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Ref Kadwa: Homeo advise for child

My daughter is 13+ years old. The pressing concern is a stress fracture in her right foot second metatarsal that is not healing fully. The stress fracture happened in Feb 2017 . She learns ballet and in Nov 2016 started taking lessons wearing pointe shoes(tight fitting shoes with wooden box at the toe end, during dance she would stand tip toe on the box). She wore a CAM boot to heal fracture. She was in the boot until May 2017(a lot longer than it usually takes for a stress fracture to heal). In September 2017, she started dance lessons again, she complained of stabbing pain that comes and goes in her right foot. After the pain goes, she would have dull achy sensation in the area. Also complained of pain in the web between big toe and second toe. MRI shows no stress fracture, but where the previous stress fracture occurred, that area has a thickening of cortex of the bone. That should have thinned out after bone healed, it has not. Also there is fluid in between big toe and second toe that is giving pain. She is back in CAM boot since last 3 weeks, using crutches to prevent weight going on her foot. She still gets stabbing pain that comes and goes.

My daughter has flourosis on her teeth, teeth enamel has vertical ridges and white spots. She is 4ft 9" tall. We are hoping she will grow atleast 3" more. She has a number of food allergies, can get anaphylaxis from exposure(even the smell in air) to chickpeas, nuts(all nuts except almonds and hazelnuts). She is also allergic to wheat(air borne), sesame(severe hives, vomiting etc), milk and milk products(milk can be consumed with a straw, but can get lots of hives if milk touches skin, tongue will itch after drinking, she has to wash off with lots of water. She cannot take yogurt or butter as it gives throat itching, but clarified butter is tolerated), garlic(severe stomach pain), amaranth, buckwheat(both give stomach pain/upset), bananas(ripe bananas give her throat itching, small asian variety bananas are tolerated. Cooked raw bananas are ok). She can eat moderate amounts of potatoes but a little more can cause vomiting. Anything oily or deep fried is tolerated in small amounts. Large amounts can cause severe hives, itching, vomiting, immediate diarrhea etc. She has been diagnosed with asthma, that gets triggered by cold air, cold temperature or cold/cough symptoms. Over time, her asthma has improved. She is also allergic to latex, may be to some varieties of environmental mold. She got her first period Aug 2016, and gets period regularly without any discomfort.

Our pressing concern right now is for her bone to heal fully and the fluid/inflammation between her right big toe and second toe. We would love for her allergies to go away and for her to be safe around chickpeas, nuts, wheat etc. Thank you for your advise.
  john doe1 on 2018-01-09
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day 1 to day 3
Calcarea Carb 200 twice a day.

day 4 to day 15
Calcarea Fluorica 6x 3 tabs in evening.
Symphytum 30 twice a day.
Rhus Tox 30 twice a day.

The dose of all homeopathic remedies is 2 pills or drops as one dose.
kadwa last year
Ref Kadwa: My wife has been giving her a homeo remedy she found online for calcium assimilation, for last 10+ days. Dosage as written on bottle 2-3 tablets twice a day. The manufacturer is Wilmur Schwabe. The bottle says each 100 mg contains Calcarea carbonica Hahnemanni 3x 20mg
Calcarea fluorica 3x 20mg
Calcarea phosphorica 3x 20mg
Sulphur iodatum 4x 20mg.

