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Nesha_India, is there any medicine for low Thyroid

One time my thyroid came low and it was ok in tests after that, the symptoms I have is that I dont loose weight even if I dont anything for months and i get cold and cough easily and get tired easily too.

Is there any homeopathic/Biochemic medicine I can take to improve on my thyroid so that I loose weight easily and get less tired? and if possible get less frequest cold/cough as well?

Thank you for your help.
  karishma on 2006-03-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
"karishma" :

Following remedies are appropriate for Thyroid malfunction :
Fucus vesiculosus, Iodine, Thyroidinum.

However, I suggest you to take Thyroidinum-200c, liquid, 1-2 drops direct on a clean tongue, the last thing in the night, just before sleeping. This is ONLY one dose, per night. Daily for atleast 60 days. Avoid any other homeo potency medicines, though you can easily take ANY Bio-chemic tissue salts with the above.

Do Thyroid test every month and check. This usually takes care of all types of Thyroid malfunction. Is very safe. Will energise you.

FOR reducing weight. Try this Safest thing :
1. 300 ml water + atleast 10 ml Lemon juice + one teaspoonful Soda Bi-Carb (eating soda), dissolved in water.
a) once in the early morning, on absolutely empty stomach
b) once again, just 10 minutes before dinner time.
c) for many weeks or months.
d) You may be able to eat, LITERALLY, all foods, without sacrificing your desires, if you do the above religiously for many months. Do not reduce quantity of lemon & soda bi-carb. Do not add Honey.

For Obesity, the following remedies are also appropriate, Though Nesha-India, does not suggest them, since the above is the safest and most simplest.

For Obesity = Fucus vesiculosus, Phytolacca berry.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
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Nesha-India last decade
oh thank you so much. I would do both the things at let you know.
Please tell me if warm water would be ok with lemon and sodium bicarb?
karishma last decade
"karishma" :
No Warm / Hot water with Lemon. The biological & chemical reaction of warm / hot water with Lemon is very much different and is not at all beneficial in your case. So do not experiment.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
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Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha,

You remember me or not?.Tell me one thing can we reduce wt overnight.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Dear Sajjad'bhai,
Yes, I remember you very clearly, since at your sincere insistance, I diiscontinued posting on
the link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34364 (post : Fraud by joe)

ANYWAY : We can reduce weight OVERNIGHT, in the following ways. (Though I do not suggest any of the same). This info is only for acadamic interest.

1. By Cosmetic surgery (Liposuction) : Can reduce literally upto 10% of body weight, Overnight.
2. By creating "diarrhoea" = excesive purging. using strong coffee, having choclate on empty stomach + water, .OR. by other persistent purging methods (done clinically only)
3. By a 30 minute Steam / Sauna bath. This can take off upto 2% of body weight.
4. By fiddling with your Thyroid hormone system.
5. Pregnant mothers reduce upto 5 kg weight, when they off-load (deliver) their Child.
6. By other methods, somewhat dangerous, which is not discussable here, since the innocent forum members / readers will be tempted to experiment these methods.

All weight reduction techniques, have a health (life) risks like Heart malfunctioning, Blood pressure malfunctioning, Kidnery failures, extreme mental and physical fatigue, shocks and trauma's, Skin degeneration and wrinkling.

Deliberate Weight reduction regime (non-clinical) should be consistently carried out upto the extent of reducing maximum upto 300 grams to 500 grams PER MONTH. And not more. For Safety health reasons, for maintaining Skin elasticity metabolism and without distrubing the functions of the G.I.Tract (liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas ...). Excessive & sudden weight reduction will effect our immunity, our thinking pattern & behaviour and will make the body more susceptable to many number of diseases.

The weight reduction technique, which Nesha-India suggested to "karishma", as above, is the most safest, the slowest, and the most effective. Though it has to be done continously for long periods.

Incidentally, in Mumbai-India, "bhai" means "goon" or "goonda" (slang for an underworld crook / don). Hope, you do not mind me calling you as "bhai" (brother).

quote : " A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart. "
Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

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Nesha-India last decade
Thank you very much for your kind and interesting and informative reply.Thank you for calling me "bhai" (brother).The other meanings are little bit----you know.

In a few days i will be fully active here and shall discuss lot of homeopathy.

God may bless you with health and wealth.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Nesh_India, I was reading about hypo and hyper thyroid and noted 'Symptoms of hyperthyroidism may also result from overtreatment of hypothyroidism with TH.'. Though I totally believe in you, still just wanted to make sure that 2 months use of Thyroidinum-200c would not lead me to hypothyroidism.
Please confirm.
karishma last decade
I am so sorry to bother you Nesha_India, but when I tried ordering this medicine at abchomeopathy.com it was not avaialable as I get it from India in 11ml made in Germany bottle.
Please let me know if I am ordering the right medicine.

