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Hi Joe, I have e-mailed your prescription to my mother and she is excited on getting it started soon. I shall keep you posted about her recovery.
Another thing you talk about the wet dose quite often. Can this method be used for all medicines? Like my son was down with viral yesterday so I gave him gelsemium 30, 4 pills in a glass of water a spoonful every half hour for just two hours and he then went to sleep. By morning he was feeling much better. Since I am learning to know homeopathy, is this the right dose one should be adopting for all illnesses or is there a minimal dose which I should follow? Is the water dose more effective than the dry pills under your tongue? Also, when you talk about 2 doses of arnica 30(wet dose) do you think it would help in the general overall health of a person? My husband and I are borderline high blood sugar and cholesterol.
I am sorry to be so curious and piling on so many questions on you, but you seem to be such a welcoming person that I feel like satifying all my queries.
Thank you again for helping my mother.
mohini last decade
I feel confident that your mum should have considerable relief from pain in her knees as long as she takes the remedies that I have indicated. This relief is usually felt in about 2 weeks after starting on the therapy.

I am glad to note that you have used Gelsemium 30 for your son and gave it in the liquid dose which you made with 4 pellets in a glass of water from which you gave a spoonful (hopefully a teaspoonful) every half hour. This is precisely what I would have advised you to use with one exception. I have discovered that a liquid remedy is far more potent when succussed as the aeration caused by violent agitation increases the potency of the remedy every so slightly which makes it more powerful in its action to cure the ailment.

Please remember to mention this to your mother as she should agitate the remedy in the bottle to ensure that it bubbles. I use a 500ml bottle of spring water into which I insert 3 globules or 1 drop of the liquid remedy which you get in India from Homeopathic pharmacies. The bottle is usually good for about 3 months at the rate of 2 teaspoonfuls daily. It is best stored in the refrigerator as there is a tendency for the formation of algae if it is left near a window.

I was converted to the liquid dose method by Dr Luc de Schepper who is currently on a lecture tour in India and he insisted that he was not the originator of this method of using a remedy as it was first described by Hahnemann, the person who first discovered Homeopathy 200 years ago.

In the case of your husband and yourself with a tendency to Diabetes, and Cholesterol, I would recommend that you use Arnica 30c twice daily also in the liquid dose. You will see that your BS will drop dramatically in about 2 days and you can safely take it for life as I have done for the last 10 years. I believe that I owe my sense of wellness to Arnica with a BP of 120/80 and pulse of 65 at age 76.

I am convinced that Arnica is a Miracle remedy and many ailments for which I have used it are not described in the text books like for Eczema, Cellulitis, etc which you can read if you do a search for Arnica in the Search Forum on the left margin of this page.
Joe De Livera last decade
Does this wet method apply to all medicines? She has promised to go exactly step by step advised by you. Next time I can put the pills in a bottle and shake it to succusse and use it. We dont need to take 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon along as we are borderline case. Arnica alone would do the trick for the moment. Am I right? Thanks.
mohini last decade

Hypericum helped. The pain dies for a while and comes back a few days later. May be linked with stress /sinusitis which I have regularly.
This is whyI asked if I can have hypericum on a regualr basis like the arnica in a wet dose?
new2town last decade
I have discovered that all homeopathic remedies are best used in the liquid dose after succussion as they all seem to be absorbed by the body much better.

For your Diabetes you can start with the Arnica and check the BS level on the third day and compare it to the level before you used it. I have observed that it is only in the case of those who have Diabetes that it brings the BS level down as in my case I do not have Diabetes and have taken Arnica for the last 10 years for other ailments like my blockage of the flow of urine in 1996 which is when I first started on this remedy (dry at that time) and discovered that the added bonus was that I slept better and also felt better. I have continued to use it even after my Prostatectomy 3 years ago.

If you discover that you BS level stabilizes with the Arnica you continue with it twice daily but if you wish to have additional support to avoid usiing the standard drug Metformin, you can add the Cinnamon 1/4 tsp twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
I note that you have referred to my article on the many ailments that I have used Arnica for, many of which are not listed in the Homeopathic texts the latest of which is to help to QUIT SMOKING.

