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Pain in knees due to osteoarthritis - To Dr Kadwa

My mother, age 68 years, weight 70 kg has osteoarthritis since several years now and she experiences severe pain in both knees due to this. Requesting you to prescribe homeopathic remedies to manage and remove the pain

Details of it is described below.

Osteoarthritis Pain is observed in both legs knee area. Pain increases when there is more walking and exertion work like doing daily household chores continuously. When resting pain is still there but its better compared to when moving about during work, standing etc. Some times after sitting for long time she
finds difficulty in getting up and start walking as feeling of stiffness is there in the knees.Recently this
problem of finding difficulty in getting up and walking after long duration sitting is somewhat improved. Due to knee pain she cannot sit on floor as she finds difficulty in getting up later.
Pain observed in knees is almost a continuous pain and lot of swelling and inflammation is there in both knees along with pain. This swelling and inflammation increases after moving about and working for long time. But bending of knees is OK and is close to normal full bending limit. Only when there is inflammation in knees bending is effected slightly.Sometimes pain sensation is like there is a wound under the knees. Though pain is a continuous one some times there is throbbing pain also in both knees and in areas around the knees. At few times throbbing pain is felt in almost complete legs. This throbbing pain is worse when she sits after moving about and doing household work. Sometimes it subsides after taking rest for some time but many times throbbing pain continues even after taking rest. At times throbbing pain starts radiating above and below knees also and feels like pain is getting carried by nerves to other parts of leg and at such time if she is given homeopathic remedy Hypericum 6c or Mag Phos 6x it gives relief sometimes. When there is throbbing pain in knees and other part of legs Belladonna 30c also some times works. Pain is mainly concentrated in both knees and only when it is throbbing pain it starts feeling in areas around the knees. When there is throbbing pain the pain comes in pulses sometimes. like once a wave of pain will come, then subside and again next wave will come.

Most of the time pain is felt in knee and knee joints. Only when pain is throbbing in nature sometimes it is felt in areas around the knees also.

She has taken many homeopathic remedies like Bryonia 6c, Rhustox 6c, Arnica 6c, Arg Met 6c, Belladonna 30c, Hypericum 6c etc but some these remedies tend to give only temporary relief and at times they do not work.She has also taken biochemic salts like Nat sulph 6x, Ferr Phos 6x, Nat Phos 6x, Silicea 6x etc but they do not work to keep pain down.

  vjhos on 2017-07-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Flouric acid 6c one dose daily for three days then no meds for one month.Report.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
Thanks for your reply.

I have not started with remedy as I am yet to buy it.

I have one query. Right now my mother is taking other homeopathic remedies like Bryonia 6c, Belladonna 30c, Hypericum 6c etc to keep her pain under some control so that she can work. These remedies give some relief to her and without them she feels lame.

As you have said to take Flouric acid 6c for 3 days and then wait for month, I want to know whether Flouric acid 6c will show its effect soon in few days or only after a month? Till the time this remedy shows effect can she take the other remedies she has been taken as mentioned above to control her pain for the time being? If not then how to control her pain in this time period? Are there any other methods or other homeopathic remedies she could use to control her pain? Can she take paracetamol or Combiflam temporarily in case he is not allowed to take other homeopathic remedies after taking flouric acid?
vjhos 6 years ago
You can use but avoid atleast four hours from flouric acid.You can repeat flouric acid after 15 days but sensitivity is another issue you have mentioned.pl avoid allopathic meds.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
Thanks for your update.

Forgot to mention that she also takes Sulphur 6c and Psorinum 6c for eczema problem every 2 days or so. Can she continue that also with at least four hours gap from flouric acid?
vjhos 6 years ago
Why regularly for eczema.pl have the same way but avoid skin meds on flouric acid day.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
To Dr Mohla,

My mother has started taking floruic acid 6c as advised and
today is the third day of taking it. Below are my observations so far.

- First day I gave her 2 pills (as a caution) and its effect was good and throughout the day she felt less pain. Heaviness in her legs improved and she felt very light in her legs.
After taking the medicine she felt slight pain throughout the body for some time and then it went away.

- Next day again I gave 2 pills but this time its effect was short lived and did not last for whole day. Still she did feel some improvement in pain and heaviness.

- By today morning again her legs had become very heavy and I gave her 3 pills this time (which is normal for 1 dose) and will observe the effect today.

Other effect I have observed after staring medicine is that she falls asleep little bit easily now.

Since today is the third day as you had advised does she need to stop medicine from tomorrow and observe? Since after taking the dose by the end of the day pain and heaviness is coming back again can she continue flouric acid 6c daily for few more days?

Kindly advice.
vjhos 6 years ago
One dose daily for three days and then give plain globules on one day and med globules next day for 10 days.You can ask me if any question.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
OK. I have few questions.

- So do I need to give flouric acid 6c for 3 more days? (So 6 days in total from start) I have already given for 3 days from starting.

- From my curiosity I want to know what is purpose of giving plain globules? Should I tell patient while giving that globules are plain or patient should not know this? Or should I tell patient that plain globules contain medicine?

