both are same or not. pls comment
thank you
kplavunkal last decade
I have used water from the tap but the results was not guaranteed. Spring water which is available in supermarkets is the best as this water is usually drawn from deep bore wells about 200ft deep where the water is usually pure.

What is your ailment and what remedy do you wish to use in the liquid dose ?
Joe De Livera last decade
What I meant to convey was that the water from the tap was not satisfactory as the result was not always what it should have been.

It is best to use bottled spring water.
Joe De Livera last decade
nothing sir, just to clear a doubt. because our drinking water is not from the tap. each and every home in our location (kerala, India) there is a deep well, around 3 - 10 meter deep from the ground level. using a steel bucket to take water from the well. tht`s all my doubt. i have read some other posts in this forum to use the spring water for wet doses. also here i read in the news paper about the poor quality of the bottled waters. pH level is various from company to company. i mean the purity.
thnk you once again for your response
kplavunkal last decade
If you have access to well water from a well that is 10m deep, I feel that it would be safe to use it for your Liquid remedy. You may like to boil and cool the water prior to activating it with the remedy as it must be bacteriologically free. You may otherwise discover that algae can form on the bottle. This of courss is not dangerous but is can look unsightly.

Also it is best to refrigerate the remedy as a 500 ml bottle usualy lasts oave 3 months in daily use.
Joe De Livera last decade
Greetings Joe,

I do have osteoarthritis, arthrose (french don't know how its called in english) and osteosporosis. I am 42 years old, my back pain started at the age of 13 when I was diagnosed with very severe scoliosis. I wore a full back brace until the age of 18, then the doctors told me nothing could be done and they announced that I would be in a wheel chair by the age of 35...

It was then at the young age of 18 that my true battle had begun.. I will not be sitting in 4 wheels, my positive mind has been my sole remedy throughout the years. I have refused taking many medical drugs, as I see them only as patches, which I don't want.

I have started on homeopathy only a few months ago, as I do believe in this and I do take other natural products to help my bones and over all health.

What I take on a daily basis is cod liver oil, apple cider vinegar, glucosamine, sharks cartiledge, calcium, evening primerose oil, chlorella, echinacea.

I have begun the rhus toxicodendron 30ch in granules which really does help me, but as I mentioned in my above post I take it only when I can no longer tolerate my pain. I have severe back pain 24 hours a day, but this started at the age of 13, so I am enforced to this type of pain but when I do more than I usually do in a day, I could scream so this is where the rhus tox comes in... and it really does take part of the pain away and make it more manageable.

I am a busy bee type of person, I will NEVER let my back pain interfere in my life, I will always be active and do the things I enjoy such as gardening, arts and crafts, etc..
I think this way because I know that I will still be hurting at the end of the day whether I do nothing at all or everything that pleases me. But when I do the activities I enjoy, I am in a happy mood, and I go to bed with a smile, that is what keeps me alive, letting me be me...

My pain is not only in my upper neck, mid and lower back (coccus area), but also in the knees and sciatic nerve from upper leg to foot, and right side wrist hand and shoulder.

About the nat phos, I goofed sorry, I took this in the tablet form in the 6X potency, I took 2 before each meal. What I meant to say was that I took and continue to take each nite Arnica Montana 30ch in the wet dose method (you have mentioned this remedy in many threads). I started taking this for my insomnia, which is miraculously cured with this tonic!! I have never slept so well in my entire life, not even when I was a child!

I also believe it helps my back pain somewhat, or maybe its just because I can actually sleep now... But I notice that in general I do have an even more well being feeling.

I am grateful for this, thank you Joe for spreading the word!

Now, onto my psoriasis. This is yuck to me.. I have facial psoriasis, so you can imagine its not very nice.. I have spots on each side of my face on the cheeks and one spot smack in the middle of my forehead. This is unlike regular psoriasis as it does not hurt, or itch, its just plain ugly red cigarette burn looking spots that become covered with flaky skin. Very hard for me to hide with makeup.

Mr. Walkin on this board has been kind enough to follow me on my path with this battle. He has started me with Ignatia since he noticed after my self description that I had problems with my past (mothers death to cancer). I can happily say that the Ignatia has given me back my freedom from that sadness that was buried deep inside for many many years!

