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Psoriasis From three Years

One chronic case
2. Age :35
3. Sex :Male
4. Married
5. weight 69 KG
6. Height ….5.5”
7. country India
8. climate
9. List of your complain first 1. 2.. 3 ……
10. Diabetic or non Diabetic :non Diabetic
11. Desire sweets/sour/salt :Sweets
12. Thirst : drink water after every 1& ½
13. Tongue : white mapped
14. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine) 82/ 125
15. What exactly is happening ?

First it starts from head a small eruption, scratched and watery discharge starts and forming crystals on hair end. He got medicine and some doctor give him steroids and after that the position worsen.

From two years he is on homoeopathic treatment
He is taking phytolacca 30c bd
Now from February 3 2006 first swelling on face and after some days scaling on face, slowly comes down to neck, now on neck cuts with bloody discharge and it is very difficult to move neck. White scales on lower body parts, cuts and watery/bloody discharge from cuts, also from ears, cuts in fingers in-between.

Any suggestion from masters ??
  yogita2003 on 2006-03-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you are advise to take Psorinum 200 daily one dose morning empty stomach and Hydrocotyle A Q 10 drops thricein a day and Nat Mur 3x 4tab thriee times in ad ay use for 3-4 month but send me the monthly report of improvement.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Sincere thanks for you advice, what dietary suggestions would you like to give for him. psorinum 200 aggravate?
As from some spice food he got aggravation. Actually he is very impetuous and always in a hurry.

yogita2003 last decade
Psorasis is not a curable Skin Disorder, " IF & IF " the following is not taken care off, irrespective of any and all medicines you take, whether Homeo, Allopathy, Ayurvedic ...
Cause of Psorasis :
1. Malfunction of the Acidic environment in the Gastro Intestional Tract (G.I.Tract).
2. Lack of Sun Light on the Skin.
3. Continuing of those foods which are allergen to our blood.
4. Psorasis, IS NOT A PSYCO-SOMATIC disorder, as conveniently thought of by the Allopathic community and also by other medico's of different medicine systems.

a) Taking Steriods for psorasis is OKAY, though not suggested for long term. It is probably the only thing that provides psychological relief.
b) Food allergy test and food intolerance test are two different things. Food intolerance are usually done on in-house patient basis and takes long time and long observations to have SOME results.
- Food allergy test should be sufficient, to determine those allergen foods, that would have direct relation to skin disorders.
- Allergy test is a precise and specific test, AND SHOULD BE done only by a qualified - Allergologist and NOT by a dermatologist or a asthmatologist or a kinisologist..
- Do allergy test on individual foods, as mentioned above (pre-prepare your own food list) and allergy test should NOT BE DONE on FOOD GROUPS. It will give false readings.
- Individual Food list means : Each and every spices, each & every dry fruits, each & every vegetables, each & every fruits, each & every grains, other vegetable groups, each and every animal protien - egg, milk, meat, fish, chicken ....
c) Early morning SUN LIGHT exposure, for nearly an hour, on the dis-ordered Skin, will help in clearing off the psorasis, when done alongwith above parameters.

You said "cuts and watery/bloody discharge from cuts, also from ears, cuts in fingers in-between". For this complaint specific take "PETROLEUM-6c", one drop liquid, (no pills) direct on tongue, morning and night, till symptoms persist. Then discontinue. Will NOT aggravate. Petroleum-6c, will tentatively take care of this particular complaint. No other homeo potency medicines to be taken when on above. An spicy & hot chillie type foods will further aggravate the cuts and watery/bloody discharge. Make a choice on the type of foods you prefer to eat.

i. IS YOUR PATIENT " mostly (or always) worried about its financial status / position ". Answer this one specifically.
ii. If possible give more elaborate details of the patients food (specific details) and his thinking pattern with examples (mental stress, tension, trauma, thoughts ....)
iii. entire details of his life style, activities, exercises, relations with friends, relatives ....

Discontinue the allergen food and manage the acidity environment in your G.I.Tract and the entire range of Skin disorders just simply disappear. Start again and the skin disorders come back. Homeopathy or no Homeopathy or any other whatever pathy.

READ : (please re-read it slowly and completely, to understand it specifically)
"ECZEMA - Causes & Treatment " ... From Nesha-India on 2006-02-13
For understanding purpose, please substitue "Eczema" with the word "PSORASIS". In fact both skin disorders are caused by the same reason as described above and the treatment is also the same. Try the Sweet Lime Juice fasting mentioned in the above article and watch the psorasis just simply disappear, for the time being..

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731/
Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/52848/
Nesha-India last decade
Oil and fats food to be avoided . Homoeopathy is getting a good result. This disease is psycosomatic disease cureable rate is not 100% but if the mental symptom support us few cases are found cure in homoeopathy
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
definition of psychosomatic ---relating to or concerned with the influence of the mind on the body, especially with respect to disease.

Just because the mind may not have caused the disorder does not mean the disorder is not psychosomatic.