I cannot remember advising you to use Hypericum and would like you to indicate why you wish to use it.

You also mention stress and sinusitis and I presume that you are aware that Hypericum is not the remedy to treat them.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe,I would say that sleep has never been a bothering factor for me. Even at this age of 47, when people say that they find it impossible to sleep, I can easily sleep 10 hours. My children have inherited this trait of mine and on weekends manage around 11-12 hrs. They sometimes joke about being a subject for any sleep inducing medicine! Do you think it is something abnormal? It does not bother me. My husband has very fixed hours and sleeps for the normal time of 6-7 hrs.I hope arnica does not increase my sleep for that is something which I dont want.
mohini last decade
This is a chronic disease and simple pathological prescription will be of little help.You need to explain
1.the exact locality of the complaint like hands,legs etc.
2.Sensation as pain,inflammation,burning,redness etc.
3.Condition under which the complaint is aggravated or you feel better like,cold or hot application,cold or hot weather,position as standing,walking,rest etc.
4.Any other complaint any where in the body.
5.Your mental behaviour.
6.Your desire and aversions regarding food,weather,heat,cold,wetness,cloudiness,dryness, company etc.
7.Nature of body secretions as urine,menses,stool,perspiration etc.
Only then some body will be able to help you.
sajjadakram635 last decade
dear mohini,
I am an M.Sc. Psychology student and am interested in studying psychosocial stress and depression in Osteoarthritis for my project work.If your mother is interested to help me please reply positively and I will email you some questionnaires.It is self explanatory you just have to mark the answers to how osteoarthritis has affected your life and send it back to me. The information given to me will be used only for research purposes and will not appear on the Internet or else where . I will just tabulate the data and use it for my project. The data will be confidential.
Could you all help me I am living in a rural village in India where women don't venture out that much so much of my research needs help and from saviours like you.Please help me if possible. This study will help very much to study effect of osteoarthritis on one's life.Awaiting positive reply from you all.

thank you,

Rahimah Fakhruddin
rahimah last decade
Dear Readers of this thread!
Pl let me know if anyone has cured mild Osteoarthritis with homeopathic medicines. HOw many cases of which age group and with what potencies.

mzr1944 last decade
Dear Rahimah,if the questionnaire can be of any use, I dont mind provided it does not take too much of my time. Moreover, my mother does not live with me these days so I am going to give the details from her side. But what actually goes inside her body or mind, I wouldnt possibly know. I only know the physical manifestations of any trauma or the behavior which she exhibits.If my response can be of use to you, I would be happy to be able to help you.
mohini last decade
Dear Mohini,
it wont take much of your time. your response will be useful. please email me at rahimahfakhruddin{at}gmail{dot}com i will send you the questionnaires. please ask other osteoarthritis patients to contact me too.

thank you,

Rahimah Fakhruddin
rahimah last decade
Dear Sajjad,
The Symptoms r as follows:

1 - Pain in Right Knee
2 - Pain: Sometimes burning pain in specific location of Knee: Dr says the joint bones r inflammed.
3 - Pain increased after walking & standing; pain increased due to exposure to cold weather,cold air.
4 - Pain in the right elbow bone upper part of joint.
5 - Pain subsidized after rest.
6 - Mentally most of the time I do not feel to work.
7 - I desire rest and aversion for Physical & Mental activities due a feeling of mental & physical weakness.
8 - I desire food which will keep me medically fit;moderate weather(not very cold not very hot); heat not liked;cold not liked;
wetness not liked;cloudiness liked;dry weather not liked; compnay of my age and like minded.
9 - The urine bladder shrunkened so urge for urination even after taking single glass of water;small stones in gallbladder;
stool very soft which sticks to the orifice;perspiration normal i.e. in hot climate or due to heated places.

