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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
"karishma" :
Thanks for updating to catch my attention. Hint well taken. My Apologies for the late feed-back.
For the 10 year old child, please give one dose of Thyroidinum 200c, ONLY on Sunday mornings. (4-5 doses per month only). This will activate your child's hormonal system to appropriate level with includes his height growth hormone, energise him AND MAKE HIM MORE INTELLIGENT. That's an assurance from Nesha-India. Discontinue OR REDUCE all factory-made junk food (whatsoever) like bread, biscuits, pizzas, strictly no colas, choclates, ketcheps and any food with the label which says preservatives or stablisers added. All bread & biscuits ...... are easily made in-house without any preservatives and they are therapeutically safe for consumption. Give for many months, safely and test TSH levels every 6 months.

Besides above, For increasing height (subject to the 10 years of age), make your child do spot rope skipping, SPOT JOGGING using frontal portion of his feet (toes area) for 1 or 2 minutes only, but for 2-4 times in a day, playfully. Long stretch cycle'ing (a little extra height of the seat). Another most beneficial exercise for 10 year old children, is SIT-UPS (Hindi = dand-bai-tak), 20 - 30 such sit-ups, per day, life-long, are sufficient for the spinal column bones to be really flexible with no danger of spine problems in old age. These are normally sufficient to activate his bone structure for optinum growth. All exercise to be done in open sunlight.
Avoid stunting his growth by feeding him junk food, synthetised vitamins and oils (factory processed cod or shark liver oils, or flax seed oils...... ) these are really useless foods to the body and on the contrary create more toxins suppressing mental growth leading to behaviour disorders at older ages. Typical home-made foods, ample of salads, dry fruits & seeds, raw vegetables (carrots, tomatos, beets, spinach ...) and lots of fresh fruits, high pressure steamed non-veg foods are more than sufficient enough for the body's optimum growth.

REGARDING, the Thank you to me, I hope you are doing the purr-purring on your babies stomach every day from my side, as mentioned to you in another post. NOW that alone would be a BIG Thank you to me.

"mohini" :
You should continue taking the Eltroxin, as usual, along with the Thyrodinium, as suggested earlier. Please safely experiment with the weight reducing method (lemon ....) suggested to "karishma" as described in the above posts.

Test your thyroid levels every 3rd month, after you have started Thyrodinium-200c alongwith Eltroxin. When you see any positive response in the tests, then avoid taking "Eltroxin" on every Sundays and thus taper off the Eltroxin, but definetely under advise to Nesha-India or an appropriate endocronologist in your residential area.

You may have to take Homeo Thyrodinium, for many months, before you start seeing positive response, the first one will be more energising effect both mentally and physically. I suggest you to post your complete case history including mental and physical profile, your aversions and cravings, diet structure, thinking pattern .... on a seperate link / topic (with cross link-reference on this topic / link) for appropriate understanding and remedy suggestions.

Please continue posting on this link itself, even if it is after 3 or 6 months, which gives me an email alert of the responses posted by you. Your case is a challenging case to me and I'm determined to accept the challenge to its positive logical conclusion.

"rdutt" :
Yes, there are many ways in Homeopath for Colon cleanese.
As per your post, certain hormonal changes may be taking place in you. The pimples / acne would be because of your high protein diet structure. I will require more details regarding your mental and physical picture, diet structure, .... for any appropriate remedy suggestions. Please do so in a seperate link with cross-reference in this link.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
DR Nesha India,
My daily food:
lbreakfast: yogurt/oatmeal
lunch: dal(legume), veg, salad, fish.
dinner: chapati, dal, veg, salad,fruit.
chicken 4 times in week.
not too much.
Now I have indigestion problem with warm milk.
Take indian style tea 3 times in day.
Age : 42 yrs, female
Physical : 5'1", 117 lb. Trying to be fit. DO yoga or pilate/aerobics twice in week.
Country : India but now in USA
(very cold weather in winter in this region)

Physical condition: petit structure. Until January,2006 I never get pimples like this before.I get more cold attack under mental stress.
mental condition: Was under severe mental stress(family reason) and be sick on and off
with cold attack.
Food habit: Dont like spicy food. Eat simple food but eat lot of raw salad.

Dr. Nesha , I had septic tonsil 1 month before with severe ear pain and puss formation in the tonsil.
Antibiotic taken: amoxylin 100 0 mg daily for 10 days.

Developed antibiotic related
stomach problem.
Now digestive system is very very down. I am on light diet.
3 times in week has acid reflux problem, bloating.
Imp Point: was under severe mental stress

Pimples increase with stomach problem.

Very weak and fatigue now.
I think it will help you. Thanks in advance.
rdutt last decade
Oh Yeah if that is the way to say thank you to you I am doing what you told me to do at least once in a day (and my 2 yrs old loves it) and now I will do it twice to say extra thank you to you.
karishma last decade
Thanks Nesha_India, I shall soon begin thyroidinum200 one dose everyday. Does a drop of the medicine mean one dose or you want me to put into the medicine in globules and then take 2 of it?
Where do I post my detailed history? You mean start a new topic or post it in this link?
Thanks for undertaking my case.
mohini last decade
Maybe you should try Thyax as stated at the top of this page.
I suffer from symptoms of feeling tired/wipedout especially after physical excersise I'm wiped out for a day or two afterwards.
I'm thinking about trying Thyax or maybe even another product called Tyroid helper. Has anyone here tried these products and had any success?
Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks.
Tiredalot. last decade
Just wanted to update you that it is almost a month since I started taking Thyroidinum 200 once every night. Before I continue it further I wanted to tell you that in place of feeling more energized I am feeling very dull and very tired from last 2 weeks.Litterally dragging myself in eve. My rountine is same and I am happy and same person as before.
May be it is not related to this medicine still wanted you to know about it.
Please let me know if I still should continue this medicine?
karishma last decade
'karishma' :
Normally, 'potencised' Thyroidinum, will not produce those symptoms which you have described. However, kindly suspend Thyroidinum for the time being, till further feedback.

