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34weeks pregnant Insomnia and persistent heartburn Page 2 of 7

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Good news—I do not have congestion/phlegm in my lungs.
rom109 2 years ago
As per dr's diagnosis or as per your feeling that there is no congestion in lungs?

Are you seeing any improvement on mood/energy/sleep?
maheeru 2 years ago
Doctors diagnosis. No congestion in my lungs.

Not really seeing any improvement in those areas...sleep is kinda better, but I have to wonder just how much better if I’m so exhausted during the day. I sleep hard and barely move during the night. And no trouble falling asleep either.
My congestion is a little bit better each day, but I continue to be extremely fatigued.
Yesterday evening I noticed my ankles and feet were quite swollen. Since the doctor took my blood pressure and it was perfect earlier in the day, I’m assuming it’s normal pregnancy swelling...but it’s not normal for me. I never had any with my first pregnancy, and this is the first time with this one. This morning the swelling was mostly gone, but now by the end of the day it’s back, and it’s all the way up my calves.
Mood is about the same as well.
rom109 2 years ago
You could try augmenting the treatment with LYC. If you are not sensitive, use upto three doses of 200c potency leaving a minimum of 8 hours between doses---can spill over to next day.
maheeru 2 years ago
I am extremely sensitive to homeopathic remedies.
I will not do more than a single dose of a single remedy, and then wait and watch.

Thanks. I’ll try lyc.
rom109 2 years ago
If you are sensitive, then you may try doses in water---even a few succussions(shaking the bottle gently and hitting the bottle against the innerside of the other palm in the downward motion) will progressively increase the potency very slightly and since no subsequent dose will be the same in potency as the earlier dose, this gentle dosing may be of help.
maheeru 2 years ago
I always take my doses in water.
Succussion or not, i still will not take multiple doses....unless the symptoms call for it.
There’s no way to know whether they do, until we have waited and observed changes.
I’m not trying to be argumentative here, I did make myself clear in the beginning of this thread and throughout— one remedy, one dose, wait and watch. Classic Homeopathy.
I have my own beliefs about the use of homeopathy, as do you, and each and every other person on this forum. That does not mean I am arguing and challenging every suggestion. (Yet you interpreted it this way)
I just really wish that a)people could respect my stance, and b)that I could find someone on here who prescribed in this way.
I can see that this is a rare occurrence.
Once someone suggests this type of prescribing (multiple remedies and/or multiple doses) it makes me lose trust quite quickly, and then I feel the need to be extremely cautious and somewhat defensive.
It’s very frustrating to have to take this on. I very much prefer to just follow and trust, but I can’t do that when I know something isn’t right.
[Edited by rom109 on 2018-02-03 02:42:12]
rom109 2 years ago
I respect your stance Rom109. Rarely do people demand classical homeopathy and adherence to fundamentals.

It's nice to know you use medicines in water. I do not know if you have read Organon 5 or 6 editions or books that expand on these editions or been associated with related learning. Wait and watch is a strict requirement for dry doses. For wet doses, wait and watch at the initial period is not necessary unless the situation demands it, with wet doses and LMs in water, aggravation is going to be accumulated and happen in the last leg of the treatment unlike in the case of dry dose where aggravation can start with the initial dosing itself. The advantage of wet C doses and LM doses is that-----to make them gentle and diluted so as to repeat them as necessary even if the interval is short. And we can make these doses still diluted using dilution cups and still if the patient is hyper sensitive then we can go for sniff doses.

Multiple remedies is not the same thing as multiple doses within a reasonable limit.

I have already explained that a particular emotional rubric was picked and it's not a judgemental call. Homeopaths can interpret rubrics from a patient's talk, gesture, body language, writing, mannerisms etc. It's totally classical way of doing things.

If you prefer to wait and see the action of single dose that's fine with me.

Or if you want to follow another advice that you can trust, all the best.
[Edited by maheeru on 2018-02-03 17:33:41]
maheeru 2 years ago
Thank you very much for that information. I really appreciate it. I have read the 6th organon, and I have been sticking with what I understood from it, so as to be safe.
What you’re explaining makes sense, and again I really appreciate you taking the time to share knowledge witH me. I know I can be difficult.

I have taken one dose of lyc 200c in water—it’s been 48 hours. I’ll let you know how it’s going in another day and we’ll go from there.
rom109 2 years ago
wet or dry ..each dose is be observed.monitored as to response....even if repeated daily...so as ascertain new symptom occur or change in symptomology in any way..'c' LM' 'x' same rule for any form med prepped..
John Stanton 2 years ago
as well each and every subsequent dose (same med) must be modified form previous dose..
John Stanton 2 years ago
John Stanton — your suggestions are not welcome here.
rom109 2 years ago
[Edited by rom109 on 2018-02-06 17:56:45]
rom109 2 years ago
Okay. Sorry I would have updated earlier but I’ve had a busy last 24 hours.

I noticed that my feet have been less swollen and don’t hurt when I walk.
The first day after Lyc. I had borderline diarrhea with some discomfort in my stomach. It resolved within the day though.
The phlegm in my sinuses seems to have changed where it’s going. Before it was draining down my esophagus, now it seems to be just sticking in my throat. My throat does not hurt anymore.
Still improving daily.
My sleep hasn’t much improved. I sleep lightly and just feel irritated that I’m tired but can’t get to sleep all the way. Today my eyes have been so dry and irritated, and watery. Peoples perfumes were really bothering me and so was the wind....or the air...lol my vision was a little blurry due to the irritation, too. It’s better now that I’m inside and not very active.