I wanted to make sure you were updated about this and I can stop this remedy for her and start with the remedies per your advice. Thanks.
john doe1 last year
Please go ahead with my suggestion. The other remedy found by her mother should be stopped.
kadwa last year
Ref:Kadwa - My daughter finished the homeo medicines you suggested. Her cast on right foot has been removed today, there is no pain in the web between toes or on the spot where the stress fracture was. She is now focused on regaining ankle and muscle strength. Her sensitivity to allergic foods(nuts, chickpeas, wheat, garlic, red lentils, milk) has worsened a bit. We accidentally brought home a peanut dish and put it in a open bowl on dining table. As soon as she entered the room, she said she feels like wheezing. We immediately threw the dish out of our property. For a week after that, she would complain of wheezing starting up the moment she entered the room. She had a similar reaction to some food that we brought home, made of chickpeas. For almost a year, she has been waking up with puffy bags under her eyes, the bags clear up almost fully as the day progresses. Since last two days, she has been waking up with her left eyelid swollen and shut. No crustiness or pain or watery eyes or reddness.The skin around eyes are dark and dry, she has burning sensation there. After, few hours, swelling subsides. When she took Calc Carbonica, there was improvement in the bags under eyes for 2-3 days, after that it was back to how it has been since March 2017. Another recent development is frequent headaches that sometimes can last upto 2 hours. We recently saw her pediatrician who examined her and said the nasal lining is dry and inflammed, perhaps due to allergies. She recently told us that her heart races sometimes and something strange with heart beat happens. She is not sure if it's skipping a beat or adding a beat. The pediatrician heard heart murmur and suggested we follow up with a cardiologist. Heart murmur was heard on annual check up in 2010 and 2006. In 2006 we did an ultrasound test and found everything to be ok. ALso, she is frequently dehydrated, she does not want to go to bathroom at school, so she does not drink water all day. SO there may be some chronic dehydration contributing to racing heart beat. Also there is small improvement in hair fall since the treatment with Calc Carb. She was loosing hair in bunches, specially after washing. Now hair fall has reduced a bit. Hair still tangles up a lot.
john doe1 last year
Please repeat the protocol as it is and report back.
kadwa last year
Ref. Kadwa: Thank you for advice for my child. There were quite a few developments last few months. First, is an improvement in her food sensitivity. She could not eat bananas earlier.It would make her throat itch and her stomach would be very queasy. Now,she is able to eat bananas without any problem. Since February of this year, she was complaining of constant stomach pain, she also had severe hair loss. Other symptoms experienced were headaches that lasted anywhere from half to two hours, dizziness when getting up from bed or seated position and skipped heart beat. Her pediatrician put her on antacids- Calcium Carbonate(TUMS) at first and then Mylanta. A cardiologist ruled out any heart issues, recommended more hydration. She also had some constipation. Beginning of July, one day, her stomach ache got unbearable and she had to be taken to ER. A CT scan showed early appendicitis and she underwent laparoscopic surgery to remove appendix. Her stomach ache vanished, also headaches, dizziness, constipation, went away. two weeks ago, we reintroduced liquid multivitamin that she had been taking almost everyday for last two years. Two days after taking the vitamins, her stomach ache started again, also headache. We suspected the vitamins and stopped it. And her stomach ache and headache vanished. The vitamin contains extracts of sprouted sesame, amaranth and sunflower seeds. She's allergic to these 3 seeds We believe this was causing the stomach lining irritation and pain. After surgery, she had developed skin rashes on her face and neck, specially on upper eyelids. It would look raw and pink like wounds and skin would flake off. We noticed this to get worse whenever she took anything with corn, corn syrup, corn starch etc. She would also develop cracks at the corners of her lips. Now, after avoiding corn for several days, her skin has calmed down, the wound like pink/red color and flaking are gone. It appears eating a lot of corn(like corn chips, tostadas) etc can affect Vitamin B3 levels. She's taking B complex to help her skin. Right now, she has trouble falling asleep, taking over an hour to fall asleep, wakes up unrefreshed in the morning, has big spots on her scalp from hair fall( a skin specialist called it diffused hair loss) she had. While we were struggling with all her symptoms before surgery, she took arnica & belladona. Also, my child is 4ft 10 inches tall and very obsessed with growing in height. So she also took a homeopathic remedy found on Amazon.com called Rite Hite(By SBL pharmacy in India).The ingredients are Baryta Carbonica – 3x, Silicea – 6x, Calcarea Phosphorica – 3x , Natrum muriaticum – 3x,In equal proportion Excipients q.s. to one tablets of 250mg. Rite Hite(1 tablet a day) was taken for about 2 weeks in April/May. Two days before surgery, she took arnica mother tincture (1-2 drops in water once a day), continued for another 5 days after surgery Belladona 30c was taken for 2+ weeks 3 pills at night hoping to get relief from headache. Amidst all this, we are not sure how her right foot is doing(where she was not fully healing from metatarsal fracture that occurred in February 2017). She will resume her activities soon, we will find out at that time. Some of other developments in last 6 months include more sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, does not like being touched, tends to be a little aloof(that could be a typical teenage behavior of a 14 yr old), feels her efforts in anything like studies, music etc will not be good enough to make her come first , so she won't put in enough effort. She does quite well in studies and music with minimal effort, no practice. She refuses to understand that. She wants to come first, without putting effort! She's very self conscious, worries quite a lot about what others will think and is quite shy to speak unless absolutely required. If required she will speak up very well. But she would feel very self conscious about asking a stranger for directions if she were lost. She is shy to wear bright colored clothes, will make sure she dresses up 'like everyone else'. Hair does not get as tangled as before, gets very oily unless washed with shampoo every 2-3 days, please see pictures of spots of hair loss, no flaking or dandruff. Please advice what we should do to help her with food allergies, growth in height and hair fall & hair regrowth. Thank you.
john doe1 last year
day 1 to day 3
Staphysagria 200 in evening

