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Ref: Kadwa. Thank you for your reply. We had a few developments here. We have not started on lycopodium single dose, still waiting for the order to come in. Meanwhile, the incision on her belly button made for appendix removal surgery started to show a small growth and she experienced pain with mild bleeding(spotting). She showed temperature of 99.5 degrees. This was probably the skin feeling hot sensation she had for last several weeks,(not a thyroid dysfunction like we suspected) She said the pain in belly button had been building up over last several weeks, first with physical activities, pressing the area, etc and then into constant pain. HAve attached an image. It looks like a small grain. The surgeon said that growth is called 'Seroma', wants to give 2 weeks for it to drain out by itself. If it does not drain in 2 weeks, he has to drain it using syringe. Her stomach ache on left side, hair fall, hair regrowth have improved. Also foot pain around last year's fracture area is better. In the last treatment, she completed 15 days of Silicae 30 and 12 days of Nux Vomica 30. Shall we go ahead with Lycopodium 200 once we get it? Her food allergies are all the same, no growth in height since March, pain if she runs or jogs or walks fast is same- she clarified that it feels like a stabbing pain that starts below left( I had mistakenly written right earlier) rib, goes to a point below left collar bone and comes down to mid rib on left side. The pain goes away as soon as she stops activity. This affects her physical education class at school. Palpitations/heart murmur have reduced significantly in last 2 weeks. She has some eczema on her inner elbows, skin around eyes still react with eczema if she eats anything with corn or corn byproducts. Here, it's almost impossible to avoid corn in snacks, food purchased outside home. Thank you for your advice.
john doe1 10 months ago
Please give her Silicea 30, Hepar Sulph 30 and Calcarea Carb 30 twice a day for 10 days and report back.

One dose means 2 pills or drops each of all the three remedies at a time.
kadwa 10 months ago
Ref: Kadwa

My child has finished 10 days of the three remedies- Silica 30, Hepar Supl 30 & Calc Carb 30. from day 2 she said she feels less tired. She had a couple of episodes of dizziness and headaches. We are suspecting that the stabbing pain in her stomach may be caused by eating bananas. She used to get throat itching with bananas before. Since early this year, she does not have throat itching, so she has been eating more than 1 banana a day. We are experimenting staying away from bananas completely to see if the stomach pain goes away. The granules in her belly button is still there. Pus, blood drained out a little. We met the surgeon who said the suture placed inside did not heal well and skin was forming granules around suture. She has to have a minor surgery under local anesthesia and the granules have to be scraped off. This procedure is scheduled for third week of this month. She says the feeling of getting fever has reduced. She still has spots where hair needs to grow back, it's very much better. Pain in foot around stress fracture area has healed. She is able to dance without getting pain or swelling. She took 4-5 sessions of accupuncture (15 minutes sessions) in last 2 weeks. Sleep has improved very much since beginning of homeo treatment. She's able to fall asleep fast and gets deep sleep. If she eats anything like potato chips(packaged, purchased from store), she gets bags under eyes the next day. It goes away in a couple of days. Thanks for your advice.
john doe1 9 months ago
Please continue with the same remedies for another 10 days.
kadwa 9 months ago
Ref.Kadwa: She finished 2nd round of the remedies on Nov 25th. The oozing completely stopped, she's pain free from the drainage/infection that was on the belly button. There is one granule(growth) left to dissolve. We are now back with the old stomach ache(stabbing pain that comes and goes right away leaving a dull pain in the stomach region, hunger pains and newly started heart burn in the esophagus/chest upto neck area). She has a very strong appetite, tends to eat large portions of meals. We are encouraging her to eat small portions to see if it helps her stomach pain. Her stomach is tender to touch, specially right side below rib. Bananas do not seem to make a difference to occurrence of stomach pain. She struggles emotionally with being different from other teenagers who can eat anything they like especially at cafeteria at school. Hair fall is better, right foot pain improved with a few sessions of acupuncture. But the pain is back, with activities like dance. She has still has frequent headaches, front of forehead through temples, has dizziness episodes(not as frequent as before). Thank you for your advice.
john doe1 8 months ago
day 1 to day 3
Lycopodium 200 twice a day

day 4 to day 10
Nux Vomica 200 and Rhus Tox 200 in evening.
kadwa 8 months ago
Ref: Kadwa
Today is day 4 and as we were going to give Nux Vomica 200 & Rhus Tox 200 (2 drops each) , we are not sure if they are to be given together. Since you did not mention anything, we are dropping 2 drops of Nux Vomica in a little water and giving her followed by 2 drops of rhus tox 200 in water half hour later. Hope this is the right way. Thanks.
john doe1 7 months ago
That is okay.
kadwa 7 months ago
Ref. Kadwa: We had a few developments on her health front. We had to see a cardiologist for tachycardia, took EKG(everything came normal), fitted a holter monitor on my daughter to track heart rhythm for 24 hours. My daughter felt her heart beat racing(only for a second or so and then it comes back to normal pace) about 25 times in waking hours. But the doctor saw nothing on the monitor but saw extra beats 3 times while she was sleeping at night. We have to keep monitoring that on yearly basis to make sure it goes away with time and growth. The cardiologist said she has low core blood pressure which is also responsible for dizziness, light headedness, very cold palms and feet, always wanting to wear sweater(even in summer), chest pain if engaged in cardio exercises or activities. He said there's no treatment for low blood pressure and it's better to have low than high blood pressure. She never sweats, even with intense activity, we are not sure if low BP plays a role in it. She had to stop running
laps in her PE class at school because of muscular pain(cardiologist said it's muscles cramping up because of low BP and muscles not getting enough resources from blood circulation). SAme with cardio workout on treadmill, she ended with intense chest pain. There's no warm up required, her heart rate will shoot up in about a minute and soon chest/body pain starts and she has to stop the activity. Right now, her acid reflux & heartburn still troubles a lot with stabbing pain that fades into aching that lasts about half hour, gas, burping, heartburn, hunger pains. She also had an episode of food allergy with cross contamination from chickpeas(nausea, vomiting, intense itching on tongue etc, we think it's contamination with chickpeas, we are not sure). We are very thankful, it was a mild reaction, not anaphylaxis. After lycopodium, we noticed a change in her attitude, more pleasant, not so much resisting everything, putting in more effort to achieve goals in studies and music. She has not complained of foot pain even after activities since the last dose of rhus tox 200. Hair situation may be slightly better, no improvement in growth. Thank you for your advice.
john doe1 6 months ago
Ref: Kadwa. I hope you will reply this time. My child is going thru another bout of aggrevation of symptoms from eating food that contained corn. Symptoms are constant fatigue, eczema on face, dark circles around eyes, extreme hair loss. Also digestive complaints of gas, burping continues. Shall we repeat treatment with Silica 30, Hepar Sulph 30 and Calc Carb 30 - 2 pills of each remedy taken together twice a day? Appreciate your advice.
john doe1 4 months ago
Kadwa has not been on in some time now. I do
Not know if he is coming back.

I suggest you click on any post by Reva and click
His name. Email him with your user name and thread
Title and ask him if he has time to take over
Treating your child. He is a homeopath from India
With a practice in Arizona,USA.
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simone717 4 months ago
Attn Reva: Can you please advise about food allergies and current aggrevation due to allergy to corn. thank you!
john doe1 4 months ago
Please give Hepar Sulph 200, four pills, every 4th day for a week or more. Changes will be very gradual. Support the transition, by giving food only that easily agree. You can report as often as you are comfortable and ask any question you may have.
Reva V 4 months ago

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