I feel like I’m getting back into my groove around the house. It’s still very difficult though.
I’m having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, and what I think is round ligament pain.
I think my mood is slightly improved, a little more patient. Still not keen on being touched, but that increases/decreases with my level of physical discomfort.
Heartburn is still top of the list—set off by refined sugar (the most), fruit, or grains.
I can’t wait for this pregnancy to be over, but at the same time I’m a little nervous about how the birth will go, and how it’s going to be with a newborn and a toddler.
I wish I could be one of those moms that has it all together and figured out, and scheduled, but I just don’t have the energy for that.
I really want to get my list of chores/projects accomplished (mentally) but physically I lack the motivation, and maybe even a little mentally, as well.
It makes me feel good to accomplish things, but it also takes a LOT of energy.
rom109 2 years ago
[Edited by rom109 on 2018-02-06 17:57:11]
rom109 2 years ago
Oh—two other things. My memory has been terrible lately. I will think of something i need to do, turn to go do it and immediately forget what it was. I can recall it by going back to the spot I was standing when I thought of it, but it often happens multiple times in a row.

Also I am absolutely vehemently against doing laundry lately. I’ll wash and dry it but putting it away is so unbearably daunting that 80% of my wardrobe has sat on my couch in piles for about two weeks now. I’d rather do loads of dishes by hand all day than put away my laundry.
I just made myself put it away, and now I’m in such a bad mood. I am exhausted and I want to cry ..... I’m snappy at my son who’s only trying to play with me....ugh.
I feel heavy and out of breath in every cell of my body.
rom109 2 years ago
In General how many days gap have you felt safe to repeat another dose based on your tolerance and sensitivity?

I can see the medicine working. But it needs a long way before getting tangible improvement.
maheeru 2 years ago
I think I see improvement for 1-2 days before I start seeing regression. I have thought that meant it was not the right remedy...but maybe not, maybe my body needs gentle frequent boosts....
Idk I am tired of trying to figure it out and I just want to feel better.
rom109 2 years ago
Meaning...i’ll do whatever you think...
rom109 2 years ago
When four days have passed from the last dose, please take another dose from the medicinal solution.

Do not know how many succussions you are doing now. If you are doing more, please reduce to just two---this would be gentler for sensitive patients.

If you are not using dilution cup may be in future they may be employed ---work might be tedious--but worth the effort to make the dose still gentler.

Even if just 5% is noticed in improvement the best strategy would be to stick with the current one.
maheeru 2 years ago
Okay. I think I usually just do 10 succussions.
rom109 2 years ago
Today was day four.
Here’s what I did so you’re aware what I’ve got going on:
Lyc 200c two pellets dissolved in 4oz water, then a teaspoon of that mixed in 8 oz water stored in a jar. Sucussed, and 1/2 teaspoon taken from jar as a dose.

I’ll let you know how things are as they go, I s’pose.
rom109 2 years ago
Hi Rom109

If at all to modify things i would suggest dissolving just one pellet, and make the water in the jar(the jar here is dilution cup) just between 100 and 150ml(roughly three to five oz). But since this has been already done no change here.

Succussion should be done on the first 4 oz bottle which is original medicinal solution----two times the shake. Jar that is dilution cup should not be succussed, instead a disposable stirrer be used there to stir the solution gently. Here too, two movements of stirring will suffice. From this jar/dilution cup, one or two drops would suffice as a dose for sensitive patients. While medicinal solution won't change with every dose, the dilution cup needs to be filled in afresh for every dose. Hopefully this is not difficult. You can use this procedure for future doses.
[Edited by maheeru on 2018-02-09 23:29:59]
maheeru 2 years ago
I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re telling me to do lol
Should I make another solution with one pellet in 4oz and shake that and then dilute in second cup for each dose?
Or can I continue with what I’ve got in the jar?
Sorry I’m just a little confused :/
rom109 2 years ago
Keep the two pellets dissolved in 4oz medicinal solution(no need to redo). This solution is where succussions are to be made. This bottle needs to be preserved.

And next time when you are just about going to take the dose, refill the jar the 8 oz one with fresh water. After refilling you will transfer one teaspoon from the 4oz bottle to the jar, and then stir the solution a couple of times, then take a dose.

From the jar you can take one drop or two drops or half a teaspoon as a dose. After taking the dose dipose the jar content preferably onto plants/trees. They will grow well :)

Is that clear? Or still confusing? :)
maheeru 2 years ago
Much better, thank you :)

—— so just a quick update. Most pressing issues currently: my pelvic area feels like it’s being ripped apart. A lot of pressure down there and nerve tweaking. It hurts to walk. All of my sitting bones and muscles feel sore as if I have been riding a horse. (I am going to the chiropractor in two days; hopefully she will be able to help with some of it.)
I know the cause is a baby’s head moving into the birth canal lol so what can really be done but wait lol
My sleep is very poor. I have to get up to pee every 3 hours or so and it is a lot every time. During the day I do still go frequently but the amount is far less.
I have a hard time waking up and my body is very stiff and achy all night and in the morning.
My mood in general is better. I feel more patient and capable of taking things on, with only a superficial level of irritation when bothered.
No more swelling in my feet, however I do have a lot of itching in the sides of my feet— also on my jaw and neck is very itchy; mostly at night.
rom109 2 years ago

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