Can U please suggest any remedy for my osteoarthiritis?
mzr1944 last decade
hai mr. joe
i am suffering from joint pain since long and now days the pain is shifting from one joint other. within the past 4 months i took a lot of homeo remedies (bry30, bry200,phosphorus3o, licopodium200, arsenic album-1m and yesterday sulphur-1m. but i didnt get any relief from these medications yet. so i am seeking your advice. pls help.
please comment is there is any particular test to conform about ostreo arthritis?. is my pain is related to that? the pain aggravates in the evening and i am forced to take diclofenac tablets 2-3 times daily. i have offensive discharge from my right ear too. i have posted this subject in this forum. but i never got a reply in a timely manner. also i am afraid that consuming a lot of homeo medicines made me complicated. so i am requesting you to read this and help please.
kamalroc last decade
Hi Happy Missy,

How is your osteoarthritis? Pl let us know the remedies that have helped as I too am suffering from this problem in the left knee. Thanks and regards

mareech last decade
Dear Joe
Kindly accept greetings and best wishes. The information furnished by you in various forums is very informative and useful. Grateful advise if 'Rhus Tox 1M' and 'Hypericum 200c' (both in liquid form) can be used for Osteroarthritis and if so how are these medications to be used. Thanks.
anands last decade
hi joe

hope u can help as i have no joy with the pain even with morphine patches that the doc gave me. i have thigh pain and also got osteo arthritis due to many fractures that occured in my rt thigh since i was a child last one in 2004.. i cant tolerate cold air, rain due to low pressure. i took rhustox 200 no joy and then someone said aconite didnt help me. pls can u help as i cant do any weight bearing onn the right side. no sign of fracture doc said just hav to deal with the pain.
darshika last decade
Hi Joe,

My problem start 3 year back. In starting I had burning urine and small lump on my right epididymis (lump is still present ) . After 10 days of starting I started feeling severe backpain (middle back). My body weight was lossing and I lossed 10KG in 6 months.

I did all test but didnot find any thing major. But i remember that i had some pus cell in urine , but doctors told me its common. One thing common in all blood test till now is increased MCH and MCV and IGG.

By seeing IGG positive one doctor give me TB medicines and vitamins medicines. I took TB course 1 year but the blood result was same (positive IGG) , but it stop lossing my weight. In this one year i eat many aayurvedic medicines also.

Now a days my problem are
1) Body Mussles Pain (Mainly upper back and solders and upper thies , hip )
2) Left stomach and abdomain pain mostly , but some time on right stomach also
3) Left chest pain(some times only)
5) Some times pain inside left ears and throat in left side also.(I can feel pulse in the area of pain)
6) Some time i have pain in hands and foot , like they have been crushed
7) I can see red rases on my skin some times .
8) Burning pain and itching in anus after stool (Some times only , mostly that day when i drink tea)
9) I feel better in hot weater.
10) Stomach bloating
11) Some time I feel bloating in left chest also.
12) Always yellow Urine

When I work on laptop in lying position and change my position, it feel pain in upper back and solders .

I took lots of medicines in starting one year , but from last 2 year i am not taking any allopathic medicines. I am sure I have cronic inflamatory diseses.

After lots of study I planned to first solve my stomach problem . For this i took aayurvedic medicines Kradavya ras(aayurvedic doctor give me this ) tablets after meel. From this tablet my appitite becomes good , with this I took Nux-Vomica 30 (5 drops)in night and lycopodium 30( 5 drops) in morning.

After taking these madicines I feel good and satisfy from my stomach problem , but body pain was still there.

For pain i start BC-19 daily (4 tablets- 4 times in a day )and Rhustox-200 on every saturday. I feel good also with this. Today is 3rd time I took rhus-200 . Today I am feeling that rhustox has increased my pain problem. and my stomach is also bloating some times from last 2-3 days

I find one remeady in your answer argentum metallicum . I read about it and it match with my symptoms , like pain in left overy , right testis .

Plzz suggest me , should i take this remeady.
pundir 7 years ago

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