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34weeks pregnant Insomnia and persistent heartburn Page 6 of 8

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I think the sniff dose did nothing.
Joint pain is gone.

I am taking the Motherlove More Milk Special Blend tincture. 1-2ml 3x’s a day. Plus drinking Mothers Milk Tea. I think the combo helps me barely keep up with the demands of my little one. Still producing more at night. She still needs at least 8oz of formula thru the day.

So the last week I’ve been noticing her being extra clingy and fussy, especially while nursing, and wanting to nurse more often. I didn’t think much of it till now. But now with that, the acne, and this morning I woke up in a terrible mood, and it all makes sense because my period has come today.
My mood is very irritable- anything is too much. Noise, questions, other people’s problems...everything my toddler is doing is bugging me....no patience. Snappy. Frustrated.
No pain associated with it thought.

We’ve also all come down with a cold. Started with my son- he’s had it since Sunday. Now my husband and I have sore throats and burning sinuses.
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rom109 2 years ago
You can take Nux Vom. first preference to 200 if not in hand then whatever is in hand.

Prepare a 125 ml medicinal solution with one pill/drop/globule. From this take a teaspoon to the first dilution cup(approx. 150ml), there stir the solution four times, take a teaspoon from first dilution cup to second dilution cup(approx. 150ml) stir the solution for four times, then from this second dilution cup, take a teaspoon as a dose.

Medicinal solution will not be refilled. But the two dilution cups will have to be refilled with every dose.


The kratom thing you mentioned in one of your recent posts seems to be an addictive stimulant with opioid property. Please use this cautiously.
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maheeru 2 years ago
I know all about Kratom and the rumors associated with it. I have done extensive research on it and it is NOT addictive. It does have pain relieving properties similar to opioids, WITHOUT the negative side affects. The FDA wishes to discredit it as a legitimate herbal solution in order for them to be able to keep distributing opiate pain killers to patients, getting them addicted and having to refill their prescriptions.

Sorry. Can of worms there for me. It’s unfortunate that something so helpful is thought so poorly of.
It’s the same with Homeopathy. There is talk of the FDA attempting to ban remedies in the USA because of “poisonous substances” in them.
We all know how absurd that is!
It’s simply because they can’t control the distribution of it or make an money off of it.

I digress.

Yes I will take that remedy. Pretty sure I have Nux in a 30c. Thanks.
rom109 2 years ago
I didn't take FDA's name or this being on a verge of being banned in U.S because there have been scientists who say this should not be banned because of medicinal benefits.

But in my research i also think that this is not totally a harmless substance. Even if we consider FDA in US is trying to discredit this in support of pharma industry, some other countries where it's available commonly have banned this including this herb's native country thailand. They are thinking to revoke the ban to substitute this with meth. which has become the choice of abusers.

When a substance when it's stopped causes withdrawal symptoms then it can be termed addictive. Based on some independent reports i think this substance does cause withdrawal symptoms in some people so only i mentioned it as addictive.

Also we have to take into consideration of it's side effects. It's my responsibility to serve a cautionary note and i have not asked you to stop it immediately. You are the best judge of what happens in your system---if you find any thing troubling, you can stop it.

Ultimately you are the decider on this using your discretion. I can see how independent you are being unswayed by popular opinions and accounts from authenticate agencies.
maheeru 2 years ago
Thank you for your concern. I do appreciate it. I’m not trying to argue with you, I just want to make sure, because this is public words online, that there is adequate defense and logic represented against this. I feel strongly for such subjects where help is hindered by legal propaganda etc.

Like I said, I’ve done my research. I am aware of its use in Thailand. It’s withdrawal symptoms are minimal.
If we go by withdrawal symptoms as a criteria for addicitive qualities, sugar and coffee are also addictive, as withdrawal symptoms can be experienced by certain people, too.