The mind always influences the body in some way, shape, or form.
WNCGirl last decade
Dr. Nesha,

Constipated from childhood, due to some strong medicine give for Loose Motion/ Dysentery and have bryonia type stools ( first hard large)

His mother is also suffering from psoriasis.

Patient’s psychoanalysis revels that he is dominated by his wife, and feel helpless. No financial worries.

Shy and feels lack on confidence.

History of tonsils in childhood, treated with antibiotics etc.

Don’t like spicy food from childhood especially chilly.

Very religious in nature and hunting for “what is life”. The flare-up from 3rd February is due to he have attended a religious function for three days and food he have taken only daliya (wheat crushed food).

Life style: little exercise in morning and office 9 to 5. From talk it seems he sharks his responsibilities and have imaginary world of his own.

No friends and relations with relatives also not very cordial. His deep seated feeling is that everybody is selfish.

Dreams: see train is going and very upset by this dream. Some times wakes while dreaming.

Acidity, even empty stomach is also reported by him.
yogita2003 last decade
"deoshlok" : You stated the following :
"This disease is psycosomatic disease cureable rate is not 100% but if the mental symptom support us few cases are found cure in homoeopathy"

Question :
a) PLEASE DO explain why Psorasis is a "Psycosomatic Disease"
b) Why not cureable 100% .&. Why only few cases cured in Homeopathy.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
" WNCGirl" : You stated the following :
" Just because the mind may not have caused the disorder does not mean the disorder is not psychosomatic. "

The above statement IS very confusing to my small brain. I request for an further elaborate explaination, specially when in conjunction to skin disorders like Psorasis.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
"yogita2003" :
1. Patient is suffering from "unsatisfaction of life" or "unhappy with life" factor.
2. Patient is suspicious of everything. An Introvert. Living emotionally suppressed life with totally sedentary life style habits.

3. If wheat has created an aggravation, then DOING THE FOOD ALLERGY TEST is REALLY VERY VERY IMPORTANT, to handle psorasis. Let me know the results for appropriate medical and remedial suggestions. Till then take Petroleum-6c, as last suggested. Let me know the progress on this one.

4. Food allergens directly affect the mind (emotions) and not vice-versa. Lack of confidence, no friends, suspicious nature, very religious natured, suppressed life ...... , are emotions linked to the foods we consume.

5. Psorasis or any skin disorder IS NOT HEREDITARY OR GENETIC OR INFECTIOUS, in whatsoever condition or circumstances.
6. The hereditary food habits and hereditary environment may possibly bring about the same diseases in the family, giving wrong conclusions of hereditary diseases.

7. Patient requires a one-to-one (probably face-to-face) talk / counseling session (several) with a psycho-hypno-therapist (and not psycho-analyst or a psychiatrist). This will change his life perception, sedentary lifestyle habits, change his food pattern and mentally create a social structure.

8. Bach flower remedies (like Larch, Mimulus, Walnut, Cherry Plum, CrabApple ...) WILL help the patient, but this has to be coupled with counseling sessions with the psycho-hypno-therapist.

LET ME REPEAT (or reproduce from the last post) :
a) Discontinue the allergen food and manage the acidity environment in your G.I.Tract and the entire range of Skin disorders just simply disappear. Start again and the skin disorders come back. Homeopathy or no Homeopathy or any other whatever pathy.
b) Psorasis, IS NOT A PSYCO-SOMATIC disorder, as conveniently thought of by the Allopathic community and also by other medico's of different medicine systems.

To the biased mind, Psorasis is caused by unknown reasons and HENCE can be easily termed as a Psyco-somatic disease, and this is what most medico's & non-medico's have ignorantly and convienently caused themselves to hallucinate in. Any disease, which is not understood is conveniently pushed to be termed as Psyco-somatic disease.

LET ME REPEAT THE FOLLOWING ONCE AGAIN : (specially for propagators of Psycho-somatic ..... )

IF POSSIBLE - ONLY & ONLY : Drinking SWEET LIME Juice (freshly extracted and unprocessed and uncanned) (or say Sweet Lime juice fasting). Repeated throughout the 7 day whenever hungry. To eat NO food whatsoever type for 7 days. No Sugar or Salt or spices.
WILL 100% CLEAR-OFF PSORASIS / ECZEMA in less than 7 days.
Sweet Lime juice is THE NATURAL ANTACID.
Above is not a cure, but to demonstrate that Skin disorders like Psorasis & Eczema is a disease of the Over Acidic G.I.Tract.
SWEET LIME = MOSAMBI (Indian name)

You may contact me on my contact details available in my profile, for further one-to-one tete-a-tete.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Nesha-India, your brain is definitely not small. Your understanding is vast.

The term/word psychosomatic can have more than one meaning.

One meaning, generally described by allopathic and others is that the mind causes the "dis-ease".

Psychosomatic can also mean that the mind can influence the symptoms of the "dis-ease", or involves both the mind and body.

Psychosomatic can mean that associations are established between emotional states and illnesses.

