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Dear Doctor,

I will update you further.

So far I have to say that silicea symptoms are not going at all. The relief I got earlier was wrong feedback. I still cannot fix attention at all and same solar plexus,occiput , and vertex of heard symptoms are still there.

ganapathi1 10 months ago

Dear Doctor,

Almost a month gone.

I did not see a change in picture which was major in me like cannot fix attention at all and same solar plexus,occiput , and vertex of head symptoms. All of these are silicea symptoms.

I took arg nit 200c 1 dry dose and the sensations in the back solar plexus, center of head and mid back(occiput) region took new places. From solar plexus it moved to front side of left pocket region, to frontal lobe(forehead), to complete back side of head.

Mentally I feel I got excellent self control. emotionally I feel better.

I do have few problems left : I cannot fix attention at all. damn its so tough. I have delusions of criticism still.

any help doctor from this point?
ganapathi1 9 months ago

When i tried to help you spurned it. There was a picture forming of next remedy while you were taking Thuja doses. I adviced you to take Thuja in water so that the next remedy's impression would have firmed up while thuja would have worked all it can.

Now you have confused the picture with a new remedy Arg. Nit. It may have been a wrong choice. Atleast earlier choice thuja was a good one. Medicines should not be taken without a sound rationale otherwise you know the consequences because you have gone through a lot in the last few years.

Again another review time. Put in all symptoms that remain and are taking your time,energy and require action(do not write like these are silicea symptoms or arg. nit symptoms instead say these symptoms came on after taking so and so remedy along with the time gap from the time of the last dosage and when the symptoms appeared and other independent symptoms).

I hope you will not waste my advice again.
maheeru 9 months ago

I cannot live in this body doctor. I was getting tired. 7 years patience. so I flip to new medicine.

Thuja was doing excellent job in the background.But my major problem is loosing self control. I have this movement in the solar plexus which I can feel it in center of brain and back.

I reiterate doctor " problem is loosing self control. I have this movement in the solar plexus(heart region) which I can feel it in center of brain and back. " to elaborate : I have this panic attacks. I get out of control. fear of out of control.

Thuja did not address this. It did not allow me to let go of my insulted experience. I waited from Oct-Dec 2017. so I jumped out. Prior to this I took Merc as you said. no change.

Then I took Arg Nit 200c. which addressed this problem to 75% .

The sensations in head moved to periphery ie frontal lobe and back of head and now they are slowly disappearing. Now my solar plexus region movement is in total control. I mean its soft movement.I am getting confidence inside to drive the bike. It required a degree of control.

But still the trace of that sensation is there. I dont think i reached to the end of the problem.

My current symptoms remaining:

1. whenever I concentrate I feel the sensation in solar plexus and in center of brain increase. like some rush of blood. I feel empty.simply put, while mental effort I feel those solar plexus sensations.
2.you switch on wifi and I will get out of
 control/angry,confusion too much.
3. this same out of control is seen while I am in motion. after walking sufficient distance.
4.I talk too much in myself. I think its a kind of delusion world i live in. I cannot control the talk. even in sleep i find talking inside. such talk aggravates those same sensation in solar plexus and mid brain.
4. I still cannot do penetrative sex.
5. My childhood problem of constipation returned.

I listen to my body deeply. I know I am not giving enough time for the picture to emerge.I have improved a lot thought in that aspect. I used to take 1 medicine every week and move to the next.If I would not have hurried, I would have been close to heart attack. I was ready to get to hospitals. Just one dose of thuja and so much improvement. I thanked God and then you for being with till for such a long time.

I used to describe my symptoms to doctors without referring to remedy like silicea etc. 90% of the doctors whom I met denied that baryta and silicea will not have sideeffects after 6years. so I wanted to ensure that again and again that my symptoms are proving effects only. I will report straight from now.

Sidenote: this electromagnetic radiation problem was with me even before i took baryta,silicea . I am studying terbium nitricum,terbium oxydatum and cinnabaris. I am damn sure they have something to offer especially lanthanides becuase of my independent nature.

thanks doctor for reading my long messages. You have been so kind. I tested your patience. finally we have the fruit. I am healing finally. In next 2-3 months, I will join common men.

thanks once again.

[Edited by ganapathi1 on 2018-02-08 06:31:45]
ganapathi1 9 months ago

By solar plexus do you mean pit of the stomach below the chest or you refer to the actual chest region?

Still the criticisms rankle? And has this resulted in delusion of being criticised always?

I'd advise you to stop reading on homeopathy medicines for a while. Take a break and concentrate on other interesting things. For your own sake you need to keep some discipline on taking medicines.
maheeru 9 months ago

Ya Doctor solar plexus is the point in center of stomach more towards back.

From that point to above region mainly heart and head is the region of sensation.a strong beat comes from that point.

The criticism is 75% reduced. I don't loose the control now.

In addition to left outs written last time I still have:
1 flautulence
2 being silly, childish
3 when somebody stands in front of me they get burps.

Guide me further Doctor. Just one last medicine and i will be done for life time.

Thanks for your guidance
ganapathi1 9 months ago


When symptoms arise after using remedies if they stay put for a long time they no longer are just proving symptoms, they become part of your system.

Do not know if one remedy will suffice but as long as you report right, would recommend remedy to the best of my ability.


Now take a medicine called Staphysagria 200c. First one dose dry. After that 10 days later, dissolve one pill/drop in 120ml of water. Shake the bottle a couple of times just before the dose and take one drop as a dose. Take two more doses from this bottle.

Keep me posted as you see changes.
maheeru 9 months ago

Dear Doctor

Staphy was out of stock. I will take and keep you posted.

Thanks Doctor for being with me.

Excessive self talks, being silly and pain during coition are only left.
Hope staphy covers these.
ganapathi1 9 months ago

Two days gone I took it.

Those two points in brain: vertex of head , back of head are slowly taking those same sensations . too much anxiety. a type of fear generates which makes me feel like I am not in control of my body. panic attack.

I did try staphy already but it did not solve my problem some 8 months ago.

I have to be honest here I just dont want to stay in this body. it makes me feel those same sensations of waves from solar plexus to brain. If symptoms are returning so fast, what did arg nit 200c do to my body? I thought it solved the problem almost.

awaiting your guidance.
[Edited by ganapathi1 on 2018-02-16 10:26:48]
ganapathi1 8 months ago

Only after suggesting 200c i came across your another post where you already been suggested this medicine in this potency.

So try to procure 1M of this medicine. What to do with this will tell you later.

This could also be aggravation in that case we will know with betterment so we wait.
maheeru 8 months ago

Okay doctor.

I already have 1M. I have to say I feel good but unless time passes I cannot say anything.

ganapathi1 8 months ago

Ok. Have you used 1M of this remedy in the recent past?
maheeru 8 months ago

No Doctor never 1M

But I feel very good now Doctor. Really good. Spirituality strong.
Those sensations in head and solar plexus are going.. should I take 1M?
ganapathi1 8 months ago

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