1 x 2 Oz. Liquid Dilutions Thyroidinum 200C $23.10
1 items

karishma last decade
"karishma" :
Thyroidinum, will never lead to hypo-thyroidism or hyper-thyroidism. The medicine will set right the Thyroid gland functioning to its optimum requirement for the body. The medicine does not work on Allopathy principles of providing / supplying the Thyroid hormone itself to the body via tablets / capsules. Thyroidinum, is highly safe for you, when compared to the Allopathic dose.

Regading availability of Thyroidinum-200c, it is available in Mumbai-India and rest of India very easily and cheaply. A original German bottle of 11 ml will cost about 75.00 rupees (less than US$ 2.00) and the Indian bottle will cost about 30.00 rupees (less than US$ 1.00). Try to get the German bottle from India, thru somebody.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you so much for your reply and I have my last two questions(I really hope so, at least on this thread:-))
1. As you said one globule is equal to 100 globules in homeopathy, is it true for biochemic medicines as well, I am taking 4 tablets of BC24(general health tonic) would it be same if I take only one tablet or more is better in biochemic?

2. For lemon water, I understand that water has to be on normal temperature but for lemon can I use already squeezed lemon juice which comes in bottles?

Thanks for you Remain Healthy and Happy wishes as well.
karishma last decade

What about if the potency is 1M on Thyroidinum, what should be the dose, and how long before the thyroid gland is cured completely.

Any precautions (food/medicine/etc)


sazim last decade
"karishma" :
Homeo medicines are POTENCISED medicines. In a way they are Vulgar & Aggressive as far as its action is concerned. It does not have regard for the intermediate adverse effects it reacts in. It is like a big man giving a whamming slap with a stinging & shocking definitive effect.

BIO-Chemic tissue salts are TRITURATED medicines, prepared in a way beyond the way Potency medicines are prepared. In a way they are Soft & Inducing, as far as its action is concerned. Being a tissue constitutent of the human body itself, it is complimentary to the body metabolism. It is easily acceptable and recognisable and hence does not react with any adverse effect, whatsoever. It is like a 2 year old child giving you a patting slap with a caressing and soothing definitive effect.

Homeo Potency will work even if you just deeply smell or inhale the alcoholic vapours of the liquid medicine bottle and hence does not require any material or quantity doses. NOW this effect is not possilble with Bio-Chemics tissue triturated salts and hence it requires some fixed material or sufficient quantity as base dose, to be absorbed by the tongue receptors for action activation purposes.

LEMON : Bottled Lemon juice / water is Naturopathically Junk food or say Dead food with no therapeutic advantage. It is prepared using stabilisers & preservatives & handlers which is necessary to avoid spoilage of the organic lemon juice. You have to use ONLY FRESH SQUEEZED lemon juice for your weight reduction therapy, as described earlier.