Example: Feeling nervous or upset in your mind can lead to/aggravate physical upset of the stomach; Being lovesick can lead to/aggravate physical sickness; being loved can ease physical symptoms; thinking/feeling fat can lead to/aggravate anorexia, bulemia and death; persistant highly stressful situations can lead/aggravate hypertension; depression can lead to/aggravate tension-headaches

In saying this, I do not know what causes psoriasis. Being psychosomatic doesn't mean it is the cause. Just as other things can trigger or aggravate skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, etc...the mind can also. This is why it is psychosomatic, not because it is the cause.

(Just as you bring out in your suppress this for that post)

NESHA-INDIA, brings out the most prominent "Suppressants", that people indulge in and the diseases that follow due to such Suppression's.

Suppressing BELCHING produces :
- Stiffness of Chest & Heart, Anorexia, Shivering, Hiccough, Cough.

Suppressing BREATHING produces :
- Heart & Stomach diseases, Giddiness, Nausea.

Suppressing BOWEL MOTION (STOOLS) produces :
- Headache, Stoppage of Gas, Pain in Stomach, Legs & Calf muscles.

Suppressing GAS produces :
- Stoppage of Urine & Stools, Muscular pain, Stomach pain, Depression.

Suppressing HUNGER produces :
- Weakness, Acidity, Stomach & Muscular pain, Anorexia, Illusion, Skin disorders.

Suppressing SLEEP produces :
- Headache, Heaviness of Eyes, Yawning, Muscular pain, Loss of Concentration, Delusions, Under Eye Dark Circles.

Suppressing SNEEZE produces :
- Headache, Migraine, Eye weakness, Stiffness of Neck & Larynx.

Suppressing SEMEN produces :
- Pain in Genitals, Muscular pain, Problem in passing Urine.

Suppressing THIRST produces :
- Deafness, Fatigue, Asthma, Heart Pain, Dryness of Throat Mouth, Hurdles & Burning in Urine.

Suppressing TEARS produces :
- Eye Diseases, Illusions, Heart problems, Cold, Anorexia.

Suppressing URINE produces :
- Bladder pain, Penis pain, Stiffness of Thigh, Headaches, Head diseases.

Suppressing VOMITING produces :
- Itching sensation, Anorexia, Leucoderma, Swelling, Anemia, Fever, Bad Mouth Taste.

Suppressing YAWNING produces :
- Fits, Paralysis, Shivering, Weakness, Contractions of Body Glands.

Suppressing BREAST FEEDING produces :
- Whithered Breasts, Emotional distrubances, Tumours.

............. More to follow ...............

CONSIDER THIS : " The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration "


Suppressing the MIND produces skin disorders, depression; virtually a complete mulit-faceted range of mental and physical problems.

People can be healthy physically without food allergens and at the same time lack of love will stop/hinder/aggravate growth. Just look at orphanages where lack of parental care/individual attention stifles physical growth. This has little to do with proper nutrition. Humans need human affection for good health. Isn't this why you say remain healthy and happy?
What is health without happiness?

WNCGirl last decade

1. Where in north India THE FOOD ALLERGY TEST is available, what are the medical details for the test?

2. Is food allergy by birth or may occur at any time in life.

3. I have seen his blood test reports two year back, his blood urea is in higher range and TRIGLYCERIDES level also very high, bur cholesterol level is ok.

4. On TRIGLYCERIDES level and tonsil’s in childhood the indicated remedy Phytolacca was given to him, he loose about 10 Kg weight and psoriasis eruptions were recovered almost 90%.

5. When the patient comes for treatment he is also suffering from Joint Problem “swelling of knee, finger joint of hand and feet” may be due to suppression by allopathic medicines. Sil, cured the problem in three months.

6. As the patient is vegetarian please suggest the food to avoid over Acidic G.I.Tract.

7. By recent aggravation, I am thinking of phytolacca, may be a homeopathic suppression. As phytolacca also give him sleepless first half night, may be a new proving of the medicine.
yogita2003 last decade
Dr. Nisha,

I want to thank you for your kind advice, which cured a psoriasis patient, I think you remember, your G.I tract diagnosis is astonishing

Once again accept my gratitude from heart.

yogita2003 last decade
'yogita2003' :

Thanks for the acknowledgement.

To keep yourself in good humour, please read this :

http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/55158/ (Laughter is the best Medicne)

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha,

Please answer me whether Lichen Planus b cured with the same Moosambi therapy? I'm desperately waiting for your reply.

Sex : Male
Diab/BP/Sugar = Normal
I like spicy food, sweets often.
Non Smoker, drink beer once or twice in a month.
unmarried, eating in hotels everyday since last 10yrs (staying far from family due to work)
symptoms: hairfalling since a month, mild itch over scalp
since last 2months patches on legs (just above the ankle)with strong itchy feeling to scratch and mild itchy feeling near the stomach and abdomen;but no rash. fingernail in toe of the right foot is cracked since last 4-5 months.

earlier thought its ringworm due to its nature 2 months ago and doctor gave me canesten and cetirizine. stopped using canesten since last 2days after learning that its not safe to use for long term. and now continued taking cetirizine just to stop it from itching.

Please advice I'm getting married in 2 months

srissy1980 last decade

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