I also really have a heart to help people, and it is very difficult to find positive info on this when searching. I’d like to change that. So this is more of an opportunity taken to provide some positivity for anyone who is searching for answers on the stuff.
Not trying to have a debate about it.
We can definitely move on from the subject.
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rom109 2 years ago
Quick update—
I took the Nux V on Monday evening and immediately felt a cool rush sensation through my “aura”, and had a slight metallic tast in my mouth for a few seconds. ( I know those things aren’t relevant to whether or not the remedy is working, I just find it interesting when there is such an immediate reaction.)
Tuesday morning it was ever so slightly easier to wake up and I was definitely more cranky but at the same time I felt lighter and happier. I had good energy and mental clarity and felt motivated so I did not take any Kratom. Wednesday was even more easy to wake up. and mental clarity and motivation is even better. and the crankiness is gone.
I’m excited because when there is such an instant strong reaction in the past it has only lasted one day and then quickly reverted back after this one day. So far it’s been three days of gradual improvement and I am happy with that for sure. I don’t like relying on supplements if I don’t have to. So if I can not use the Kratom to help with energy then that’s great.
rom109 2 years ago
The last two days have been kind of a toss up of good/bad. I’ve got some massive back and neck tension and today have a very bad headache from it. Bordering on migraine.
I feel like the positives I mentioned last have remained; energy, motivation, focus, easier to wake up in the morning...
But now this awful tension.
rom109 2 years ago
Have you ever had this or this is a completely new one?
maheeru 2 years ago
I’ve had it sooo often. Super super common for me.
The irritability and short snappy mood from a week or two ago is coming back too.
rom109 2 years ago
Ok in that case you can repeat another dose in a couple of days.

Use four succussions to the medicinal bottle.
maheeru 2 years ago
Could you help me out with my daughter for just a quick minute?
I am asking because she is hyper sensitive to touch, and also because she won’t let me put her down hardly at all without crying. There are a few minutes during the day when she is in a good mood that I can get away with it for maybe five minutes, but then she starts crying and wants to be held. I told my sister the other day, there’s maybe about 6 hours on average in a 24hr period that I’m NOT holding her. It’s gettinf really stressful for me, hearing her cry so much, and not getting anything done as far as daily tasks.
She is a pretty calm baby, very sweet and gentle, she just wants mommy to hold her ALLLL the time. And she hates laying down. She wants o be upright if she is awake, and often wants to fall asleep upright (head on my shoulder) too.
She has always been super sensitive to touch, since she was born. She flinches and pulls back at the slightest touch, anywhere on her body. Not as if in pain but as if overstimulated. For example, rubbing her back, she arches and tenses up. Touching her hand she pulls it away. Gently running my hand across her tummy, she tenses up like it tickles so much, but I’m not trying to tickle her.
I am still having to supplement her feeding with a bottle. She does nurse, but I’m not making enough to fill her up...except at night. It’s weird. Maybe I am too stressed.
Anyway. She gets about 8-16oz of goats milk formula a day. I really wish I didn’t have to and I’m starting to believe she does too. She very much prefers to nurse, and I have to convince her to take the bottle. She does drink it once she realizes it’s satisfying her hunger but she wants to nurse directly after again for comfort.
Anyways, can’t put her down, very seisitive little girl.
rom109 2 years ago
Try using Chamomilla 30c for her. Just a single globule as a dose.

You may want to try Alfalfa Q yourself to see if you can improve milk situation without aggravation. Dosage would be 10 drops in 50ml of water two times a day for a couple of weeks. If you do not tolerate the doses first tone down to once a day and still if you can not then stop.
maheeru 2 years ago
I have alfalfa in 6x...will this suffice? Or should I just get the Q?
rom109 2 years ago
6x is ok but if you have any one amongst these lower dilutions: Q, 1x, 2x or 3x then that would be preferable.
maheeru 2 years ago
I don’t. I just ordered the Q. It’ll take a week to get to me, though. Bla.
rom109 2 years ago
You could have gone with 6x itself :)

You had asked help for a friend in another thread, how is she doing? I had asked further details but did not get so was not able to advise a medicine.
maheeru 2 years ago
Thanks for asking about my friend. She is doing okay. She decided to go the medical doctor route, and didn’t want to answer the questions.