You are welcome, to ask any number of questions, that's not a problem for me, time permitting.
Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
"sazim" :
1. Normally Homeo Thyroidinum is acceptable by literally all Homeo medicines and can be safely used in conjunction with most of the Homeo medicines.
2. Of course malfunction of ANY Gland is caused by an over-acidic G.I.Tract atmosphere, Loss / Lack of sunlight excercises and those foods that cause over-working of certain Hormonal glands.
3. Food identification (Aversions and Cravings) is a personal choice to be controlled and must be controlled. The first one being the body weight, it being the most important, which should be in-comparsion and in-harmony with the body height.
4. Potency prescribing, is best determined when the patient is counseled on one-to-one basis. Prescribing via Internet, as in the case of "karishma", Thyroidinum is prescribed in 200c, for a long period, on a daily dosage, taking into consideration that she is "JUST" hypo-thyroid, over-weight, her young age, her food habits (on what I perceive her foods could be) and is most probably breast feeding her child.
5. Thyroidinum-1M potency (as per your question) can also be taken for Thyroid malfunction problems and is also safe. Taking Thyroidnum is not going to raise or lower the Thyroid levels in the Blood, but it will set right the Thyroid gland which is malfunctioning. The TIME required for this is tentatively between 30 days to "n" number of days, and will depend on patients metabolism rate and other habits, most prominent among them are described in point no. 2, above.
6. Thyroid gland controls many major functions of the Human anatomy. It definetly causes faulty metabolism of different gland functions, causes swelling, retention of water, loss of physical & mental energy levels, increasing levels of uric acid, gradual decline of G.I.Tract functions causing Obesity, Gas, and so on ...
7. INCIDENTALLY, only one liquid dose of Thyroidinum of 1M potency, should be taken every alternate month, to keep the body metabolism to the optimum, irrespective of the fact whether or not the patient has Thyroid gland malfunction. This is suggested to normal people above 45 years with sedentary life-style habits living in industralised cities.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Nesha_India, Thanks so much for your reply, as you mentioned naturopathy I wonder a person, full of knowlege like you know much more from which we all can be benefited. Do you have other guidelines to stay healthy and protect ourselves from allergies, frequent sickness and also are there things in indian food which we can eat more or less to stay healthy? Do you belive eating almond and olive oil like things are good for kids?
Do you think I can give cod lever oil capsules to my husband(38 yrs) and kid (10 yr old and 2 yrs old) as they are succeptable to allergies and as I have heard that cod liver oil helps getting good height as well? Anything else you think does wonder in life other than laughter?
karishma last decade
I asked my parents to mail the made in Germany liquid medicine from India but shopkeeper there told them that they have only 'Thyreoidinam 200c (different spelling than what you told me). Please confirm if it is the right medine. I will wait to hear from you before I start it every night.
karishma last decade
I had puberty goitre (hyperthyroid) when I was around 18 and had the usual symptoms of losing weight, tremors, bulging eyes. However, with treatment I recovered and led a healthy life till I was 35 when suddenly I put on weight, hair loss, depression and was diagnosed hypothyroid. I am now 47. According to doctors it was an auto immune case in which case my thyroid completely stopped functioning and am now on maintainence dose of eltroxin. Do you think my thyroid can start refunctioning if I take thyroidinum 200 even though it is dead?
mohini last decade
"karishma" : The medicine name is the same. Please continue as described earlier.

"mohini" : I suggest you to start the Thyroidinum-200c, every day. For atleast 3 months and then take a thyroid test to verify the functioning of the thyroid gland.

In Homeopathy, literally anything is possible. I have used Homeo medicines to help those cases of infertility in which there was no hope inspite of trying different medicines of different fields. Homeo medicines were used to help conceive and bear a perfect healthy child in a woman who was 45 years of age.

Hopeless medical cases in other fields of medicines, is perfectly cured using Homeopathy. Many surgery cases are simply not done, just because Homeo medicines could easily take care of such surgery cases.

In the light of the above, Nesha-India strongly suggests that "go ahead and take the above medicines. It is safe with no complications"

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha

Dont you think using Thyroidinum 200 every day be a little too much, I ask this question because of the high potency involved, though I have benefitted temporarily by using Thyroidinum 200 every day for a month as advised by my resident homeopath, after using thyroidinum for a month, he stopped the medicine and all the symptoms came back.....Karishma and Mohini, please ignore my query and carry on with what Nesha has prescribed....you both are in capable hands, I have a hereditary(mother has it too) hypothyroid condition since age 21, and nothing has cured me so far.....currently I am taking Nat Mur 12 X biochemic medicine before going to bed, and a herbal support, it seems that Nat Mur has also stopped working...
Nesha any advise

sazim last decade
"sazim" :
There is nothing such as high potency or low potency as far as Homeo dosage is concerned. Homeo works on appropriate potency (it could be high or low), which is appropriate to the body disorder (disease) symptoms, age, severity, atmosphere, mental pattern, craving & aversions and several other factors.

Homeo Medico's, when they are prejudiced with their own understanding's will try to justify their prescriptions by giving out different versions of their prescriptions, by giving out words like high potency or low potency and this or that. I have already explained something on Homeopathic techniques to your question on in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/50156/1, specially post dated 17 February 2006.
- AND -
Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254/4
specially post dated : 30 January 2006 & 09 December 2005 & other posts.

REGARDING your own case history, I suggest you to re-work out your own case history, as of date, post it in a new link, with maximum particulars, for appropriate suggestions.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you Nesh_India, but can I continue taking eltroxin? I am worried that if I stop and the thyroidinum does not work then I get the typical hypothyroid symptoms which are so bad and would greatly affect my family life. I had put on a lot of weight for which I am very conscious now doing yoga and exercises. I went into depression and would cry for no reason. If I do not take eltroxin for say 3 months then the symptoms would reappear. I am presently in W.Africa and the medical facilities are not very good. For any treatment I make a visit to India, even for my dental work.
I hope I am making myself clear. Please advise.
mohini last decade
Thank you so much, I will start it tonight itself and may be i will give this medicine to my 10 yrs old as well who's blood work came with hypothyroid and doctor said they will do the blood work again after 6 months and if thyroid still comes low they will start medication. I am reposting my earlier post in case if it went unnoticed by you.
Thank you.
karishma last decade
Would Thyroidinum 200 for my 10 yrs old boy enhance his growth harmones as well?
Is there any suppliment/homeopathic medicine I can give him to increase his height? He has tendency to gain weight and looks like he is not going to be tall like his father (5'10").