The second step which I have recently been thru is taking Nag mur 3X in tablet form one per nite for 7 days, wait 14 days and report back.(I'm presently awaiting feedback from Walkin). This is where I am at as of now.

This is also the reason I had stopped the nat phos and the arnica, so as not to mix remedies.

As of present, I have begun taking the arnica wet dose again, since I do need this to sleep, but I am awaiting to see what the next step is with Mr. Walkin before taking the nat phos again (I do plan on taking this again after, as it has helped my bloating feeling and I find that 2 lbs is good for a person that has a max of 10 to lose. So I am happy with those results.

So in general as you can see, my short time here on this forum has brought on much success to me healthwise and also in learning by reading this board. This is thanks to you Joe De Livera, Mr. Walkin and the many other generous folks who all contribute to making our lives that much better.

If you prefer that I start a new thread so as not to get off topic from the OP questions, please let me know.

But I would like to know what you think about trying the wet dose Rhus Tox 30ch (or do I need the 1M dose to use as the wet method) for taking on a daily basis. Or should I just continue to take it once in a while as I have been doing in the dry granule form. I would of course prefer to use it as prevention rather than correction, as this would cause less suffering to me. But I live with my pain and have been doing so with a smile, so life goes on...

Once again, simply, but very appreciativly, THANK YOU!
happy missy last decade
I am glad that you gave a detailed report of your present condition.

I feel confident that the same therapy that I have specified above of Rhus Tox 1M and Hypericum 200 in the liquid dose should help your osteo arthritis.

Osteoporosis can be helped by Calc Phos 6x dose 2 tablets thrice daily.

For your pain I am sure that Hypericum 200 can help you. The Arnica 30c has also given great relief to a 55 year old woman who had suffered some injury to her spine at age 15 and had suffered up to about a 6 months ago when I prescribed Arnica 30 in the liquid dose. She was not able to sit in a car for over half hour but after she started on the Arnica she was able to travel to see her daughter who lives about 4 hours away, non stop. Your back problem may also resolve itself with the Arnica. Only time will tell.

Nat Phos is best taken after both lunch and dinner. Not before. I have reports that this remedy has helped with the
Psoriasis of a patient who was on the standard medication including steroids for her condition which was chronic. After she started on the Nat Phos 6x she saw improvement and does not use her drugs any more.

As you may know Psoriasis is a very difficult condition to cure but there is a chance that it may also help you as Nat Phos 6x helps to accelerate the passage of food down the gut and may prevent the nutrients that cause the Psoriasis from entering the blood stream.

The reason for Psoriasis according to some scientists is because a certain lining in the gut which filters the absorption of some elements of the food into the blood stream is missing, thereby resulting in psoriasis. Suggest you use Nat Phos to verify if my theory can help your problem.

You do not need to stop any remedy as these are all compatible with each other. Keep about an hour between remedies. It is understood of course that you will only use the Liquid Dose method for all remedies and I can assure you that this method works far better than the dry dose. However Nat Phos 6x may only be taken dry.

Please report your response from time to time so that I can join you in celebrating your relief from pain.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Joe for your quick and very informative reply! Your help is very much appreciated.

Just to recaptulate your recommendations and to make sure I have this correct.

I will purchase the following:

Rhus Toxicodendron 1M granules. Which I shall use in the wet dose, and take twice daily.

Once in the morning after breakfast and once at night before bedtime?

Hypericum Perforatum 200c granules. Which I shall use in the wet dose, and take twice daily.

Once in the morning after breakfast and once at night before bedtime? I will keep an hour between each remedy.

Is 200c the same as 200ch? I live in Canada and everytime I ask for a remedy in C dose they give me CH??? EX: Arnica Montana 30c they gave me 30ch.

Calcarea Phosphorica 6x tablet form. I will take 2 tablets 3 times per day.

Should this be taken after or before each meal?

I will continue to take the Arnica Montana 30ch in the wet dose once daily at bedtime.