- Can she take flouric acid 6c twice a day or more if its effect is not lasting for a day and pain is coming back again in middle of the day?

- I do not have plain globules right now. Homeopathic pharmacy is bit far and it may take time to get plain globules. So if I am not able to get them in time can I give flouric acid 6c only on alternate days for 10 days or plain globules are mandatory?
Or else do I need to wait after taking flouric acid 6c for 3 days and start 10 days dose only after getting plain globules?
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-08-09 14:45:50]
vjhos 6 years ago
Give flouric acid 6 twice daily for three days then give two doses every alternate day.plain globules we give just to satisfy patient that he is being given the meds and meanwhile time for meds to act without repeating.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
OK thank you. I will give her flouric acid 6c once or twice a day based on need depending on whether her pain comes back or not. I think that should be ok.

For alternate days also I will give once or twice a day based on need and keep one day without med or with plain pills in between.

One question. Is keeping one day gap between medicines necessary? Sometimes if needed can I give 1 dose daily without a day gap in between?
vjhos 6 years ago
Yes in case of pain you can give bio 19 or mag phosphate 6x with hot water.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
Ok. So it is necessary to keep one day gap in 10 days period and in case it pains in that gap I can give bio 19 or mag phos 6x, right?

Also bio 19 is which medicine? Is it SBL no 19 bio combination called "Joint and muscle pain"?
vjhos 6 years ago
I was reading your posts.
It appears that you are concentrating on individual symptoms which is followed by allopaths. In homeopathy, all the symptoms are noted and covered through specific medicines. Too much medication is bad.

That is one reason why BLANK DOSES ARE GIVEN without telling anything to the patient so that the patient feels that treatment is in full swing.
PARTHA RAY 6 years ago
Not always but in some cases placebo is given to allow patient to gain will power that he is on meds daily.Faith healing when we always approach our family doctor and several times we give placebo and patient report improvement.REPLY TO Partha Ray.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
SBL bio 19 yes.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
Thanks. I fully agree with you. Regards.
PARTHA RAY 6 years ago
Yes same joint and muscle pain.bio 19.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
Dr Mohla,

In the 5 days period can I give her one dose floiric acid daily
instead of twice a day on every
alternate days? Or is it more beneficial if I keep one day gap in between?
vjhos 6 years ago
Pl inform how she is now ?
akshaymohl 6 years ago
To Dr Mohla,

Her pain is now 30-40% better after starting to take flouric acid 6c. She has started her 5 days alternate dose but daily once dose is most suiting her. When she kept one day gap she felt uncomfortable that day due to pain and so for time being she is taking daily dose of fouric acid. I tried sbl 19 and mag phos 6x for pain but it is not working and causing pain to increase little more. Recently she developed pain in upper area of her right feet. I think it started after taking sbl 19 and mag phos 6x. Once I tried twice a day flouric acid where she took second dose in evening but it did not work much.Single dose a day is doing good but its effect does not last whole day and by evening pain starts coming again.

IMPORTANT: I have observed that after starting with flouric acid 6c
she suddenly experiences severe throbbing pain in in knee area for left leg for few minutes to half an hour and then it subsides by itself or by taking hypericum 6c remedy.This happens almost once daily.This problem was not present before starting flouric acid.So is this thinking pain due to flouric acid? Hence I am afraid to give her flouric acid twice a day. So far she has taken 9 doses of flouric acid 6c. 6doses she took contionusly for 6 days and then 3 dose in another 4 days. So far I have not given her plain pills in between as I have not able to buy those.
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-08-16 07:23:37]
vjhos 6 years ago
Give mag phosphate 4 tabs dissolved in one cup of hot water to be shipped like tea but SOS only.pl try to get plain globules but 2nd day or plain globules in the evening time or morning time when in the evening she has pain.19 no one dose at bed time for five days.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
I will just mention my doubts below.Kindly clarify them.

1. So should she continue flouric acid 6c on alternate days? For how many more days? How many doses in a day?

2. Plain pills should be given once a day on the day she is not taking flouric acid right?

3. I have observed that mag phos 6x and no 19
Aggravates her pain to some extent and makes her more uncomfortable. Should I still give them?
vjhos 6 years ago
Mag phosphate sos only.
Bio 19 at bed time just observe flouric acid you can give 7 days daily then alternate day for 7 days .
akshaymohl 6 years ago

One more problem which I had also mentioned in my earlier post. After starting with flouric acid 6c almost once a day she gets sudden pulsating and throbbing pain in her left knee area which lasts for few minutes and subsides by itself. This pain is quite severe and unbearable sometimes. I had not observed this kind of pain in before starting flouric acid 6c. Taking mag phos 6x and no 19 also does not remove this pain.

So can this be effect of taking flouric acid 6c? How to handle it?
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-08-17 05:38:17]
vjhos 6 years ago
pl give a gap of one day for 7 days then observe .
akshaymohl 6 years ago

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