Oh Just saying thankyou to you is not enough.....still thank you so much ...
karishma last decade
Just updating this post so that it catches your attention when you get time to visit this forum.
karishma last decade
Dr Nesha India,
I need desperate help from you. recently I reached my 42nd birthday. Recently I observed moustache and lot of pimples in my pimples. I think some kind of hormonal change had undergone.
I am using proactive but pimples are not going(only in forhead). Is my thyroid gland malfunfunctioning? I am not obese at all(5'1" & 117lb) and exercise a lot.
Food habit: lot of legume,
chicken & fish.

I have another question: is there homeopthic medicine for
colon paracite cleansing? I want to cleanse my colon ( dont want use antibiotic , I am almost allergic to all antibiotic).

Thanking you in advance
rdutt last decade
"karishma" :
Thanks for updating to catch my attention. Hint well taken. My Apologies for the late feed-back.
For the 10 year old child, please give one dose of Thyroidinum 200c, ONLY on Sunday mornings. (4-5 doses per month only). This will activate your child's hormonal system to appropriate level with includes his height growth hormone, energise him AND MAKE HIM MORE INTELLIGENT. That's an assurance from Nesha-India. Discontinue OR REDUCE all factory-made junk food (whatsoever) like bread, biscuits, pizzas, strictly no colas, choclates, ketcheps and any food with the label which says preservatives or stablisers added. All bread & biscuits ...... are easily made in-house without any preservatives and they are therapeutically safe for consumption. Give for many months, safely and test TSH levels every 6 months.

Besides above, For increasing height (subject to the 10 years of age), make your child do spot rope skipping, SPOT JOGGING using frontal portion of his feet (toes area) for 1 or 2 minutes only, but for 2-4 times in a day, playfully. Long stretch cycle'ing (a little extra height of the seat). Another most beneficial exercise for 10 year old children, is SIT-UPS (Hindi = dand-bai-tak), 20 - 30 such sit-ups, per day, life-long, are sufficient for the spinal column bones to be really flexible with no danger of spine problems in old age. These are normally sufficient to activate his bone structure for optinum growth. All exercise to be done in open sunlight.
Avoid stunting his growth by feeding him junk food, synthetised vitamins and oils (factory processed cod or shark liver oils, or flax seed oils...... ) these are really useless foods to the body and on the contrary create more toxins suppressing mental growth leading to behaviour disorders at older ages. Typical home-made foods, ample of salads, dry fruits & seeds, raw vegetables (carrots, tomatos, beets, spinach ...) and lots of fresh fruits, high pressure steamed non-veg foods are more than sufficient enough for the body's optimum growth.

REGARDING, the Thank you to me, I hope you are doing the purr-purring on your babies stomach every day from my side, as mentioned to you in another post. NOW that alone would be a BIG Thank you to me.

"mohini" :
You should continue taking the Eltroxin, as usual, along with the Thyrodinium, as suggested earlier. Please safely experiment with the weight reducing method (lemon ....) suggested to "karishma" as described in the above posts.

Test your thyroid levels every 3rd month, after you have started Thyrodinium-200c alongwith Eltroxin. When you see any positive response in the tests, then avoid taking "Eltroxin" on every Sundays and thus taper off the Eltroxin, but definetely under advise to Nesha-India or an appropriate endocronologist in your residential area.

You may have to take Homeo Thyrodinium, for many months, before you start seeing positive response, the first one will be more energising effect both mentally and physically. I suggest you to post your complete case history including mental and physical profile, your aversions and cravings, diet structure, thinking pattern .... on a seperate link / topic (with cross link-reference on this topic / link) for appropriate understanding and remedy suggestions.

Please continue posting on this link itself, even if it is after 3 or 6 months, which gives me an email alert of the responses posted by you. Your case is a challenging case to me and I'm determined to accept the challenge to its positive logical conclusion.

"rdutt" :
Yes, there are many ways in Homeopath for Colon cleanese.
As per your post, certain hormonal changes may be taking place in you. The pimples / acne would be because of your high protein diet structure. I will require more details regarding your mental and physical picture, diet structure, .... for any appropriate remedy suggestions. Please do so in a seperate link with cross-reference in this link.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade

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