I am very pleased to hear that you have had results from a patient for back pain relief with Arnica. I too think this is very possible as I have mentioned in my last post I have noticed a small change after taking the arnica nightly. I have only started taking it a few months ago, so I can only imagine the benefits when taken in long term. I had thought it was mainly due to my having a good nite's sleep with arnica. Well hourray then to this great tonic!!

Next up, I will start again taking the nat phos 6x tablet form 2 tabs after breakfast or lunch and 2 tabs after dinner.

Joe, I goofed again, I had been taking this after the meals not before... Sorry for my error but its been a while that I have stopped it because of the other remedies that were recommended to me for the psoriasis.

I am also glad to know that I can take the nat phos again. I feel better with an empty stomach than a bloated one... ;-)

Now, one thing I am not sure of... You mention using the wet dose for all the above (rhus tox, hypericum, arnica) except for the nat phos 6x tablets. I am assuming that I should also be taking the calc phos 6x (taken 3 times per day) in the dry method since it seems to be in tablet form just like the nat phos?

Please let me know if I am assuming correctly.

Also if I have noted correctly all the above remedies that you have kindly recommended to me, especially that the dosage and times to be taken are correctly understood.

Many many thanks dear Joe De Livera!!
happy missy last decade
It is possible that I have advised you to use too many remedies all at once.

Your priority is your arthritis and this indicates Rhus Tox 1M and Hypericum.
The standard dose is twice daily but I would like you to use both remedies just once daily.

Arnica is indicated for your back pain and sleep and Psoriasis and should be taken twice daily with the last dose taken just before sleep.

Nat Phos is necessary for your gastric condition but the Calc Phos 6x is not really essential for your Ostroporosis and I would like you not to use it right now.

Please note that you cannot use Coffee, Cola drinks and preserved meats like sausages, ham and bacon as they antidote homeopathic remedies.

All remedies to be taken in the Liquid dose except for the Nat Phos 6x.


Report response weekly.
Joe De Livera last decade
Greetings Joe De Livera,

Thank you for your quick reply, I shall do as you mention.

I need to order the Rhus Tox and Hypericum which should take about 1 week to arrive.

I do have nat phos and the arnica so I will continue with those while waiting on my order. Once I receive the other remedies I shall immediately start taking them and report back weekly.

Once again thank you!
happy missy last decade
Hi Joe, my mother has severe arthritis and while reading through this thread, I felt I could help her. One clarification, how many drops of medicine should she put in the bottle? what does globules mean? the white sugary balls in which the medicine has been put? then can she make it at home? she has the white pills at home too. I want to be clear before I tell her anything. I am confused.
mohini last decade
If you have the remedy in ethanol you can use 2 drops in 450ml water. I feel that this is the best method of making a remedy to be used in the liquid dose.

If you wish to use the globules which have already been prepared by the pharmacy you can use 3 globules. They the little lactose pellets which are usually sold by the pharmacy.

If your mother is suffering from Osteo Arthritis she has a good chance of getting over her ailment with the therapy that I have indicate above with the combo of Rhus Tox 1M and Hypericum in the liquid dose.

You may like to know that 2 ladies to whom I had given these same remedies about 2 weeks ago reported to me that they were feeling far better today with the Homeopathic therapy in comparison to the level of pain that they were experiencing about a month ago when they were on the standard Diclofenac 50mg twice daily that they had been using for a long time.

Please report response in a week after you start your mum on the therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe, I am passionate about homeopathy and so for this reason have a good stock of basic medicines in ethanol. I am sure my mother is going to bless you soon. Poor thing has been on 8 tablets/day of brufen! She is at present in USA but would be returning to India soon where I shall try your treatment and report it to you may be by the end of April. Thanks once again.
mohini last decade
Greetings Joe, its me again. My mother is a bundle of ailments. She has everything right from arthritis, severe varicose veins on both legs, angina, high choleterol, high blood pressure. Do you think the treatment which you mention for arthritis of rhus tox and hypericum would help her in varicose veins as well? Can we have two treatments side by side or we should treat only one ailment at a time? I can furnish any details of her preferences you would want.
Thanks Joe
mohini last decade
I was concerned to learn that your mum is a "bundle of ailments" and was shocked to learn that she now takes 8 tablets of ibuprufen daily.