day 4 to day 15
Silicea 30 and Nux Vomica 30 in evening.
kadwa last year
Ref: Kadwa - She finished the treatment on 12th Sept. Her attitude has changed a lot,for the better. She is communicating with all of us, wanting to eat dinner with sibling, more accepting of feedback on her learning, attitude etc. Her hair is doing slightly better,thinning patches are not yet fully covered, they are better. Hair fall has reduced, she has baby hair on top of her head. She still get stabbing pain in her stomach which also extends to the left side(a little below stomach). The frequency and intensity has reduced. She feels the pain when she gets hungry and sometimes immediately after eating. She has a huge appetite. She has to avoid corn completely, otherwise the pain becomes more intense, frequent. Also, with avoiding corn, her skin is much better. There's slight eczema on her elbows(inside) and on her upper thigh. The symptoms (I had explained in my previous post) she experienced earlier was similar to pellagra, a disease caused by eating too much corn or other maize; her diet had a very large share of corn and most of her snacks contained sorghum(another maize that also causes pellagra). I am giving her vitamin B3 50 mg per day along with stopping corn and her skin has improved a lot. Her dizziness has become less frequent, also headaches. She's falling asleep faster and getting more restful, deeper sleep. Her foot is also better, the area around where she had foot fracture(right foot) feels sore after activities like dancing. She used to feel pain there, it has improved to a soreness. When she runs, she gets a 'muscular stitch'(like a catching pain), below her left rib. Her doctor says people with asthma get that.She has to stop running and rest. If she ignores the pain and keeps walking or running, she can get wheezing. She does not get the 'stitch' while dancing. It's mostly triggered by walking fast and running. Also she never sweats. Even after cardio exercise in PT class, she does not sweat. We found out through her doctor taking bone age X ray that her growth plates have fused. According to the doctor she has reached full height, which is very disappointing. May be with Pellagra like symptoms, her body was not able to absorb nutrients from food to grow in height before her growth plates closed. Thank you for your advice.
john doe1 last year
Please continue with Silicea 30 and Nux Vomica 30 for another 15 days and report back.
kadwa last year
Ref: Kadwa

She has finished 12 days of second round of Nuxx Vomica 30, Silicae 30. We notice a slight swelling on left side of her neck, no swelling on right side. This is from a layman's perspective. We noticed this because she ate some snacks that gave her eczema on left side and center of neck, (no eczema on right side of neck), on upper eye lids and around lower eye lids. She says when she moves her eyes up, to look up, she fees a heaviness on the upper side of eyes. The eye lids are NOT swollen. We still see a tendency to form bags under her eyes when she sleeps late at night. She has been getting skipped beat/palpitation a few time this week. She feels like her skin gets hot, as though running a fever, inside she does not feel hot. She likes to wear sweater always. Her abdominal pain is better in frequency and intensity, but not fully gone. Should we stop Nux Vomica, Silica? Can these make her thyroid over active? We are wondering if over active thyroid can cause the heaviness on eyes. Hair situation is about the same as before. Thank you for your advice.
john doe1 last year
Please give her a single dose of Lycopodium 200 and see how that affects over 15 days.
kadwa last year
Ref: Kadwa. Thank you for your reply. We had a few developments here. We have not started on lycopodium single dose, still waiting for the order to come in. Meanwhile, the incision on her belly button made for appendix removal surgery started to show a small growth and she experienced pain with mild bleeding(spotting). She showed temperature of 99.5 degrees. This was probably the skin feeling hot sensation she had for last several weeks,(not a thyroid dysfunction like we suspected) She said the pain in belly button had been building up over last several weeks, first with physical activities, pressing the area, etc and then into constant pain. HAve attached an image. It looks like a small grain. The surgeon said that growth is called 'Seroma', wants to give 2 weeks for it to drain out by itself. If it does not drain in 2 weeks, he has to drain it using syringe. Her stomach ache on left side, hair fall, hair regrowth have improved. Also foot pain around last year's fracture area is better. In the last treatment, she completed 15 days of Silicae 30 and 12 days of Nux Vomica 30. Shall we go ahead with Lycopodium 200 once we get it? Her food allergies are all the same, no growth in height since March, pain if she runs or jogs or walks fast is same- she clarified that it feels like a stabbing pain that starts below left( I had mistakenly written right earlier) rib, goes to a point below left collar bone and comes down to mid rib on left side. The pain goes away as soon as she stops activity. This affects her physical education class at school. Palpitations/heart murmur have reduced significantly in last 2 weeks. She has some eczema on her inner elbows, skin around eyes still react with eczema if she eats anything with corn or corn byproducts. Here, it's almost impossible to avoid corn in snacks, food purchased outside home. Thank you for your advice.
john doe1 11 months ago

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