Please answer following :
a) Are you consuming more of sugar / sweet food/ingredients.
b) Are you feeling more hot, perspiring more, stressed more or what - explain.
c) Are you losing weight, out of the ordinary. (500 grams per month is normal).
d) Any changes in lifestyle, food / diet, new supplements or vitamins, new medicines ?
e) digestion problem ?, gastric problem ?, Body pain ?,
f) Mentally strained / tensed ? Any distrubances with your menstrual cycle ?

Please have your Weight, BP, BloodSugar & Thyroid levels checked within a day or two and let me know the results. If possible, take a bio-chemic combination called 'Five phos". for your tiredness.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Oh Thank you so much for your quick reply.
Here are answers to your questions

a) Are you consuming more of sugar / sweet food/ingredients.
No not at all, for last two years I am on splenda in my tea which I drink like 4 times a day.
b) Are you feeling more hot, perspiring more, stressed more or what - explain.
No, NA
c) Are you losing weight, out of the ordinary. (500 grams per month is normal).
I wish I could loose weight even normally:-) NA
d) Any changes in lifestyle, food / diet, new supplements or vitamins, new medicines ?
The only thing new is that I have added lemon soda in the morning and before dinner.

e) digestion problem ?, gastric problem ?, Body pain ?,
No,No,yes body pain is there specially in my feet(but it is not new).
f) Mentally strained / tensed ? Any distrubances with your menstrual cycle ?
No, No..

I guess I should continue with Thyroidium, Please confirm.

karishma last decade
and I have BC24(five phos) with me at work which I started taking yesterday only. I hope Bio Chemic medicines would not at least harm if I use them for long term, right?
karishma last decade
I am not really a homeopath but Thyroidum for Thyroid related problems does not follow any homeopathy principle.
Tell me if I am wrong.
varun last decade
'karishma' :
Thanks. For the time being, please discontinue Thyrodinum, and observe.
Please get all the tests done, as mentioned in last post, and let's see, how the thyroid gland is functioning and whether the potencised Thyrodinum played any adverse effect on the same.

Bio-Chemics are safe and harmless for any term, as also explained somewhere above to 'sazim', which please read.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Thanks Nesha_India,
I wish that getting the tests done here in US are that simple. I have my yearly checkup scheduled in June end then only all the tests will be done and I will be informed if something is wrong and will inform you accordingly. I guess I will suspend this medicine for at least a week and watch and inform you if feel better.
Thanks for your help, Please keep on sharing all the secrets for good health.
karishma last decade
'karishma' :
AS it is, this June running. Please discontinue Thyr , till tests are done and only if there is a Thyroid Gland malfunction, then start Thyr, under feedback to me.

My contact details are available, when you click on my login i.d. name, If you feel like discussing one-to-one.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Will do, should get my results by June end. Thanks
karishma last decade
Dear Nesha-India,

I see that you are helping many with thyroid problems. Can you help me also please?

My mother in law has a thyroid problem, she is 62 years old. I am not sure of the details regarding hyper/hypo thyroid. However, she complains of feeling nervous and tired, worse in the afternoon. She doesnt sleep well either.

She will also be taking rhus thox 1M and hypercurium 200 for arthritis pain.

Thank you in advance,
zigkaddy last decade
'zigkaddy' :
1. You'll have to provide much more details, for appropriate suggestions.
2. Please get the Thyroid tests done and let's us know the results.
3. Tentatively please give her Kali.Phos-12X, (bio-chemic triturated tissue salt), 4 tablets, every 4th hour, till symptoms persist. May take a few days to see result. Let me know the outcome, preferably after a week.
4. Kali.Phos will not interfere with Homeo potency the patient is going to take and suggesting other homeo potencised medicine is not feasible at the moment.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
I recently got yearly checkup done and all of my tests came normal. I have been taking 5 phas and feeling good. Still continuing one in a week thyroidium 200 for my son's growth and my son feels good.
Following tests were done and came normal.

karishma last decade
May one ask, how much it cost you to get the tests done?
girilal last decade
My wife is 24 yrs old,her height is 5.3' weight is around 45 kg.She's having a thyroid problem. After ultrasound,it has been noticed dat a nodule is present on one side of thyroid gland,looking like a small nearly 2cm lump from outside. She's also facing some headache and overall body growth problems like weak eyes,frequent headaches,fevers,cold,etc.
Plz help me..
kumar_nitesh123 last decade
What do you think of a 2.7 TSH thyroid test result. I am obese and always tired.
AnneEagle last decade
Hello mam .often Read your posts. i tried thyroidinum200 in the night for 2 days in the night( 3-4 ) drops .but now feeling bloated, dizziness, itching on head and body, feverish and bodypain. In the afternoon i also took calcarea card10 m for two days. Have i taken overdose or wrong potency? Pl tell me
Kity 6 years ago

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