I wonder if you are aware that she is poisoning herself with this massive dose of drugs and it is very likely that her liver can fail in the near future. I would request you to advise her of the danger of taking this massive overdose of this drug and request her to cut down on the dosage immediately. She should not stop the drug as it will be too painful but she should substitute it with the 2 remedies that I have indicated above, Rhus Tox 1M and Hypericum 200 in the liquid dose and she may hopefully discover that there will be some relief from her pain within a week which will eventually help her to stop the drug which she takes to alleviate her pain in her knees, perhaps within a month. This is the standard response of patients who have used this therapy which you may like to know has not failed in the case of those whom I have treated.

I do not think that she should await her arrival in India before she starts her therapy as by April it may be too late as her liver may pass the point of no return.

I believe that her present ailments that you listed may owe their origin to the Brufen that she has taken in the past and I shall be interested to learn for how long she has done so.

I can try to help her with her other problems but for the moment I would recommend that we address her Arthritis as this is her chief ailment and is obviously causing her a lot of pain. Other remedies are used for Varicose veins
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe, my mother is 69 and her arthritis is at least 17 yrs. old. Since the pain became unbearable at times so she started taking brufen which gave her momentarily relief, but the dose kept on increasing as there was nothing else. She knew she should not be taking such a high dose but said she has to take this or how does she walk and if she doesn’t walk the joints would stop functioning, she is a very independent sort of a person as you might have guessed. I have told her to reduce brufen.
Since I had heard of rhus tox so gave her 30c since that would be the safest but may be my potency was not the correct one. She still has rhus tox 30, do you think till the time she gets back she can take that? Actually my sister’s family where she is staying these days do not have much faith in homeopathy. But she carries her ‘kit’ of emergency medicines like belladonna, bryonia, aconite etc. with her. Putting wet bandage of arnicaQ on her knees helps to relieve pain. She was so happy that you had seen her case.
As far as other ailments are concerned, we have a family history of very high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My mother's sibling's children are on a daily dose of atorva, my younger sister has lipicor everyday.
I had always seen prominent varicose veins in her calf muscles but with time they started becoming more prominent and sometimes she had to tie them tightly with a bandage so as to be able to walk. I agree with you that we treat the arthritis and then proceed to varicose veins. Thanks once again.
mohini last decade
Your mum can get the Rhus Tox 1M and Hypericum 200c in the US where she is now. Any Health Food store will stock it.

You will have to instruct her how to make the liquid dose which I believe you already know. The RT 30c is not of any use.

It is interesting to read your report of the high cholesterol and hypertension that your family suffers from.

I would advise that they all start on Arnica 30c in the liquid dose taken twice daily as this will help. Other remedies can be used later if they would like to give Homeopathy a chance to help them.
Joe De Livera last decade
I adressed a query to you about atypical facial neuralgis about a month back and you asked me to try hypericum. Can I try the water dose you have suggested for this post? If so for how long? I am also trying your Arnica wet dose for a month for constant pain in my fingers and toes, adn see marginal improvement.
new2town last decade
I cannot remember your case now and I note that you did not report your response to the Hypericum.

If you have used Arnica (6 or 30c ?) and found that it had helped you, you may take it for as long as you like.

As you probably know I have used Arnica since 1996 and am convinced that I owe to it my sense of wellness.

I would recommend that you too use it on a daily basis.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe, I have e-mailed your prescription to my mother and she is excited on getting it started soon. I shall keep you posted about her recovery.
Another thing you talk about the wet dose quite often. Can this method be used for all medicines? Like my son was down with viral yesterday so I gave him gelsemium 30, 4 pills in a glass of water a spoonful every half hour for just two hours and he then went to sleep. By morning he was feeling much better. Since I am learning to know homeopathy, is this the right dose one should be adopting for all illnesses or is there a minimal dose which I should follow? Is the water dose more effective than the dry pills under your tongue? Also, when you talk about 2 doses of arnica 30(wet dose) do you think it would help in the general overall health of a person? My husband and I are borderline high blood sugar and cholesterol.
I am sorry to be so curious and piling on so many questions on you, but you seem to be such a welcoming person that I feel like satifying all my queries.
Thank you again for helping my mother.
mohini last decade

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