Okay so I took A second dose of Nux a few days ago and i don’t know if it did nothing, (since things seemed to be escalating prior, and continued after) or made it worse.
My tension has only built, my mood is barely manageable with Kratom and Ashwaghanda. My head hurts so bad because of the tension, and now I’m sure I need a visit to the chiropractor (but can’t afford it). And I am starting to bleed again(menstrual). It’s only been 13 days since the last episode.
The skin on my face has been getting worse with small pimples on my nose and forehead. And patches of dry skin mixed with raised bumps here and there on my cheeks and jaw. It feels like I’m having an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product, but I haven’t changed anything I’ve been using for a long time.
I’m so irritable, short fuse, exhausted, everything is getting on my nerves. I’m seisitve to light and sound, commotion.
rom109 2 years ago
Also I gave my daughter a dose of chamomilla and I am not sure if it helped, but i think she mostly is just feeding off of my mood. So when I can calm down, so does she. Glad to debug that one.
rom109 2 years ago
I took some shativari yesterday and it seemed to make me much more calm. This morning my head still hurts but my mood is much MUCH better. I seemed to have an increase in milk supply overnight too. I haven’t had much milk during the night for the last week, so it makes me think it was the Shativari working.

Edit: but today it’s done nothing for my milk supply.
I don’t understand what is going on.
All my daughter wants is to nurse— it’s almost impossible to get her to take a bottle now, but I don’t have a choice. I’m desperate to tears; I just want to provide her what she needs.
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rom109 2 years ago
Alfalfa Q came in the mail today. I took a dose in water. I was surprised that it tastes extremely pleasant. I would love it in every glass of water I drink.
rom109 2 years ago
Whoa. So after that one dose of alfalfa Q, within maybe two hours my breasts plumped up considerably and there seems to be ample milk flow when my daughter nurses.
This was just overnight, however. So we’ll see how the day goes since usually during the day is when I don’t have any supply, but that was just really a crazy fast reaction.
Do you think I should cut back the dose for maintenance? I don’t want to continue such a high amount and cause aggravations ... or I don’t know....what do you think?
rom109 2 years ago
Since your problem is pronounced during the day, you can take the dose during the day and not at night.

It's not a high dose for Q like medicine---they are meant to be taken daily/frequently. You can go with 5 drops once a day/every two days initially. Otherwise you can take a few days in a row then stop for a few days and then resume again. Another possibility is whenever you feel milk is running low that could be after a few days---but the catch is your system's reaction has been unpredictable at times we haven't got an ideal response when the dose is repeated after a gap.
maheeru 2 years ago
aconite 200 ones in three days

not able to attach analysis

send your mail id
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Okay. Good thoughts.
I took another dose this morning and i have more milk again :)
Usually in the morning I will be somewhat full, she’ll nurse, and then it’s as if there’s no more after that as soon as we get up for the day. Or very little anyway.
This is very encouraging. I will do 5 drops two times a day to start; if it’s too much I’ll back off and try another of your suggestions.

Also I am craving sugar and snacks less, and feeling full/satiated very quickly when eating a meal. (I researched alfalfa before I ordered it, so I was looking to see if it would do something like that for me since craving sugar and constantly feeling like I need to snack is a big deal for me.)
And I’m feeling clear headed and motivated today so that’s a bonus too. Don’t know if that’s just luck or if t had anything to do with the medicine.

Anyway, thank you! thank you! I’m so glad you told me about this. :) :)
I hope it keeps working!!!
rom109 2 years ago
It's a fat producer, increases appetite, satiates, lessens sugar craving and gives a general uplift in mood.

Being a physical medicine it should show some difference as to that of potency medicine, we'll have to wait and see.

Welcome :)
maheeru 2 years ago
If this doesn’t keep working, what are your thoughts on Urtica, or Ricinus? Im reading that Ric at third potency increases flow of milk.
Nettles has been suggested to me before; and my ND told me to drink up to a qt of very strong tea (steeped for 4 hours) per day. I tried and it was pretty gross, and fairly certain it was giving me an odd dry feeling in the back of my throat with a dull headache.

Just want to be prepared Incase this stops working. I have known my body to quickly adapt and readjust(stop responding) to a supplement in the past....

Today has gone pretty well. I did not need to give baby a bottle of formula at all. I did feel depleted even after a repeated dose at the end of the day, however.
We’ll see how tomorrow goes. Here’s hoping!!
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rom109 2 years ago

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